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This being the second episode mentions about one of the seven categories of deeds that will assuredly take us to Jannah. Prophet SAW said in an authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim whoever wants to get rich perform hajj as much as they can. May Allah take us there time and again. Tune in to learn more about this deed.

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Number six, the sixth thing which will definitely give you Jenna.

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And I could not place this anywhere else simply because it is so great is Alhaji alma bror. And Amara Amara in the month of Ramadan is equal to heads with Rasulullah. Salah and Hajj for a sister in Islam is equal to jihad. And Hjelm Abreu lei Salah who jazza on in lagenda, authentic hadith rasulillah salam in Muslim and others, Alhaji Alma brew les Salah who does our religion, my brothers in Islam, you've got to perform hajj, you've got to do Hajj, not just once in your life, you can't just give some money to tabung Haji and say, okay, call us whatever money comes on. Oh, God, hurry up and do as many times as you can, or as many ways as you can.

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What a blessing Hajj is visiting Allah subhanho wa Taala

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being in all of those places of arafat and min and Metallica. What a blessing it is you've got to do Hajj, and hajima brews actually quite easy. Just to Hajj and don't do two things.

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One of those two things. Don't fool around with women. And women don't fool around with men. Meaning sexually, which is alright humble is easy to do. Because you know what? hamdullah you're in the harem and in the holiest places you don't think about those haram things, mostly.

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So stay away from that. The other thing is don't argue.

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That's it. What is Hjelm? abrar

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fala rafasa Allah tala g de la fille has that's it. That's what Hashem Abreu is a lot of no fooling around sexually. Wonderful so no evil deeds will hamdulillah we don't do evil deeds in hajj because you know, the dunya is away from us. Well, I didn't stop arguing just don't argue that's it, so it's easy to attain. It's easy to attain if you just keep an eye on your tongue and keep an eye on your private parts. So my brothers is Islam to hedge a lot. If you do hedge Allah make you rich the profits from selling authentic hadith whoever wants to get rich lend to hedge