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Taqwah of Allah SWT

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So am I able to cut all my brothers my sisters in Islam Welcome to this beautiful day of Ramadan Alhamdulillah the days of passing the fastest getting easier in sha Allah and inshallah Tada, your hearts are getting more calmer and soothing.

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You know when the shutdown flows in the body of insulin, it creates heraclius heat creates emotions. And then we'll have the Rila after that takes a few days to heal. And after that we'll have been allowed to start feeling like a new, newborn child. Because we'll humbler Now finally, we have our own thoughts without constantly having shewhart and Jihad driven by the shaytan Al Hamdulillah. The fasting helps us to control our own emotions and our own body. And with that will have the level come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala so glory which Allah, Allah could have schemed and designed such an amazing agbada of fasting that makes us better human beings, and makes us in Charlotte Anna

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worthy of

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being the halifa on this earth. So Al Hamdulillah, we are now in Surah zumal, verse number 19. And today, we want to take the part of surah Zuma that talks about the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that's between verse number 19 to verse 35. Allah subhanho wa Taala fills this view these beautiful verses, by talking about the one missing ingredient in the life of any human being, that makes him a gentleman that makes him a better human being that makes him fear was what Allah with regards to his relationship with people, and with regards to his use of resources around him with regards to all the obligations that are due upon him and the rights that are due from him. So that

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is at the core of a Lhasa widget as, as even renewable humbly rahimullah had said, he said, Gemma will hit Kula javita Cola, all of goodness can be summarized in the takala, meaningful personal sphere of Allah subhanaw taala then all types of hair come to him. And he then exudes all types of hair, right? Because at the end of the day, when he's afraid of religion, he knows is accountable, that accountability, that integrity, that is what leads to the highest and the novelist of character will hamdulillah so let's take one Allah subhana wa tada says, Allah says, Allah, Allah, he kalama to the other, is not the one upon whom it has become obligated the carriers will adapt the word of

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punishment, meaning that the judgment has become obligated upon him that he will be punished. After uncertainty the man cannot, are you able to save the one who is in the fire? Meaning Pamela,

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in this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells the Prophet says Allah, number of things. Number one, ultimately it's Allah Who decides not the Prophet says Allah. Yeah, because here, it's in the second

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character that Allah Allah is, is speaking. So in the second person, so if Allah Allah is telling the Prophet system directly, and we are now the third person listening, listening on here, the last telling the Prophet system, are you able to save the one who is definitely ordained for Johanna, meaning you're not able to save that person? Meaning what? Meaning find the finality of who enters Johanna is up to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number two, the prophet system cannot say who he wants, but it is Allah who says who he wants, right? And the Prophet system is only a worship and and the deal is only a given a glad tidings and only a one No, that's all his purposes. He himself cannot

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save himself. It is Allah subhanho wa Taala that saves our profits in the long run he was number three of uncertainty the one phenol should should give us a warning that at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you think you are, it matters what Allah subhanho wa Taala has written for you. So it's very, very critical. It's very critical that you constantly try to be in the good books or less villages so that the author of Allah turns out to be that you are actually from the good books of Allah subhanho wa Taala destined for Jelena.

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In one authentic narration was reported that a great scholar of Islam by the name of even a bit dunya Rahim Allah, you will stand up the depths of the moon.

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And he'll grab his beard and his beard and become old and white at that time and grab his beard like this and say, Dr. B, you have created a group for gentlemen, and he recreated another group of Johanna, please tell me which group I'm from. And that's why it was said that if you had a theory rahula was great. Another great scholar Islam, used to ask the students upcut Elmo life, he has the knowledge of a lot about you made you cry. And what is it? What do you mean by that? Yeah, Sophia can explain what you mean? Meaning the knowledge about a lot about you that he has already already ordered a group agenda, another group of jahannam and the uncertainty of which group you are from,

