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The European Empire was eventually destroyed by the Ottoman Empire due to weakened partnerships and war. The S claimers and the Romans were eventually destroyed, leading to the collapse of the Empire and the collapse of the Roman Empire. The loss of the city of Alexandria and Jerusalem, along with the loss of Syria and Afghanistan, led to the collapse of the Empire and the Roman Empire. The importance of trusting oneself and not giving up is emphasized, and positive actions and positive thinking are crucial for success.

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Surah to Rome. We will listen to the recitation of the first few verses. And then we will do the deceit. Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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me only about your home fee other than

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about the lawn I mean, you'd say I'll leave.

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way oh man, easy for me

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim SUTA room. So the room is a murky Surah which means that it was revealed before the Hijra.

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Alif Lam Meem haruf? No Katara

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her LWF mocha Tara, what do they show? What message do they get? What reminder? Do they give that this Quran is whose speech whose speech? It's the speech of Allah? This Quran is a miracle, which is why generally after hookah thought we read an idea that praises the Quran.

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Correct? Like for example, Alif Lam Meem radical Kitab Whoo, lovely Buffy, in total uncovered, we saw that Quran is not mentioned over there rather, the effect of believing in the Quran is mentioned over there. And what is that effect the consequence that has even NASA Utako and your Kulu, Amana or hula you've done over here, a miracle of the Quran is mentioned. And what is that miracle? Allah says libre to room. So basically a prediction is made over here. And this prediction when it was made,

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when these ayat were revealed, there was no sign of this prediction coming true. But what happened within a couple of years it occurred. And so in a hadith and Timothy we learn that when this prediction, it actually occurred, it came true. Many people embraced Islam at that time. So what is that prediction? Allah says Holy but your room, holy, but it has been conquered, it has been defeated, it has been overcome. We'll be back from Allah Lane Lamba and Oliver is to overcome overpower the other law Allah who is highly Lucha Libre Illa Allah what does it mean? There is no Victor. No one who overcomes others except for who Allah meaning is the ultimate violin. Right? So

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Willie, but what is holy but mean? It has been overcome. They have been overcome meaning they have been defeated, who has been defeated a room the Romans. This is referring to the Roman Empire, the Byzantines, Lord room and who are no room, no room the people of the Roman Empire. They were Christians they were the Al Kitab. And think about the Muslims in Mecca. This is before the hijra, this is before the Muslims encountered the Al Kitab and Medina the Jews in Medina. All right now the Muslims how are they different from the mushrik enough Makkah, the Muslims believed in what he did the Mushrikeen believe in ya know, the Muslims believed in Prophets that the machine believe in that

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No. The Muslims believed in, in the previous books, the Torah, the Injeel the Quran is moussaka for the previous books, correct that the Mushrikeen believe in that? No, they didn't. The Muslims believed in Busan. Listen, I'm an ERISA listener, right the Quran, the Injeel, the Torah, and the Mushrikeen. On the other hand, they believe in these prophets. No, they didn't. Remember earlier we learned this at Suhani to la hora. These two are works of magic, meaning the Torah, the Quran, they're all magic Musa, or ISA Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. They said these are all magicians. So the machine didn't believe in them. Right? So who do you think from Wuxi, Kenya and

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from the Muslims in Mecca? Who do you think was closer to the people of Rome? Closer meaning would have sympathies with them? Who do you think it was the Muslims, right? So would you bet your room now what happened? The Romans were defeated.

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Now, Rome over here the Romans, it refers to the Byzantine Empire, or Eastern Roman Empire. Okay, Eastern Roman Empire a little bit of a history lesson over here. Okay.

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And the Eastern Roman Empire, remember that it's separated from the rest of the Roman Empire in 395. Ad. All right. And basically the Byzantine Empire Eastern Roman Empire. It includes Syria, areas, which are now Syria, Palestine, Turkey. All right. And its capital was Constantinople. All right. That was the capital. Now, while the Prophet salallahu Salam was still in Makkah, what happened was that the Romans and the Sassanids they had some major battles. Okay. Sassanids, also known as the Persian Empire. All right.

