Tawfique Chowdhury – Ramadan 2016 – Tafsir Surah Ta Ha – Day 15

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the need for people to be true to their values and the overlap of values between the western Empire and the United States. The speakers also discuss the importance of having a dream to overcome the pandemic and being true to one's values. The upcoming race for the first time in history is discussed, including the struggles of Islam, including the lack of fear, the need to speak the truth, and the use of punishment and unfair punishment. The Huns and their message of God are also discussed, along with the struggles of their children, including their lack of education and acceptance of parents' actions.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He Osaka de la, my respective brothers, my sisters Islam, let us continue on without the seal of Surah Taha and will hamdulillah we came to the point where Musa alayhis salam Garner's up his courage and he goes to the courts of around and challenges for our to to allow

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the battle Israel to come out and also tells her out to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala not be haughty and proud. And of course for our bellies the challenge he makes up his own story he he tries to, you know, insult Musashi Salaam and more details about that debate will actually come up inshallah, in Surah, Shara and other other suitors x, little MBA and others. However, for now, let's just know that Musa alayhis salaam had a debate with for hour, and won the debate, and then thereafter we'll have the Rila, we now come to the point where the round says, I know how to defeat you. I know what what you need, and fill out here in the next two pages, is going to bring out a

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massive challenge. And that challenge is is going to find magicians from the farthest corners of the earth of Egypt. And he's going to ask them to create the best magical challenge they can to defeat the magical Musa al Salaam because he didn't know the difference between magic and miracle. And so as a result, all of these magicians come they have a national day that they have everyone gathers and in front of them, they do the magic and then they they are about to win at that point. musalla the salon does his miracles and the miracle destroys the magic. And when that happens, then the magicians themselves submit to Allah subhanaw taala I want to submit to a love that our loses it

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because in front of everyone Allah has established the hub and on top of that these magicians who are in the morning enemies Allah in the evening are friends of Allah can imagine. And not only that, but look at the sacrifice of these magicians in that they persisted despite knowing the tyranny of Pharaoh. And so they stood up to the Huck and they stood up to the tyranny of that island despite the fact that they knew that there would actually hurt them harm them, not only them but also destroy their families and their tribes. So Pamela, the courage Subhanallah the sacrifice, Masha, Allah, Allah, and also the fact that enemies of God can become his best friends shows Allah's mercy

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shows unless forbearance shows that we all have hope, because inshallah none of us are enemies of God, right? And we might be sinners, but we're not enemies of Allah azza wa jal and so as a result, if, if the worst of people can become the best of people, then inshallah those people who are not as bad inshallah can also become the best of people be in Allah. If Allah Subhana within the wills, lots of hope, inshallah, in this story, amazing, Mashallah, let's take it and see what Allah says, mean, ha ha panakam. And from that we have created you meaning from the earth, while mainhand will either come unto you will be returned, or mean handle collegial comparison, Accra. And from that

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Earth, you will be returned back again. And this is also what Allah does, ultimately, with crops, waterfalls, and therefore because of this, the green crops come out, then it becomes dry, and it dies. And then it goes down to the earth again, and then until the rain falls again, and then thereafter crops up again. So this is the sign of resurrection. This is how it will resurrect what are called ROI now I, Tina, Verily, We had showed him a science,

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all of it, all of the signs of Allah azza wa jal was shown in himself and others in his creation in his dominion. Allah showed that on all of His signs, all right now, Tina Kula, for cassava. So he was arrogant, haughty and proud. And he decided to, to turn away from me. Color, he said, a little regional mean, Adina, have you come in order to throw us out from our homes? We visit aka Musa with your magic, you know, and

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this verse of throwdown, it shows that, you know, he was lying, right first of all, that he he, he didn't come for that purpose. He didn't come so that you could leave. He asked you to accept Islam. That's all it was. You can still continue to be king right? and obey Allah azza wa jal, he could still continue in your in your path. But my point is that people who are

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In the error, they try and gain sympathy of people with arguments that are false. I mean, let me give an example.

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For example, these days, many Western leaders, they will take the example that, you know, they will take the argument that we stand up for our values, and these are against our values. And, and as if Islamic values are totally, totally 100% against Western values, no, there is a large overlap. And it trust, faithfulness, Authenticity, integrity, truthfulness, these are some simple values that are similar to each. So as a result, as a result, no Islamic values are not totally foreign to Western values, there is a large overlap of common values. And when you when you try and say our way of life, our thing I mean, what exactly is the Australian way of life? Or the British way of life or

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the American way of life? What does it mean? I mean, because does it mean to be a British or Ozzy you have to go to the pub? No, no, you could still be an Aussie and not go to the pub because you don't drink or because drinking is wrong or immoral? Or you feel it's just a waste of time. Right? So at the end of the day, at the end of the day, what is or isn't, is very subjective. Yeah. What is American what is Ozzie is very subjective, what we know is definitely is that these sorts of values integrity, trust, honor, fair game, these are Western values, yes. But they also happen to be against what Islamic values do. So at the end of the day, what do you mean by you being different?