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and the lack of knowledge that we have, about which group we are from Has that ever made us cry? So brothers and sisters, it is for this reason why it's very, very critical that we truly feel Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because despite all the good work that we can do on this dunya we do not know what that likes. So therefore, we don't know what that this is actually led to anything good. I was akata fasting or Hajj, we don't know what that was accepted them. So therefore just the performance of our deeds should not ever give us the feeling of safety in our hearts. It is the fact that Allah has ordained certain groups to go to Jana certain groups of origin. But perhaps some of you might be

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thinking that therefore what is the use of good deeds, if, if Allah is already done, that the use of good deeds is a first of all, we don't know which group we are from. Secondly, we actually stopped doing the good deeds, then we'll actually be that we were from the bad group. That's why we actually stopped doing the good deeds at the end of the day, we don't know. Because we don't know we do the good. And because we do the good that allows Hannah Montana through His mercy, he will choose who University from remember, just because you do good doesn't mean you go to gentlemen, and also a lot of people who do bad allow us to elaborate on them. So therefore, if we know that this to be the

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case, therefore at the end of the day, it is it is our priority that we do good. And then Allah subhanaw taala chooses who he desires to have mercy on, and who he decides not to have mercy on based upon what he already knows about a spot on

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an assignment. He Kalamata la de

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la, de la home, rather the ones who have who fear the Lord. Love water for menfolk. We have water for them is a room about which there is another room meaning that the beautiful homes of gentlemen are multi layered. And they are not just one layer one level it is multi layered, it's like going to the sky skyscrapers, multi layered menfolk, they have water for millennia, and they have rooms above rooms that are fortified and strong. That's really unheard underneath which rivers flow and this is the beautiful castles of the palaces of Jannah have rooms above each other.

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This is the promise of Allah.

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Allahu Allah will never ever remove his promise Allah will never overlook his promise. And I'm Tara and Allah and Ximena, Salah EMA and Have you not seen or people that Allah has sent down from the heavens or water for Salah Jolla. So, then he caused the water to come through openings, meaning openings, what does it mean by the word Vienna where museum board means it comes up so therefore, it can be all types of openings through which water comes up wells, springs, waterfalls, rivers, tributaries,

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oceans, wherever water comes out, yeah. So all of these are Yana via so Allah says Have you not seen how Allah sent down the water from the heavens, then he causes it to come out through all these openings meaning shows that therefore there is actually some sort of underlying stream under all of this earth that actually is a tablet of water is one of the miracles of this first facilita who were filled out. So Maya freed up Zahra and then because of this water, from this water, he brings out lots of different types of crops

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telefone olana, any different types of crops with different colors, some of them you know, yellow, some of the green thumb,

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then it dries up.

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Then it becomes dry like hay which is yellowish dry color. So my dad Oklahoma that he makes them into dried out hay that becomes totally desolate and destroyed. In the field and ecologically, in fairly in that is a sign for those who have intelligence What does Allah azza wa jal want to tell us through this parable? Number one, that this world is fleeting, but this world is very fleeting, number two, that Allah subhana wa

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China first gave life to the world through the water, then the life became

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became any

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apparent in this dunya then Allah gives a death again. So therefore, the same way you were dead, then Allah gave life to you from water and you became alive and you live the hefty life. And then after that, you will die you will become a saltwater you will become old and gray and old hair. And you will also have a depth from which from which Allah azza wa jal will then take you to account. So this is the sign that I was saying. The third thing Ally's saying is that because the earth is so fleeting, do not put all your eggs in that basket, meaning don't prepare your time and your life just for that, you know, my mother used to say, don't count your days count how you use them. Don't

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count the days.

