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Villa rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah

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Mohammed. He was made of 11 brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Are you doing?

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Yeah, the sniffles and coughs and Lagasse, fast everybody, these nights I know it takes its toll on everybody, myself included. 10 nights have gone in just 20 to go. There's a beautiful Hadith where the prophet of Islam says that every single night in the month of Ramadan, every single night, Allah subhanaw taala saves a group of people from the fire of Jana, that people were distant future Anima taken out every night, you never know which night our names could be on that list to be removed from that. You might feel a bit you know, connected with Sally one night and Subhanallah shed those tears and make dua some Allah subhanho wa Taala save all of us and it all of us leave this month free from

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the fires of Johanna I mean, before I begin also wanted to mention something. If third time I was invited to one of the actually the auditors of my company they had given me most of the people that did not Muslims, they fostered with an experienced force, okay, somebody fostered like, had a bit of coffee had a bit of water off day, you know, hamdulillah somebody got through the full day, struggled with aches and so behind Allah, it's such a wonderful experience to see, you know, the environment that we live in. We were asked to come in by the cape August are we worried maybe as a Masjid, about violence and those things and we said the only thing we concerned about this, maybe

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I'll call gets, the tires get stolen while we in the masjid, but no issues in terms of hate and those kind of things. And hamdulillah is a blessing that Allah subhanaw taala has bestowed upon us that we live in and we give sugar to Allah Spano, dada, for that well hamdulillah we continue with surah Yusuf. So we should be Yusuf has now been jailed, and he's been imprisoned and the crime that is against him is that of indecency of trying to harm these noble woman of trying to basically to rape the wife of Aziz panela. So he's not only is his freedom taken from him, but he's under his dignity. And he's now in prison, a young man in the worst of prisons as part of the jails of those

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times was subhuman. I mean today JD sort of nice place to be in that those days, there was no such thing as human rights, so that we use of his year in jail, and he's at his lowest we could say at his lowest point, and none none of these, when you found himself in the well, when he found himself being attacked by these women, when he finds himself in jail. None of these things are from himself. He didn't do anything. But look at his is adequate. Allah subhana wa tada says, the lessons of surah Yusuf is that we will go through hardship, Allah subhanaw taala will put us through hardship, not because of anything we did wrong, but it's to our patients and how, how are we going to worship

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Allah, Allah says, some people worship Allah at an age when he gives them when they're happy with him, but when he gives them give us hardship, then we become impatient with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah says, We mentioned that to young men into the cell was never useful. And they came to speak to him because both of them had each of them had dreams called huduma. One of them said in the aurania, zero camera, the first one said, I see myself making wine, we'll call it a hot and the other seat in the arani. See hoops, and I see him carrying on my head, a loaf of bread.

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I mean, who do you mean, who, and I see birds eating from this loaf of bread. Now they had these dreams. And as we mentioned, you know, when a dream is just mixed up jumbled things, and when it's something that that it has meaning to it. So they felt that this meaning to these dreams, so they came to us, and they say, never be enough with Wi Fi in nanorod terminal machine. So they said, You should tell us the meaning of these dreams. We see you as a good persons panel. And and I think we ended up with this last week yesterday. But even in prison, even in the worst of situations. He showed his luck and his character, even in jail, he was a good person, he would maybe help the weak

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prisoners, you would maybe feed them and he wasn't giving Dawa and bionz he was just being a good person. He didn't involve himself in the immorality that happens in jails, he would share what he had. And then they came to him and said, Tell us because we see that you are a good person. And then he said to them, I will tell you the meaning of these dreams. But just wait until our meal comes before lunchtime. I'll tell you the meaning of the dreams. Why? Because he wants to give them down an important point here that we used to have already before he gives our before we go out and preach to the non Muslims. He first built his own reputation up as a good dude. Before we go out and tell

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people to follow our religion we need to show what does our religion do for society, feed the orphans look off to them look off to the poor, when we do good for society. Then we give our then we then we can preach and every single Nabhi of the MB of Allah. They only began preaching once they reputation in society was known as they are good people that we saw on 40 years. He had to be known as the most truthful man

