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smilla rahmanir rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Taala Mottaki in Walla Walla Illa Allah body mean Rashad one La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika La Paz shadow under Muhammad and Abdullah who are a pseudo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Allah He was happy woman, Buddha what he was studying the Sunnah t e la yo Medina was salam, Sleeman, kathira Ahmedabad. Our praises are due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

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And surely the best reward is for those who have Taqwa.

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And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I bear witness that Allah is one and has no partners. And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah, is his servant and his last messenger. And may Allah always and constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, his companions and all those who call to his way and establish his surrender to the day of judgment

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as to what follows.

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We thank Allah subhanaw taala, for being Muslim,

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for being blessed to be part of the Ummah of the Prophet Mohammed alayhi salatu salam.

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And one of the great blessings of being part of this oma

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is that it is the final oma.

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It is the community in submission to the will of Allah azza wa jal,

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which would establish itself not only in the Arabian Peninsula, but throughout the planet.

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And so there are people of all nationalities of all languages, of all colors,

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different classes of people, different personalities, and all saying La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah, saw Salah, this is a great blessing,

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because we are connected with the Imam of the NBR,

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the leader of the envy of the prophets, the one who led them in prayer, and the one who came closer to Allah subhanaw taala than any other human being.

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And so, his example is one which is not restricted to a time period

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it comes back alive and the Prophet peace be upon him is alive and his message and his name is still spreading, and people are still arising

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who want to follow his way.

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Allah subhanaw taala revealed to him

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words, a divine set of words in the Arabic language in such a way that it would be

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a signpost. It would give you Daya guidance and understanding for people all over the planet.

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In the sixth chapter of the Quran in verse 145, Allah subhanaw taala tells us, for men, men, men, men, men, if Torah Allah wa he kept the ba,

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ba, ba,

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ba, ba the men and who is more unjust than he who forges ally against Allah, to lead people astray with knowledge. Surely Allah will not guide an evil oppressive people. And so Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the concept of volume or pressure

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and takes it to another stage.

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We have heard and when we read in the Quran that Allah tells us, and our concept is one of our standards should be not advanced in the elderly mean

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that there is no animosity except for the one who is valuable, who is an oppressor.

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But this verse takes it to another stage. There's another form of the Arabic And it says, For men of the Lambo

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who is more oppressive. In other words, the greatest oppressor is the one who lies against Allah subhanaw taala lies, lies and has knowledge

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to take people astray.

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This is a major oppressor and surely Allah will not guide that person to the truth.