Mohamad Baajour – Virtues of Hajj #06 A Reminder – Who is Your Enemy

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The shiny moments of Islam during the pandemic, including the woman named Maluma and Jeff, are highlighted. The shiny moments come every year to remind people of the plot of the shiny moment and avoid mistakes, and the shamsy comes every year to remind people of the shamsy and to avoid mistakes. The shay botherers come in and tell people to take off their clothes and not say "sh KB," and the shrouds come every year to remind people of the shrouds and to avoid mistakes. The importance of protecting oneself from shamsies and the need for social media coverage to inform people about the shrouds is emphasized.
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feeding had a woman to follow mean Hi Ed Lim who loll what does that word author in a whole year was?

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What the Goonies?

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Want to get on handily now. Salatu salam ala Rasulillah Olam, aluminum and fauna on finally my lamb Tana was an Ironman Dr. hamre. I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers will benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge. My dear beloved brothers and sisters, I hope you're taking advantage of every single moment in this blessing days.

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Fasting, reading and making a lot of ADKAR giving a lot of pseudocode and keep in mind, don't forget

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constantly. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La in, in LA Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar while in his hand Subhanallah This is what was almost I said, I'm told us for achiral make abundantly mentioned it say it abundantly. Takbeer and Tallinn and that means of Allah subhanho wa taala. Constantly do that in sha Allah to Allah, because these days, everything that we do, everything we do in these days is better is better than the same thing done in any other day of the year. The solder cards are better the vicar of Allah is better. The Torah that you pray, sunnah in these days than any other day of the year. Alhamdulillah Ballymena

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today in sha Allah Allah we have another episode of the benefits of hash lessons that we can take from hash and

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today's episode,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala made the stoning of the shaitan as one of the monastic of Hush.

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That is a reminder as comes every single year to remind us of the area where Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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the shaitan is your enemy, treat him as one

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in the shaitana can Allah Komodo one factor you do who I do? Treat him as your enemy in every aspect of your life treat the shaitan as your enemy and Allah subhanho wa Taala told us from the Quran, I do want morphine he is a clear, not hidden enemy, clear enemy. And four times in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala told us do not follow the footsteps of the shaitan the footsteps of the shaitan shaytaan has too many tricks. He comes to you in so many different ways, so many different plots and plans in order to make you fall into haram. He doesn't come and tell you immediately jump into for example, adultery. No, he comes step by step. You know you smile to a girl, you then you text her

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then you send her a smiley face, then you know, a meeting then a hand the step by step. You find yourself falling into haram falling into the fascia. That's why Allah subhanaw taala said whether takanobu zina do not even come to anything that might lead to adultery. The Shaitan leads a step by step to falling into haram. So the Hajj comes every single year here and remind us that the shaitan is your enemy, treat him as one.

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Imagine when you when we want to hire somebody

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to work for you. You look for experience, one of the things that you look for is experience somebody has five years, 10 years, 15 years, the more experience the person have, the more he or she are eligible for that job, right? Well, the shaitan has

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experience in misleading people since the days of Adam 1000s of years of experience. 1000s of years of experience Subhan Allah and the Hajj comes every single year to remind us of the plot of the shaytaan

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so when we come back, my brothers and sisters

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back home to our countries, we remember that he is the one whispering

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in our mind and in our hearts to

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delay this a lot, you know, keep playing your games forget about this a lot. Take off your hijab it's okay it's only 5% that the deal take it 5% interest only sign it what's the big deal? MashAllah you give a lot of solder cut shaytan comes in so many different ways. Look at that, watch that haram video.