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Before he started preaching, you find the same with, with with novicida. They would say no, we will not do when Oh sorry. These people said, we had high hopes for you. We thought you were going to be our leader one day you will so a rising star and now you came with this religion. So for us as Muslims very important when we give Dawa the first the way we begin is by being good people in society do good. And after that Allah subhanho wa Taala will allow us to give Dawa and now he begins his Dawa and he says, in Iraq to military comilla Yamuna Villa, he won't be a hero to whom you can feel when he first says that this dream interpretation I have is from my load. Now remember this

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sort of single person in Egypt that believes that knows that it has Islam? These people have never heard of Islam, what do they worship, they worship idols and stones and trees and all these things. And he, just a few generations ago, his great grandfather and he brought him brought the heat to a world that was empty notary no concept of Allah. So he says, My Lord, the Lord, that I worship, the creator of everything, he taught me the understanding of dreams, and I have lived in this religion that you people follow is one which does not believe in Allah, and you don't believe in the Ashura What the What about to now he says, and I follow millet. II know the way of my forefathers even on

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him What is halfway, so he mentioned the beaver on him and the bees Hawk and maybe aku. Why does he start with Nabil Brahim? Lucas father, the first is usually you say my father, your father, your grandfather, your great, great grandfather, but the instance of Abraham Why? Because the father of this religion, the father of monotheism, even today, Jews, Christians, Muslims, we say the man brought monotheism back to humanity was never even on him. And that's why now the use of begins with his great grandfather that he never makes. He says this is the religion of my great grandfather Ibrahim, and my grandfather is Huck and my dad Yaqoob ma Canada he summarizes our religion and Allah

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says this is your religion for us as well. Remember we decided that is very few days ago, Allah says the closest people to Nabil Ibrahim is this oma the Muslims now the closest people to NaVi Brahim is the owner of Mohammed Al salam, those first liberal humanist followers and then this meaning our religion our following very similar to him. In our in our even in our sorta we say Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad kamasan later Allah Ibrahim we sin Salatin, abyssal Salaam as we sin Salatin, Abebe Rahim and we know in the salon the Mirage Nabi Ibrahim gave salam to us the day we got sada he said to the visa system, give my salam to you. It's really close link between us and Avi Brahim. So

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what is the religion? He says that he uses Mark Canada initially Billahi min shake, it is not for us to worship with Allah, any partners mean Shea they're only coming from Lila and this is the the blessing all as human as well lights a blessing that you can raise your hands and you can say, oh, Allah save me Help me. It's a blessing. You don't have to go through a clergy, Elena. Elena, what are the nuts and this is for all of humanity isn't just for us, all of us when I came back from NASA law school, but most people are unappreciative the ignorant, the ungrateful to this great blessing. And I say time and time again. This is the one thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala demands that he

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should be exclusive in terms of his worship. So now he says, Yeah, sahibi cision. Now the use of is giving these criminals an analogy that they can understand and he calls him Oh, my companions of the jail. I said these are murderers, possibly one of them is going to be executed. He says oh my companions my Sahaba Yes, our decision out of bourbon multiferroic una hyaluron la la, la la cuchara. Easy it better to have multiple masters. Now he's giving an analogy of a slave, a slave who has multiple managers, a may be saying, Is it better to have multiple drivers in the car seat? Or one that is in charge? Look at the universe is it better to have multiple loads, or one Allah,

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alcohol or power and all powerful and alone that controls the universe exclusively? What is better, he gives us an energy that they can understand. Alcohol is one of the names of alcohol is the all encompassing competitor, the one who has no he's well will be c will be will be given no one can stop him from achieving what he wants. So he says above all of these idols that you worship, who is in control of the universe, one of the when we had thought or one of the brothers from African, you know, cause of background. He says in our language when we speak about God, the Supreme God, we say the one who controls nature, that is God God the big God, even though they are multiple deities that

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they worship, but this is the one the the one who controls the universe metabolomic Esma and Sami to submit to her and to woman and sigma Angela love beaming soupon in Manila, Amara la boo yah daddy cadena de la kinako NASA lamoni says