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You mean, tell me what the days count on not meaning whether you have actually done something in the in those days or not. And that's why it's very critical brothers and sisters, that we do not treat this dunya as a permanent abode. And that we take a lesson from the fleetingness of dystonia, that our life will soon come to an end and we will have to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala after lunch Allah Allah subhanahu live Islam is not the one who Allah has opened up his chest for Islam firewall rule in mirabai. So he's upon a light from his Lord, for a good will pass yet the podoco Michaela so go to the ones for ya don't mean well to the ones rcfe pudo boom the hearts are hardened musically

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love from the from the remembrance of Allah would field Allah Allah will be they are the ones who are misguided here. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the dichotomy of two people, the first one will lie has, has opened up his chest with the light and the knower of Islam. So he remembers a lot and he practices it. The other one was hard, so hard and has become hard and restricted. And nothing enters into it, no guidance into into enters into it. And therefore he does not remember Allah subhanho wa Taala this verse is an evidence

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that if Allah has given you Islam, and he Daya, then your heart is full of the code of Allah. As Rahim Allah has said, that amazing ratio from him, the need of people for water is more than the need for food and the need for air is more than the need for water. And the need for demand for the hearts is more than the need for water, or need for air and for food. Because ultimately, we can survive a few days without food, and, and a few days without water. And we can also survive a few minutes without air even. But we cannot survive a single instant without a man of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why Allah says, in his hobbies are widely available. In his book, he says, the

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importance of having a man is that every single second of our life, every single thing in our life, we need to have a man and need to have the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala in some way or the other. That's why the life of a believer is all a bad, you know, you might be eating, drinking, you might be working and sleeping or be studying. But all of it should be a bother to a lot because you should be doing it at a thanks to Allah or having supper with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So for a while they'll pass here the Kudo men victory last a while to those whose hearts are very hard for the remembrance of Allah. And that's why for the remembrance of Allah is so important. And I

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remember being with many of the alumni of Islam and sitting in their presence, and one thing that really sticks out from them to me, is how much they do the Quran, Allah xojo how much they remember Allah subhanho wa Taala and they're constantly remembering a lot. They might some of them might use the speed because they make it permissible. Others might use the hands, but vanilla on the tongues I asked one of them. Yeah, ha How many times do you sit over stuff. And he would, you would have forced it out of him. And he was a that he will not die. And so he told me I make over 30,000 times a day 30,000 times a day over equity. This is why many of them are so well known Allah increases

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their abode on this earth. And Allah subhanho wa Taala makes their dunya easy and the world comes to them in the humbled and submissive and all of this because of their excessive and the huge amount of different muscles. So in the authentic hadith in Bukhari, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that those remember a lot a lot have gone away with all good. Yeah, those remember a lot. They are the ones who are the savvy. They're the ones who have gone without, remember, if you remember, remembers you. So if you're remembering a lot constantly, they remember our lives remembering and that is it.

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Very beautiful thing to have. What are a few dollar movies they are in manifest error. Allahu Allah.

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Allah is the one who has revealed the best of best of speech which is this book. And therefore

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we know that the Quran is hadith of Allah is a speech a volunteer for his allies eternal, then all the attributes that come from Allah are eternal and therefore, the Quran is eternal, Allah.

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Allah has revealed the best of books he taught in our book, which is kita which is it I was called it out because it has chapters and it is an artist compiled together. Italian Buta shabbiha. It is it is similar meaning some parts of the book is similar to other parts of the book. So Allah azza wa jal did not put all similar parts in one area. rather he spread them out across each other. He traveled with the shabbiha mahtani with a sharpie a metallic metallic many examples are similar. Duck Shire, Robinho Judo, duck Sharon with a judo meaning this skin trembles and

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squeezes up and, and wrinkles up touch is

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so so the skin wrinkles up

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duction I Robinho Judo the lead in a UK shown on a bomb. So when they read the PR and this this keytab that is with a sharpie, and that has with the shabbiha muthoni. Their skin wrinkles up those who

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are above those of fear the not so much arena Judo, then the skin comes down and stretches back so much arena judo. Baku and the heart at the same time it as it relates to the remembrance of Allah, the ricotta law, that is the guidance of Allah, you have to be believing that he guides whoever he wills want me to believe, and whoever he misguides of my utility law, whoever loves guides from Allah have been hard, there is no one to guide him. What is the law talking about here, first of all law talks about the Quran, and how it is the best of speech and how it is best to speech because it contains everything that we need. Every Vicar every Ayah contains numerous lessons. It doesn't

