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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of focusing on the reality of the situation and not just on it. They address questions about payment for cotton or jewelry and emphasize the importance of calculating the cost of the situation. They also discuss the importance of finding a trusted person for one's job and finding hope in a positive way. The speakers stress the importance of protecting employees and their families from the coronavirus pandemic and suggest donating to relief and development HRD Penny appeal USA.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My apologies for the slight delay let's go ahead and inshallah get started with today's session of our Melbourne FAQs

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where we are at least trying to answer the questions that y'all have here in the month of Ramadan.

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we just a moment while I get to leave, get the stream started here in sha Allah.

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It goes without saying Obviously, we've all been watching and witnessing the latest

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aggression and violence unfolding there in Philistine and

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liquids specifically. You know, one of the things that's really been shocking to watch is the violation and the desecration

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of Majid Alsop.

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So on this very, you know, on this blessed day, it's the month of Ramadan, it's the last 10 days. I know that in a lot of places, the 27 night program has already been conducted, and maybe the hutmacher on da has already been made. So sometimes it can have a sense of a feeling of finality, right. We feel like we're done. But we're not done. faction matters, we're not done. And I don't say that, in the spirit of, you know, kind of a religious comment. Although there is truth to that we're not done, we should still be making the most of the opportunity of, you know, the remainder of the month of Ramadan. But I specifically mentioned it in the context of an in the sense of that with

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what's going on right now, or watching right now what we're witnessing right now. We have some very precious hours available to us at our disposal,

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where we can raise our hands to Allah subhanaw taala, collectively,

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in unison. And we can ask Allah subhanaw taala for his help, and for victory for Allah subhanaw taala.

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Because we know that Allah is on the side of the truth, and Allah is just in the last fair, and allies on the side of the oppressed.

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We know this for a fact. And we know for a fact that most of doxa is the sacred blessing. House of Allah subhanaw taala and we know that the people are for the seen and the people of that land and our brothers and sisters, that they are wrong. They are being wronged and they are being oppressed. We know our lives.

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This is a fact this is confirmed. This is not up for debate, no matter what politicians, right, say what media outlets might say? And what even what some, you know,

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very honestly, I'm confused, I hope

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if not just straight up dishonest voices even in the Muslim community might be saying, There's no question. There's no debate, there's no other consideration about the reality of the situation.

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You know, all jokes aside, very honestly, I know that sometimes people think I'm joking about a lot of this stuff. And you know, to some degree, I am being light hearted. But when you look here, this sign that you see there it is what it is, um, you know, it's a playful kind of thing. You know, I'm a Texan. So I like to talk like that, you know, it is what it is. Right? So, but at the same time, if I'm being very honest with you, I think there's a profound truth to that. I think there's a profound truth it is what it is.

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They still have broker Marina, right? Selling job, right? Look, what what are your eyes telling you?

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What are your ears telling you? What is your mind telling you? What are you looking at? What are you witnessing What's happening? Right? On one side, you have people aren't in the teeth, launching smoke grenades and rubber bullets and flash bombs. And, you know,

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doing all of that chasing children down industry,

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rating and violating a sacred house of worship, a place of the devil lost power data.

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On one side, that's what you see. And on the other side, you see people, you know, trying to protect their loved ones and running for their lives.

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And so,

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you know, at some point, you just have to put all the other, you know, nonsense aside and deal with the reality of the situation. And we know what the reality is, we see what the reality is.

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So I want the focus to remain there, obviously, but again,

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just to you know, as an Amana as a trust

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you know, because Allah says in the Quran is kind of me know that Leon Philo Kapha that even when there is a fight, everyone doesn't go out to the fight fellow Lana, Fermin Khalifa, caminando, folia, Takahashi Dean, we always got to keep this practice going of learning and teaching the dean

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so that William de ropa Maharaja, oh, they have their own and you know, advising and warning and, you know, delivering the religion and the deen to the people so that people can continue practicing the deen.

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So in the spirit of that, I spend a few moments answering the questions that y'all have sent in to us. But I need everyone to keep their heart and their mind focused on the situation at hand.

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Okay, so we have a question here in regards to fasting.

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Someone says if an elderly person with dementia who can't abide by the rules of fasting is it okay to pay for the on their behalf?

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Okay, we should be live again here sha Allah.

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So as I was saying that an elderly person who is suffering from dementia is no longer obligated to fast video should be paid on their behalf if it can be afforded to done so. Okay. If sweat accidentally goes into your mouth and you swallow the residue does the fast break. So the key thing here is accidentally if it's purely accidentally, then no it will not break your fast if it's done deliberately

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I have some follow up questions for you.

