Sulaimaan Ravat – Common Errors in Salaah – Salaah with Short Sleeves

Sulaimaan Ravat
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the headgear and the sleeves in Salah, stating that the head must be covered in the winter months and that the sleeves must be covered in the summer months. They also mention the importance of the proper dressing and the proper fit for Salah. The speaker emphasizes the need for a gap in the sleeves for the headgear and the importance of having a full sleeve garment for the proper fit.
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In terms of our discussion pertaining to Salah, yesterday we mentioned about the the the headgear. So one was the lowering of the upper garments and yesterday we spoke about the headcase the crown of a believer, and we should not be performing Salah without the topia without headgear. one more aspect that I want to discuss today pertaining to attire and that is the sleeves, Knights the winter months. So, nobody really will walk around or come to the mystic with short sleeves, but we see in the summer months, many times, we come to the masjid with short sleeves or we perform Salah when we performing solo on our own with short sleeves, this is not the proper This is not the correct GM not

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not even three quarter sleeves, the scholars have written preferably right up till the wrists, it must be covered. That is that there is the decorum that is required. In as far as Salah is concerned, the head must be covered. The upper garments must be above the ankles and the sleeves must be down. Sometimes you're feeling very hot you got a long sleeve one but you're only up that's fine. There's no prohibition in terms of rolling up your sleeves outside of Salah. Like like the the aspect of the the 1000s below the ankles that is prohibited all at all times. But the rolling up of sleeves and other circumstances is fine and under conditions is fine. But in salah and more so when

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you're performing Salah in the masjid you should have on a full sleeve garment. That is the appropriate gap for Salah milotic with Allah grant us the understanding

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