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Look into it. He comes in plays tricks and he has so many ways in deceiving people and if one way is not work, he will try another. If this one does not work, he will try another first he wants you to commit shirk. And then if there's no shirt, then he wants you to commit but that to invent something in the deen and then if you cannot perform any better and he find you very strong, then he pushes you to do major sins. And then if you are very strong and cannot commit major sins, then he will let you and tempt you to perform minor sins and so on and so on. He never stops, never stops. But Allah subhanaw taala told us how to keep the shaitan away from us. Allah subhanaw taala he told us what

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1,000,007 Kameena shaytani that's the one the state Billa if the shaitan started whispering do this and do that many of my brothers sometimes share how can we get rid of this? How can we get rid of that old Wilhemina shaytaan regime say I will demonstrate on as your Allah told us what to do with him in a shaytaan regime.

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Treat him as your enemy. My brothers and sisters we all commit this mistake. We enter the home without saying Bismillah very simple, very simple. The easiest Bismillah This is the Sunnah when we enter the home we say Bismillah and we say salam even if there is nobody in the house, so you enter the house and say Bismillah a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah the minute you say that the shayateen will tell each other. Allah Let's go. There's no place to stay tonight. Allahu Akbar. Simple, simple dot when you take off your clothes Bismillah when you put your on when you put your clothes on Bismillah Subhanallah when you eat, listen to what the shaitan asked Allah subhanaw taala he said

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you're a laser admin Helfrich Ilja ultra ultra ultra ultra low risk on your Allah you have given provision to everything you have created. Yeah, Allah what is my risk? What is my provision? Listen carefully. My brothers and sisters. Allah subhanaw taala answered him Mariela Musa Cara Lee is me.

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Your risk is whatever my name was not mentioned upon.

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Allahu Akbar. Your risk

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is whatever my name was mentioned upon, is your riskier shaitan so when we eat without saying, Bismillah we are providing risk for the shaper. When we enter the home without saying Bismillah we are providing a place for the shaitan to sleep.

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You want to have dinner with the shaitan

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you want to have breakfast and lunch with the shaitan don't say Bismillah then no, we don't want he is our enemy. We're going to treat him as our enemy is simple. We'll get rid of the shayateen Bismillah so the Hajj comes every single year and remind us of the shaitan and his tricks. And remind us that we have to constantly ask Allah azza wa jal to keep him away from us.

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Subhan Allah,

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the shaitan

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he works a lot. His main goal is to destroy the family.

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The hadith, that Ursula Sallam told us that the shaitan sits on his throne and all the other show team come and report to him. Today I made this guy do this. I made him smoke. I made him drink alcohol. I made him lie. I made him this. And Shan said, good, good, good. And then when someone comes and he says, Today, I created the problem between a husband and the wife. I made them think of divorce or I made them scream at each other and the fighter each day, the man said the divorce words and the shaitan will bring that abuse will bring that shaitan and put a crown on his head and set him next time. Great job Subhan Allah be very careful my brothers and sisters keep the shaitan away

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from home. Read Surah Al Baqarah Lhasa Lhasa SLM told us that the House that the surah

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color is red in the shaitan will not come into it. Constantly say that I've caught of the Sabha and I've kind of the Messiah, the scenes of the morning and the scenes of the evenings. They will keep the shayateen away please, please, especially in these days, get used to saying them in sha Allah to Allah and keep this adult keep this enemy away from our life away from our children. When you when your kids going to school, or when they wake up in the morning, put your hand on their head and make the dough out that was was excellent totals for the children. Were either can be Kalamata Lehi 10 Min Cooley Shaitan in Wareham women clearly I in in LEM, hadith is in the fortress of the Muslim

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Subhan Allah rasool Allah SallAllahu Sallam used to do this hadith for this for the Hassan Al Hussein Allahu Akbar. So protect your house from the Shaitan by reading social dakara protect yourself from the Shaitan by saying that I've got of the Saba and I've kind of the Messiah, protect your children from the shaytaan by making this stuff out, we just narrated May Allah protect us all from the Shaitan May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us on how to find next year in sha Allah, may Allah make our last deeds, our best deeds. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen to these lectures and apply them in our life. I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana

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Femen died Daffy meaning fella is gnarly he woman that I fall off

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if now i Li Li Mani dunkel what del Gu long our

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