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Manuel Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa sallam about a Quran Ebina Muhammad wa ala early he was such a big marina salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allah Hill humped by respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam, welcome to our hotbar of eight on this beautiful eighth of the year 1441. And what an amazing eight this has been, what an amazing Ramadan. I don't think anyone woke up on the beginning of this year and thought that Ramadan would be this special, then we would be praying most of our prayers at home that we would not be allowed to go to the massage or to be able

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to do aamra or any sort of hedge with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by doing ombre in this month. And I remember some of the Messiah, may Allah have mercy upon them. They had seen dreams that they were going to one day do tawaf on their own. And it was in the month of Ramadan in this particular year, where there is no one at all in the Philippines except one person or two, perhaps the cleaner of the Haram or someone who Allah azza wa jal blessed to be the only one that could still do the walk around the Haram, my respected brothers and sisters Islam. Today we are at the end of a month of fasting. And it was perhaps for me, it was one of the easiest, I didn't have to go

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out. I didn't have to work. I was stuck at home. There was a lot of sleep, and we'll Hamdulillah we were not as tired as we normally are. So we had less thirst, and we had less difficulty, and we had a lot more ease and a lot more mercy. Yes, there were financial difficulties. No doubt. Those pressures were definitely there. But Subhanallah along with it came tremendous mercy from Allah azza wa jal. And so what concerns me right now is whether hola Rabbil Alameen accepted our Ramadan that passed or not, it was reported that after Hajj and after Ramadan, Ali Radi Allahu Allah, and we used to come out of the house. And he used to say, where are those whose actions have been accepted so

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that we may congratulate them, and where are those whose actions have been rejected, so that we may console them. And this is something which the Sahaba used to know that the day of Eid was a day of celebration for those whose really, deeds were accepted. for them. It was a day of happiness. But for those whose deeds were not accepted, that they were rejected, it was a day of consolation for them for consoling them. For unfortunately, unfortunately, their time was wasted. They wasted their fasting and they wasted their month with nothing except hunger and thirst. My brothers and sisters Islam, we want to talk about acceptance of deeds and how to make sure that Ramadan is accepted from

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us. The first thing I want you to know is that those people whose fasts are accepted, Ramadan is accepted, never think that it was accepted. They never considered that the deeds were ever accepted by Allah azza wa jal, they will always have those people who thought Allah azza wa jal cannot accept my deep if no tmrm Allah says in Madera Salah kin, he says, Whoever knows to heed of Allah subhanho wa Taala and understands the reality of slavery and Obadiah and then he understands the greatness of Allah azza wa jal sees his signs, knows his own deficiencies and he knows that what he has offered Allah azza wa jal is nothing in comparison to what Allah azza wa jal is worthy of, even if he came

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with the actions of jinn and man, all of them put together into one plate and offered it to Allah. This would not be enough for what Allah azza wa jal is worthy of that is the person who truly understands that what he has done and what he has offered Allah azza wa jal is nothing in comparison to Allah subhanho wa Taala has mercy and His good favor and accepting the deeds. Allah Rabbil Alameen it is only out of His mercy and His kindness that he accepts the deeds otherwise, our Salah nrcm and our vicar and RPM are so imperfect compared to Allah azza wa jal once, the only way to make sure the only way to make sure that Allah subhanaw taala accepts our deeds is to do the second

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thing, which is from the from the signs of the acceptance of deeds and what is it it is to be from the muta pain, and that is why it was reported, that from the very earliest deeds that were offered to Allah azza wa jal was a slaughtering that was offered but the two sons of Adam Alayhis Salam, one of them, Allah accepted the other one Allah rejected and what did

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I will say he said in nama Yatta Kabul Allahu Minamata pain Verily, Allah subhana wa Taala only accepts from those who are righteous. So therefore, if you are from the righteous Allah will accept if you're not from the righteous Allah will not accept and that is why I am Rahim Allah He said, he said, if you are making Toba whilst your heart is still in pleasure in happiness with the sin that you did you did, from which you're making Toba. So you're making Toba from being rude to your parents, but your heart is still fighting with the fact that it's okay to be rude to parents. She is the one who is bad to me. She's a bad mother, so I have a right to raise my voice with my mom. If

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your heart is at pleasure with the sin, then your Toba is rejected your Toba is rejected and your CEM is murdered and your fasting is rejected from Allah subhanho wa taala. So you cannot come on the day of Eve and still be happy with the sin that you make Toba from and not wait so that the day of Eid would come so that you could go back to your to your sins. I remember when I was younger, when I was a child and I used to be with my family. We used to say you know what? In Ramadan, let's just watch one Indian film. But on the day of Eid, we used to watch five Indian films because you know what, we would only watch the nice ones in Ramadan, not the very naughty ones. But on the day of Eid

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was a day of Marathon Indian films of all the dirty stuff that we would watch Allahu Mastan Allah guided us Alhamdulillah after that, but we thought the day of Eid was the day where you know what we could let our shouting out where we could let our hair down and do all of the sins. And be careful because if you were to do that, if you were to rush back to your sin, rush back to your haram, then know that your deeds were rejected and your Toba was was not accepted and as a result, all your fasting and all your standing in prayer was just a waste. So this is why the Scholars Islam say the follow up to the deed is equally important to the deed itself. Hajj is important but what happens

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after Hajj is equally important. Are you following up your Hajj or are you following up your Ramadan with good deeds? If you are then there is a high possibility Ramadan will be accepted and if you are not doing so then there is a high possibility your Ramadan will be rejected. So follow up your good deeds with good deeds at the barrel hasenhuttl Hassan atta follow up the good deed with a good and that is while hustler buslee Rahim Allah He used to say, the sign of acceptance of Ramadan, is that good follows it and not good meaning money wealth comes and all of those things. No, that's Alhamdulillah coming already. That's already written you're not going to die before that actually

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comes to you. But good follows good. So you follow up with the head with PM. You follow up your CRM with all the Nawab you follow up you saw the card with all the Kawartha SATA card post Ramadan. And if you were to do this, that this is a sign that Allah subhanho wa Taala will offer surety except your good deeds. And if you do not do so, there is a grave danger that hola Rabbil Alameen will not accept it by respected brothers and sisters Islam, Al Hasan Basri used to say you will either increasing or decreasing used to say to people, you're either going to be increasing every day or you're decreasing meaning as you're going towards your death. And as you're going closer to your day

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of meeting Allah subhanaw taala Your time is already decreasing every day that comes you're coming closer to your reckoning so therefore you're decreasing already and so if you're not increasing then the only thing that is happening is you are decreasing no doubt about it. So my brothers and my sisters Islam you must be of those people that every single day they are some increase or the other happening. You must be increasing every single day and let this Ramadan be the time where you actually ponder you know, I must say something and I must be truthful. I remember that many Ramadan ago I used to pray to Allah that was only 29 days or Allah don't make it 30 days because I've had

