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Tawfique Chowdhury
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Rely on

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wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi is married yeah you Allah de

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la casa de mucho de la one two Muslim Simone

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la luna be here in Nevada

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yeah you

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know Conan said Either you

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are the man

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tabula rasa Allah Wa

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are respected brothers and sisters Islam turned towards me, turn towards me turn towards me in the hood but the other half of the footpaths turn towards the man not towards the fibula, to turn yourself your body's towards me makes it better and easier for you to tolerate the football for the next 20 minutes. So turn yourselves and turn towards the man.

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Well Respected brothers and sisters is Allah subhanho wa Taala set a prophet, the Messenger of mercy with a firm and and determined outlook. The prophets of Allah wa sallam was a man who said when the Quraysh came to him to worship their gods for a year at worship your Gods for a year or two let go of Islam, and that they would make him the king of kurush. He said in that famous statement, which you all know, by Allah, oh, my uncle, go and tell them if they were to put the sun in the right hand, and my mood and the mood in my left hand, I would not leave calling to this region for a single day. It is the same profit. It is the same prophet who went to die and was pelted with stones

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It was called names. And yet he was firm and resolute. It was the same Prophet, who when his when his family asked him for wealth, and when all his wives got together and asked him for more money, more provisions for Allah subhanho wa Taala, he got angry with them less than for a whole month, 29 days of the lunar calendar. Why? Because he was angry with them. And then he gave them a choice, what was the choice he gave them, he gave them a choice choose me, either choose me choose to stay with me, and be with me and and follow this need, and go through this difficulty that we are going to love or leave me and ask your families whether you want to leave me it was a prophet of God

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who wants all of your loved one who walked upon him. And he was lying down on the ground on a metal palm leaves on a map of palm palm trees. So Pamela and what was his body like? They said that they that the palm leaves in the palm branches have made impressions on his body. So

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he didn't have a beautiful mattress to sleep on. He stepped on rough, rough, rough bedding. It was the same Prophet, who when he had a valley full of sheep, he will give it away and he was

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like a man, a messenger from a tribe who came to the Prophet. And the prophet SAW, sent him home to his own home to his own tribe with a gift and the gift was a valley of sheep, a valley of sheep, more than 1000 heads of cattle, more than 1000 heads of sheep. So the man went back to his his people and said he called us the

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hammer, the European

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chauffeur for India

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gives the giving of a man who doesn't feel poverty.

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In the thickness of the bathroom, in the bathroom, in the bathtub, in the bathroom or in the bathtub. With all this hardware and sleep, it was only one man that was awakened the whole of the valley. Even Abu Bakar was asleep at that point, Oh Allah, if this group was to be destroyed, who will look after you or alive this group was to be destroyed or look after your religion, or like this group was to be destroyed, or Allah there will be no one left on this earth to worship you. So our brothers and sisters is this question that I have for you is very, very important. This question that I have for you is very, very important. What made our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So

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so determined, so purposeful in every single thing that he does. Yet we, for example, we hesitate so much we're confused. We don't know the left or the right. Sometimes we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, sometimes

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about things we shouldn't

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do, because the Sharia is very clear about it. Why is it my brothers and sisters is that our decisions are clouded in confusion, whereas the prophets decision so the lesson was clouded in an element of certainty. He knew very, very clearly what to do. And he was floored and resolute, just like when he said that statement, but Allah did put the sun in my right hand of the moon in my left. What is the difference? The difference is very simple. The prophets of Allah while he was alive, had a very clear purpose. The prophets of Allah while he was ill, and had a very clear purpose, and he knew what he wanted to achieve and dystonia. How many of us can say the same thing? We have only one

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life, only one opportunity to earn an eternity? How many of us when we are at crossroads, when we have to make a decision in our life, shall I marry this woman shall not marry this woman? Shall I leave this job or not leave this job? Shall I choose a different profession or not to the different profession? What should I do in my life? How many of us have no clarity, so hard Allah in those stories for the kids, but Dr. Seuss, you know what I'm talking about Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat. Some of you may know what I'm talking about, you know, one of the stories and what he says, The cat comes out of the hat. And he says the following statement, listen to this. He says to his friend, I

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say All Chat, he says what I say All Chat, you have brains in your head, you have shoes on your feet, you can go whenever you please, you have brains in your head, don't you? Every one of us has brains in our head, we have shoes and our feet ob Of course we have given us an ability. Allah has given us strength. Allah has given us that

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power. So we can choose wherever we want to go, we want to go back to work, that's your choice. You want to stay here and pray more, that's also your choice. You want to leave work and start working for the devil. That's also your choice. You don't care about this anymore. You just want to forget about Islam and do whatever you want to do with your life. That's also your choice. You have brains in your head, you have shows in your feet, you can do whatever you please, my brothers and sisters is