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You worship and something for us to think about. He says to these prisoners, look at what you worshiping the idols, the rituals that you do. Where does it come from? Who taught you to worship like this? Who gave the names even of these idols? So he says, These are just names made up names that you and your forefathers gave, and there is no guidance from Allah, no authority from Allah. And Allah did not legislate this and To Him belongs all authority. Now again, and we say this, we talk about this very sensitive topic of

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innovation. Allah is saying when it comes to worship, you want to approach Allah worship only he is the only one that can explain how he should be worshipped. Only the way he wants you to worship Him. Only that way should be done. You should ask where does this come from? What evidence do we have that this is how we should approach him? He has commanded that you worship none except him. iterating this issue? That is the this is the correct religion. He's saying the deen the correct Deen is that Allah should be worshipped alone, but most people do not know so sad that the majority of mankind are not on this Deen and they will feel very, very fortunate. You will never use of in

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that prison. The only person in the whole of Egypt that is worshipping Allah alone. feel very comfortable with the elections. People tell us you only one 2% What difference can you make Subhanallah in voting a Muslim party. Now out of that majority Allah has chosen you as a tiny minor. It's like you win the lotto. Allah has given you given us this Deen free of charge that we recognize to worship Him alone. So some people have to take a very long road before they find a loss. These people only found a law in jail that they go to jail before they make a law. We are born with us feel very comfy, feel very fortunate. Allah has given you this blessing. So now that he explains the

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heat, he explains a lot to them. He now interprets the dream. He says yo Sahib a surgeon Oh my companions my prison my cell mates my friends you're in jail. Hydra Kuma. So one of you for your ski Rob Rob Bahama. One of you will be pulling it up line for the king you're going to be the Kabira of the king. well as for the second for use level for the akula Roman Roxy he could el amor Allah de f t and that the s for the other he will be crucified. You'll be executed crucified and his body will be hanging on the cross and the birds will start eating from his skull.

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We will difficult and he says when this decision has been made a Lazarus decreed this matter. This is what you asked me about you under the factor this is the factor sometimes you ask the shift it gives you the factor why you want to take it back but they asked him this is the factor. So then he never uses to the one record living O'Donoghue nagging abuses to the one who he knew would be set free meaning the one who was going to be the cup bearer for the king mean Houma, corny in the Arabic for answer who shaytaan or the Clara de Bella BTC Genie bdrc Nene. So he says to that one that is in prison. Now this guy obviously got to know whenever you Sofia probably got to know the story of

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never used to be got to know this an innocent man in jail. So an abusive says to him, when you get free, and you become close to the king, then mentioned me to the king, tell my story to the king. So show Subhanallah we take matters proactively and abusive is around and he knows he needs to have suffered that the situation is hard and it's being patient with the law. But you don't stay in that situation. If you can fight the disease, you go for the treatment. If you can fight you can appeal your case. So you saying take my case to the Supreme Court meaning the king, tell him about me. make connections basically never usually saying, Tell him about me, but for answer who shaytani de Krabi.

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But he forgot, but shaytaan caused him to forget to remember his load. Now, if I sit in one group and this is one view says that you forgot to remember Allah and the evil he stayed in prison for some time. This seat of course, we say rejected the seat. Rather, the prisoner shaitan calls the man who was set free to forget abusive, and he forgot to mention abusive to his Rob meaning the king, not Allah Arabia means the king. But he forgot to tell the king about never use of valid visa. So never use have stayed in jail. bdrc mean a number of years, about 10 years he stayed in jail, not a short period, maybe usually 16 years or so in jail, because someone forgot to mention the story. He

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forgot to mention the story to the king. We also learned from this behind the law, that shaitan has the ability to cause you to forget. Now it's not an excuse in your exam, you can tell the teacher, she can cause me to forget, before you forget, you first have to learn it right. So you first have to learn it, then you can forget if you didn't learn it from the beginning, then she doesn't need to make you forget you really don't know. Right? So. So but Subhanallah if you are in the exam and you know I'm going blank now or anything with my keys. I don't know what I did. And I've studied this thing. Say I would be lying straight on the regime and seek protection with a law firm. She thought

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one of the things she thought can do is make you forget is a very well known story.