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At the end of the day, if you're trying to use these things as as if they are your own monopoly, then that is not the case. Islamic values are also quite similar in these matters, like, all of us are right now, if Iran, what did he say? He said, analytically, gentlemen, are dw Sarika Moosa? Have you come in order to throw us out? Of course, he was lying. And no, he didn't come to take us out threw us out. And he was pretending us out, meaning the bottle is vile as if he's there. But the weird thing is, he's the one punishing them. So how does he have the audacity to claim that you want to take my people out? Are they your people? You're killing them? How could they be people? You

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don't obviously like them. So why do you think that they're your people? Or if they are your people that behave well with them right?

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Now little free gentlemen out of dinner with

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Eric. So therefore, he didn't know the difference between black magic and between a miracle what is the difference between black magic and a miracle? numerous differences? Number one, black magic happens whenever the magician wants it. Whereas miracles only happen when allowance it right? So magician could say what would you like a pizza? Bam, here you go. Here's a New York style pizza.

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So a black magic happens through whenever the magician wants it. Whereas miracles only happen when Allah wants it. And then and then it gets attributed back to Allah. Right? This is number one. Number two, is that miracles only happen to good people, whereas black magic happens to people who are not righteous at all. They are evil people, they are the ones who do black magic. Number three. Number three, black magic is almost always or is always

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a play with the jinn and a game and a deception. Whereas, whereas a miracle actually is a total change of the laws of physics and the laws of life as we know what right totally like for example, the prophet system having water coming out of his hand, there was a miracle of the Prophet system, another one, one of us having his eyes fell out. And so the prophet SAW Selim put it back in another one, he had conjunctivitis in his eyes. So the prophets have spat on the eye. And also he threw some sand from the sand of Medina. And you know, there was another miracle. Another one was a splitting of the moon that happened at the time of the prophecy. And these are all miracles because it cannot

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have happened by the prophets will have as well as will. And it happened to a righteous person. And number three, is that it actually is so so outrageous, and it's so magnanimous and so big in its in its being that it cannot actually be a lie or a falseness. Or can I be witching of the eyes So as a result, we must always have the difference between a black magic and,

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and a miracle.

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Be serica Moosa falana, TN mcebisi we will most definitely challenge your magic with another magic fudge, Albanian, Albania como Aden, so let's put a challenge between us and New Madrid appointed time locally for who will not be absent from it. Nana wanna anta makanan sua know you from an evil evil position? Call elaborado Komiyama Xena. So he said your appointment and our appointment will be the day of Xen at the day of travel to the day of enjoyment and happiness. What are you sure on us to Doha and

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That day when mankind will be all raised up well we'll all rise up for the dough harmony after sun has risen eight nine o'clock that is the time we will all gather together and we will have this amazing

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magic game okay for the whole for our new for Gemma Qaeda who suffer out turned away and then he gathered his quote gestures and then he asked them to bring all the worst of the magician best to the magicians. And then he said for Jim acleda who so he took put his plan together he had put a plan how to destroy musasa the salami You know, he was too hottie and proud to just kill him. He said, You know what, I'm going to prove your filthy and you're wrong and you're a liar. And I'm going to prove it to you. So he got his scheme together. And then he brought all of these magicians so called Allahu Moosa. So what did Moosa What did musala sam say to them? He said to the magicians,

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he said to all the scheming has said for animals away Illa como to you when can also mean a valley and Johanna which is called whale and that is a very evil Valley and Johanna la de Ferro Ana la he can even do not invent a lie about Allah for use data can be added so he will touch you with punishment will put the harbor man is Tara and he is the loser The one who has made up a lie But Allah azza wa jal for foreigners are Oh, so they debated meaning.

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What does he say? What the heck is what's going on? So

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they all debated amongst themselves ombre whom their affair who assumed

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that they all said that say we are going to compete we're not going to be put off he's trying to intimidate us. No that's not Yeah, we believe in a God but you know, guess what? This is just magic. So

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Allah will stand for tenez Oh, gonna home here and shows that you know what Musab is the Samsung hub because the hub stopped them the truth stop them from

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you know, just dismissing Moosa totally. It made them at least debate and argue and then and then they decided to still fight Allah azza wa jal because they were show that they were on the right for 10 as

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a sovereign Nigeria and they said definitely they're gonna go for the Nigeria which is the competition called enhanced in Asahi Ronnie so they said or frown said aloud and some others said that it wasn't for our speaking it was actually the magician's or their gestures speaking out Balu in ha ha ha these two magicians

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Yuri Danny, they want to iu fridge are coming out of the come to take you out of your your land, we say free him up with their magic wires, wires have arbitrary catechumen Musleh and to go there for you to go there. Their chosen path for me, okay. So put your K then you're scheming and plotting a planning together from A to suffer then come in a row as if you're going to destroy them all together. We'll call the F Laugh, laugh, laugh polyoma mangostana. And today, the successful one will be the one who wins meaning successful meaning for our reward them and give them lots of lots of reward and give them lots of wealth.