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enough I don't want to fast an extra day I would be so happy when the E or the moon was cited and the moon was cited anywhere around the world. I used to say hello OS Ramadan finished ie this happening. You know wherever the moon is cited worldwide that is what it is worldwide. So I would be rushing to follow the opinion that says one sighting in the world is Ramadan all across the world. But then today for this particular Ramadan I don't know what just happened to me. I don't know if it's after 25 years but I would say after 25 years I swear as Allah is my witness. After 25 years I have tasted Ramadan I have finally tasted Ramadan yes I've been fasting all

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that time believe me I've been fasting or trying to fast I don't know how much of it Allah accepted, but I can tell you that this was the only Ramadan where I begged Allah Allah Allah do not make it 29 Or Allah make it 30 Ramadan and oh Allah increase the days perhaps give us another Ramadan right after it oh Allah so that we may taste the sweetness of this month and do you know why that is the case? Because in this Ramadan and we all started feeling very unsure what are we going to do this Ramadan? No Tara we know pm three what are we going to do? There are certain things that we all found absolutely amazing. Number one. First of all, all of us got to pray Taraweeh at home and pm at

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home I'm sure you did that. And so there was a place in your house that you made your own Masjid right. Normally you might pray your daughter or your answer are your Sunnah prayers anywhere in the house. But there must be a place that you fixed for your Pm you must have because that place you made it nice and you put like that you put your fan and you put your AC on. You put your Quran nearby you made sure there was a table on which you could put the most half when you're going down in a suit. That places your Masjid right now, right? So Hamdulillah I also discovered my Masjid in my house. My house perhaps was a graveyard because all my salah was outside of the house, even my pm

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and cm and everything I was going out of the house and pray. But this Ramadan, now my house has become a masjid a part of my house has become a masjid. And that is a special part of my house. I'm sure you have that as well. Even if you are living in a one bedroom house. Even in that place, there must be a place that has become your Masjid preserve the sanctity of that place. Let that be the place in which you make a bed it was reported for Ebola with dunya Rahim Allah about one of the great scholars of Islam whose name escapes me at this point in time. And he was one of the righteous Tabori he was dying. And when he was dying, his daughter was crying. And the daughter came to the

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father and said, Oh my father we're going to miss you hon Allah and you're dying. He said, Oh my daughter Do not cry. Do you see that place over there in our house. See that? See that pillar. Your father used to pray for the last 40 years every night and your father read the Quran 4000 customs 4000 times with the back with your with my back on that pillar. Allah Allahu Akbar. So he had a pillar in his house, a place of his prayer, where he used to love to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Allah mentions this, about them. Rob Zecharia had a merabh and righteous or a lemma had a back rub. What is the rub rub is a place which is called a rub because like a depression that is

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faced towards the table, like a depression in your house that used to face towards a pillar for your salawat and this is a place that was taken for prayer. The career of yellowtail and who had Rob Rasulullah sessile have had a merabh. And of course, Maria Morales Salam had Rob we all now have a merabh This is our place of prayer, the place where when we sit, it reminds us of Allah azza wa jal because this is the place where we, we cry, this is the place where we put our head down on the ground. What is that place in your house, preserve the sanctity of that place, put all the Islamic literature around that place, put all Islamic signs around the place, make it perfect, that

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beautiful just like the Merab of the prophets of Salaam and let it be the place that you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala every day in your Salawat at every night in your club. And this is the first thing that I have discovered about my house, that there is a place a special place in which I meet Allah azza wa jal, and that now has a special blessing and a special place for me. Second thing that I discovered the pleasure of is prayer with my family. Do you know when I used to pray in the massages, I used to go for pm and I'm here in Malaysia recording this in Malaysia. I used to go to Masjid negara Fukuyama lane, and the chef over there had mercy on the reciters and on the followers,

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so he would recite half of Joe's quarter Jews, but Subhanallah when we were able to pray with our families, and yes, in order to make sure that we were reciting, sometimes we were also falling from the most half. But guess what actually happened? We ended up reading a lot more Quran. A lot of us read a lot more Quran than we would have had we been with other people in the masjid. I know myself Al Hamdulillah. With our families, we were able to read more than a few Jews each night. And so Subhanallah we were able to finish the Quran over a few times over the whole Ramadan. And that is a blessing of Allah azza wa jal that I know a lot of us got. Yes, it may be that you read from them.

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half years it may be read from your your phone it's okay. Allah azza wa jal will forgive no problem and it's not a sin by the way, it is perhaps not the best thing to do but at the end of the day, what do you do if you haven't memorized the Quran so at least you did it Alhamdulillah and so as a result, may Allah subhanaw taala bless us, because I know in this Ramadan Allah more Quran was recited, I know that for sure. And I asked a lot of my friends and I lost a lot of people how much Quran did you recite this? And you know what, without even noticing would recite a couple of Jews really? Yes, because we reciting from the most half and we were all together and we were all waking

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up each other and we'll all all having sewed together and we're all breaking it up with with drinks in between. When we were in the masjid. We couldn't drink in between we couldn't go to the toilet and refresh our will do. We couldn't just take a nap when we wanted to. We were rushing to go to Salah rushing to come back. Subhanallah what a blessing none of us realize that that because we would be prevented from going to the masajid that Allah azza wa jal will replace us with something more beautiful and that is why thank Allah azza wa jal, my brothers and sister Islam, whatever you are, wherever you are, thank Allah. It was reported about Ibn Taymiyyah Rahim Allah that he used to

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look forward to the times that he would go to prison. So they used to say yeah, Potamia why shuttle Farah? Why shuttle Ferragni to stay away the the, the difficulty of staying away from your family and from your friends and from your relatives. Is it but it is halwa with Allah azza wa jal he used to say it is oneness with Allah and it is being it is being alone with Rabbil Alameen. This is what he used to say. So this imprisonment that we had in our own homes, while Allah he it was a blessing from Allah, because we were imprisoned in our own homes, and we were alone with Allah. And we also know that because we were prevented from going to the massage the deeds are written anyway, they are

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written anyway, because we did not go not to the massage not because we didn't want to it's because we were unable to. So my brothers and sisters Islam, this is the second amazing thing about this Ramadan. The third thing that I realized, and I've been speaking to a lot of charity workers out there, and you know that we run mercy mission. And we do this on hamdulillah around the world in many countries, and I've been speaking to all my team members and I've been speaking to some of the other charities out there from Islamic Relief to human appeal to Muslim a to human concern to many other charities and ask them, Did you notice your money going down? Or the sadaqa that you get in

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Ramadan? Because a lot of charities that dependence or the Qatar Ramadan? Did you notice it going down? Or did you notice it going up? Did people hold back because you know, there's a severe cashflow crisis? Did people hold back for giving this other card? Or did they give them a kilowatt? And did they give more? And guess what they told me universally across the world? Everyone told me, we found that there was no decrease in the amount of sadaqa that was coming in this year. In fact, we found there was actually an increase. And I was bamboozled. And I'm like sitting here when I heard this story, and everyone telling me, I said hold on, hold on, hold on. Are you saying the last

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year if you got 5 million this year, you're getting five is a no share this year? We're getting 5.5. I said how is it? I thought people don't have the cash. People don't have money what's going on? He said we don't know. But people are becoming exceptionally generous. And subhanAllah when I heard that,