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matter what period of life you're in, you could be an old man or a young boy, you could be in advanced stage of your life and maturity or you could be early in your maturity you could be someone who understands Arabic less, someone who understands a bit more, it could be someone who is a doctor or a lawyer or businessman or a father, whatever stage you are in your life, whatever profession you have, there is a part of the program that is for you. There is a lesson in the Quran somewhere the other that pertains to you, or human being in any stage or any profession in your life. And that is a beautiful, beautiful thing about the speech acts and then it is with a sharpie Hellmouth and then

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it has similar parables all spread out in the Quran so that so the story of ethos of the Salaam is spread out through the story of Noah spread out to other conservative Muslims Islam is spread out towards throughout the world. And the examples that I uses are for example, how Allah sends water down and then brings out life food and then gives give life or death back to this earth again, all of this is a parable that is that is there in a spread out across different suitors of the quarter not in only one one part. So all of this is a parable. Then Allah says about how when this person is recited those who fear Allah, the skin wrinkles up from fear of a lion, the hair on the back of

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their necks rises up from the fear of Allah right. Then, when they have hope of Allah azza wa jal, when they have hope, and they remember the verses of Jenna and mercy, then their skin comes down and the hearts come down. And, and they they they come down with the remembrance of Allah so here are less talking about how a believer when they read the Quran, they have two emotions. The first emotion is fear for law. The second emotion is hope from Allah and that is how you should approach this beautiful quote and brothers and sisters, read the Quran we must be awful as a virgin, then as soon as we read more and more and more, read verses of gentle read verses of mercy, and we should

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fill our hearts with mercy. This is the beautiful thing about a believer, a believer is between the two emotions of love of fear and hope, fear and hope. And that which makes him do is a bad that is love of Allah azza wa jal.

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So the feet out of the love of Allah, they pray out of the love of Allah days the fast of Allah, but they behave out of the fear and hope from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So alloga realmente is not the one who fears who fends off yet happy over here means fending off after my baby was he the one who sends out with his face so

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the evil of the punishment of the Day of Judgment

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follow a live Barney Vitamina. So go to the wrong doors. Though my taxi won't pay delivery when I reset to the wrong doors. Lou Makoto taxi will taste that which you used to, used to do. So here this verse is talking about how our hands will be tied to our necks. So on the Day of Judgment, the body mean and you know, normally in this dunya when something is coming rushing at you, you hide your face through your hands, right? You put your hands and then you try and fend off and you defend yourself with your hands. But on the Day of Judgment, because the hands will be tied up to the next

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they will not be able to fend off the punishment or lesser budget. So what the what the disbelievers will try to do is to fend off the punishment on love with their faces. And can you imagine, and the the most sacred part of the body that you try to defend is the one that you're using to fend off the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that shows therefore, this is the sorry state of the economy. This is the terrible state of the economy. And that is what allegedly tells us this. So that we may grow in the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala in our hearts, calculable levena made public him they were truly liars, those who have before them, for

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the punishment came to them where they never ever thought possible. So because of the lies of the people before them the punishment Allah subhanho wa Taala reaches them from where they never thought possible. And this is the example of those people and this is the

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punishment of those people who have the punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because what they have done, that the punishment Allah subhanaw taala touches them where they never thought possible, and where they never expected it to happen. And and this was the I guess the

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ignorance of human beings, that when they are in blessings, they forget about the punishment of Allah. And that is why blessing should only make us remember the fear of Allah not the hope from Allah because that is the wrong time to have hope is a touch of fear of Allah azza wa jal and and the fear of Allah should come from the fact that you never know where the punishment lies. You don't know which person that you've been good to will backstab you. You don't know where