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And before we continue the Persian Empire, the people in Persia in Sassanid Empire, what was their religion? What is it that they worshipped? Fire? They were fire worshippers. Right. So who do you think was closer to them and religion? Whose sympathies were with the Sassanids? Than was shaking? So now there is a battle between the Sassanids and the Romans and what happens? The Romans were defeated holy butter room, who do you think is sad? And who do you think is happy in Makkah, what's the scene? We're shaking? We're happy. Right? Our guys won. The Persians. One. All right. And Muslims were sad because the Romans were wounded, but they were defeated. Okay. Now, basically,

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there was a major battle and this is known as the Byzantine Sassanid War of 602 to 628. Okay, the Byzantine Sassanid War of 602 to 628. Now, this is many years, so it wasn't just one battle. Right. But there was the final and most devastating battle, okay, was basically, that Allah subhanaw taala is referring to over here. There was basically a series of wars that were fought between the two empires, between the Romans and the Sassanids. And the Romans were defeated in this most devastating battle. And this was at a time when the Muslims were in Makkah, right. Now, just to put it in context for you. These wars were between 602 and 628. All right, the prophets of Allah Addison

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received prophethood in the year 609. And the Hijra was in 622. All right, make sure you write these dates down, because otherwise it's going to be difficult for you to understand these verses. All right. Now, what happened was that the background of these battles is that the Persian king, the host row, he was basically cheated by his own people. And in order to save his life, he actually fled to the Byzantine Empire. All right. Now what happened when he's in Byzantine, the Roman king, the Byzantine emperor, his name was Maurice. He actually helped this Persian king regain control of his lands. All right. Now what happened? He also was really happy because the Romans actually helped

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him and now he's the king again. Now what happened in 602, when the Roman king was murdered, Maurice was murdered basically, in 602. Hospital. Instead of being nice over there. What did he do? He started attacking the Romans. The Romans helped him What is he doing now? When the Roman king dies when the guy who did exam on him when he died? What did he do? He started attacking the Romans. So now a series of battles began. And this is what is referred to as the Byzantine Sassanid War of 602 to 628. And so there wasn't just one battle, there were many, many battles. So within a few years, what happened? The Persians they overran Syria, they captured major major cities, Jerusalem fell in

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614. Alexandria in Egypt fell in 619. And the rest of the Egypt fell in 621. So basically, by 621 622, approximately that time, the Byzantine Empire was on the verge of collapse. All right. Now, when I was on the verge of collapse, and this one particular battle happened, in which the Romans were defeated, and everybody was like, That's it, the Romans are now going to be finished. Now the Sassanids they're going to be the victors. The Romans are going to go extinct, have lost that kingdom, that empire is finished. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed these verses, holy battle room, the Byzantines have been defeated. This is a fact. It's a reality accept it. Because sometimes what

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Is that when we fail in something? We don't even want to say it. It's like Don't even mention it. We're in denial of it. This idea is teaching us accept your losses, acknowledge your losses because if you don't even acknowledge them, how are you going to fix them? Holy battle room. Allah says fee in original RB nearest land Adonai Adonai is from DUNU dal known well, what is the new mean that which is close that which is near? Alright and from this is the word dunya. Why is it called dunya? Because it is near compared to Akira. Right? So fie ethanol only and other than that which is very near. So, in the nearest land, meaning very close to home, the Romans have been defeated, not far

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from Arabia, not far from MCCA very close to home. And really if you look at the map, how far is Syria? How far is Jerusalem how far all these areas from Arabia not far Sophie ethinyl out. Allah says well home and they men from Bardi, after Lala be him, their defeat, say Ali Boone. Soon they will overcome. Right now they have been defeated. But very soon after this defeat what's going to happen? They are going to become the victors Member This is gonna be him up over here refers to defeat the defeat of the Romans, Allah says say only balloon soon they're going to overcome their enemy. So what is Allah subhanaw taala telling the Muslims over here,

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a prediction is being made over here. What is that prediction, that very soon, Romans will defeat their enemy. And at this time, remember what I mentioned earlier that the Roman Empire was at the verge of collapse. And the Sassanids were just taking over all of the Roman land. Now, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't just say that the Romans are going to be victorious. But Allah subhanaw taala also gives the exact time the time period within which the Romans would be victorious. And what is that time period fee in meaning within builder a singing a few years singing is a plural of Santa's year singing years. And builder. Builder means some few. Right part of part of something is a