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I thought you know what? We should be thinking good about people. Subhanallah we have to think good about the dunya. We have to think good about human beings. Not bad about them. Because vanilla in the most difficult times and who is there amongst us except that we've had difficulty especially the students, we didn't get our money. The schools are closed up probably our parents cannot afford to pay us we might might have lost our casual jobs or casual jobs are the ones that go first. Most of us into casual jobs. Most of us are in two part time jobs. They're the first to go before the part before the full time jobs go. So Subhanallah you build in exceptional difficulty I know that offer

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shortly. I know that. And I've seen around the world over 100 million jobs are lost over 100 million jobs were lost in the first month only in the first month only well over 100 million jobs lost. Right? And off them off them about 80% were part time and casual jobs and as a result, probably students would have lost their jobs so fast. Yet Subhan Allah, I find that it is the students I find that it is the charity givers that are so eager and they're continuing to give. In fact, it was reported that in one of the charities in UK, in one particular night, they collected 1.5 million pounds. They have never collected this much. And I remember when I was doing the fundraising on

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Islam channel in UK in London, and this was in 2005 On the second day right after

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The tsunami tsunami happened right after the Christmas Day. So it was on the 26th day. On the 27th day I got on Islam channel to fundraise. I still remember, we raised over 3 million pounds in one day. I remember that. And 300,000 pounds was raised in a very short while, but 3 million pounds was raised in one day. And these brothers that told me that they raised 1.5 million pounds in just three hours. I said, How's that possible when people don't have money, so we don't know what's going on. But people are giving whatever they can. And then they're digging deep, and finding the sadhaka to give and giving it all away in the Cause of Allah, including people giving up their savings for

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Hajj. Those people who are holding back for Hajj now they can't go for Hajj, they're giving it away. And so Subhanallah this reminds me of the Hadith of the prophets of salaam where he said is to also be nasty hyaluron

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meaning always think good about people. And he also said another authentic hadith. He said, Man, Carla of Sudan, NASA, who will upset the home, whoever says people have become bad that he is the one who thinks people have become bad and he is the one who's making the bad. Meaning never think bad about human beings never think bad. Always look for the positive. Always look for the good always look for that which is positive and fair. There's a lot of harm going on. Perhaps this Corona crisis was something which was orchestrated by some powers, who knows? Only Allah knows we'll hear about it one day. But offer surety one thing is for sure. The middle class Muslims, the poor people,

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they're all helping each other. And that is what brings me to the next point that I want to tell you all. I don't want you all to do social distancing. No, social distancing is a wrong terminology. It's called physical distancing. Yes, you're physically away from each other. I'm staying a meter away from the other person. So I don't infect the other person if I have the cough or flu. But what about social distancing? Not social distancing, you need to be more socially connected than ever before. This is the time to reach out to each and every friend of yours call up everyone. How are you happy? Is there any need that you have? Do you have food in your fridge? Can I help you with

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something? And today is the day when even people who have money do not have money. I remember when I got hit with the MCO. And I've got over 500 people that are hired here in Malaysia that work with me or under me or, or in some project that I'm involved in? We didn't have the salary for them. So we had to go to each one of them sorry, with cutting the salary in half. So they weren't they were stuck. How could they pay for all of the bills, many of them had no food. And I remember myself my own. My own cash was not coming in some days. I went What do we have for food, we don't have much Subhanallah we only have five, bring a tender and get over just go and buy whatever we could and

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pretend that we made a big meal to our children and put them to sleep like that. And subhanAllah it was difficult. I am sure many of you went probably some days where there was nothing in the fridge. And you might be saying chef would be surprised if you had a fridge. I understand that. May Allah azza wa jal make you make you wealthy very soon. But of a surety I know of so many people that went hungry in this month. And these are not people that are poor generally, but just cash flow had stuck them and they had no savings or their salaries were delayed. And as a result, they had no food Yeah, Allah and that is why this term called social distancing is a very wrong term. There is nothing

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called social distancing, they should be removed. The correct terminology is physical distancing. But what we should be doing is more social connection than ever before. It doesn't matter. We can't go visit them, what we can do is connect with them. So this is what I would love for you to do. I want you to call all your family and friends today, find out if they need any food or any help. And even if you have to give some of your food to them. It was reported in the authentic narration that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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from Medina or a group of people that Ashada Yi, these are the these are these are a group of people in Medina who when someone used to die in a battle, and they used to become Urmila meaning the when they speak of widows and orphans, the children used to become widows and orphans. They all used to collect their food and everyone collect all of the grains and rice and dates that they had. Then they will all put it together and equally divided half between all of the families then the prophets some sent authentic hadith he said on main home we're home in need they are for me and I am from them, meaning that this is my sunnah. This is what I would do. This is exactly what I asked you to

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do. And that is why the Profit System also said Wallah he doesn't believe in Allah. He doesn't believe in Allah. He doesn't believe who we are a Salah Salem, the one who goes to sleep with his stomach is full when his neighbor is hung.

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I agree. So find out from your neighbors find out from your guards find out from your housemates find out from anyone, everyone out there, connect with them all. Connect with them, call them, email them, text them, speak to them and find out if they need help. And a lot of them are embarrassed to actually ask. And so find out if they need help and make sure you're of those people who are supporting them. It was reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would come to Asia radiological Anna and would ask how much do we have left and she would say from the goat that we slaughtered, we only have one one leg left she will add the profit some will say no rather we have

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three fourths of the goat left and only 1/4 has been given away meaning that we have given away will be with you forever, will be with you forever. It is for this reason why the Profit System used to save for our mill why the UK fifth name, water Amelie thing yet. The food of one is enough for two and a foot of tours enough for four. So in this time of need be of those people who give food to others be of those people who give food to others. The prophecies have said and authentic hadith and Muslim. He said there is no better sadaqa than giving people food. There is no better sadaqa than giving people food another authentic hadith the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said there is no

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better sadaqa than to give a water to drink to a person who is thirsty. There's no better sadaqa than that. And remember that lady that prostitute went to Jana because she gave water to drink to a dog that was thirsty. So it is goodness to give to any sort of person Muslim or non Muslim older young and whether they are deserving and needy or they are of those people who have some food with them as well. And in this time of Corona crisis, it is extremely important that we go out and help people and it is for this reason why remind you what Allah has just said in Surah, Al Balad, verse number 11 to 18. He said falcata Hamel Acaba, he has yet to do the Acaba and what is acaba? Acaba

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means the great deed. So fala PATA Hama the humble acaba de la cama laka. What will tell you what the great deed is for Karaca it is to free a slave and who are the slaves by the way we don't have slaves, but there are people in slavery today. They enslaved to their debts. They're enslaved. Perhaps they're in prison. They are enslaved because they've been taken wrongfully by thieves and by by robbers that have been taken wrongfully, this is why one of the projects I look forward to do insha Allah the future years is a emancipation club, you know, a project where we, we take people out of slavery, and there's a lot of them. There are people who are going through human trafficking,

