Omar Suleiman – Why Me #12 Why Did Allah Send Me Down This Path

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of praying for the right answers to prayers and finding the right person to pray for is emphasized in Islam. The conflict between desire for a new wife and desire for a better life is discussed, along with the importance of understanding and embracing one's journey to achieve success. The importance of a character named Allah in a relationship with a woman named Xena is also emphasized, along with the devalued emotions resulting from a T born T. The importance of having a strong mind and being mindful of outcomes is also emphasized.
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You asked and you asked, and now you're asking has become regular

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you've learned to talk to Allah throughout the day and throughout the night

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but while you're enjoying your new closeness with Allah, you're still wondering how the answer to your prayers is going to unfold.

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You have crucial decisions ahead, career decisions, family decisions, life decisions, and you and everyone you love is praying for you to get it right.

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The mama no widow Hema Allah said no person ever regrets is the Chava which is to seek consultation from righteous people. And St Hara, which is a prayer for guidance from your Generous Lord.

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And with big moments ahead, and you're asked for the means to all fall into place, you now await the results of your prayer.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may do out for 13 years, as he and his followers were persecuted for their Islam. But he never gave up on and continued even after witnessing his companions being tortured, his loved ones being boycotted, and no one on this earth seemingly willing to take him in. Now think of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam making the equivalent of the dua of istikhara in Makkah, then ending up in thought of then going back to make your again while he was still covered in his blood after being rejected in five. Medina was always the attention but thought it was an essential part of his journey. And sometimes the interim part of

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your DUA is as essential as the final landing point. I made his Takata and I took a job or I got into a relationship that ended up being bad for me. No, it was a springboard to something else that could end Scylla may dry out for a child for decades and decades without a baby being born. But how much was birthed for him and his wife and Jana for every single time they made those sincere drives, while perhaps Allah opened up other opportunities for them, that wouldn't have been possible if they had children? Would Zakaria have paid as close attention to Maria the greatest woman of all time and taken care of her and provided for if he had children of his own, Ibrahim and sada made your art for

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children for decades before they arrived, would have done this now you'd have even come into the picture. If this hack was born 13 years earlier, instead of his brother is married. Allah answered all of their Drass according to his time and his plan, and brought out the best in every one of those circumstances. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted his home and Mecca to embrace him right away. But he was gifted with Medina, an entire city of his own. The drought of is the Hara is asking ALLAH to place you where it's best for your dunya and akhira. At that particular juncture, the problem is when we get stuck in the middle of the Sahara, and not the place that Allah subhanaw

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taala intends us to eventually arrive. And at that point, we can get irritated. So when someone says I made the dura staccato, and then I married this person who turned out to be terrible, or I got this job that turned out to be miserable. So where was the good and all of that? Well, in your Estefan, you're asking Allah for what's good in the afternoon, and the dunya. And sometimes those things are going to be in conflict at the particular time that you're asking. And sometimes the same istikhara is going to give you different results based upon where you're at in your journey. Allah subhanaw taala maybe wanted you to grow in your character, and raise your rank, the first time that

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you made this the Father, how by depriving you of what you were asking for in this life, but giving you something better in the hereafter. But then the second time comes around and you make the same as Takata. And after your character and rank got to where it was best for you. Allah answered you with what you wanted in this life. Think of this incident. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam initially marries Zaid to Xena and their marriage did not work out at all. But then Zainab got to marry the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam instead. And Zaid had his name revealed in the Quran that we still recite today. So look where they ended up. And I think they both say that the end

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result was totally worth the experience. If you could see the wisdom of the process before the final product. You not only be more understanding

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but also more grateful. As Rahim Allah says, if the veils were lifted, and you could see behind the scenes what Allah does out of kindness for you, your heart would melt out of love for him. But too many of us have what he calls deformed Tilak, where you demand not only the ending that you want, but also the means that you want to get there. Instead, pay closer attention.

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How many times have you walked past a version of fate that you didn't know you could have lived? How many examples has Allah put in your life of people that seem identical to you, but are placed upon Divergent Paths

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that could have been you and had it been you it would have been better for you. Because whatever state leads your heart back to Allah is the best one for you at any given time.

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So when it feels like you're facing rejection after rejection.

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But that's what keeps pushing you back to Allah over and over again.

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Then maybe that was the whole point of the rejection in the first place.

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A Soufiane had been arena said, what the servant hates is better for him than what he loves. Because what he hates will cause him to increase in his drought. And what he loves will distract him from drought.

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And as the time passes, and the need becomes more urgent,

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your prayers become more urgent as well.

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The more those tears start to flow from your eyes. You start to call out to Allah by names you didn't even know before

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you connect with Allah on a higher level than ever.

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Then you realize that the delay along the way, was actually the greatest gift.

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Now you're going to AMA de la Alka Merle, happy to do your Mooji bye ban the Seeker for who Obama and I luckily job FEMA, a thorough hulak Law female to thoroughly enough sick will fill worked in leather you read, laughing walked in lady to read.

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If in spite of intense supplication there's a delay in the timing of the gift. Let that not be the cause for your despair. For he has guaranteed you a response in what he chooses for you. Not in what you choose for yourself. And at the time he wills, not the time you desire.

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And the tranquility that comes when a person finally decides to let go of the outcome they so desperately want

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is a feeling beyond words.

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A humble submission to Allah.

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And it may even be that Allah will not give you what you think you need until you merely want it. Sometimes he breaks your dependence on it. Then he gives it to you and sometimes in forms and from places you would have never imagined.

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Romania Turkey La Jolla gyla home Maharajah well resume in high school I tested whoever has Taqwa of Allah. He makes a way out for him and provides him from places he would have never expected. So when your next test comes along, you'll have more spiritual and mental strength to face it than you would have ever had before.

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Will name sleep and

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eat luck and dumbbell law hula Anna mormo Lana logging federally at work. Kelly let me know

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