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called Moosa. So they said yeah, Musa Moses, a man told to him an akuna? Well, I'm an alpha, either you throw or rethrow. Paula Bell, Aleppo. So what did Muslim say? He said, You Pro. And this is important, because in a debate, and in a competition,

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don't be the first one. Yeah. Or even in negotiation? I will. I've learned this from a negotiation training, that you should not be the first to negotiate. You shouldn't be the first.

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I think I pay $1,000 for this, no, no, no, no, don't be the first to offer be the last to offer. Meaning let the other party put forward their proposal how much then you put forward your proposal as a counter right? Never be the first to, to propose so said but rather euthyphro by either a bar to whom so it is as if in front of the eyes, the high bar the home their ropes, will see you home and their staffs, you find yourself in a way he decided to go towards him. And now having saved him from the magic, and the hotter side is as if it is moving. So it shows that therefore musala hisako, Salah was also bewitched, and his eyes will be reached. It shows therefore, brothers and sisters if

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a prophet of God can feel the effects of magic now what about you and me as someone but I'm not saying this so that you can feel afraid of black magic, but I'm saying this so that I'm saying saying this so that you

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Aware and you take precautions, right? You take precautions and doesn't matter how righteous you feel you are how much you have read how much solar you do or how much data you've given. It doesn't matter what matters is that you protect yourself. That's why the car is so important. I've car are so important. You've got to protect yourself the dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala for Eva hibbeler

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la mesa him and Natasha it is going towards it. For our Josephine fctc Fatah Musashi felt, Musa felt free nuptse in his heart FIFA or fear, FIFA Moosa Colin, we said last half Don't be afraid in the car until Allah azza wa jal whispered to him and said Don't be afraid you're going to be the higher because you are upon truth. So therefore, number of things number one, protect yourself with with the Corolla zawada so that you are not bewitched and so that you're not harmed. Number two, it's alright to feel fear. It's alright to feel fear but courage is the overcoming of fear musasa is almost courageous here. Why? in front of people can imagine he has been tested. The worst The

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Magicians are brought forward. For on watching all the court justice watching all the nobleman watching all of Egypt watching really. So you felt a little bit of fear, right? Fair enough, seriously, for the most.

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But look at the next one.

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Pull the last half. We said to him, don't be afraid because you see, anyone who worships Allah azza wa jal should never be afraid of anyone but Allah. And that is what Allah is saying. Don't be afraid of him be afraid of me. Yeah. And don't be afraid either be at the higher because you are upon the right. Be confident. And that is why what Allah was trying to do with most I suppose I was to increases confidence also when I read that I feel the love of Allah Formosa because he didn't abandon Musashi, Islam and also shows that Allah fulfilled what he had said in them in any McComas, Mahara. I will see both I hear and see everything. So we know from this brothers and sisters, Islam,

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that even if we are tested, and the best of test is to speak the truth to a tyrant, right? Even if we're tested also from the Sunnah of the prophets of God is to debate and to challenge and so if we are tested know that Allah help is near if indeed you are righteous and truthful. So for our Josephine of safety for the Moosa is just a very normal human being reaction. But what does Allah do? Allah subhanho wa Taala increases his taqwa makes him confident, and tells him that you are going to be on the upright because you are on the house. So what does he do? Well, FEMA FEMA nikka flow what's in your right hand do most of which is is tough. The tough masana Oh, it will eat up

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what they have done in the Masada Okay, do Sahil what they have done is nothing but the magic of the of the size or the schemes of the of the of the

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magician. While Are you flavor sir Harry Potter and the Sahara will never be successful. When in opposition to the truth. Society is only successful with people who lie. People who are unrighteous Sahara is always successful, because at the end of the day, he's cheating and lying. But when in the eye of the law and in front of the truth Sahar will never be successful, that's what the law says. Right while you fly hersa her Hydra. These verses are very powerful to be read to people who are possessed so if you know someone who was affected by black magic or was affected by the evil, I read these verses to them for just a feeling of safety for the Messiah cool Allah.