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that you have been deficient in Yoruba. That's why, you know, one of our scholars their library of punishment, not me, Lima, used to say that when you have the evil eye, that comes to you, or black magic that is done to you, this is not a sign that you are more handsome or more, more pious, or that you are more richer. That's what people are giving you the evil light. Rather, this is a sign of the lack of your Vicar of a Lhasa widget. This is a sign of the lack of legal law, the fact that punishment comes to you from where you never thought possible, because we should constantly be covering ourselves and protecting ourselves with a lick of Allah subhanho wa Taala that the law

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human law

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of my love history

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so Allah made them taste the history of it hated the near the punishment in the life of this dunya while other

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and indeed the punishment of this of the of the Africa is worse lopat Oh, yeah, lamoni only Allah knew. So because of their disobedience, Allah made them

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a lot made them taste their disgrace in this dunya but know that their punishment in the afternoon is worse. And that is why brothers and sisters

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those will disappear unless paddleboats Anna will definitely taste torment in this life. And you know, we sometimes they where's the tournament, Allah is giving them more riches, riches, and health and wealth. Whereas the tournament, the reality is you don't know how those money and that wealth is making them tormented how the wealth is making them afraid, how they're going to spend it. How, because of the wealth of children becoming bad, because of the wealth, the people and the friends that make friendship with them, is only because of their wealth, how because of their wealth, their family keeps asking for more back home. And as a result, all they do is try and backstab because of

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their wealth, they are more afraid. So they have to be more protective. And they have to be more conscious of losing their wealth, because of their wealth.

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They don't have trustworthy people coming to them. The people that come to them are those that have ulterior motives. Because of the world The enemies are increased. The poor don't like them. The rich are jealous of them. So I don't like any. You see, never ever think therefore that the people who are wealth actually have a great life, they actually might have a very terrible life. So panorama, sometimes very lonely life, because they can't tell anyone because at the end of the day, they have this facade. That way this facade above them, that tells them that you know what, you know, don't come near me

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like, for other physical activity, so for them as displaced dystonia, while

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the artwork and the life of the hereafter will have more severe punishment for them locality alone is only the new one.

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Colima very weird given to mankind in this for an from every single example lalla home, Caruso that perhaps they may ponder, so that they may ponder and all of this is an example that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives to believers. So that they may ponder, so, when they read the Quran, they should think about the muscle of the examples, so that they ponder on the on the lessons that are there for an RB This is a Arabic or via the a wedge, it does not have any

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any form false. It was it was basically a a

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you know, when you have a path, and you have a bed and a turn, so, the watch, and it does not have any wrong terms, or any

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any mistakes, or any hard.

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inappropriate speech in it via a landline phone so that they may have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the fact that a lot of causes for an RV, he calls it an Arabic word, is an indication that it is to be understood. Because Had it been any other language that is impossible for Arabs to understand the fact that it's Arabic, and it shows that we must ponder on its meanings and we must learn it. See, that's number one. Number two, the fact is Arabic is an indication that that all of the verses must have a meaning. So you can't therefore say that no, I don't know what that what this means in this some verses definitely. That about the shabby Islami we don't know that what it means

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allow only knows what it means. But others that you cannot claim that you know, so one with the lack of data persevere.

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And the divorce women stay up with themselves. Three Kuru. Kuru means we must investigate what the word guru means because it's an Arabic term. So we must look at how other parts of the Quran explained it how the Prophet have explained it, or how the Sahaba extended that were there at the time of the revelation of the Quran. So for an Arab Legion also has another meaning. And that is

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that because it is, it is an Arabic it's easy to memorize, it's easy to memorize. Therefore, we should be focusing on memorizing the Quran as well. So therefore, the three important meanings of the Quran being in Arabic, as we should ponder on it, we should memorize it, and that we should also learn the meanings of each and every word that is possible to know what the meaning is, like, for an hour the layout of the language, and if there is no distortions in the home, so that they may have

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original potential increases in taqwa.