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You know why? Why is the first one? Why are you doing this? Okay? But nonetheless, no accidentally swallowing your sweat will not break your fast. Okay, some

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a core unrelated question when the foreign translation says we are us, who is this referring to? it's referring to Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala. When he speaks in the first person, a lot of times you speak in what's called the Royal we, the majestic plural. All right, and that is basically a style rhetorical style slew in the Arabic language of establishing the superiority of Allah subhanaw taala the graciousness of God, right. So that is what that represents.

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There are some money related questions. Someone is saying that if you if someone could not afford to basic auto fitter previously, should this person calculate past NP this year, past years and paid this year or just start paying it this year, if you could not afford to pay it previously was not obligatory upon you. So just calculate from now and pay from now? Well, luckily tadhana knows best. someone saying that. If a husband and wife's finances are combined, can they pay it came by a combined Zakat then yes, that would be the

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that would be the thing to do in that situation. Okay, now the next question is, there's a woman How does one go about paying for cotton or jewelry this chapter recalculate this account do on jewelry every year? What if she and her husband don't even qualify to give regulars a cut? So with the jewelry included, if she still does not qualify to pay zakat? It is not it's not that significant amount of jewelry, then there's got to be paid. If it is enough to pay zakat on then yes, every year that would need to be calculated, right? know how much that weighs? Like if it's gold, how much gold is it, and then basically look up the price of gold, calculate that amount. And let's say it comes

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out to you have $5,000 worth of gold in your jewelry, then you pay two and a half percent of that Lakota number so Robin Allah knows best. Okay, the next question that we have here, it is also a

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finance related question, that

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if you miss fasts during Ramadan, and you have to be fit do

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does the video have to be given before Ramadan ends? Or can it be paid after either? So again, I'm going to answer your question, but I do have a follow up for that. Okay.

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Number one is it does not have to be paid before the month of Ramadan ends, it's better to be done but it can be paid after eight as well. Number two, if you miss fast during Ramadan, and you have to pay 50 I'm assuming that you understand that

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the reason why you miss those fast was like something like chronic illness or terminal illness, or like we were talking about earlier, being elderly, having dementia, etc. Right? I'm assuming that that's the reason why you're paying 50 after missing the fast because if you're missing the fast due to travel or illness or you know whatever it may be

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the correct course of action is to you have to make up those fast you can't pay for the for them. Well luckily tell Allah. Okay. The next question is, if I have finances in two countries is Is it okay to pay two separate Zakat on each account? Or do I pay one Zakat payment for both really does matter as long as you're not calculating? Okay, so let me say it this way, if someone has two accounts, and by separating them and calculating them separately, what it does is it prevents a person from reaching the level of nisab where they qualify to pay zakat, because they're splitting up their accounts. That's not okay. They need to combine that together and qualify for this account.

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But if both accounts separately qualify for a ticket, like let's say the threshold for his account is $3,000. Both accounts are worth $5,000. But because they're in two separate countries, you just want to calculate them separately, give us a cop out over there and the respective countries separately, that's completely okay. And that's completely fine. My point is, you should not be separating accounts as a loophole to get out of pings, which I don't think is the questioners intent, but nonetheless for the sake of clarification, okay. Um,

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we have some

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Okay, we have some salon worship related questions. What do you do if you're not sure?

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If you added on Mr. locker during prayer doubt doesn't overrule.

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Sorry about that. So what do you do? If you're not sure if you add your Mr. Nakajima in prayer, doubt doesn't overrule. So, generally speaking, you just go with whatever, you know you're certain of you're not sure, maybe you added, maybe you didn't Don't worry about it.

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There's some detail like according in hanafy, fifth there in the 100, free books of fit, there's an interesting amount of detail. They say that if this is the first time or a very rare occurrence, then go ahead. And if you feel like you missed one, add an extra one. But if this starts becoming a regular thing, then you just want to go with what you are more certain of the little bit of doubt that you have that maybe you missed one, don't pay attention to that doubt, because that has shaped on now, who is coming and basically trying to mess with you that has shaped on trying to mess with you and mess with your prayer. So you don't want to pay any heed to that. The next question is if

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the intentions of optional prayers can be combined, can you combine your HS tonight and tomorrow we intentions if you arrive at the masjid late? Technically, you could technically you could The only issue there that I find is that because not all we is too dark eyes in your Sundays for dark eyes. So there's a bit of a misalignment. And some of the scholars are not in favor of that. However, theoretically, I guess someone could be doing that. But again, I would not advise it because a number of records do not sync up. Some scholars have offered this as after listening, you just end up an ad to more. But some scholars say that you don't want to be kind of mixing and matching that

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way. All in all, I just don't find the motivation to pray your Sunnah in the congregation of tarawih going on. In that case, actually, what I would advise you to do is don't offer this another See, if they're always optional, you're soon as optional but you're soon it's going to be done individually, there always have been congregationally, the congregational deed, the collective deed takes precedence and preference over the individual deed. So what you need to do is you need to go to a corner Prager a show real quick and join into the tarawih ASAP. That is the better thing to do with luck with that on him. bisola and Allah knows best.