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how many of us make our life and our life purpose for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala the difference between great men, and the difference between mediocre men, the difference between the great people and those who made a market this dunya about Allah, and the difference of the people who are weak and meek by Allah is a very simple point. And that is they are people of purpose. People are strength. People are perseverance. They're all people have clear purpose. They know what they have to do. They know what they want to do. They know what they're here for, even if the whole world is believes in them. Do you know when Mahatma Gandhi decided he was going to throw the British

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out of India, you know, when he decided that he was going to throw the British India at the most unbelievable time? Do you know? Well, let me tell you when Mothma Gandhi was a lawyer who had the legal status from the courts of England, he went to South Africa to work for a Muslim man at that point. So he was going from Durban to Johannesburg on the train. And he was wearing a suit and a tie. And he went to the first class. The first class was only kept for who the whites. So it went to the first class cabin. When he went to the first class cabin, the conductor came and saw that he was a black man or he was a he was an Indian, who was coming to the first class cabin. So he said, This

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is not for you. You're not allowed here. Why not? I'm a lawyer from the courts of UK. This is the seal of the Queen on my on my certificate. Why am I not allowed? You're not allowed your color. So they took him out. And they fought with him and he fought with them until they beat him up. And then they threw him out there was at the next station. They threw him out until he said they threw me out in such a way that they threw me out before the train even stopped. So they so he went Sperling down hurtling down the ground until he said my my cheeks out and it was scratched and blood pouring out of my cheeks then said it was at that point. It was at that point that I made my life goal to end

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oppression on this earth. And I decided I would throw the British out of India. Yes, Allah is Allah. You see men of purpose.

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Men have greatness. They just believe that a cause even if people thought, at that point, when you are the most humiliate, you have no strength, no power, you are not America anymore. You're just a lawyer. This is the nature of visions completely unreasonable, completely unreasonable, our brothers and sisters, completely unreasonable. But a person needs to believe it. And it needs to have a determination and it needs to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for help and support. And by Allah Allah makes it possible for him.

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So that was fun. So Tom, because when did he decide that he was going to open up Constantinople? You know, the prophets of Allah said that, indeed, Constantinople will be conquered. This was the eastern Byzantine Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Eastern Christian Empire, the Western Christian Empire was in Italy has yet to be conquered. That will happen one day, but the Eastern Christian Empire the Bible's an empire was conquered by Superman. You know what he says, at the age of 10, he heard his uncle saying,

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at the age of 10, Uncle reciting the Hadith, or

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indeed, Constantinople will be conquered. How beautiful is army, the Congress Constantinople? And how amazing is a man conquest Constantinople, and alone, forgive all of them, and alone? forgive all of them? Have these have also been authentic? At the age of 10? The little boy said, I made up my mind, I would conquer constantly, at that point, how many of us have this greatness within us? And what is wrong with us?

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Are you more? Are you more? Are you less knowledgeable than the examples of some of the great men? Are you? Are you less handsome or some of the example of great men? Are you less educated? Are you less wealthy Bala nothing is stopping me, my friends, nothing is stopping you. I can tell you, people far less than you have done far greater things. The only thing that stops you all, my friends, is your determination of what you set out to do for what have you been said? To be informed? Are you someone who looks at every challenge? As it goes away? Are you someone who loves a challenge? Are you someone who has a goal purpose with his life, and then strives for it, despite

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every single challenge Allah puts forward, if you're not one of those, that you lack a clear purpose of your life.

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Whereas this religion is full of men of purpose, this religion is full of men of purpose.

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He said in his fourth hour, he said very clearly, he said an all

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one fast food

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Colibri female through

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Verily, the general people, the layman, they say the value of every single human being is in what they actually have done and what they are actually good at. Isn't that how we judge people? Show me your CV? What is your experience? What have you done? That is how we judge the value of everyone,

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but in

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the hearts of the people who really know. They judge people by what people wish to achieve with their lives. And for this reason, why the great poet and you know, we're talking about the great poet of Pakistan allama Iqbal. He said Verily, men, without a clear purpose in their lives are driven by the color of Allah. color comes they push this way. Other times they go that way. They're driven by the color of Allah, but the men of purpose and vision, they are the color of Allah on this earth.

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Become the color of Allah. Decide with your life, but Allah, I'm telling you, every single person over here has a choice.

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You have a heart, no one can control it. Your mind, no one can control it, but you, you can wish to give it to Allah, you can wish to give it to your boss, you can wish to give it to your wife, you can wish to give it to this country, or you can wish to give it to this woman. You can wish by law down to buy a place somewhere confused either agenda agenda, or now you can strive to live a new Cause everything that you have for the highest of genome.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about the men of purpose leejohn Learn to the teacher to mala Bay on the economy solidarity when he dies. There are men who are not faulted by trade and commerce.

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The destruction of this dunya from calling to Allah for establishing the prayer and giving this occurred. They call

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it fear a Day. They do this because they are afraid. That's right. Because bravery is to overcome fear. You're not courageous unless you actually have fear first, and then you overcome it. Whoever said that the courageous are never afraid. Whoever said the brave men are not afraid. They are but they have overcome it. That's why they courageous, they have fooled a young man into the color blue bowl of song. They fear a Day when the hearts will turn inside out, and the eyes will turn inside out for fear Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment.