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methanogen. Now what was his example to him, and he says, Take the example of a man fee you should attack with a sharpie stone. And that man belongs to many human beings meaning, here is a man who was a servant or a slave. But that slave belongs to multiple masters, multiple masters, what you learn and take another man, Solomon river, Julian, he is the he is only owned by only one human being only one person, right? How are we? are we any masala? Are they the same? Meaning? Or can they ever be the same The one who submits themselves to one God, compared to the one who submits to multiple gods, they can't be the same, in the same way as, as a as a slave or a servant was multiple

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masters multiple reports, compared to only one that he has to report to unscramble, you know, if you think about in life, it's extremely difficult. And you know, if you're in a job, for example, and you don't one line manager, your multiple line managers, you're always confused. Because each line manager is expecting something from you. You don't know who to please. And then once you're pleasing one, the other one gets angry. And at the end of the day, they are contradictory sometimes. So always, you know, when you have multiple lines of reporting, this becomes a risk right? That's why you go to your job and say, No, I don't want multiple runs report, I only want one person to be

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responsible to write and that's why that's why you know, at work, we always want one person and then if this is the case at life, if this is the case in pure life, why is it vanilla? Why is it that we don't want that in a better isn't a better to be responsible to one God then to multiple desires, multiple gods and a what, what ROM wants is not what Bhagavan wants, what Bhagawan wants is not what Krishna wants, what Krishna wants is not what what Vishnu

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Once and therefore, if you submit yourself to multiple gods, your heart and your mind is confused, and you're not able to worship a lot more, are you able to build up one fear of Allah or contentment? From the deen? And that's why Allah says halia Stone, are they the same? Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah. Yeah, well Apsara whom I admire, but most of them do not understand Praise be to Allah, who has, who has it, who is the only deity worthy of worship, but only true God in existence, and an absolute lie alone and most of the people do not know. And that is why they can chip with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they should know that if they submit it to Allah, they would have an

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easy life, one clear direction, one clear instructions, and an easy way to generate inshallah, in that karma you tune verily you will die of Mohammed Salah. And this is an indication that if the prophet will die, then what about us? So Allah here, has told the Prophet system in verse number 30, or surah, Zuma that the Prophet said, will surely die. Therefore, what about people say, but the shapeshift, she thought the prophecy is alive in his brain? Well, he's not alive in the context of our donia. Yeah, he is alive in the context of the Africa is alive in the context of the Africa, because a lot of the people in the graves are asleep, whereas the Prophet system is actually alive

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in his brain, in the context of the alpha in a different life, meaning even if the grave were to break open, now we will just see the Profit System, we'll see that he's dead from us, because the prophets did die, he saw the promises had fallen down. And then the soul leaving leaving the prophets of Salaam, the Sahaba did, Abu Bakr did come into the into the into the hedges, and kiss the prophecies on the forehead, and said, You are as beautiful in your death as you are in your life. And and how did you get to know the process of dying this habit did private practice and passed away. So we must know he is one, that the prophets will die, and that he has passed away, do

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not make it up that no he is here, and that we do the Milad and then the Prophet attends all of this is false. This is not the case. The fact that prophets will die should create a number of fears in our hearts number one, that if the prophet will die then so will we. Number two, if the Prophet can die, then what is stopping us from also been taken into account? If Allah decides when the prophet will die, then it is not our relationship with the Prophet system that matters as much as our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number three, that we will be taken into account, that even the Prophet says and will have to answer and therefore we will also have to answer the prophet

00:32:44--> 00:33:06

will have to answer what about what are the What about us? And if the Prophet has a limited life, how can we think that we will live forever? How can we therefore delay our Toba delay or reverb or delay or delay our acts of worship we should not do so. By Soma indico yo mo prt under up because

00:33:07--> 00:33:21

then you will all be in front of Allah, arguing for your rights in front of Allah, Allah, this person hurt me this person did that, Oh Allah, this, all of that. And you will be arguing in front of Allah Subhana with another day of judgment. So this verse

00:33:23--> 00:33:32

only fills the heart of a believer with tremendous fear. Because it shows how Allah Allah azza wa jal would definitely take us to account for all of this. But

00:33:33--> 00:33:48

it's carry on we've got a few more verses to go inshallah, before you finish. For the love of women, cat of Allah, He will never be sick. So who is worse of loving man Ted of Allah than the one who lies for Allah.