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there are children that are being taken away, many of them having some of their kidneys taken out and body parts taken out. Subhan Allah, the stuff that is happening around the world will shock you and amaze you. But Subhanallah it is what Allah azza wa jal says * raka it is to free a slave out to Amalfi Yeoman the Messiah or to feed on a day of severe difficulty Yattaman dama carrabba meaning an orphan that is closer than it related to you our Myskina the Matoba or a miskeen, a very wretched slave, a very wretched human being who is who is very, very much on the poverty line. So it is in this time that if you were to feed people that have nothing at all, and Subhanallah this crisis has

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created hundreds of millions of chronically hungry people, people who are probably not eating some days. I know of three people here in Malaysia who are grown men 30 years old. Yeah, let me tell you the story. I won't won't identify who they are. But three men who all accepted Islam actually in Ramadan, this Ramadan they accepted Islam, they were going with some friends of ours everyday feeding the poor. Little did we know that they didn't have any food to eat themselves. But they saw that we were feeding the poor every single day in Ramadan. And so they accepted Islam, Allahu Akbar, when they accepted Islam, we invited them for Iftar so they had some Iftar when they had Iftar we

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thought, mashallah, that was great, but they had so much of Iftar we thought was, something's wrong, because the eating like they have never eaten for days, that I happen to joke with them and say, Hey, listen, I'm having a third to your house tomorrow. And I joked with them, and they were ashamed to tell me there was no food that they could feed me if I carefully if I went to the house, we found there was nothing there. Nothing in the fridge. Subhanallah three grown men 30 years old. All of them had jobs, but their jobs the people could not pay them for the last two months. So what do we do? We went and we bought them food and hamdulillah make sure that the fridge was full. But brothers

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and sisters Islam you will be shocked at the the the people that are going hungry around you. So find out whoever is there, find out it doesn't have to be the Rohingya or some refugee out there. They are

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multitude of people out there right now who do not have food, especially students. And I urge all of the brothers and sisters looking into this to take particular care of the students, especially our sisters, because when they don't have food, and they don't have money, the only way that they can look after themselves, is to sell their bodies. So be very, very careful and be of those people who go out there and give people food, my brothers and sisters in Islam. One important thing that I want to tell you all this Ramadan that I noticed was that the health care workers were exceptional in this crisis. Correct. And I'm a doctor Hamdulillah. But I didn't get to help that many people. I

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helped some people I have the law, but not that many. But my hat goes off to people that were there at the frontline. Many of them have lost their lives. But what is really interesting is that, and this is what I want to tell you about. Did you notice that? Did you know that off the west, which is Muslim minorities, they number only about two to 5% of people in most countries, in some countries three, like in Australia, 2.3%. In America, perhaps 3% of the people are Muslims. So it's only a very small percentage of people that are Muslims, but the healthcare worker population of those people that are helping people in hospitals, Muslimeen are about 10 to 15%. In some hospitals in UK,

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in UK, for example, almost 100% of the healthcare workers are Muslims. Subhanallah in some hospitals in England, especially when I trained in University Hospital, I remember that almost 25% of the healthcare workers were Muslims. In some of the hospitals in Australia, 15% of the healthcare workers are Muslim on and some of them estimate in general, in general, across the world, 10% of healthcare workers are Muslim. And this is a tremendous opportunity right now tremendous opportunity. For what for putting a positive image of Islam. We've got to take this opportunity. We've got to go out there and say that Muslims are not terrorists. Look, we are at the frontline. We

00:32:06--> 00:32:49

are helping people and saving them. And we are putting our lives in danger for the safety of mankind, and how many of us are also losing our lives. And we are losing lives because a lot of these of these people unfortunately getting infected. It is reported in some of the medical literature that 35% of healthcare workers get infected in a pandemic. So whether it'd be the Spanish flu, or whether it'd be the SARS virus or the MERS virus, or now it'd be the COVID-19. We know that 35% of healthcare workers will get infected and therefore 10% or 5% will die. That means a good number of Muslim healthcare workers will die as well. If there's 10% of them, that means 3% of them

00:32:49--> 00:33:27

will get infected, and at least 1% of them will end up dying. So may Allah azza wa jal have mercy on our brothers and sisters that are at the forefront. The prophets allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said authentic hadith the best of you are the ones who are the most beneficial to mankind. And the most beneficial to mankind right now are definitely are two types of people. The first being healthcare workers, no doubt about it. And number two, the social service workers those that are helping the poor and needy, and giving them the food and the the help that they need at distressed times like this, and the healthcare workers, a vast majority of the of them being Muslim, it is a

00:33:27--> 00:34:03

perfect opportunity for you to use this opportunity to, to spread a good image of Islam, go out there and tell people that you know, we are not terrorists. We are out here. And we are here to help people. We are here to give a positive image of Islam, and we are putting our lives in danger. And some of you might be saying, Oh, but we're taking advantage of this. No, we're not actually we're using it to, to correct the imbalance of the bad image of Islam that already exists out there. So use this opportunity brothers and sisters, and if you're a medical student, or in the medical sector, then go out there and talk about the fact about how Muslim doctors and Muslim nurses are

00:34:03--> 00:34:45

putting their lives in danger for the safety of the rest of the human beings. The last thing that I want to tell you all about brothers and sisters, and this is a huge thing is that this crisis has created a lot of poor people. A lot of us have lost our jobs, many of us will become bankrupt. A time will come perhaps in the third quarter in the fourth quarter when a lot of us will struggle to find any money. We will struggle to find sustenance who will struggle to find any way out of poverty. And we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said poverty is the daughter of shirk. Poverty is the daughter of Sheikh and it will lead us to it and how does it lead us to it?

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

Well, students I know that when you don't have money, what do you end up doing? You end up doing haram? So sisters might end up falling into haram they might search for a sugar daddy they might end up falling into haram Zina. They might end up falling

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

To all of those haram, unfortunately, because they have to pay for the education and for their food brothers, on the other hand, they might resort to haram practices in order to able to be able to get money, or some evil things such as stealing and rubbing. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, this is the time to hold up your head in dignity. And to realize that the crisis creates a multitude of opportunities, I want to tell you about three opportunities that you have in this crisis for all of the students and all the poor people out there. And you might be losing your wealth or might be losing your money in this time. Number one, the first thing to realize is that with every crisis,

00:35:38--> 00:36:13

there is 10 times the opportunity 10 times opportunity, you're just not looking for it. I remember the first time I bought my first car and I wanted to buy a Ford sedan. Suddenly, I realize everyone's driving a Ford suddenly, I realize oh, my god that guy's robbing afford and that guy's robbing a fool. Oh, look, another Ford going in front of me. You know, I never noticed that. That was that many Ford cars on the street. It was when I wanted to buy a Ford car that I realized it was that many Ford cars when I wanted to buy a Honda, I realize how many Honda's there are on the road. When you're not looking, you don't spot the opportunities. When you're not looking, you don't spot

