Saad Tasleem – The Language of Your Heart

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people often forget that the purpose of a certain application is to make their heart come out to the last panel, even if it is beneficial. They also mention that simple statements can be difficult to achieve and that the success of the application comes from the heart. The speaker advises people to think about what they say to someone and use their words in a way that is effective.
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How many of your does actually come from your heart? You're watching hashtag sad asleep.

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Sometimes we get so caught up in wordings and specifics regarding to us that we forget that what makes it the odd the most effective is when the DA this application comes from our heart. Listen, don't get me wrong using the de aza parser send them is amazing. It's great. And to memorize those, the odds is awesome. But not when it comes at the expense of the presence of our heart and the sincerity while we're making those. We get so concerned sometimes of getting these exactly right, saying the Arabic in the exact way that we forget about what the purpose of this actually is to call out and pour our heart out to the last panel to the best of both worlds Yes, to use it as the person

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that you understand them, you internalize them, and you use that to pour your heart out. But if you're not able to do that, at the very least turn back to your heart and speak to a lot in whatever language you can. The language of your heart is understood but Lost Planet Allah, sometimes we get so caught up in those type of those type of things. Or people say you say this this many times and you get this and you say this this many times you get this and we get caught up in these numbers and the amounts that the spirit or the soul of the DA is gone. Did you think about the fact that sometimes simple statements can actually beat the odds as well. When you say to someone a set on why

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they come? You're saying May peace be upon you, meaning May Allah grant you peace and a life of peace and make you content? Think about that. And you'll realize that the art comes from the heart and what makes it effective is the outpouring of our heart and a Lost Planet Allah knows best. Until next time, inshallah has a set on what what happened to light or what

On this episode of Hashtag with Saad Tasleem: The best language to make dua in is the language of your heart!

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