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These are the true men Muhammadan rasul Allah, one levena maribou. Marlon Kufa who have a

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very Mohamed Salah is the Messenger of Allah, and those that are with him.

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Who are the people that are within the Sahaba, the companions, the Sahaba, the companions,

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too far they are difficult with those who disbelief and they are merciful with those amongst them. Ask yourself, are you a person who is easily confused, has no idea where you're heading.

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You have no clarity in your life. You don't know what you're doing. You think for the next five years what to do. And all you can think of is some business so that somehow you can leave your job to the suffering into some passive income to the somehow you can then with that money, go back somewhere in the Muslim country and make some law is this sufficient. I know. Because by Allah have been in your in that in that time. I've been in that particular situation you are in now, if this is who you are, this is not a vision at all. This is deceptions of the shaitan you have to take the leap of faith, you have to take the leap of faith, put your trust in Allah subhanho

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wa Taala.

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Whoever puts his trust in Allah, Allah for him, my brothers and sisters love your job, your current work right now. It is only the hand through which Allah gives the source is still the same, it is still a love. Today you work for one company, tomorrow you work for someone else. But the source from where the money comes to you is still the same. It's a lot of diligence. At one point the source may be a business, another one a source, maybe your work. But But alone, do not waste is life making someone else rich. Don't waste your life making someone else wealthy. Don't waste your life, making someone else's vision. Because if you have no vision, by law, someone else has a vision for

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you. If you don't know where you want to go, the government knows where they want you to go, your enemies know where they want you to go. So how to let your parents know where they want you to go. Even your wife has an idea about where she wants you to go and you don't know anything more you want to go. The Why in the world like driving your car, driving the car of your life, saying I'm the one driving my life. Not

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many of us lead our life by by looking into

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the back window. And that's when we crash all the time. We crash because we're always looking into the rearview mirror or on the side distracted by what we should be doing which is looking forward. But rather than brothers and sisters, take advice from what I tell you that about

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a couple of years ago, I was in your position as well. About alarmist shrieking, speaking out of arrogance I'm only speaking out of a realization that this is exactly the difference between us from being a human being that has very little productivity that has helped Omar very little and from a person who can be far more productive for the amount far less sick and has a number

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it says all Shabaab all young men, and this is for everyone here because we're all young children

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or young men work for the author. He said what worked for the author, for indeed I have found in my life for the last 50 years. The anyone who works but

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also they get the junior as well. But I've never found anyone who works for the junior irrigator

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people who work for the Arthur also get the junior as well. They do somehow from software, their wealth, their income, everything's looked after. Because they are working for the answer. That's their day to day nine to five. That's what they do. But anyone who works for the dounia Bala I've never found them.

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Apple only had a

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sweet umbrella for salatu salam ala rasulillah. He was happy woman are respected brothers, and my sisters and my beloved brothers and sisters as well. I am from the residents of Melbourne. I used to live here and will come to allow us to go down the road. I grew up here as well. I studied in University of Melbourne. I consider myself a Melbourne and by law, I know what you're going through in your mind. I know the difficulties around your life. I know the priorities. I know the nature of the house. I know the difficulties of your life. And I know what people whispering people is about what we should do with the life I've been through all that.

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But I'm telling you, for Allah sake, listen to what I have to say to you. You only have one opportunity, but your death is very fast approaching. I'm a medical doctor, and I work in the emergency department and I'm telling you, when my patients are passing away, when my patients are dying, every single one of them dies with a sigh of regret. I don't see any one of the very few will say you know what, we had a good innings. We had a good innings, I'm happy to die, very few will do that vast majority die with a look of regret on their face before you do the same. What did you achieve with the life perhaps you gave a little bit of money for Allah sake. What did you do with

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your life? Perhaps you taught your child a little bit?

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What did you do with your life? Perhaps you help a little bit of established cause. Whereas now but allow you could follow the advice of hustling bustling work for that. Make your full time for the hereafter. And Allah will provide for you. I'm not asking everyone to leave jobs, but I am asking you to stop being slaves to someone else for you achieving someone else's dream. But rather you achieve your dream. You have two things about love, which you cannot give anybody unless you wish to. Anyone can imprison you. They can beat you. They can harm you, but they can never have it unless you give it to them. That is your heart and your mind. Your heart and your mind is yours. It's yours

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Africa live, it's yours. You control it, you control it. And so by law you can choose to give it to a love or you can choose to give it to one of his things you can choose to become from the chosen people of dystopia. Leader Morpheus have a legacy for yourself before you pass away. Or you can choose to be someone else.

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No matter where you

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In the love of

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valuable selling alone.

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Alone So Dr. wakita

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of cola Coca Cola Coca Cola

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