00:36:13--> 00:36:50

the opportunities. So look for opportunities, look for opportunities, what sort of opportunities, let me give you a simple example. Right now, there are many businesses that are going bankrupt, you could actually go to a business and say, Listen, I'm going to help your business survive, I'm going to help your business stand up on its own two feet, I'm going to bring in the people, I'm going to bring in the workers, and you give us 25% of your business, or you give us 50% of the shares of your business. And we will make sure that your business survives without any money. Without any money. We're not going to put in any money, but we're going to put in our time and our effort and our

00:36:50--> 00:37:30

skills and our marketing knowledge. And each and every one of you are able to do that you can easily find that I'm pretty sure you know people who are very good on Facebook, who are very good on social media, a little bit of marketing, a little bit of push. A lot of these businesses are very traditional businesses, the local restaurants, the local cleaners, the local Mamak shops, the local Kebab shops, they don't have any sort of sophisticated marketing at all they've been depending on foot traffic coming there. And you on the other hand, you're sophisticated. You're watching this lecture on YouTube or Facebook, you're watching it online, you know how to use social media, you can

00:37:30--> 00:38:13

make their businesses popular, and you can draw people to the business. And because of that you can take equity the other day, there was a brother who came to us and he messaged us saying that his gym is closing down and it's the gym that we used to go to for learning Brazilian jujitsu. So he's closing down why he can't afford to pay rent. So I told him, Hey, listen, why don't you give me 50% of your shares? And I will make sure that we pay the rent. What's the rent? 3000 3000? Ringgit? I don't have 3000 on me to give him right now. But what did I do? I said that he agreed to me to give me 50% shares. I didn't put $1 in, right, he remember he put almost $50,000 for this whole gym. So

00:38:13--> 00:38:49

this whole gym, he spent $50,000. His rent is $3,000. So I went to the guy and he said, You know what? Give me 50% of your shares? And what am I going to do? I'm going to make sure your gym doesn't go down. So what's the first thing I did, I went first to the owner, and I negotiated with him to give us two extra months, okay, and I told him that the two months that we're not paying you now, we're going to make four make up for it by giving instead of three, we're going to end up giving you 3300 until you recover those extra 6000 that you lost. So he agreed. Because I told him if you lose us who's there, no one else is going to rent from you right now. There's too much rental vacancy. So

00:38:49--> 00:39:27

he agreed, so negotiate with him. Then I went out there and I spoke to a couple of friends of mine say, Hey, guys, social media, push it out. Everyone out there, join up to the gym. And if you do so if you do so you get this and that. And what did we do? We found 10 or 20 people who are experts in BJJ. And we made sure we gave them free memberships, we gave the one year free membership. We said however you have to push it out on your social media pages. And when they did that, when they push that out on their social media pages, suddenly people started satisfyingly signing up. And so in this way, suddenly, with a little bit of guerilla marketing, a little bit of gung ho marketing, I

00:39:27--> 00:39:59

didn't even even even used to even have to use my head. It was literally just on a piece of paper, we drew up some strategies. And suddenly now we had 60 or 100 people signed up to be able to come to the gym, my brothers and sister Islam, if I can do this, so can you and I did it without any money. I'm pretty sure you can do the same. Go out there and find a business that is fledgling and figure out what can I do to help them and then go and make a deal. Listen, I'll take 25% If you're going to only help small amount of 50% You're going to run the whole thing. I'll take 50% of your shares and I'm going to do something else.

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

Hey, this is one thing that you can do. This is my first advice. The second thing is that no one has cash even those who have cash no one has cash right? But everyone wants good services and everyone appreciates something. I remember when I first went to Medina, I was very poor. And I was so poor I had no food to eat. We used to get 825 824 ringgit equivalent 824. Saudi riyals at that time 500 used to go for rent and I had 320 floors, Saudi riyals left on, you know 324 To live myself and my wife for one whole month that's 10 ringgit a month. That's 200 a day, impossible to survive, right impossible to survive with everything, all the costs included. So what did I do? The first thing I

00:40:45--> 00:41:25

did is I'm going to suck it up. For two months, I'm going to do everything for free. So I used to find a person, I still find a business and I would say Listen, I'll make a website for you for free for free. So yes, I'll do it for free. Start getting into the free economy. You know, I'm sure you're probably thinking but check any Come on man. I need something or the other. No, no, no, no, just do for free. Google is free, hot meals free. Right. Twitter's free, WhatsApps free. And that's where there are billions. And I'm telling you now just watch the suburb for two months and go and do something for free. Okay, go and mow the lawn for free. Go and do a website for free go and tutor

00:41:25--> 00:42:06

somebody for free. And you watch that person will hire you within a month or two because they will see the quality of work they will see the sod that you put in there just make sure you're not doing your the stingy guy or a stingy business. Make sure you're doing with someone that is eager to help push his business and push his his work when they actually get it so find the person that actually is fledgling doesn't have cash flow but has a good business and go and do something free for them. And when you do something free for them suddenly it will start that's what I did Medina I went and I made the first website for free took me two days but hamdulillah the guy was so happy he told his

00:42:06--> 00:42:41

friend could you please do a website for free for my friend to of course other apps will as we say you know upon my head and my and my eyes I will do it for free. Then I did the second one then I did the third one then you know what they felt embarrassed and hamdulillah for the Muslim they felt embarrassed one of them gave me 500 ringgit another one gave me equivalent in Saudi riyals give me the other one gave me 1000 Saudi riyals now don't get me 2000 So I put them all together. Oh my god, it became 8000 Saudi riyals. So my wife said, Hey, let's go and spend money. Let's buy couches and a fridge and whatever. We didn't have a fridge. We didn't have an AC in Medina 55 degrees. So I said

00:42:41--> 00:43:22

no, no, no, I'm not going to do that. What am I going to do? I've took that 8000 Saudi riyals and I went and I bought a laptop. Okay, at that time in 1999, I bought a laptop in Saudi Arabia went to Red Sea mall in Jeddah and I bought a laptop and it was amazing laptop HP laptop that was big and thick and fat and was like four and a half kilos would break my back because their laptops were very heavy at the time. So I bought a laptop and I made some business cards. And then I started to present myself as a Website Design Specialist, and I would show them there my work on a laptop. Suddenly I was charging 20,000 30,000 For the same website that I was doing free, right only three

00:43:22--> 00:44:04

months ago. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Entrepreneurship is the heart and soul of Islam. Entrepreneurship is the heart and soul of Islam. Abdul Rahman of the elf was a muhajir came to Medina he lost everything. He lost everything. He had nothing at all. But the shirt on his back. He came in and the prophets of salaam made him into the alphabet binary, binary encoding and he joined between the two brothers, and he joined them together. So Allah subhanaw taala joined Abderrahman now from the Mahajan answer, he joined them all together. When he did that, he started to slowly make money until he became one of the richest people until it was reported that of the Azure Machine

00:44:04--> 00:44:47

Bill Jana, of the Azure machine with Jana. Half of them were billionaires when they died. Half of them were billionaires were one of the Ashura Buber Shireen will Jana. Do you know that he was a billionaire when he died until each one of his wives he had four wives on a diet and he had 36 children. And when he left the inheritance for his wife, they said each one of his wives made 56 million Durham's in gold in silver coins. 56 million gold, silver coins was his inheritance, this is after a third was given in, in charity. Then after two thirds that was left all the children got their bit and the wives got 136 Why did you get 136? Because when you have children, what do you

