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Tawfique Chowdhury
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Rahim salam, alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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and I've never met one

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woman say it oh my god, la, la La,

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la, la la la la la la la, la la hola shakeela wanna shadow Ana Mohammed Abu Barroso

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and hamdard brothers and sisters we praise and thank Allah subhanaw taala for making this event possible for us for getting us to this event. Show us it's going to be a very special event. I think this is the first time we're doing this year in open forum. The topic will be family values in Islam, we have a panel of experts

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with us today.

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I just like to introduce them from from the from my left hand side actually his shift businessman who is a senior member of the Coppa instructors circuit is also the head for the students Guild, which

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is the basically the director general and the founder of mercy mission which is a nonprofit organization with established networks and all projects worldwide.

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Incidentally, mission lisha has just been established

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about one year now.

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And to his right is shaped such as Omar, who is the director of the Islamic development for my submission, and Alhamdulillah has just completed a course in Kuala Lumpur last weekend an epic journey, which is the tough set of slides.

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And to my left here is my teacher chef who said he was the president and founder of having a well known figure and unfortunately shape topic has to deliver his talk and he has has an important appointment to attend to. So we'll have him start first and show the Photoshop

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camera la salatu salam ala rasulillah early he was happy.

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Santa Monica La Habra.

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Lot of spirit and soul. My brothers and my sisters in Islam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has given every one of us a weapon,

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a weapon that is phenomenally strong. In fact, the Quran talks about that weapon in no less than one fourth of the offense versus that weapon is our family.

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And I say it's a weapon because ultimately a weapon is meant to shoot out. However, these days we find that people shoot themselves with this weapon.

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It's like Unfortunately, when you when you're aiming to fire it out, it backfires. And you shoot yourself. How many of us can truly say that we are truly using our families to propel ourselves forward? How many of us can truly say that our families are mercy for all of us? That's all okay.

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Don't worry, we'll be okay.

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All right, how many of us can truly say that we are using our families as Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has ordained us to use them. Or how many of us have actually fallen into the trap that our families are our greatest barrier.

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Because Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that this weapon that we have,

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is a weapon that we must use wisely, and that we must train wisely with because ultimately if we don't like it will become a problem for us. And if we do that, it becomes a mercy for us. So in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In the article Allah de kumada

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Verily, in your wealth, and in your children is an enemy for you.

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Right? Another place Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that our families are an enemy for us.

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Be wary of them.

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Meaning this family that we think that is so special as panela may actually be a hindrance and a barrier for us with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And for many of us, it is really true, if not for the vast majority of the people, the families unfortunately prevent them from many things, perhaps with the way that they have been brought up, perhaps by the bathtub that has been given, perhaps by the father not being a visionary himself or having a clear direction where to lead the family, perhaps by the mother, not being

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supportive and not bring up the children upon the best of luck in Serbia. In many ways, unfortunately, our children are lost. And as a result of witch hunt, a lot of families are an agunah they are lucky enemy to us, just like in this this person.

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On the other hand,

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if we truly looked after our family, and we truly learned how to deal with them, it may be about love that our families become a mercy for all of us. Something prays in the corner, as Allah subhanho wa Taala praises the family of the wives of the Prophet center. And he tells them what corner minute love economy

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and remind all wives the Prophet says, learn from that which is recited in your homes, from the wisdom of, of the prophets of Silla and the ayah that Allah sends down which is

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that you see, the Quran is a special book, it does not descend in a place that is filthy,

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and does not descend upon a place that is impure. And the prophets are seldom if his actions were impure, Allah would never order his wives to speak about it. And if they exactly the way that the wives dealt with a solar system was impure. Allah subhanho wa Taala would never have exposed his Wali and the things that he does inside his home to the people, rather than in this verse, Allah has ordered ordered them was good enough in America man, my youth law that which is narrated freebooter could not in your home. I mean, I had to let the signs of Allah what hikma and the wisdom, the way that the Prophet Hassan was, and but Allah there is wisdom in the way the prophecy was with his

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wives, and in the way the wives and his children were with the prophets of the mines. And so my brothers and sisters, Islam, we have a choice, either to use our families to propel ourselves forward to use our families just like the way Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used his wife, Khadija rhodiola Juana, when in his most needing time, when everyone thought or when he thought himself that he was becoming mad, what is the teacher say, Can Allah, Allah will never ever embarrass you? Allah will never let you go, Allah will never disown you. Allah will never ever, ever

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overlook your rights. Subhana Allah, this is the prophets of Allah who had the support of his wife in the most difficult times. So ask yourself, my brothers and sisters, how many of us have a weapon that is ready to fire out rather than fire in?