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fraction of it a fraction meaning a small portion. All right, it is set full and on bug ultimately meaning so and so is a part of me. In other words very close to me. All right. So bigger, few some. And more specifically, the word bigger is used for that which is more than two and less than 10. Meaning if you're talking in numbers than bidder refers to a number which is more than two and less than 10. So anywhere between three and nine. So Allah is saying that within three to nine years, what's going to happen? The Romans are going to defeat their enemy. It's going to happen. And did it happen? Yes, it did happen. In 622. What is 622? What year is it the year when the prophets of Allah

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said have migrated from Mecca to Medina. This is when the Hijra took place, right? So in 622, we learned that the Byzantines began a series of counter attacks. All right, and thus began a series of victories of Romans against the Persians.

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Do you remember in Sierra you studied that the Prophet saw a lot of Saddam sent letters to different kings and emperors? Did the prophets have a lot of sent him sent a letter to the Persians to the Persian king? What happened? Hospital received it right? And what did he do the king?

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He ripped the letter. He tore it. And when he tore the letter, what did the prophets have a lot of sounds say?

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He tore my letter, Allah who will rip apart his kingdom.

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Anyway 622, Byzantine started basically taking revenge. There was a series of battles, and one victory after the other in 628. What happened Who threw the Sassanid King was killed by his own son.

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All right, his own son killed him. Why did he kill him? Because he wanted to become the king. His father had been there for such a long time. Will the people manage to chase who threw away who threw went to Rome, he took the help of the Romans their enemies fought back regain control. And then what happened? He's not dying. He's not going away. So is chose that his own people were sick of him. His own Son will

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was tired of him. So his son actually killed him. All right. And when he killed him, of course, his son, he became the king. And when he became the king, he immediately brought an end to the war. And he agreed that he would withdraw from all occupied territories. So what happened, all of the Roman lands that the Persians had conquered in these years? What happened? They were all now back in the control of the Romans. Now, something else happened over here. And what was that? Hospital son coward, coward. Basically, he died within a few months of taking power.

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He died. When he died, somebody else from the family became a king. It is set to close his daughter became the ruler, the Queen, two of his daughters actually one after the other. But basically, within four years of hospitals death, the Sassanid Empire weakened considerably.

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This was Which year 628 All right.

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651 Sassanid Empire had completely fallen, finished. The Romans took much of the lands and of course, the Muslims at the time of a bucket at the lower end, who, at the time of Irma, Abdullah Warren who basically they conquered the Sassanid Empire and the Sassanid Empire finished completely. The Roman Empire on the other hand, what happened to it, you know, when it collapsed when it finished?

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Exactly in the 1400s.

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In the 1400s, I just want you to, you know, put this whole image in your head now. Okay. The Romans helped this Persian king regain control of his lens. This guy is so ungrateful. So he cheated the Romans so much that the moment Maurice died, the king who helped him, what did he do? He started attacking them.

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Right, he started taking over their lands.

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Holy battle room, the Romans were defeated. But this defeat of the Romans led to the end of the Persian Empire, and it led to the survival of the Roman Empire. Right Liberty room. On the other hand, this one victory of the Sassanids of the Persians lead to their ultimate demise, basically, right. Now, I want you to keep this in mind when we study the IAF because Allah subhanaw taala didn't reveal these verses just as a commentary over political events. No, there is lesson over here. And for us to benefit from those lessons, we have to keep this whole history in our minds. So only that room, the Romans have been defeated. But Allah says, fee ethanol are we in the nearest

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land war home embargo, the hollaby him say only boon, but they after their defeat will overcome in how long feiye bibury seen within a few years. How Lilla hill a Moomin called Blue woman Varg Lilla he for Allah to Allah belongs amuru the command an el amor al Lam Tardif over here it gives the benefit of is still rock is still rock meaning it gives meaning of entirely because it still rocks from work is to immerse right, so entirely meaning the entire, the entire matter the entire command, the entire decision is whose decision, Allah's decision men called Blue before before what? Before the loss before the victory, woman battle and also after, after what after the loss after the