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so there's a couple of spirituality related questions. Okay.

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One question is, what does those with a mustard seed of faith will go to heaven? What does that mean? Okay, that's very good question. Yeah. No, but what they're talking about is like mythical, mythical hardening.

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You know, so there are narrations that talk about somebody having an iota the smallest amount of faith imaginable. That's why some translators chose mustard seed. But they just mean is that they have some level of sincerity left the person asked what about shade on but see shade on is very different to know something as opposed to believing something, to just have some information rather than be dedicated and devoted to something. There's a big difference between these things. And that's the issue in the problem with shaytaan Lakota Allah so Allah knows best. Okay. The next question is, I was just watching a local Ramadan program.

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And the chef kept saying that we are all in danger of losing our Deen and

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listening to this sounded like a conspiracy theory and made me feel super depressed and hopeless. I don't know how to understand this. I feel like my mom has dipped listening to such hopelessness. Um, you know, I can't comment on what you were watching or what you were listening to. I don't know. One thing I can't say though, is that I, I understand where you're coming from.

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And that's why the Quran encourages us and motivates us. Yes, it warns us. But it doesn't just, you know, talk about doom and gloom. That's it. Everything's over. Everyone sucks. Everything is terrible. And we're all just going to hell anyways. The prom never talks like that warns us, but it encourages us powerfully. The prophets, a lot of whom would warn us, but then he would motivate us and encourage us.

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And so I would simply say what you know

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What I would recommend there is to change your channel,

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change your channel

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and go and listen to, you know, a message that I would very humbly say, is more in line with what the Quran and the Sunnah actually says, and his motivational and inspirational and aspirational.

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That's what I would recommend. I hate recommending anything that I'm involved with. But as a very humble suggestion, we'll start up there when Murphy and I have been doing a nightly session here.

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From column, you can find the previous sessions on the column YouTube channel, that's probably the easiest place to watch it. Just go search phenom Institute on YouTube, and watch it there. It's on the column Facebook page, it's on my Facebook page. And it's on I think you'll also find the recordings on the study of the man's Instagram account.

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And you'll also find them on the column podcast if you just want to listen to the audio.

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And we've been doing this session over the lesson is called forgiveness from Allah and is basically talking about the mercy and forgiveness of Allah hope within Allah. So, go give him listen to that. And I hope that you're able to utilize the remaining time that we have here in the month of Ramadan, to really find that hope. And then be able to make the you know, make use of the time and the opportunity by making dua to Allah and coming from a place of hope, not hopelessness, not to be Rahmatullah never despair of the mercy of Allah.

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And there's one more question that all

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it is life someone's asking is that program live, we're going to be having it tonight and inshallah tomorrow night as well. We do those live it, the time kind of fluctuates, but it's usually around midnight. But you know, had the last two nights of Ramadan or sometimes Sahrawi finishes, I, sometimes we have to

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go to, you know, a pm program or something. So we have to kind of switch around, but you'll find the recordings. Um,

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someone asked a question, lots of people on social media speaking about a song, how can we vet who is reliable.

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So, again, I know that this is gonna seem ironic, because this is being broadcast on Facebook and Instagram. And so there's, this is on social media. But here's one little difference that I would offer. And that is, I'm hearing the community. You know, you can come here in the community, and you can pray behind me, you can meet me, you can listen to a class, you can attend a class you can listen to electron doing here in the community. I'm at the bottom seminary teaching there every single day.

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So what I'm basically trying to get at let me use another example because it's easier to use someone else's an example

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mustika money. Now he's on Instagram or Facebook and etc.

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But he is a scholar who you can meet in person, you know, you can know some will NRA jaleco, you can ask them, who are your teachers? Where did you study from, and they'll tell you what a Senate is. You can listen to attend lectures, physically of his attend classes, you can go and see him teaching students full time, knowledge of the dean into religion, he has students, he has teachers, he has students, he has a community as a congregation. This is a real person. And that's what you're looking for, you're looking for a real person with real qualifications, who can point to their teachers who have people that trust them to take their knowledge from them, they have students,

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those are the kinds of people that you listen to. Alright. And

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with that, some of the set questions that were sent in, I'm going to kind of conclude with that and see if there's any kind of questions here in the comments.

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to whom is the cotton fitter obligated on anyone who can so there's a difference of opinion anyone who qualifies to be to God has the visa gotten fitter? How should one might work? How much should one pay though $10 per person themselves, and then any people that are dependent upon them zakaat on stocks and cryptocurrency Some say stocks are a gamble. It just depends on how you engage with them, but generally you should pay zakat on them.

