Tawfique Chowdhury – Jannah Guaranteed – EP 01

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses seven topics that will make one be a Muslim. They explain that Islam is a way to achieve a reward for one's actions and that it is impossible to guarantee a promise. They also mention the importance of avoiding negative emotions and making one be a Muslim.
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In the authentic hadith, it was reported that a man said,

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when a sinner came to him asked him for, for repentance, it was at the time of this rally and one of the men came to this, this pious rabbi, and said, also one so

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I have committed Zina, and I've killed a few human beings. Is there any repentance for me?

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And so the man replied, and he said, How can a love forgive someone like you saw the process of setting this authentic hadith in Bukhari, he said, Who is there that is saying that Allah will not forgive, I have forgiven the person that he said that I will not forgive? And I have nullified the deeds of that person who said so many one word all he said is one word. One sentence that was mistaken, but Allah got so angry that he nullified all his deeds. My brother's assistant Islam is there anyone who can guarantee me that for the rest of their lives, they're not going to say a single word that might that might anger Allah,

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if you can guarantee that they will humble Allah Allahu Akbar. But if you can't guarantee it, just like, I can't guarantee it, that pay attention to what I'm going to tell you. Now.

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What I'm going to tell you now are some of the ways to guarantee you intergender guarantee you will enter Jannah, Bismillah, Bismillah Bismillah, as long as you die upon Islam.

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And because these are statements that have the sort of soulless element, the prophecy does not lie. And that Hadith are not lies.

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So I wrote down every single thing that I could know. And I searched and I read an open up books and I searched and asked my machete and I wrote down every single thing I could think of

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through which people could go to agenda and definitely agenda becomes obligatory for you. And then what did I do just like the way I normally do, I summarize them all I said, You know what, this one This one was like similar that one, that one's similar that one so I put them all together, and I came up with seven categories.

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I came up with seven categories of deeds that you could do that will offer surety enter you into Jenna Bismillah Bismillah, without any excuse, inshallah, you will go to Gemini if you do it.

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So let me start off the seven things that will enter into Jenna be in Allah.

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And I'm going to start from the smallest or the easiest, or the least, and I'm going to go to the highest one of the seven categories only for women, but the rest are for both men and women as well.

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So category number seven, the lowest thing or the least of the seven things that will enter you into Jannah most definitely is what

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category number seven is putting a smile on a Muslims face.

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Helping a Muslim

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there are so many Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that whoever helps his Muslim brother, whoever goes out of his way to help his Muslim brother, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will help that person and unless predator will forgive him. In the authentic hadith Rasulullah sallallahu. In the authentic hadith, the prophet ism said in Sahih Muslim he said there is no reward for the one who makes a Muslim happy except Jenna.

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No reward for a one who makes a Muslim happy except gentlemen, my brothers and sisters in Islam, can't you make your Muslim brothers and sisters happy? The too many people crying today. Too many Muslims are so sad. They're sad.

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their homes are destroyed. The families are destroyed. Can't you make a Muslim happy country make it your jihad in your life? Every day? I'm going to make one Muslim happy. One Muslim I'm going to make happy every day. Yes, you can. Yes you can. And you must do so. You must every single day that you wish to enter Jannah

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be of those people who make one Muslim happy

An intriguing and inspiring short-timed series by Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury illustrating seven categories of deeds that will assuredly take us to Jannah ranging from least to the highest. This being the first episode mentions about making a Muslim smile. Tune in just for few minutes to find out the exact details to start your journey to Jannah.

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