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victory. So before the Romans were defeated, who had authority, Allah subhanaw taala. And then after the Romans were defeated, who had authority, Allah subhanaw taala. So basically, if one people are facing defeat and other people are being victorious, all of this is happening With whose permission, Allah's permission. Notice over here, the Romans and the Persians were not Muslims. You understand they weren't Muslims. All right, but even their victories, their losses. Allah subhanaw taala says Lilla Hill, even that happens by who's our Allah's. So what we learn from here is that there is nothing that happens in the life of a Muslim or in the life of a non Muslim except by whose

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Allah's permission. Allah says way Yo Ma, even another prediction is being made over here. Well, am I even and that day, which day

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During the day when Romans will be victorious,

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The Day when they will defeat their enemy. That same day, Yes, Rahul moved me noon, the believers will rejoice. Yeah, for who? For they will be happy. Because we're the Muslims in Makkah sad about the defeat of the Romans were this ADD? Of course they were, you know, for example, if there's a match somewhere and even if you're not interested, like, for example, a person like me, even if I don't care about baseball or anything, just to know that a Canadian team has lost even though there's hardly any Canadian in there, but just to know that your team has lost, does that kind of make you feel sad? It does. Right? I was asking somebody the other day. So who won in this baseball

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craziness that was going on recently? And they said, Oh, it's that team? Like, I don't like that team. Right? I can't even remember the name of that team. Seriously. I cannot. But I just don't like that team because they

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defeated who? Our Canadian team, right? So I'm just saying that this is something normal, something normal, any group of people that you can somehow associate yourselves with? Why? Because of your country because of your religion, because of anything. Because of the fact that you can associate with them. There's something common between you and them, their victory makes you happy, and their loss makes you sad. So the Muslims were sad, and Allah subhanaw taala acknowledges the sadness.

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Beautiful, Allah subhanaw taala acknowledges the sadness and when the Muslims are so sad and Makkah, Allah gives them a good news that these Romans are not going to remain defeated forever. Their defeat is going to turn into victory. And you know what, the day they're successful, you're going to be happy to now what are they going to be happy about? What are the Muslims going to be happy about? The Muslims have no clue at this point? They've got no clue. It's a total surprise. So imagine the Sunnah is revealed in Makkah. And all these years now Muslims are reciting these verses, and they have no idea why Allah says we're Yo Ma edu for a helmet me known until the day of birth, when the

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day of weather happened, Now, fast forward, Muslims migrate to Medina, the Battle of Badr happens when the Battle of Badr happens. Who wins?

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Who wins Muslims when he was happy, Muslims are happy. They're far they're happy. And at the same time, they received news that the Romans are rising back to power.

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They're now fighting the Persians, they're regaining control over their lands.

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And they're basically getting back on their feet. While Yo my even year for a whole movement known.

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What do these I have to teach us?

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What do these verses teach us?

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Okay, are we happy for other people's success? Good, okay.

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Okay, the miracle of the Quran. Good. Yes.

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Allah subhanaw taala has perfectly planned out everything. Okay, good.

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trust in Allah and do your best. Okay.

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Okay, the word of Allah is 100% accurate, it is true. Okay.

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After hardship comes ease.

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This is what I was looking for.

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The Muslims were so sad. You know, we're looking at these verses. We're looking back at history. We have all the events laid out before so we totally understand. You know, what these verses mean, think about the Muslims in Makkah, the Moshe keener booing them that will your team lost. Okay. And then secondly, the Muslims in Makkah, their situation was not that good anyway, it was pretty grim. They were facing so much persecution in Makkah, there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel. And then what happens people will they can associate with even their empire is collapsing.

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You understand? But in this time of sadness, Allah subhanaw taala gives hope to the Muslims. This is not it. This loss is not everything. Yes, it's a loss. But it's not going to remain a loss forever. This is going to turn into victory very soon. And you think that victory is very far it's not far feat. billary skinnin Within a few years. So what these verses are teaching us is that when you suffer from anything, don't be sad.

