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In Alhamdulillah, Hina Meadow who wanna stir you know who wanna stop hero?

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When are the Billa human Shuri and fusina woman say tiara Marina Mei de la who philomel de la mejor little fella heard Yella, Why should one Isla de la la hula hula Sheree? cara, watch how do I know Mohammedan Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala de he was herby woman so I learner G or Mr abbyson next una de la yo Medina buried for taco la au burb for the Mr. nasm Hannah who What are Allah Phaeton z? Yeah, au Hello, Xena, Armand de la helper to a party. Wala Mouton. Illa, one two Muslim own, some buried.

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My brothers and sisters, a you Hello, Bob.

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And every single one of our bodies, there is a nucleus. There is a center point.

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And in our religion in our lifestyle, we call this the heart.

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Though Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once made a very important statement. And it's a statement that we've heard many times

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is that in the body, there is something if it is pure and clean and righteous, then the rest of the body will illustrate that. But if it's the opposite, where if this Oregon was bad, it was evil, it was pessimistic it was negative than the rest of the body will illustrate that.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam tells us that it's the heart.

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This is the head these were some of the orlimar the same for those individuals that might believe that as long as I have a good heart, I don't have to really practice. I don't have to really pray. I don't have to really wear hijab, because I've got a group I've got a good heart. Well, this had these here actually addresses that problem. Because what you're what you're illustrating is the complete opposite of what you claim to believe. You claim that you have a good heart, you claim that the heart is sincere, but the actions show otherwise. And this is inconsistent to the principles of our shediac. This is why Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, in so many places in the lezana ama

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know what amilo solly had, verily upon those who believe meaning the heart, you have al Qaeda, you have a sound belief, and they illustrate that through good actions. You have this short discussion in sha Allah that a wish to present in front of you, is a discussion for us to just pause for a moment, pause from all the pressures that are around you. Pause from all of the problems that are happening around us pause from all of the issues and the ailments and the sicknesses that may be around us. And just breathe for a moment. And look back right here, in your own heart, in that own nucleus that you have in your body. And just stop, pause and analyze. My brothers and sisters, there

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are three things, three main categories that I wish to share with you regarding our hearts. And the first thing B is the letter Allah.

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How do you know that you have a good heart?

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A lot of people they ask this question, even until today, people ask, How do I know that I'm a good person? How do I know that my heart is consistent with my actions? Maybe I feel good, or I feel bad. But that doesn't excuse me from at least doing the right thing. I may feel horrible inside of me. But I'm still compelled to do the right thing. I'm still compelled to do the obligations that Allah is obliged upon me. So how do you know that your heart is in the right place? There are a series of ways a series of signs from them a URL, burb? Number one is the attitude of just simply being lazy. The attitude that many brothers and sisters they have of just simply going with the flow. If things

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feel right then I'll do something right. But if things are going horribly wrong, then I'm just gonna go with

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The flow. This is why the Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made a dua to Allah azza wa jal Allahumma inni arrow to beaker meenal Castle, he would ask Allah azza wa jal Oh Allah protect me from ever being lazy laziness is a sickness of the heart. How do you know when you're lazy, you know when you're lazy for a number of different factors, and the most prime of all of them is that every single moment you might find yourself when you have your spare time, when you have those leisure moments, and you're fully rested. You've accomplished all of your responsibilities, you've done everything for the day. And now it's just you alone, nothing else to do. This is the time where you

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need to maximize that moment. And maximizing that moment doesn't mean that every single day you are in Victrola, you will do that. But there are different ways of doing that. Not every single moment, you need to have the most half open in front of you. Not every single spare moment you need to be praying to look at this would all be great, but it's very difficult. maximizing your time literally means that you are always in a constant state of remembering Allah azza wa jal, whether that means to smile with your spouse, to play with your children, to spend time with the family, to go out and be social with the rest of the Muslim community, whatever it takes, as long as your heart goes back

