Who destroyed Al Aqsa. The holy lands of Muslims.

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Muslims when they ruled the city of Jerusalem for more than 1000 years, what did they do with it?

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Did they stop the Jewish people from praying there?

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They tell the Christians to get lost?

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Or did they allow them to pray in their

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brace yourself for evidence, I'm going to present some evidence to you. So you realize that Muslims are the only people who have behaved in the best historically, when they had possession of this holy site, which belongs to all three faiths around much of the Navi, and muscle OXA. So these are the three most important sites of Islam, no one can take them away from us, no matter how hard they try.

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These sites belong to Islam and Muslims. And what did the Muslims do with these sites? Is the question, this is what I want to address very quickly. How did the Muslims when they ruled the city of Jerusalem for more than 1000 years, what did they do with it?

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Did they stop the Jewish people from praying there?

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Did they tell the Christians to get lost?

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Or did they allow them to pray in there?

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Brace yourself for evidence, I'm going to present some evidence to you so that you realize that Muslims are the only people who have behaved the best historically, when they had possession of this holy site, which belongs to all three faiths. No doubt is wholly for Christians is wholly for Jews. It's totally for Muslims. But the question is historically, who behaved the best? Who deserves to hold it? Who took care of it? Who opened the gates of it?

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So let's talk about what happened to it. First of all, Jerusalem is a city which was initially taken by usually a balloon, or a salam after masala salaam, tried to take this land the land of Canaan or Cannan

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that's what the people of Philistine people of Palestine were called. The Israelites took this place just after Musa alayhis salam this land, okay, they claimed it for the Israelites then came after moosari Salaam, Israelite prophets who live their dowry. Salam and Solomon la Salaam. They ruled directly from Jerusalem, or Jerusalem as the capital that will delay Salam first and then Solomon. Then after Solomon la salaam passed away nearly 1000 BC remember the dates? Nearly 1000 BC according to estimates, okay.

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Soon after that, the Jewish people.

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Actually we shouldn't call them Jewish people. We should call them the Israelites, but no Israel, because this title Jew came very late. It was used for the Israelites by the Romans. Okay, because the province was called Judea because of the name of the province. Everyone who lived in that province was called a Jew. Okay? Because not everyone was from the children of Judah, Judah was one tribe, okay. There were many other Jewish tribes. So, after Solomon, or Solomon, King Solomon passed away.

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These two states split with from each other. The North became the State of Israel, the South became the state of Judea. In the north, they were 10 tribes of the Israelites in the south, there were two and a half tribes of Israelites, the judahite, the Levites, and the manger mites in the north, the remaining 10 tribes. Then in 721 BC 720 107 23 BC, if I remember correctly, the Assyrians

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are people who ruled Northern Iraq

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and parts of Syria and some parts of Turkey. These people will call a Syrians. They came and attacked the northern state of Israel. They attacked the northern state of Israel and left the southern state of Judea alone. Okay, Julius capital was Jerusalem. So two and a half tribes will ruling at the time the state of Judea with the capital Jerusalem at the middle, okay, so are you with me so far? Are you with me so far, everyone? Okay. After Soleimani Allah Salam passed away after he died, the Israelites split into two states politically speaking the north, the State of Israel, 10 tribes, the South, almost two and a half tribes in the south in Judea. Right now.

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Assyrians attack from the north and the decimate completely decimate the State of Israel and take 10 Jewish or Israelite tribes in

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into exile. Are you listening? This is almost 700 years before isa lay Salam 721 BC. Okay, so the decimate the northern state of Israel 10 tribes of the Israelites disappear from history, they are gone. To this day. We don't know what happened to them, where they went, what the law was, what version of Judaism they followed, what view they had on Musa al Salaam and his teachings. What we know today of Judaism, predominantly mainly comes from two and a half tribes, the Levites in the Judah heights and the Benjamites.

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So they remained in the south. So 10 tribes simply disappear from the face of the earth, they are taken into exile, they are enslaved, and we don't know thence forth what happened to them. Now, many people claim descent from those 10 tribes, including Pashtoon Batanes. In Pakistan, if you sit with some Pashtoon elders in the tribal regions of Pakistan, you ask them What is your religion? They will say we are we are those 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. Although they have no grounds to claim that I don't accept that theory. That's, that's a very famous a prominent theory among the Firestone people that we are those 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. In reality, the purse tunes are a mixture of a lot of

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people. Okay, a lot of people that includes the Turks, that includes the Greeks, okay, and many other people, many other nations, right. So there is no ground or no basis to claim the person. Likewise, some other people like Khazaria, near Georgia, there was a state called Khazaria. Those people also claimed, or they were asked by has dementia proof in the 10th century if they are though they are those 10 Lost Tribes. Because the Israelites were always looking for them, what happened to them? What happened to the Scripture, what happened to their version of the Old Testament or the the writings of the prophets, everything was lost, gone, completely gone from history. What remained was

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two tribes. Now what happened to these two tribes in the year 587 BCE

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587 BCE, the king of Babylon,

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known as never can Azhar or in the Arabic language, Dr. Nasir, this king, he attacked. The remaining are the remnants of the Israelites that ruled the state of Judea, with from the capital called Jerusalem. So he took the entire population of the Jewish people or the Israelites, excuse me, the Israelites, he took them to Iraq, to Babylon.

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Stay with me on this, he took them to Babylon. And then these Israelites, they started to live in Iraq. And this is where Daniel Prophet Daniel or Daniel, Daniel Ali salaam, the famous Prophet Daniel, right, in the time of our Macatawa de la, when when parts of Iraq were conquered, they found they actually found the body of Prophet Daniel, Daniel Ali Salam, okay, and then they buried it again. Okay. So, Prophet Daniel was born in Iraq, in Babylon.

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Then, having lived

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in Iraq, the Israelites were allowed to come back to the land of Palestine,

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to the city of Jerusalem by a Persian king, accompanied Persian king called Cyrus Cyrus. A lot of people think,

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with some good reasons that he could have been Volker nine. He could have been Volker rain. Okay. A lot of people claim that Alexander Iskander

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bazooka rain. But that theory cannot be true because little Kernighan was a believer. Volker main was a MOBA. He believed in Allah subhanaw taala because Allah mentions him in good terms in the Quran. Allah mentions Eman, right? And Alexander was a pagan Alexander was, you know, a devotee of pagan gods. Okay, this is very clear from history. So Alexander is not a candidate.

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Even though some seeds of the Quran mentioned him as an option, but that option cannot be sustained. Other say it could be Cyrus. Okay, who was a Persian king who allowed the Israelites to return out of his goodwill out of His mercy for the Israelites, he allowed them to return to the land of Palestine to build the temple. Okay, again, so when booked on Sr, Nebuchadnezzar, he took the city of Jerusalem in 587 BC he completely destroyed

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The Temple of Solomon Masjid Al Aqsa was destroyed by the Babylonians