00:44:47--> 00:44:51

get? When you have children? You get one six, so

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

you get one eight, and so what happens is when you have multiple wives, they all share in that they

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

I'll share in that so how much was the inheritance to each wife? They said 56 56 million. Durham's was the inheritance which in our time in our time rate adjusted inflation adjusted comes to over over 300 million ringgit per wife. 300 million ringgit per wife, meaning he died a billionaire. And he's from the actual machine bulging, but the 10 people promised Jana, if that is how he could have been. And he was a poor man when he started. And he was a poor person when he started, and he gave so much for Islam. Then what about you and me? Why are we feeling sorry for ourselves, this is the perfect opportunity to get rich, perfect opportunity, but you got to think different. So the first

00:45:47--> 00:46:29

thing I told you remember go and find a business that is fledgling and go and support them. And the second thing is find somebody who needs help and support and do it for free. So do something for free and this is something well hamdulillah if you're able to do that insha Allah Allah you will find that there is tremendous opportunity that the third thing that I'm going to tell you 13 will tell you is that this Coronavirus has given opportunity to online like never before 40% increase in E commerce in just one month 40% increase in E commerce in just one month. And you know, if you have Instagram, if you just have Instagram, you can become an E commerce. That's it. Just put your stuff

00:46:29--> 00:47:03

on Instagram, and keep pushing it out. And you watch how people will start buying and you don't have to sell to one person. People in Indonesia will buy some stuff from Malaysia, people in Malaysia will buy stuff from Thailand, right? And just be smart about it and think about what people need. And you'll be able to search in fact there are websites online that help you find out what is it that people are actually looking for. So become entrepreneurial. The Sahaba were tremendously entrepreneurial. It was reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make the art for entrepreneurship and used to encourage it. And he used to hate begging and he used to tell

00:47:03--> 00:47:41

people not to beg. And he used to encourage people to work hard with their with their hands. It was reported that one of the Sahaba May Allah azza wa jal has mercy on him. The prophets of salaam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made dua for him. So he was a Sahaba, who was begging. So the prophets of Salam made up for him. So what happened was, somebody gave him one dinar, so the Sahaba took one dinar, then he took that dinar, and then he bought an axe with it. After the axe, he went and he cut down wood, and with that he sold and after that, he sold he came back and he gave back the profits from the money and he had the axe and he also had perfume on his body. And the Prophet

00:47:41--> 00:48:21

said, what happened? He said, Yeah, rasool Allah, I took that money about an axe and I made money with it, and I'm giving back that money to that person. And I got married as well. Allahu Akbar, my brothers and sisters in Islam, it is entirely possible. It is entirely possible to get rich in a time like this. And it is entirely possible to do so if you do not allow your current circumstances to break your back. Or for you to feel sorry. And for you to feel like you are one of those that have lost rather use this as an opportunity to become entrepreneurial and go out there and look after yourself and help others. And I remind you also, what I heard from translate, translate

00:48:21--> 00:48:57

Buhari, which is one of the richest men here in Malaysia when he was telling us his story. He said that when he was a young boy, he had shoes he took his shoes and he sold his shoes. And he made five ringgit with that he bought and sold bought and sold the whole day rice until he made tendering it and he told his mom say Mum, I made tendering it he said, Go and give half the profit in sadhaka, half the profit and sadaqa. So he said, Mom, can I not hold on to it and then make more money and then I'll be able to give more Sadat they said no. He said Allah azza wa jal is the Lord of opportunity. And if you Please Allah, Allah will give you opportunity. It is an opportunity that

00:48:57--> 00:49:38

makes money it is not money that makes money. And this is something I have learned in my life. It is opportunity that makes money. It is not money, that makes money. And I'm pretty sure if you were to use your head, and you threw away all the shackles of poverty and the difficulty that you're facing right now, you would go out there and make a lot of money and help yourself and help your brothers and sisters Islam, this is the time to become strong. This is the time to turn over a new leaf. And one of the best things that the Prophet SAW Selim told us that nothing makes a person's risk to come to them except Tober. And nothing makes a person's risk from not coming to them stops the risk from

00:49:38--> 00:50:00

coming to them except the sins this month Ramadan. May Allah azza wa jal has mercy have come down upon us as we all prayed our celestial aid, and we all faster this month Ramadan May Allah subhanho wa Taala call he causes Ajit to come down upon us on this day of Eid. And with that insha Allah to Allah I'm pretty sure your risk will open up in this month as well. You will all get wealthy and you will

00:50:00--> 00:50:45

All Get Rich insha Allah to Allah, it is only a matter of time. Be thankful to Allah be grateful to Allah. And I'm very sure that you will all be messaging me one day very soon essentially if I took your advice, and I was on the poverty line, but today Alhamdulillah with the blessings of Allah, I have X amount of money, Allahu Akbar. I made money when I was poor, I'm sure you can too. And that's not because I was born in a rich family. I just never gave up. I never gave up. And you know, I heard Imran Khan was telling us this was before he became a prime minister. He told us once when I met him, he said, US people in the in, in sports, you know, sportsmen, we always say you only lose

00:50:45--> 00:51:20

when you give up. You only lose when you give up. Meaning if you haven't given up you never lose. It's only half time. It's only half time. So the difficulty you're going through right now is only half time. Rather you're going to find that you're going to win insha Allah if you never give up and inshallah you're going to come through this very well. Zack we're lucky to have our brothers and sisters for attending. I hope Allah subhanaw taala blesses your Ramadan makes it an auspicious Ramadan. Remember the advice that I gave you. Remember to follow your good deeds with good deeds. Don't let sins come back upon you otherwise you are in grave danger of your Ramadan being wasted.

00:51:21--> 00:52:02

Follow up your fasting with more fasting follow up your sadaqa with more more sadaqa and that is where Allah azza wa jal has enveloped Ramadan, with fasting in Shaban and then fasting of Shawwal as well a bit like the Sunnah prayers before the horror, the Sunnah, prayers after the horror, right? So enveloped the obligatory with moussaka, the Sunnah moussaka in both ways, so the prophecy needs to fast almost all of Shabbat. And he would fast a minimum of six days of Shawwal. So make up for it. Don't wait too long, even fast tomorrow, and start your fasting so that you get back into the rhythm of it. Also your karma like don't forget it. Also your sadhaka even if it'd be a small thing,

00:52:02--> 00:52:41

it has great value. And remember, it's not physical, it's not social distance, distancing. It's physical distancing. So be of those people who connect with everyone out there as much as possible be of those people who connect as much as possible. And make sure that even to reconnect with them, giving them mental peace, and that would give them a lot of sanity in a time of great distress. Also, we have those people who remember to find out those people that are poor amongst us to make sure that you feed them. And food at times like this is more valuable than most others are the cut also remember that this time of Ramadan is a time of this time of COVID crisis is a time to push the