00:33:50--> 00:34:14

And he lies about the truth is when it comes to him, la Sufi Johanna mamatha lil Catherine is not in Johanna, a place for the disbelievers, meaning who is there worse than the one who can lie about Allah and this belief is essentially lying what Allah also speaking without knowledge is lying about Allah and that is why speaking without knowledge, is tantamount to disbelief and that is why we should withhold

00:34:15--> 00:34:17

speaking that which we do not know,

00:34:18--> 00:34:54

what can never be said. So he lies about Allah that He lies about the poor, which is the word of Allah azza wa jal, which is the ultimate truth. And that's what Allah says, Is there not in Johanna must hualian carefully, a place or a dwelling? Must why is that abode for the Kathleen for those who are disbelievers? So this is this verse shows the anger of Allah for those who lie about him. Yeah. Is there a place in Ghana for those who disbelieve meaning? most surely have a surety there is a place in Ghana, for those who disbelieve, so be very wary of this one lady.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

As for those who come with the truth, meaning speaking, the truth was not that

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

RBG and a test to the truthfulness of this poor

00:35:05--> 00:35:39

woman with the phone. They are the righteous ones. This verse is so important for life. So important. This verse is in verse number 23 of verse number 33 of Swords about this verse shows the attachment of SIDS with duck walk and how the motor bone or soggy food how the Sadia code are looked upon, and how sit duck welcome are like two twins of faith. And you cannot have one without the other you cannot go without sit. You can't lie and think that you are you have Taqwa and you can

00:35:40--> 00:36:01

only do sins and expect that you are speaking the truth with Allah subhanho wa Taala has been with us for at UConn, they both come together. And that is why is very critical for us to teach our children and ourselves to speak the truth all the time. And if you think about jewelry, and jewelry, it was a hobby, who

00:36:02--> 00:36:40

the prophets have told us that a very simple person he was praying his mom called him schedule right? Where are you? So he said to himself, Allah, should I answer my mom or should I continue praying in that question, Mark called again, he continued and praying, thinking the same thing should I answer my mom was written to different someone because a third time judiciary. And so the man continues praying this is authentic and Buhari and from the narrations of man culture he lived at the time of this failure. So last messenger said that after the third time, Mark gets angry curses judge because the judge saying that you will not go away from this dunya until May another

00:36:40--> 00:37:20

takeaway from this video until love disgraces you. So when you rage and the very next day, a prostitute in the city, picks up her child and says oh people, this is your ages child. So the daughter the mother came through, so he was displaced. But then Allah subhanaw taala saved your age, despite his ignorance of not knowing whether you should answer his mom or continue praying, so he was ignorant. Number two, the curse of the mother. Number three, the disgrace of the prostitute claiming the jury slept with her and had a child with all of this yet Allah gave a miracle and that miracle was the chance woke up and said no, oh people my mother is lying. This is this jewelry is

00:37:20--> 00:37:49

not my father. My father is so and so. So therefore, a lie exonerated juries, this quality slabs and why did Aleksandra gerade because gerade was truthful with Allah. He was truthful with them, but he was truthful. I mean, if he was in his ignorance was truthful. In his innocence, he was truthful, it has simplicity he was truthful. So be truthful with Allah subhanho wa Taala don't hide, don't cheat, Don't lie. Don't ask people to praise you for who you're not. Don't expect to be praise and get what you don't deserve.