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Someone is saying I understand that the cost is two and a half percent. If you want to give beyond that, would it be considered subpar or can that so we've got that a higher percentage

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Did any amount that's beyond that is set up Ah, but Allah will reward you for your intention. So you need not worry. are using God's calculators online, okay? It depends on which one you're using. So I do know that there's a cost calculator like on the sonic relief website, and I believe that one operates and functions correctly.

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Someone is saying that

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okay, someone a few people have requested to know how they can offer a photo for not being able to fast, someone who's 75 years old. Another was type two diabetes. They do not

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pick a photo, they pay what's called Vidya. Vidya is a substitute for fasting and they are legitimately excuse and they should pay $10 per day they are not able to fast if they can afford it a Lakota

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so someone's asking a Slavic related question that in a congregational prayer,

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that took me to luck about saying, I mean, at the end of Sultan Fatiha should women do that silently or out loud, the practice of the best women of all time, the mothers of the believers, the wives of the Prophet sallahu Shem, the daughters of the prophets, a lot of the time the students of the process of them, the Sahaba, the female companions of the process, and they will do it silently. And that's the way that it was always done in the mosque of the prophets a lot ism. And that's the way that it should be done. It's fine to donate to the path through the crowdfunder of charities and institution. It is okay. It just depends on which one, and I can't vote for any and all of them.

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Right? It just depends on which one, I can tell you some of the partners that Calum has in the work that we do, helping hand for relief and development HRD Penny appeal USA. These are some reliable organizations between mine that I would recommend how sure look.

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Someone is saying how should our local spiritual leaders help us process the atrocities and Mazar luxa and in Palestine, you know, at the very least, everyone should be making.

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At the very least everyone should be making different people have different levels of knowledge and insight and understanding. So you know, they might not be able to speak as eloquently on every single matter. But raising our hands and making sure is something all of us can do. And that is definitely something we should all be doing. So I'm saying that if I have a big investment in retirement funds for calculator begins, big amount and check out on it. But I'm not able to pay that amount because I don't have cash in hand which I do. Also I have debt on home loan, home loan debt cannot all be deducted from the

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assets that you have, because it's not a Jew debt. It is a scheduled payment. So you cannot deduct that. If you have a large amount of Zakat and you don't have liquid like assets, you don't have cash to pay for it. You could wait until you are able to free up some cash to pay for it. My sincere humble advice is liquidate yourself to the extent where you can actually pay yours up. Don't delay paying yours. You don't know if you have tomorrow? Can someone be 50? If they were not able to fast due to medical reasons or do they have to make up the faster they are able to they have to make up the fast if they are able to fedewa is only and solely for chronically ill terminally ill people.

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We're talking about the elderly, the senior those with dementia.

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Those with Alzheimer's those with end of life issues or somebody who has a very severe chronic illness even if they are younger. All right, but as to be very severe. It's better to pray with her alone right before fudger or pray in July after therapy in the month of Ramadan. I recommend praying it into Jama after therapy and you can still pray no often at the time if you want. But congregational acts are always better than the individual act from Milan is very unique time where you can do with it and congregation take advantage of the opportunity. Okay with that I am done answering the questions that were submitted and also submitted live that are coming in in the

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comments. I wanted to end where I started. I wanted to end where I started when I started out. I spoke extensively

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for the first seven, eight minutes and I'll refer everyone to that. That what we are watching going on right now.

00:29:47--> 00:29:59

is a tragedy. It is a travesty. It is just heartbreaking. And it is something that we cannot

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Take lying down, we need to do something

00:30:04--> 00:30:16

what we are seeing in Aqsa what we are seeing in Philistine is unacceptable. Now Different people have different capacities if that is for you, what you can do is to get up

00:30:17--> 00:30:22

and just raise your hands to a lion cry and McDonald right now, then do that.

00:30:24--> 00:30:33

Um, if you can donate and donate if you can raise awareness and raise awareness, but this is something that everyone should be

00:30:34--> 00:30:39

upset about. This is something that everyone should be, you know,

00:30:41--> 00:30:52

this is something this is something that shouldn't move everyone and cause everyone to ask what more they can do.

00:30:53--> 00:31:00

That's really what it boils down to. This should motivate us to say, What more can I do?

00:31:02--> 00:31:13

So with that, inshallah, I will conclude the session for today. Again, please continue to keep hearing to us. Your thoughts, your focus

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with the people of philistin iPads, Alexa,

00:31:20--> 00:31:43

lost power, plus them May Allah protect them May Allah preserve them May Allah grant them dignity and honor and respect and safety and security. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect most adoxa and free from the clutches of the oppressors. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us as an oma to be united

00:31:44--> 00:31:50

for the cause of protecting the dignity in the lives

00:31:51--> 00:32:02

of our brothers and sisters. And for our most sacred and holy sites. I mean, our blonde and mean, jack Malaspina was set out on a mental llahi over our cartoon