Umrah Series – Episode 03 – Dua Prayer

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and complete the harsh and homra for Allah.

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So welcome to the reminder. And continuing with our series on what to do after you've completed the rites of ombre. And you're still on your on the trip, we talked about making sure that we don't miss even a single solar in the mustard, particularly in the hot domain in the Ottoman Mapco halaman Medina, because the Haram in Makkah, the reward of praying in congregation there is on top of the reward of bringing congregation 100,000 Sala better than 100,000, salah and the reward of praying in the muzzle of a prophet, the Harlem in Medina, on top of the reward of praying in congregation is 1000 times.

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So that's number one, now missing even a single prayer. Number two, of course, is making a lot of dough off, because the Prophet said the one who makes the last seven times which to walk as is as if they have fried asleep really beautiful since the third recommendation. And this is something that we can do while we're making pull off. While we're sitting waiting for Salah in the harem. This is an extremely beautiful action that is to make to our to our loss. Making Dora you can make war anywhere in the world, of course. But now you're in a special place. You're in the harem of Mecca, you're in the middle of the process, this is a special these are special places and they are in a

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special place is you know there is more merit to it. There is more merit to it. So and particularly the Prophet explains to us, he says Alhaji feasibility, while Hajj while more optimal, was the law. He says the one who goes out and strives in the way of Allah and the Hajj person was making hudge and the mortality of the one who's making Armada. These three people he says, What's the law? They are the guests of a one.

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Why are they the guests of Allah Daya whom boo, he called them on last panel invited them to their house for a job. Woohoo. So they answered them. And they came to the house was Alou. And they asked him who asked him the one who's making Hutch, the one who's making ombre. So what did Allah do for our call home? So he gave it to them? He gave them what they asked. So Pamela so beautiful, because he called us to his house. He says what Tim will have Joel amatola complete the hygiene number for the sake of Allah. We answered the call and he went to his house. So what did he do to us? He answered our call, when he made the law, it is such a beautiful expression. Such a beautiful

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explanation that the province of slip has given us that we are the guests of the Most Merciful. We are in the harem, we are in the middle of the Prophet, this is the time to make MiG tau when you make a go of MiG tau after drinking some dumb because the Prophet said Matt was emsam NEMA showed Ebola, that the water of Zamzam is for what is drunk for so drink water of them and this is the time to exhaust everything that you want to ask last month Allah then list exhausted and you keep asking, keep asking, keep asking because the Prophet said. so aloof, aka whom they asked him so he gave

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a very beautiful. So this is the

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The third thing, a recommendation that I want to leave all of you with is this.

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You know you can make do Africa but for yourself, you can have a dualist what I recommend is you get a book like the fortress of the Muslim like doors from the clients on their books like that, that are available. And the list the door as the prophets of Islam used to make. I encourage you to open those books and just read those doors and ask Allah for what the prophet has to

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ask Allah spatola for what His Messenger asked for, when By Allah, those are the best to us. inshallah, in the next video rather the series, we'll talk about a few more recommendations and sellers list for listening, so don't worry too much