00:37:51--> 00:38:35

Speak the truth about who you really are. And let people know your true colors that are not that great human being that you think I have a very simple guy and I am not nearly as great as you think I am. I am simpler than that. And I'm much more much more any incompetent that would you think thinks I am much more lower than what you think I think I am without, you know, of course disrespecting yourself, but truly put yourself down and that's why some of the selfies to say that if my friends knew about me what I know about myself that they would throw mud on my face instead of preys on my face. So Subhanallah speak the truth about yourself. So speak the truth will lead to the

00:38:35--> 00:39:18

portal. So that is why when you ponder on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam were unnecessarily allotted it said that I work for the prophets for nine years, and never wants to the prophets are seldom ever tell me. Why did you do this? or Why didn't you do that? So the scholars of of Islam explaining this hadith said that the reason why the Profit System did not tell us why or why didn't you? Because this was a young boy, a little baby, a little infant, he was a little boy, three years old, four years old, as a servant of the Prophet system. And at that age, if you question children, that the first emotion they have is fear. And because of the fear, they will say

00:39:18--> 00:39:33

something. So Ibraheem, did you eat the cake? And Brian will say no, that mom aided in who was mom is the one who actually baked the cake not ate the cake. So he'll make up a story just because he's afraid of your anger.

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

So as a result, the prophecies have never even used to pressure them into that situation. Of course, as they grow up, and as they become bigger, then you can question them and ask them at that stage because they should have been less fear and more self composure, but when they're young because of the fear, they will fall into line. And that is why this is an invaluable lesson in therapy, of how to raise children upon speaking the truth.

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

Is that at a very young age 3456 never question that. Did you do it? Didn't you do it? Because you don't want them to lie. And because the the whole look of life of speaking the truth is far more important than knowing whether he's, you know, he's someone who's accountable to what he has done or not. Accountability will come later, when he's seven years old, then when he will know right or wrong, that's the time to keep him accountable before that. It's not about accountability. It's about making sure he speaks the truth always never lies.

00:40:33--> 00:41:14

Right? Well, larina job is those who come with the truth was thought to be an attest to the truthfulness of this for an older woman with the food they are the righteous ones lahoma shall own anger robbing him, for them is whatever they wish from their Lord, that just sitting in that is the reward of the good doors, that is the reward of the good tools, as well as tells us that you have to have a lot because you stayed away from many things in this world, in the day of judgment on Indiana would have whatever you want in this dunya you don't you're not doing what you want. You want to do her your heart tends towards the Hara, but you don't do it. So that is tough work. But in the US

00:41:14--> 00:41:28

Allah whatever your heart's desire level Allah allow you to do. Now Maya shall be him for them as whatever their heart's desire with their Lord, Radhika Jaisalmer city that is the reward of the good doors Do not fear Allah.

00:41:29--> 00:41:33

Allah de amilo so that allow me to remove the worst of the evil deeds.

00:41:34--> 00:42:16

Zia home adjara from the accidental accident lady Can we have a Amador so that Allah give them the reward with the best of what they used to do so the worst of deeds allowed remove the rest of the deeds are simple, they will be removed, just with with regular salah and regular Eva and, and this will allow me to reward them not with the least of what they used to do but the best of what they used to do so that Allah gives them the best of because of the best of the deeds you know, and that is why when you give sadaqa give the best of your work for sada and when you give time to Allah, give the best of your time to Allah don't give the, you know, the extra time only the 7pm to 9pm

00:42:16--> 00:42:33

time to Allah, give the best of your time to Allah, not the worst of your time. Give the best of your work to Allah, or the worst of your wealth. Give the best of your youth to Allah not when you're old and frail and you've got nothing left. You know, that's why we're gonna make our life for Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:42:34--> 00:42:59

This is Sora Zuma. I'm really genuinely enjoying every verse. every verse is speaking to me in my heart and is fixing my character improving my my soul. I asked Allah to bless us through this to this reflections on the seat of the court and to make us those people who hear the best of the speech and what truthful to it and act upon it, inshallah, until tomorrow