00:52:41--> 00:53:20

brand of Islam and to tell the people that we are the ones who are at the forefront, we are lesser in numbers in population, but we are the greater population in terms of healthcare workers. And we are always at the forefront taking taking the brunt for for all the sick people out there. And finally, remember entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship we are mostly mean we are entrepreneurial. There's Baraka in business, the prophets are some was a businessman. It was reported many of the many of the prophets of God were into business. I mean, you know, a, you've alleged Salam was into business. We know many of the prophets, many of the of the Sahaba were businessmen until half of

00:53:20--> 00:53:57

them were billionaires, half of the Sahaba of the ashram machine were billionaires. And that is why when we always hear about, it's good to be poor, good to be poor. That's not true at all. It's not for some people's good to be poor, because money leads them to haram. But some Sahaba used to make dua to Allah so Allah I'm from those slaves, who, who being poor is not useful to me. Because being poor is just going to make me a bad person, Oh Allah, I'm just going to get angry, I'm going to get frustrated, I'm going to lose my cool, I'm not going to be able to worship you, Oh Allah, let me have those people who have wealth, and helped me and guide me to spend that wealth correctly. That

00:53:57--> 00:54:30

is why Solomon Ellis with Islam asked for more risk, and more power of this earth. And so be entrepreneurial. Use your opportunities to go out there and find those people that can give you equity in their business. Go and find those people that need something for free and go and do it for free and you'll find that they will give you work right after, or be of those people who seek opportunity on E commerce and other ways that are out there. And if you need any help insha Allah I'm always here to help you and our charities mercy mission and all of them are always here to help. And to all my brothers and sisters, I'm with you all. And may Allah azza wa jal bless you all have

00:54:30--> 00:54:37

blessed me and make this into our best Ramadan ever. Zack Mulcair Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

00:54:40--> 00:55:00

Okay, guys, I know that there is a few questions that we might take, and if there's any people that have any questions, Inshallah, I'm willing to take some questions. So I'm just looking at my phone here, and to see if there's any questions here. Okay. So some of the questions that are coming through from the people. It says So Monica, what should one do? If

00:55:00--> 00:55:39

He or she fails to give the cattle fitter before eat Salah okay this is a masiva if you fail to give the cattle fitter before Eid Salah is it because of your lack of desire or you could not find the poor people or you could not find them may Allah azza wa jal forgive you May Allah forgive you okay because you did try you did try. So if you tried and I can understand from the questioner that this person probably asked this question because he was trying to find the place to give but they could not find if that is the case Allah would forgive you Insha Allah, so Kedah little other so do your Kedah meaning right now go and find a do your Kadar go and give it now and I'm only saying this to

00:55:39--> 00:56:16

people who actually tried to give before Eid salah but could not do so out of some mercy but that they that that befell them perhaps they had no cash flow perhaps they were trying to give could not find the poor person whatever it is. May Allah azza wa jal forgive you and accept it from you. Okay, so make sure you give the cuddle that's number one. It's a bit like oversleeping on your budget, but you always intended to wake up but your sleep overtook you. So do your cardio as soon as you remember. Okay. But those people who who knew about the cattle fitter but did not give it Subhanallah that this is a big mercy but for you. There is no cattle fitter. It is normal charity.

00:56:16--> 00:56:52

It is not counted from you. As for you is a lot of Toba a lot of October last October, and the Prophet SAW Selim said an authentic hadith that the Agile is stuck between the heavens and the earth, meaning the Agile of Ramadan is stuck between the heavens and the earth stuck Allah does not send it down until you the cattle fitter is paid. So you must make sure you the cattle fitter is paid in Ramadan Don't be Don't be weak and that's why next Ramadan, always remember to give it quick I always try to give it in the first 15 days so that I don't leave it for the last 15 days because I start getting worried as well about whether cattle fitter Okay, is it okay for us to give the cattle

00:56:52--> 00:57:30

fitter to a non Muslim if we see that they are desperately need? The Hanafi madhhab may Allah have mercy upon all the alum of Islam are in the opinion that they have allowed the cattle fitter to even non Muslims but the majority of our lemma do not allow it. The majority of lemma specifies a catheter to Muslimeen because it was given in in order that they actually benefit from having food on the day of read. And so that is why the catheter is to be given particularly to Muslims. In particular, that is my opinion. I would suggest that you'd give it but you give the cattle you give extra sadaqa to non Muslims no problem. There are brothers to inhumanity which Surah really

00:57:30--> 00:57:48

resonated with you in this year's Ramadan. Okay. With Surah I've got to tell you that I was reading Surah waka this year and I couldn't hold back my tears. I don't know what happened to me. But as I read surah walked out this Ramadan.

00:57:49--> 00:57:58

It just hit me that this Quran cannot be from a human being. I don't know what it was the way the words

00:58:00--> 00:58:04

were constructed. The way Allah azza wa jal says,

00:58:05--> 00:58:51

you know, or Amal Makara been for Rohan or Rihanna or Jana to name Jani, the way Allah subhanho wa Taala says some of these phrases, it just hit me and reminded me of a scholar of the Bible in Australia. His name was Richard something have forgotten his surname. Professor Richard, he accepted Islam. He said when he opened the Quran he read one verse he said he couldn't bear to look at the Quran because he said there was so much light coming out of it. I could barely look at it. I knew this could not have been created. So it's I cannot describe why but Surah walk there I had a fantastic impact on me this this month of Ramadan. And after reading it I felt Subhanallah this

00:58:51--> 00:58:58

Quran cannot be from a human being. It is from Allah Azza Rabbil Alameen must be from Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:59:00--> 00:59:41

Subhanallah call it okay. Allah tells us the giving and charity doesn't decrease wealth. But now with no jobs or cuts if we give in charity How can we save and give sadaqa at the same time? Yes Wallahi I know exactly what you've what you think well, Allah he I know exactly what you think because Messiah don't give sadaqa and let me tell you, okay, and I'm from that same mushy club. Okay, we've got our own membership. It says Dr. Tofik Choudry. Sheikh number ID 0000 Double Oh, seven. Okay, that's my, I'm just joking. But that's, that's the mushrik club. Mashallah, who don't give sadaqa right. And I used to be from that. I used to be from that I still remember. But you know

00:59:41--> 00:59:59

what? And the reason why is to be from that is exactly what you're saying here that if I don't have money, if I give it that I don't actually get it. But you see, this is what faith is all about. Faith is believing the Hadith of the Prophet Salam. When everything tells you not to believe it. Faith is believing that that marriage will increase your wealth.