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Realize that the victories the losses in this life, they are temporary. They happen in life, but it's just a matter of time when things will change.

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Things will change

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and it really doesn't take long for circumstances to change. Within a few years, Allah says, the Romans will be victorious. And that same day the believers will be happy. Why will they be happy? Because Allah subhanaw taala will grant them victory in sort of, I let them run, I have 140. Allah says, wait till Cal a Yamo nuda will you have a nurse. And these days, we alternate among people, that one day one person wins, and another person loses. And the other day, the situation is completely different. The Victor becomes a loser and the loser becomes the victor.

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So what's the lesson then? Don't exalt in your victory? And don't be depressed in your loss?

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Because things can and will change? What's the connection of this with the previous Surah that we learned sorted or uncovered? Do you see any connection over here then?

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Any connection?

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I'm talking about sutra uncovered, into the law uncovered, the whole sutra was basically teaching us it's going to be difficult deal with it. Right? This is your survival guide. This is what you have to do in order to survive, but it's going to be difficult. So what's the connection with the previous Surah with sort of the room connection is that whenever ALLAH is testing us, whenever he put us in a trial, we should learn to survive with the hope that inshallah things will become better, inshallah beautiful, that any hardship

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is temporary. It's not going to last forever, it's going to change, you are going to get over it eventually. Because where are we right now, in this world, and in this world? What is permanent? Nothing. Nothing is permanent. Everything changes, circumstances will change. So these verses, they're giving us hope that your most difficult circumstances also, they're going to change. So in your time of sadness, what is it that you should be looking forward to be hopeful for? Success? Well, yeah, we'll make even near for our whole movement known that the Muslims had no reason to be happy at that time in Makkah, you know, if somebody tells you that, yeah, surprises coming, you're

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gonna get a surprise. Does that make you smile? Does that make you smile? Yeah. Anybody that tells you something good is coming your way. Forget about your situation right now. And you're just thinking about what it's going to be, isn't it? Try this one day. If you see a little kid eating dinner, okay. Say to that kid, when you finish, I'll give you dessert.

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Watch him try to finish his dinner. He'll forget about his dinner. Seriously, he'll forget about his dinner. completely forget about it. He's not going to be able to take the next bite. You're gonna have to remind him for every every bite, you know, many times mothers say, Finish your dinner, I'll give you something. What happens? I want dinner. Give it to me now. Right? You forget what you're doing, because of the surprise that's coming. So Allah subhanaw taala gave this good news to the Muslims. Forget about your problems right now. Rejoice in the success that's on your way. Be happy about that. Keep your eyes on that. What is it going to be? Exactly? You don't know. You will find

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out. Being a thriller, with the help of Allah. This has connected with the previous idea that that same day the believers will rejoice, why will they rejoice been asleep Allah because of the Nasser of Allah. And in this is an indication that the Muslims will receive Allah's special help. And that's exactly what happened at the Battle of better young soul Romania SHA, Allah says he helps whoever He wills will who allows these are Rahim and He is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful. Allah is Allah Aziz, and he helps whoever that he wants. So what is it that we need to think when we are in some difficulty that I place my trust in who allies is inserted uncovered, we learned Alladhina

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Sadaharu we're allowed to be him. Yet our cologne their patient over their present circumstances. And while our beam Yetta la cologne, they rely upon their Lord for good in the future,

00:29:40--> 00:29:59

for success in the future. So the Quran is basically giving us an amazing lesson over here. It's giving us hope over here, why despair? It's just a matter of time, work towards your victory. Don't sit in your sadness. And this is a very important principle.

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that we need to remember in our lives, that anytime we have suffered from a loss, don't think that you've lost everything.