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to the remembrance of Allah as religion, a second problem, a second sign that there might be a problem with our hearts. And number two is, and this unfortunately, Subhan Allah, so many people are affected by it. And where acts of worship become like a routine, the brightness of your day, the sunshine of your day, is exactly what you're doing at this moment. This is the brightness of your day, when you come to the remembrance of Allah in how every way you do it. When you have that moment, and you hear the Zen or it's time for the Salah. It's not like cooking. It's not like working. It's not like those routines that you do. But rather, this is the moment where you pause

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away from the dunya. you pause away from all the things, all the pressures around you. Now it's you and Allah alone. And that's the problem with a lot of our communities is that a lot of the brothers and sisters you don't have that moment where it's just between you and Allah, it's that a lot of time where you put aside everything you've taken care of the kids, they're sleeping, or they're fed, everybody is taken accounted for. Now it's for you to just pray tool rakaats for absolutely no reason. Now it's your time to sit down and open the most half and just recite one surah of the Quran. And so then the second factor is that acts of worship just seem like part of our schedule

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each and every day. No brothers and sisters, look forward in sha Allah that Asa will be coming. Look forward in sha Allah that Mahara will follow. Look forward in sha Allah, that when you finish your job today, when you finish your school, when you finish your responsibilities on the way home, I'm going to stop off at that Masjid, and finish my day with sala toller. Asia, Mal, Jana with the rest of my community. Number three, the third factor is that sins and mistakes, they become a habit, they become habitual. A prime example of this brothers and sisters is a person that may smoke a cigarette. Now recently, a brother came into my office and he said to me that smoking is not hot on

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and he came with all of his evidences, and he says, look, you know, there's an SD laugh and so on. So it's not hot on, I'm permitted to smoke. So I said to the brother, just pause for a moment.

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Because the majority of the oriola men say that it is hot on for a number of reasons. But sometimes you have to use logic because when a person is addicted to doing the wrong thing, it's very difficult to change that. So I said to the brother, just pause

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Imagine if Abu Bakar but I'll do law one.

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Row meridian hottub rhodiola one or Spanish near Sun rhodiola one, Ali even Abby rhodiola one

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Moving on to Venetia, all of these different companions. And then I said in addition to that a lot of Sol Sol, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, all of them, they came and they sat right there. I said, How would you feel, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it in front of them? These are the same individuals, the prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't want to eat onions, because it left an aftertaste in his mouth. He just chose not to do that. Now imagine if you were to puff a cigarette in front of him. Imagine if they were here. And they saw this, how would you feel Alhamdulillah because of that simple logic, the brother he took out his pack of cigarettes, and he

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gave it to me and he said, what a lie. I will never smoke again. And sometimes brothers and sisters, you have to use this logic even on yourself. Think about the mistakes and the sins that you might be falling into. But you just can't see anything wrong with them anymore.

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Recently, a while ago, actually brothers and sisters, I gave a whole talk about gazing and how to lower the gaze, our brother he comes to me after the hook Bay and he says why would you make that a hot bar? It's not really a big problem and look around you. What can we do? That's let's just bygones be bygones? And that's just life goes on. What can we do? And I said, ask Allah azza wa jal to protect you from this, because you've gotten used to something to such an extent you just can't see anything wrong with it anymore. This is a sign that the heart has been stamped by Allah azza wa jal. Another factor brothers and sisters, is that the heart It also shuts down, ie men, it shuts

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down and it closes the doors of the nohr and the light of E men and guidance and advice coming to you, just like a virus would shut down our immune systems, just like a sickness or a headache will just disrupt your entire day. That's the same way when you have a hard heart. Somebody will come in advise you, you're not going to listen immediately. You might need somebody to come and twist it into you. So you might hear the Hulk buzz, you might hear the lectures, you might hear all the conferences, but it's not going to sink in at that moment. And so brothers and sisters with a hard heart, it starts to close the doors of a man one by one. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam one said in min verily the believer either as nabba whenever they do a sin can knock the tune so Darla called me, then Allah will stamp their hearts with one box them one box stamp, and if they increase for insert, as added, and if they continue to increase in all of these things, then allies will cause that their hearts become stamped over and over. You will have full color blue, until the entire heart is covered and sealed for that calron that is the run or the rust that Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran. And can Ben Ron Allah poo be him by no means their heart has been rusted or stained? Imagine brothers and sisters, when you have a rust on your car, it's not