01:00:00--> 01:00:43

When marriage actually means you have to pay for someone else. When going to Hajj, the profit center will increase your wealth when Hajj is $10,000 is going to cause to go to Hajj. You know, and faith is believing in the prophets of Allah when he said, ma Napa sama lumen sadaqa. Yeah. And another authentic hadith. He said, If Anita Latha, he said to Abu Huraira digital and he said, he said, I promise you Abu Huraira right. I promise you, Abu Huraira memorize for me three things. Number one, number one man up as a Muslim in South Africa. Right? He said what memorize for me three things. The first of them is sadaqa never decreases wealth. That's the number one thing Subhanallah right. And

01:00:43--> 01:01:19

so I'm the first one to tell you that I was of those people who was very worried about giving sadaqa because to encourage people to give sadaqa but we never gave it ourselves. Until I realized that actually Allah made me wealthy because my sadhaka today Allah gave me a hospital. That is because I actually gave sort of as a story about that. I have it on YouTube. I spoke about it. I went to hajj for the last few years hamdulillah every year and the story of that is from South Africa actually don't pay for my Hajj. I was given a free Hajj for five years in a row. And that was because of some sadaqa that I gave to a masjid that was in need Subhanallah and that was the money that I had

01:01:19--> 01:01:59

actually saved was my aamra money Mahajan, ombre money that I gave to Allah so Allah gave me a present back as Hajj. So remember that I drive a new Mercedes car now. And I remember doing a deal with hola my school needed money. So I said I used to drive an old rundown BMW which was a 13 year old BMW was full of trouble. So I said to Allah new for all the Allah new for old, I'm going to make a deal with you. Yeah, and I looked at at this kind of deal, Yara new for old I want a new car. I'm going to give you an old one. That's all I can afford. So went and sold that one. And I was without a car for a few months. But then lo and behold, the great king of the university gave me a new

01:01:59--> 01:02:41

Mercedes. Okay, how does that happen? You make a deal with Allah year June a teacher Ratan lenta boo boo. They hope for a business that will never fail. And that is business with Allah Rabbil Alameen so trust me, trust me, trust me. And trust the prophets of salaam go and give that sadaqa look up at the heavens and said Oh Allah, I gave it to you because your prophets ism said Monica Medina sadaqa. So Allah give it back to you watch how Allah gives you 10 times. I remember I did that Allah gave you back 10 times. I gave Allah azza wa jal, some money Allah gave you back 10 times now it's no longer 10 times now it's 50 times 200 times Allah gives it back to me. So I'm hooked on sadaqa and I

01:02:41--> 01:03:27

urge you brothers and sisters to give sadaqa for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Can you please give us an effective advice to go get over procrastination? Yes, yes, the prophet system was always positive. The Prophet system was always positive, right? always positive. And the Quran tells us to be hugely positive. Never in the Quran are we told to be not positive. In fact, the prophet in the Quran Allah azza wa jal says, My nan Lian, surah Allah Who for dunya will ask for folium do the suburban Isla semi Somalia kata for failure of a younger held up been a que de who Maya reef. So whoever thinks that Allah azza wa jal will not help him that let him tie a rope to his neck and let

01:03:27--> 01:04:07

him tie it to the heavens. And then let him jump and see if that death that he does by committing suicide causes his procrastination to go away, meaning the way to hit procrastination is to hit the nail on the head and saying, Go and do it. You're procrastinating you think you're gonna die? You think you're not gonna win? You think you're not gonna get any money? You think you're you're dying in this the die right now then go ahead and do it. So then you see you know what, when you speak to yourself like that, you end up waking up, you end up waking up and realizing you know what, this is nonsense. I have to snap out of it. This is only shaitan and his schemes and his and his whispers

01:04:07--> 01:04:43

that are coming on to me this is not from Allah subhanho wa Taala the prophets of salaam was always positive, always positive. And evidence of that is that when they were stoning, the Zanni in Medina, and as you know, one of the women in Medina had committed Zina when they were stoning and some blood came on the job of Khaled Lolita Radi Allahu Anhu. At that point, Khalid Walid cursed the woman so the prophets of salaam said Do not curse her for verily she has repented with the repentance love, if it was to be spread across all the people in Medina, it will be enough for them, if it was was to be spread across all the people in Medina it would be enough for them so positivity after

01:04:43--> 01:04:55

negativity, always being positive after negative and that is the way of the Sahaba and that is where the Quran and that is why when the use of illicit Islam was put in the bottom of the well what happened

01:04:56--> 01:05:00

what our Heiner la he led to not be unknown be amber

01:05:00--> 01:05:09

him had our homeland insurance straightaway Jabril came to him and informed him Don't worry, a day will come when you will inform them of what they did.

01:05:10--> 01:05:48

That they will not even recognize you at that point when they when they will be informed by you. So meaning positivity after negative is always be positive. Always be be be positive Don't be of those people who are at all negative. And the person who was killed in Surah yeah, see what I mean axon Medina Rajamouli. Yes, are called committable Mursaleen. Right. So a man came running from the farthest part of the village saying, oh, people obey the messengers obey these three messengers that have come to you. And these were three messengers that were sent to the people to listen to the to the message of ease of the money and palace of salaam This was before the coming of Mohammed Salah

01:05:48--> 01:05:56

Salem, but after the coming of the money, listen, salam, these were the early Christians early Muslims they were Muslims of course, upon to heat.

01:05:57--> 01:06:31

And so this man came running down when they killed him. Call ya later call me Allah Moon Bhima Raffaelli Robbie wa Jelani Mina McCrimmon oh how I wish my people knew how Allah has blessed me and make me from the honored ones. So be of those people who are always positive look, he got killed. Instead of having spite and anger in his heart he only had mercy and goodness in his heart and so always be positive and you should listen to my lecture on being positive it's there on on YouTube, on being positive insha Allah

01:06:32--> 01:07:08

and you will find, inshallah a lot of advice there. The final thing can we keep the six shall file separately or do we have to do it consecutively, you can do it separately. But make sure you make up those files that you broke in Ramadan before you make up the shovel fasts. Okay. And you can also do them on the Mondays and Thursdays. So the you you double up your benefits as well. And you could also do them on the, on the IRB the 13th 14th 15th of the month so that you can also benefit from the double reward and the double intention in sha Allah to Allah. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bless us in this month of Shawwal and to forgive us for the takasi and all the problems and the

01:07:08--> 01:07:23

deficiencies that we had in the month of Ramadan to give us many, many Ramadan is like it. I hope you benefited from the length of the night. I certainly did want to also want to tell you that my chef messaged me from Medina and he told me that he saw a dream

01:07:25--> 01:07:31

on the 27th night that a man came to him and told him that tonight is the night of life but that wasn't the 27th night.

01:07:32--> 01:08:10

So I don't know what you did on 27th I certainly hope you took benefit. And I was like ah I wish I did a little bit more widely spend my time go to toilet or showering or whatever else I did on that day. But Rob has insha Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala make up for it in sha Allah many more letter to others to come. Many more Ramadan's to come and many more opportunities to come. And remember the Lord of Shawwal is the same Lord of Ramadan, right? Allah azza wa jal was worthy of being worshipped in Ramadan like he has been worthy of we are being worshipped in Chawan. So make of make use of your time in this month and inshallah to Allah, you're going to have an fantastic

01:08:10--> 01:08:24

remainder of the year. Look over the negatives look into the positive and help each other and may Allah azza wa jal give us all of the adjure today, Armenia Rabbil Alameen thank you for attending until the next time. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi overcut