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We find tremendous examples of exemplary families in the lives of the companions, the prophets, Moses.

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And we find tremendous examples of this. One of the best examples I like to use is the family of boomslang. Our roommate saw the wife of abetone had the family of Abu Dhabi. radi Allahu

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Akbar, mesa de la vida, was a blessing woman, a righteous woman. She migrated from Africa, when she was married to this man by the name of Malik, and she had two children with her by the name of NSP, Malik and Malik, Mesa, divorced Malik because Malik didn't accept Islam and he was a drunkard. Then she migrated with Anna's Eleonora to Medina, when they were there in Medina Subhana Allah Buddha came and proposed to marry a roommate.

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And what did she say? She said, I will have the condition that you accept Islam. So I accepted Islam and the companions is to say MA in Accra, buma. Rama Mara, men are women. So I have never seen anyone who is more noble in the manner in the marital gifts that are whom I saw, for indeed, her mother was the acceptance of Islam for husband. This family was an exemplary family. Because you see, this was a family honors the servant of

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the little boy at the age of four, until the age of 14. He grew up in the household.

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He said but Allah for for 10 years I never saw the provinces ever scold me ever shouted me? Never did he hit me. Never did he tell me off 10 years of boy four years old, I'm telling you makes a lot of mistakes. I love children, four years old. And I tell them to do things. You know, they don't intend to make mistakes, but they do. They're not super bright.

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But so pattern lab show and it's made mistakes, right as a little boy, but the purpose of never ever saw us in a bad state and never sort of sort of accepted smiled at me.

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Until I learned so much to offer us the analysis to say I could not turn over a rock except that I found gold underneath.

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And Anna's died at the age of more than 100 years old. And he had more than 86 children Marsha was

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on the verge

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of a beloved

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there Alberta. Alberta was well known to be a very, very, very righteous man until Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said,

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Allah will never rejected

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Alberta as though I was never rejected until in the battle over goods, when the Muslims were struggling to open up one of the cities, and one of the gates for goods, and they were fighting and they were struggling. And what did they do? They say, well, Bora Bora make dua to Allah to open up the gates. So whatever I say, or Allah open up the games for the Muslims are give me Shahada.

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And Allah gave him Shahada and arrow K and killed him. And but Allah opened up the gates and the Muslims got victory. And I told her what a righteous man what a righteous man was.

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They said that was not how wasn't one of the battles fighting over, over the Roman Empire in one of the battles of Abu sufian. Rama soufiane, had ships men sobota rhodiola, who went on one of the ships in order to fight the battle, and he was killed on the ship.

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And they said that they could not find lab for eight days. And they said his body did not decay, and they could not find any bad smell from his body for eight days. You know what, on a ship for eight days, it's not air conditioned. It's not. It's hot. It's stinky. It's wet, and I'll tell you what any dead body would start to rot. But such was this executive family or roommates about the law and I used to carry a dagger with her. Do you know why? Because she wanted to defend Rasulullah

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Mesa used to carry a dagger, the woman with the dagger. And she was a mother, a loving wife. At the same time a protector for our beloved law schools are similar. At the profit Some say dry so what are you gonna do with the data? He said if I see him, come near you you can open his belly.

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At the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to sleep in the heart of optimism.

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Blue Mesa rhodiola was someone who love to seek knowledge. Always he wanted to seek knowledge. In fact, authentic hadith Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Allah Mesa was the one who asked about whether women have money coming up whether they * or not.