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something that you want to be there. Imagine if you have all of these things, rust in and of itself feels dirty, it doesn't have even a pleasant sight to it, it doesn't even look clean. So imagine if you have that kind of rust on the purest, most important organ in our bodies. And so brothers and sisters, the next question that we want to ask, what are the things that lead us

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to causing our hearts to become hardened? What are those factors that eventually lead to that stage? How do I know that I'm on a path where my heart is going to be hardened? Or it's going to be stamped by Allah azza wa jal number one is that a person would only remember Allah azza wa jal, only in times of need. Only when they're pinched with a problem only when a calamity strikes only when there's an issue. Then they will turn to Allah azza wa jal. Let me give you an example. As a marriage counselor, brothers and sisters, it's so overwhelming how many times people will come to the office, and they would say I am absolutely heartbroken because I was in a marriage

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I was in a relationship. And at that time, I wasn't remembering a lot. I wasn't praying, I wasn't doing anything for Islam. But because their heart was broken, it caused them now, this is why I'm turning to Allah. And they would come to me and they say, brother, Muslim. You know, after all these problems happen, I'm asking a lot of curate, but he's not curing it for me. This is a problem in and of itself. How do you expect to lose the battle in all of those smaller stages? And then when the grand finale when the final battle, how do you expect to do the this is how we train our soul and our E men to be consistent. This is how you can train yourself that when you do fall off the wagon,

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you can pick yourself back up and get back on immediately. It's not something that can happen spontaneous, it's not something that can have happen at that moment. Because if it does,

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and brothers and sisters will love you, this is something not from myself. This is something that our LMS they teach us that if you do find yourself that tomorrow, you become righteous. Tomorrow you become religious than wait for the moment where the following day, or one week later or two weeks later, you will crack and break. Why? Because there was no consistency in it starts off slow starts off training your body slowly, I sister came and took Shahada from me when I was visiting one of the other provinces. And when the sister came to me, she says I want to be Muslim, but I don't I'm scared of the hijab. So I said to her, don't wear it. And she was surprised she was so shocked. Why

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would I say this to her? And then eventually the conversation went and she says, okay, that works for me. I can become Muslim. I don't have to wear the hijab. I gave her the Shahada. Three months later, she sends me an email, and she finally understood what I did. start slow. Eventually what I told that sister as I said, you don't have to wear the hijab all the time. Just wear it when you pray.

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And that sister she went with that and she started praying five times a day and she only wore her hijab five times a day, she started to feel the pain and guilt in her heart. And that naturally because Salah is them if that hits the door of goodness. So the solid cause that in her heart she felt guilty. She felt a bit of hypocrisy in her heart. How could I just wear the hijab only five times a day and she became a full time he jabby brothers and sisters start off slow. another avenue that leads a person to a hardened heart. And this is extremely important brothers and sisters and that is to not live a lifestyle that is according to your morals and ethics. According to your

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Shetty era. There is a group of the who that Allah azza wa jal talks about in sorbitan, Nisa, and he mentioned Furby man knuckle de him mitsouko home, Lana home, what's your Nakuru Bahama? casia there was a group of people during this time a group of the hoodies that they had this problem where they wouldn't follow the commands of Allah azza wa jal, they wouldn't live that kind of lifestyle. So what did Allah do two things Lana, whom he sent down his curse upon them while john kulu Bahama posse, and he stamped and he harden their hearts. Number three, the Third Avenue is that we follow our bodily desires. Now just listen to this for a moment. What's the first thing that comes to your