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Man come so I think he's already been humble. And he says, shall I the types of banks so you would bury your money. He says I buried like a fortune and I can't find it I looked everywhere and I can't find easily some Vicar I can make to make me find it. So the shift said it's just make two records and you continue making until you remember. So is it okay and he did so and the next day he comes to me and he says, I found that thing how did you know that this what how do you follow? So he said no, no, no. Why are you making solder shaytaan cause you to forget where that gold was. And then when he saw you making SATA he preferred that you leave the solder and you can find your gold because the

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minute he found he remembered with a gold was you stopped the Sala analytical features money. So shaytaan preferred palace give him gold leave him making from tagit. So the Subhanallah shaytaan can make us forget, so now never use it was in jail for many, many years. And it so happened now that his fortunes will change again. I was again jumping 10 years later. We're calling the Maluku in Sabah karate in Simoni Yahoo una sobre Jeff and what Sebastian boletin hood in

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LA Yeah, yeah, you will move to new field area in country area doubloon the king of Egypt now had a reoccurring dream. And he's disturbed by this dream. In this dream he sees seven fat cows he says indeed I have seen in my dream seven fat cows Mashallah being eaten by seven skinny lean cows and seven green spikes of grain. And then there are seven dry ones. And this is all my ministers who my my trusted advisors, my Supreme Leader, advisors, give me a meaning of this dream explained to me my vision if you should interpret dreams come You guys are the experts. You guys get paid top dollar salary, tell me what this dreamy means? And Subhanallah this, you know disturb the king. Now a side

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note here. What is the king of Egypt called in the Quran? Usually mufe Pharaoh, Pharaoh Musa go to Pharaoh go to Pharaoh hirundo today, yeah, he's called king that Malik you won't find the word Pharaoh in abusive story. Now we know that this is Egypt elementary is twice in sort of use of that the he was in Egypt. And this is the king of Egypt power doesn't call him Pharaoh and why Subhanallah and this is some you compare the biblical story of never use of he's referred to as Pharaoh. We know now when we study the history of Egypt, that there was a period of time when the pharaohs of Egypt were expelled by a foreign power. And they didn't use the title Pharaoh they use

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the title of King and we never Yousuf was in Egypt. It was a king it wasn't a pharaoh. So even just the subtlety of using the word King, a Lockwood preserves it he doesn't use the word Pharaoh and we wouldn't see this we know when we need it. We don't even notice this. But the precision of the Quran that when we never use it was in Egypt, there wasn't a pharaoh, there was a king, but we know the Musab becomes into Egypt, when he is born, there is a pharaoh and of the kings behind Allah. This is of the perfection of the wording of the Quran. So now the king of Egypt, he's often these ministers telling me this dream, and they say call an alarm. It's just a mixture of false thoughts and dreams.

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Just conquer. Yes, no, nothing. Oh, my not gonna be that will be I mean, and we don't have any knowledge with the interpretation of dreams. People ask me often about what is what do dreams mean? The meaning and interpretation is one of those sciences you can't really learn. It's an intuition. It's something which Allah blesses. And as, as we said earlier in the series, then the resource is the most truthful dreams are those who are most truthful in speech. But even very pious people doesn't mean that you have the understanding of the means. And so these these guys in Egypt, there was no one that could answer him. But of course, the Kabira when he gets here, the king has a dream.

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Now only he remembers use of after so many years, and he's going to go back to go and ask you for the answer. We continue tomorrow in sha Allah, the story of never use, but will also question we asked, What is the primary theme of the Quran? And that is, of course to worship Allah alone. And tonight's question, the King's dream did not include the following. So what was not in his dream? Was the sea with fat cows in his dream you know what the 7000 cows in a stream where they even green spikes with a seven white sheep, which one was not in his dream should be easy one. We remind everyone the orphan program Saturday evening, if you'd like to contribute you can speak to the Talib

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sugar so much Solomonic.