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It was reported the room SRO de la asked about it. She went to the solar sencilla with a group of women. And she asked her Rasulullah and she asked the question that she covered herself up like this because she's ashamed

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of the lesson, but she had to ask. So the professor smiled. He smiled because she asked the question she then she got embarrassed. And all the other women said, Woe to you, you get in front of us.

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But what did we miss our answers I had to ask. How to ask you see, because when knowledge is there, when you need to act when you have ignorance, the cure to ignorance is to initiate fire.

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So such as a Mensa exemplary move wife, exemplary husband, the husband of Mesaba and exemplary children.

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It was reported that Buddha had eight children from a room so each one of the half of each one of them fought in the Battle of jihad in multiple different battles, and each one of them had Shahada.

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Do you think about these families, such as the families of Jelena Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said they have to Jana when

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I entered Jana and I saw a woman saw in front of me

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so in the case of gender, and

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gender sharing, and social financial and gender and inshallah Anna's the servant or

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some of

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my brothers, my sisters in Islam, how many of us have exemplary families like the family of Ramadan? How many of us are being shackled to this earth shackled away from Allah azza wa jal locked away the dungeons because when we go home, and we don't get peace and happiness at home, what do we get? We get trials and tribulations, hard hearted family. We go home after a day of difficulty, and we cannot relate to a family. She doesn't want you to come home, but she has to read you because you live in that home. And Subhanallah you don't want to see her. But somehow you go home and your children don't want to see you. They are embarrassed of you. This is not living this is dying. This

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is not life.

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This is death, you're not going back to your home, you're going back to a graveyard.

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change all of this, change it. Build an exemplary family before you get married.

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That's the that's when the time for you choosing your wife starts before you get married. Choose your wife before you get married or after you get married, say, Oh, I should be having such a wife. You know what you've got to choose your wife beforehand. Your 30 or so children starts before you choose your wife choose before you actually get married and have children. Now you guys who are young who have yet to get married, now's the time to think what sort of children you will bring up. Now's the time to think what should a wife You should marry. Now is the time to find your home as of now was defined Now is the time to find that person. And it is also the time to be the ability for

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you to be the exemplar who will be in love with your marriage to your romancer have righteous children at NSL Bara who Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless this world and the Hereafter, so that they so that if it even if the verses of the Quran are not revealed about your family, at the very least Allah will mention you all with those that are with him and he will celebrate a gender with you and your family together inshallah. Allah subhana wa tada says,

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unto what as words,

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and you and your wives into the highest of genuine and authentic narration, the profitsystem said, the most number, the most number of intersections that Allah will allow on the Day of Judgment, the most number of intersections allow will allow the Day of Judgment is for a parent for his child and a child, for his parents.

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To be the law. This is the effect of a righteous family, that you will have peace in this world. Peace and beauty and strength in this world. And the law in the hereafter you will be together in gender, be in the law.

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And even if you have a bad family now will be is the lovely positive because it is possible for her to turn around even if it is with a lot of hard work. How many of us have parents that don't pray, perhaps wives that are not righteous? And perhaps our sisters have husbands that don't listen properly to them and be patient? Remember us have had 11 brothers 10 of them were treacherous to him, but with patience and we tuck what Allah azza wa jal they all became an exemplary family and inshallah Allah forgave them and they're all in general be in love with the will of Allah subhana wa.

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Ask, ask Allah subhana wa Taala in his immense mercy, and his great glory to give us all fantastic families, people will be a mercy for us all. Or Allah give us all Rumi says, Allah give us all a bottle has Allah give us others is an albatross and our legs and us and our family together into gentlemen.

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Finish it

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up before we leave. Is there any questions for chef topic? We'll just have one question, inshallah.

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And we'll have a specific question for what was delivered?

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Shall I say I have one? What what what kind of advice or best practice can you share with the youth who are starting to get serious on Dean to be more serious with the day to give the hour sometimes they keep the appearance and things like that. And there is their family members, especially from their parents, they get shocked. What is the best advice you can give and what is the best practice? Maybe you can share? Raja Zappala question, very good question. You know, when I was becoming practicing,

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Allah forgive me, but I think I was very hard with my parents. Because it's natural. You see, it's natural. When you love something, you become so blind to everything else. When you love the sun now you love the law. You love the dean, you think that's the most important thing and now parents and all of that, yeah, you know, someone else will take care of that. Mom and Dad, not important. Brothers and sisters, not important. SubhanAllah This is a great deception of the great deception. The Shahzad is that he makes you self righteous, a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of practice Islam. A little bit of Eman makes us self righteous is only when knowledge increases and the

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tuckaway increases and practice increases that all the kibber and the pride breaks your heart. Right turn up to the rain enough.