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mind? Don't think about following bodily desires from a sexual standpoint, but brothers and sisters, one of the great scholars by bisha yBnL Hadith Rahim Allah mahu law, he mentions that bodily desires what's included in that are two things, two things will destroy your heart number one, eating too much. And number two, talking too much. And this is why the Russell's Allahu alayhi wa sallam once told us two things. Number one, he talks about the stomach and he talks about dividing it into three categories. Why? Because the goal, the goal and the purpose of when you eat is not to fill your stomach but it's to satisfy your hunger. There's a difference between the two. When you feel your

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stomach up becomes very difficult for you to do normal things. But when your hunger is satisfied, immediately you can pray immediately you can continue with your work and do the things that you need to do. The second Hadeeth about the talking that also Salalah Horlicks alayhi wa sallam says that of the people that will be the farthest from me on Yom multi ama is a group called a thought without rune.

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These are the people brothers and sisters. They are the ones that just simply talk too much. You might ask yourself Well, what's the problem with talking? That's not the issue. The problem is talking too much becoming a chatterbox becoming the person that holds a long conversation talking about all 100 and different 101 different things at one moment. Even our tongues, our Shetty eye gives us rules. Even the healer, the most permissible things have restraints have borders around them. And this here, some panelists some of the stuff they used to say

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that we were able to count every word that came out of our mouth, from Jamaica, to Jamaica, we were able to count them. Now you don't have to go to that extent, but it just gives you a perspective. It gives you something to aim for it gives you an outlet to look at that this is the extent of controlling our appetites and controlling our tongues. Brothers and sisters. At this point here, the last Avenue before we pause and then we will give you the cures in sha Allah. Because after we understand the data, we want to know the Doa. After we understand the sickness, we want to know how to cure those sicknesses. But the final avenue that leads to a heart become stamped by Allah azza wa

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jal is when a person laughs too much. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once told us a year come what kathrada Toba hijk I warn you of laughing too much for in a castrato da heiki to me to loco lube that Verily, the person who laughs too much it will destroy and kill their hearts. And this is something so panela can you imagine how much care this is not something to be worried some brothers and sisters Don't be worried because these are easy things that you can accomplish IE these easy things that you can monitor. But it's just amazing that sapan Allah, Allah azza wa jal sends down a Sharia telling us how to walk, how to eat, how to breathe, how to smile, when to laugh, how

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to eat, all of these different aspects are touched in our religion. This is one of the greatest, most profound points that teaches you that insha Allah insha Allah, you are on the path of the truth. Brothers and sisters, we will pause for a moment and in sha Allah in the second part of the whole debate, I will share with you some of the ways to cure these problems. And then following that I will make one important announcement regarding today's We ask Allah azza wa jal ah Allah now what can be called being Lena, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant myself and all of you with a softened heart. We ask Allah azza wa jal to cleanse our hearts to cleanse our souls and cause that

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our sincerity be accepted by him and solely be what he lay here as soldier solely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala according to my own what stuff it will allow her to you welcome what he said he didn't listen to me and I'm in college and first off Pharaoh in who Allah for

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was Herbie he a woman while a bad

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four out of the family. What do we know the sicknesses we know the ailments? We know the problems, how do we fix it? Because it's fundamentally wrong for me to stand up in front of you and throw all of these problems and don't offer a solution that's fundamentally wrong of me to do that for you. And so the way to cure a problematic heart a hardened heart number one is the most important if number one is all you can do at this stage at this moment fake fee. It is enough and that is Victrola two words Victrola. Once a man came to hassanal basilea Rahim Allah and he asked him, my heart is hardened What should I do? And hustle bustle orders this man to live a life of the

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remembrance of Allah azza wa jal do whatever it is that you need to do that constantly causes you to remember Allah azza wa jal, and that leads us to the second solution. And that is to physically help others who are in need. Don't go on an internet website and then put your credit card or your money and say, Okay, I want to donate for so and so.