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The day will change, the date will change, will it want to change? Circumstances change so quickly? How long does it take for a day to change? 24 hours? How quickly circumstances change, right? So anytime you're afflicted with something, anytime you find yourself in difficulty, don't despair. Don't give up. Don't quit. Keep trying, and place your trust in Allah subhanaw taala. Because who is the ally Aziz, who is Ally Aziz al Aziz is the one who has the reserve. And what does the reserve mean? Is the first of all means reserve, meaning honor, so he's Allah's ease. He's up Buller is the Lord of honor, he is the one who is most honorable, he is the one who gives honor. And he's the one

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who takes it away. What tourism and Tasha, were to the look, mentorship, He is the giver of victory, and He is the giver of loss also, because he is the Lord of honor robola reserve reserve also means alcohol to one power, authority. So he is an RZ is the one who has subjected the entire creation, meaning the entire creation is under who? Allah Aziz, whether it's the Romans or the Sassanids, or the Arabs, whoever it is, it is under who, who has control over them. Allah subhanaw taala. And really, if you bring this to your mind,

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that I am asking, I am placing my trust in the one who rules over everybody and everything gives you so much confidence.

00:31:52--> 00:32:12

I was listening to a lecture by Sheikh recently and he was saying that once he was traveling, and he was afraid that you know, when I land and you know, I'm going to be interrogated and so on. And so for his neck, I started making dua, and then he said, I asked myself, who are you making dua to Who are you making dua to Allah stop freaking out.

00:32:14--> 00:32:53

You're asking Allah, Who is he the one who rules over? Everybody, there is not a thing except that it is under him. There is not a person except that he is under Allah's authority, Allah's rule. So why fear the creation, when you have placed your trust in the Lord of the creation of disease. And thirdly, he is alive disease, meaning he has the residual emptiness, emptiness is the power to prevent meaning he is Allah's ease as an invincibly powerful meaning before whom everyone is powerless, so none can harm him.

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Nothing can harm him. If he decides something, no one can change his decision. If he decreased something no one can alter his decree. Nobody can no matter how much they try. So he is Allah's ease. He is a Rahim. Beautiful combination. l r z is the mighty. So if you reach out to him, You think he's unable to help you? And are Rahim, the one who's merciful. You're in pain, you're suffering. Don't worry, Allah has mercy on you. He will show mercy to you. Why the love Promise of Allah, beautiful. This is a law's promise. What is Allah's promise? The fact that the Romans will become Victor's again. And secondly, the fact that the Muslims will rejoice in the health that Allah

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will give them this is Allah's promise. This is something that's going to happen. It's Allah's decree.

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Let's not use gleeful he goes against Allah who Allah lay your holy for Allah who Allah does not go against. He does not contradict what are the who his promise. Allah does not contradict his promise, meaning if he's made a promise, He will fulfill it.

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And was it fulfilled?

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Was it fulfilled? Did the Muslims rejoice within three to nine years? Yes, they did. When is it that the battle of brother happened?

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When did the Battle of weather take place? Which year?

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Tell me according to the Hijiri calendar.

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Brother, the first battle

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see the teacher are you here?

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She's here.

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When did the Battle of weather happen? Yes.

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Second year after his

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second year after hijra, so soon the battle happened. How many Muslims were there?

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How many Muslims were there? 313 How many was she keen? Were there 1000

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Allah fulfilled his promise when he gave victory to the 313 over 1000 word allah lay up for Allah who are the who, and this is what we need to remember. Allah does not break his promise. He has his plan. He has his, you know the time fixed, for everything to work out. We want things to happen immediately. We want change to occur instantly. We want our situation to be transformed immediately. But does it happen? No, it doesn't. And when it doesn't, we begin to doubt Allah's promises. No, Allah does not fail in his promise. But there is a decree a time for everything. If you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala could have granted success to the Muslims in Makkah while they were still

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in Makkah, but that didn't happen when the Muslims had to go to Medina. Right? It had to go through so many battles and then what happened the Prophet SAW Allah and returned to mcheza Victor, things change right? But within due time, so for everything is a time law you flew for Allah who are the who, and this is what we need to remember. If Allah has said something if he has promised something, he's not going to break it.

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And remember, in Hadith Bootsy, what do we learn that Allah says, I am as my servant, thinks I am. You know, we say this without even thinking about it. Allah says I am as my servant thinks, I am.

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Think positively about Allah. Have hope in Allah have trust that he will not disappoint you. He will not let you suffer forever. He will grant you success he will grant you victory.

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And seriously, most of our success is determined by what our thinking

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is it

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if you think you're gonna fail, you're gonna fail you're gonna fail what's going to happen? You're gonna fail.