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What does that mean? You heard this prediction from superior authority, I sought knowledge for other than say polar meaning at the beginning of knowledge. You know, knowledge tends to make you a little bit proud. So you sought knowledge other than the sake of Allah insert knowledge to be called the use of knowledge you can fit in with this new crowd of friends that you have that are all growing beards and there are all these

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I wanted to do good. But when you get more knowledgeable about Islam and you increase your knowledge and you increase in your practice of knowledge, and increasingly taqwa that will slowly, slowly have an effect will break your heart. It will make you more merciful. It will make you understand, but Allah, but I love that you were misguided once. So why do you consider misguided people that in the bad side, you were misguided when someone had mercy on you and gave you some knowledge? Why will you not look at your parents, your family in the same way that they might be misguided about Allah with a little bit of mercy with a little bit of support, they will turn back and shot. I've also had

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family and parents who are misguided, and unfortunately, perhaps I aided in their misguidance with hard heartedness when I accepted Islam, and ally urge all of you never to fall into that trap. It's a trap. It's a trap to shut down, realize it Do not become self righteous. If you ever go home and you think you're better than your mom and dad, just because you know more sooner then you know, you're being self righteous. If you ever look down on your brother and your sister, and you think you're so great because you know this much of the poor and they know you're self righteous, you think you're too great. Fear Allah, Allah forgive them before you because your deeds will never

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enter into your agenda. So be of those people who look at all of these people that say, Oh Allah, just that you've guided me guide them. So continuous to have your family continues to just like Ibrahim in Doha for his family, continuous, continuous to Allah, Allah. Allah will listen to your daughter, Allah will listen and Allah will offer surety give you family who will turn back Did you not listen to our views of

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the brothers of us who are treacherous become better Muslims they drawn onto some of the some of the scholars said that they either became prophets, say brothers that actually were bad to use of a good use of in the world. Later, after repentance. They even became prophets, according to some scholars. And as we as well know the opinions of the scholars. So my brothers, my sisters, Islam, the patient, the family, work with them, help them, it may be that you're not the right person to speak to them. Because they saw you walking in your napkins, right? Yeah. And now you want to tell them off and you want to tell them what's right or wrong. Your dad and mom, you know what I'm saying? The parents

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might say, hey, you just hatched out of the egg. What do you do about Islam? Come Come Sit down, sit down. For me. For my for me, for my parents, I can never tell them anything. Even medicine. Number one, Listen, man, please, you don't take the medicine? Mom, it's good for you. What do you know about medicine? I got a little little sound

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as true, so you may not be the right person. Right? Just because they don't listen to you doesn't mean they reject the truth. Remember that just because they're listened to you doesn't mean they reject the truth. It may be the rejecting the person who is trying to give them given the truth instead of them. So be those people who have mercy with them. We are those people who seek strategies and ways to get them to become more righteous and pious, perhaps a chef that listen to perhaps a tape, perhaps a book, perhaps the URL itself, and perhaps your own luck. And this is the biggest change. If you truly say you want to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet system. Why is it that

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you pray like him and fast like him? But you don't have the mannerism of the prophets. So why is it and what is more important about love? What is the thing that will get you to the deepest part of gentlemen, the deepest part of gentleness for the one, not necessarily the one who was the most? It is for the one who has the most, if not, most of love. The thing that will enter most people into Germany is if not the most valuable thing is after that and the thing that people who adhere to the cinema sometimes forget most is a flap because sometimes love for the Super blinds everything else and this is what we should not do. Be computer people a beautiful of law and let the sooner beautify

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you because Mashallah, this is what the sun is beautiful of love. And the Prophet was not said except to perfect, good character.

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