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to physically feel what it's like to help out an individual. Let me give you an example. Once a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and told him Yato, Sunil, I have a hardened heart, how do I fix it? So the prophets I send him told him to do two things. Number one, go to a family and assist them, give them charity, you notice the promise I send them doesn't say give them charity, he says to them, go and do it in person yourself, go and see the realities of the people who are suffering. And then the second thing he tells them and

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go to an orphan child and rub him on his head.

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And then some of the real amount when they looked at this, they extracted a beautiful wisdom behind this. Go and help a family physically on your own taste what it feels like to see others that are less fortunate that are suffering, that are dying, that are struggling, and then you will start to count all of the blessings that you have and you wouldn't be able to count them all. If you can't do that because it's difficult or circumstance doesn't allow it then the least liquid from say Salaam tells us man to do. The least you should do is show Rama and mercy to everyone around you, especially the children. Love the children love the future of this oma love the progeny love the

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people that are going to carry the torch for you give them encouragement, and the best way to do that is to have mercy on them. And then the final point brothers and sisters that I wish to leave you with, is one of the great students of the Sahaba Malik kidney Deena Deena rhodiola Juan he once mentioned that, when Allah azza wa jal stamps the heart of an individual, that is the worst thing that could ever happen. The worst thing that could ever happen to a person is that a lot causes their hearts to become stamped. And the final solution that I leave you with brothers and sisters, is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us to constantly remember the destroyer of the

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desires, and that is none other than death. Remember your next time remember tomorrow, remember the next remember our soldiers coming? But nobody knows if we're gonna be praying officer today. Remember that tomorrow or next week will come another Jumeirah. But nobody knows this could be the final hotbar of my life here at this moment. And so brothers and sisters, just remember that ultimate reality that is always going to be in front of us. And this leads me to one announcement in sha Allah that I wish to share with all of you. The holiday of new Waleed mosque that many of us here we know one of the oldest semesters here in Toronto. They will be holding their 14th annual

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conference at the International Center on Airport Road. This will happen on May the 18th and may the 19th in shuttle lots of Saturday and Sunday. This is going to be a grand conference. And you know what the beauty about it is the theme of the conference is titled The sound heart. How do I perfect what's here, all the things that I mentioned to you. This is going to be the topic of discussion at this conference. And brothers and sisters of insha Allah we will have speakers that will come from all over the world, including jehoiada Rosa z myself, Chef sorry Dr. Abdul Hakeem quick chef Omar Suleiman Chef novita as is like so many other speakers in sha Allah will be a part of this

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conference. And so this is an encouragement to myself until all of you brothers and sisters will be here they will be selling their tickets, please try to support them as best as you can. Allah II This is a conference this is a theme. It can never be fully exercise, you're always going to need to pause from everything around you and look inside and see where exactly is my heart. You will see these brothers and sisters as you leave the masjid try your best to support them in sha Allah. And finally we ask Allah azza wa jal to shower His mercy and His aura, his peace, his security, His love, His blessing, his forgiveness, all of the things that we need to have a healthy lifestyle

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spiritually and physically in this world and give us his gender in the earth era. We ask Allah azza wa jal to

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Give us this and brothers and sisters we conclude by sending Peace and blessings to our source Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam can Marana subhanho wa Taala Phaeton Zd in Allahu Allah ekata who you saw lunarlon be yeah you have Latina M and also Laura Lee was suddenly mortise Mima Allahumma salli ala Mohammed while early Mohammed can also later Allah Ibrahim Allah. Ibrahima innaka. homido Majeed, Allah Moffitt and Massimino will Muslim as well meaning almina even Humala much in the Caribbean semi or mucho dharwad Allahu magnanimous local houda were to call alpha for well Alina along, Nana Silikal Jenna, almost Cordoba, la Hammond Colin Wyman are also becoming another woman kotoba la

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Harmon Colin Wyman? Allah one sorry one and equally McCann Yara bellami along monster one end of eco Lima Kenya economic Academy in a low monsoon one and F equally McCann Yara bellami subhana wa COVID ictr mango seafood and was sudden when other Medina 100 illa Europe bailout me