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And if you make up your mind, this is it. I'm going to do it. I have to do this property. Are you going to do it properly? Yes, you will inshallah. Well, Lavina Jaha. Davina, then the unknown Cebu Lana, you strive Allah will guide you. He will guide you to your success. Lay your Khalifa Allah Who are the who Allah does not break his promise. What I Kyna but axon nurse most of the people lay Arlo moon, they do not know.

00:37:28--> 00:37:29

What is it that they don't know?

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That Allah does not break his promise.

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And so they despair. And they say inappropriate things about Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:37:40--> 00:37:48

The thing is, that Allah subhanaw taala brings change in the most hidden ways in the most discreet ways.

00:37:49--> 00:37:53

Like for example, night, how does it come?

00:37:55--> 00:38:01

Gradually? Does it come all of a sudden? No. How does it come so gradually, you don't even feel it?

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Especially these days, right? You're in school? It's broad daylight, you think, yeah, I'll pray us or by the time I get home. And then what happens by the time you get home. You realize Mona was only a few minutes away. Right? Now whatever happens and you're like, Yeah, I'll pray. And then you realize a shot is not far. Right. So how without even you noticing it so quickly. Change happens, day turns into night, night turns into day, right? Change doesn't happen very drastically in front of us, meaning change is not always very obvious to us.

00:38:39--> 00:38:42

Correct? Like for example, your hair, do you see it grow?

00:38:43--> 00:38:57

Seriously, like, let's say one day you hold your hair and like I'm gonna watch it grow? Is it gonna go in front of you? No, it's not gonna grow. But what's gonna happen after a couple of days when you observe your hair you will feel that it's longer.

00:38:58--> 00:39:13

Now when is it that this change happened? It happened how in a very discreet way without you even feeling it. So our problem is that when we don't see things happening, you know clearly in front of us we begin to give up we think oh, it's not gonna happen.

00:39:15--> 00:39:22

It's never gonna happen. We start to doubt Allah's promises what I can act on Nursey lay on the moon

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

just think about the search engine of the season when you this one season passing and determine how quickly you will see the nowadays especially if you go out I mean if becoming green is take so long to wait to be greenish everything's but now in this time if you see like by blinking your eyes green going to the tasteful But one night one went all the leaves on the screen now much less so colorful. Now see, but if you see the same tree, maybe you saw it last month, fall, and now it's just nothing exact. So we all these days recently I was waiting for you

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To the leaves to become the perfect color, so that you can collect some and do some fall leaf activities with the kids. And the next thing I know, all the leaves have now, you know, become brown, basically, they've lost that color. So it happens

00:40:14--> 00:40:46

slowly, yet quickly. Right? It happens gradually. But yet quickly, without us even feeling it. Messiah reminds me of the circumstances of the Muslim world today. And all the pains whether Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and how everyone's crying and making dua, but then when you read this is like the Muslims will rise and the Muslims will gain victory inshallah any, any person no matter what situation you find yourself in, never think this is the end.

00:40:47--> 00:41:07

Never think this is the end, you know, even if you fail your jitsu for like the third time, don't think it's the end. Seriously, it's not, there's still hope. As long as you're breathing, there is hope. Seriously. And if you live so positively, you know, you will inshallah get there.

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don't waste your time, looking back on what you have lost, move on for life. It's not meant to be traveled backwards.

00:41:19--> 00:41:33

In life, we're not meant to travel backwards. We're meant to travel forwards. So don't dwell in your past, thinking about what you've lost, what you've lost is now over, turn the page and look forward to what's coming.

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There's a lot of courses in particular in like management and business that people have to take, just focusing on the power of your thought, or how you think and what you think about can drastically change any situation. And a lot of the times you feel like, No, I'm trying to think positively, but I'm still failing. It's because of that positive thought that you don't end up giving up so that even if you don't succeed, right, right away, you eventually succeed. And you learn through the process and actually, your success ends up better just because you're able to think positively about it. Yes. So most of the people they do not know which is why they despair.

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They become extremely sad. They start doubting Allah's promises and they say inappropriate things about Allah subhanho wa Taala