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Allah wa Altima, Yemeni cattle of Masada are in the muscle okay dusa head while you flip a sash or hate to attend the Sahara will ever be successful. What ever he tries to do for opia Sahara coastal Jordan and so a massive amazing thing happened What happened? The Magician saw it they knew this was not magic. Because you can't find the magic with with the magic must be a miracle. As a result they fell down frustrating for OTS had to juggle. They fell down frustrating although they said one of your ob Haruna Musa verily I believe in the Lord of horror and Moza Moosa cola tomorrow, say have you believed in him as an Alico before, I have allowed you in hula Kabira como la de la vaca masala

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now I know he is actually a master. That's why his magic is stronger because he is the master of the magicians. He is the one who taught you magic. Follow an idea. I'm gonna cut your hands off from the opposite sides will follow the

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Patreon idea Kumar joola commercial I'm gonna cut your limbs and your hands in your lap.

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To the opposite sides will fill out while I was only Banda calm and I will crucify you see Judo and knuckle in in the Judo and knuckle in the trunk of the date pump not the fee fee doesn't mean inside means on. Sometimes fee can be used for unforeseen roofing or travel in the land has been in minions on the land right? Low suddenly banana coffee Judo and lastly Allah tala moon and you will most definitely know or Yuna who amongst us either me or Allah is assured to azova What is more severe punishment and more unremitting and unfairly unforgiving of all my brothers and sisters Islam. Look at how fair Moses is cool and he straight away orders with punishment and he straightaway orders at

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these magicians be killed or tortured. And these magicians are going to be firm Look what they say. Paulo Lando Pharaoh Kala magic Masha and Amina albina t wondery satara la Sierra COVID not gonna choose you around or choose your opinion.

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Carlo Lando Tara Kumar choose you for our opinion, Allah, Masha and Amina from that which has come to us from the truth one lady Khurana I swear by the one who has given us life for the man, do your worst do what do whatever you think you should do. Ma

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Nakajima in Nevada for the hill hayata dounia verily only judge or you can only affect change or you can only hurt us in the life of this world. In manabi rabina Verily, We have believed in our Lord, Leo fear Allah so that he may forgive us

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our sins, Mama, Donna Ali him in a setup and what you have forced us to do from the magic Wallah who Pharaoh

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and Verily Allah is better and he is more lasting in in in reward, my brothers and sisters Islam

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and then the final thing in the humungous Europa homodimer, as well really the one who comes to his Lord as a sinner. So in the Allahu nagaraja and final agenda for him is Johanna Leia movie hahaha he will neither die there in normally live. What am I he will be none and the one who comes to him as a believer for the abuela soil he had and he had done good deeds in order to prove the man in his heart for hula ecola Hamza Raja to Allah for them are the highest of statuses Jenna to add an integer even title and have gardens beneath which rivers flow holiday in a fee Ha. They will reside there in forever the liquid Valley caja Manta czaka that is a reward of the one who purifies his

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inner self and purifies his heart.

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Brothers and sisters ponder with me for a minute, just one minute as we finish off this talk today. Ponder with me for one minute, the sacrifice of these people. These people these magicians woke up in the morning and it is of God went to sleep. As even if they got sleep, they went in the evening and they were helpers of God. Look at how Allah changes the hearts. So make blood, a lot of change of the hearts. Keep my heart firm on your deen. Number two, look at how they became helpers of Allah. They became helpers the Prophet they spoke instead of massage at the salon. So why don't you do something to defend Allah and His message as well? Do something different. Number three, did you

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notice the sacrifice they gave up? And did you also notice the sacrifice of their families, because now the fear out is gonna have their hands and legs off, they will forever remain. They'll not have an income on top of that they lost their their means of income. On top of that, perhaps the families will leave them. Despite all of this, they're ready for the sacrifice. Despite all of this, they're ready for making the sacrifice for Allah subhanho wa Taala. What have we done for Allah? What sacrifice have we made? Have we made the sacrifice of these refugees from Syria? We made the sacrifice of a refugee in Syria whose father has been killed? Have we made the sacrifice of people

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in Iraq who have been going through torture after torture difficulty after difficulty? Have we been through that difficulty? Have you even gone through their torture? Not at all brothers and sisters and so as a result, my respective brothers and sisters Islam, why do we deserve gentlemen should be the question that we ask ourselves. These guys are deserve Jelena because you spoke the truth in the face of a tyrant and they stood up to it. And that is marches. But you and I Why do we deserve gender? Are we going to die as marches? Are we going to gonna die speaking the truth? Are we going to stand up for Islam? Are we going to do something that amazes Allah if we are not the know this we

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don't deserve gender? Just the mere mere being Muslim does not make us deserving of gender we've got to believe and then do righteous deeds. Then and only then do we deserve to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us with good deeds as Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us of those

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People who are firm in this dunya and firm dasara those who help us Dean whose hearts are inclined towards Islam who succeed in this dunya Nasser for our help of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Armenia

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is a to look at. I literally cannot teach for more than half an hour, or perhaps you can hear for more than half because fasting inshallah till tomorrow, Salaam Alaikum.

The Amazing Magicians of Pharaoh

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