Tawfique Chowdhury – First Moment Of Death

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of death and the importance of remembering the "use of time" and "use of words" labeling it. They also touch on the negative impact of death on one's health and mental well-being, including the potential for deadly events. The speakers emphasize the importance of testing experiences and avoiding fear of one's actions. They also discuss the struggles of death and suffering from the pandemic, including agony, suffering, and pain. The speakers stress the importance of facing one's actions and not believing in Islam. Finally, they mention a woman who died while on a phone call with her father and regretted actions and wishes to turn a page of the Quran.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Juana in La la la, la la la la la ilaha IL Allah, Masha Allah Mohammed Abu huraira solo Alejandro salata Muslim brothers Islam,

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why is it that we dislike talking about death? When we talk about death, why is it that we dislike talking about it?

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There must be a reason there must be a point there must be a problem. And in reality, some of the scholars of the past such as Ibrahim even even Adam rahimullah, one of the most righteous scholars of the past, he said one of the reasons why we dislike or perhaps the main reason why we dislike talking about death is because, as he said in Arabic, he said, The an Akuma Mirchandani, aka Mahabharata, Morocco, is because you have built, and you have built this life and you have 45, that you've sacrificed, you have made this into such a huge achievement for you. Whereas you have achieved nothing in the hereafter and you've destroyed whatever you want to have in the hereafter

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with your actions. So you have nothing to talk about. Because you build something here, you become a doctor, you've you've never built a home, you've got 10 children, all of them doctors. So as a result, isn't it this is the this is the Bengali dream, isn't it? And so panelists, I can I can say that but Subhanallah Isn't this the case? As a result, we love to talk about what we have done in this world and what we have achieved, however, why not the hereafter because we have destroyed or we haven't really achieved anything as yet for the hereafter. As a result, we dislike talking about it. And another generation Ibrahim Ibrahim Allah, he mentioned as related by half with even a barrage of

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breaking the law in a crucial facade and a translate to you. He was asked, why is it that we dislike talking about the hereafter? He said, because listen to this, listen to this attentively. He said, because you know Allah yet he did not obey Him. You recite the Quran, yet he did not act according to it. You know the shape and yet you continue agreeing with him. You claim to love Allah and the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, yet you abandon the center of the solar system, you claim to love paradise, yet you did not work for it. You claim to fear the fire, yet you did not stop sinning. You say indeed death is true, yet you have not prepared for it. You busy you busy yourself with the

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faults of others, yet is not look at your own faults. You eat the sustenance that Allah has provided you yet you're not grateful to him, and you Bury Your Dead, yet you do not take its lesson

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and will lie This is an amazing point, meaning we know so much. Yet we did not take the lesson from what we already know. We learn so much he will not practice it in our lives and let it seep through in our hearts. And as a result, this is the main reason why we disliked talking about death was rasulillah salam used to say the authentic hadith in Bukhari said a crewman Vicar had demanded that constantly remind yourself of the destroyer of pleasures, the destroyer pleasures, this is amazing. Death is a destroyer pleasures death is not as people think that it is. It is some somehow some some peaceful thing. Of course we are believers. It is the transition to to what is greater. However for

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the disbelievers it is going to get worse and as a result results is what used to call it the destroyer pleasures is destroyer. It's a destroyer pleasures because it comes at the most inconvenient time. At the most inconvenient time when you're in the top of your life and you've got all your children in front of you and everyone is just suddenly come back to see their parents at that point you decide to die. It comes to the most inconvenient time and as a result it is the destroyer of pleasures. Also the solar systems and authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim going to new E to Kumasi or to Kabul I used to forbid you from visiting grace for Zulu has a visit them for India

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how you that que como Afro or either curable asherah Verily, it will remind you of the hereafter. You know when we visit graves and usually of course the graves that there's many non Muslim graves. So when we visit graves, we go to the graves with a hard heart because we go to the graves and say oh you disbelieve or have you found out the truth now. yet we're not meant to go to the graves in order for us to hit with a hardhat we meant to go there for our own self rectification not for telling the person in the grave. Leave him alone He has gone to what Allah has already written for him, or what he has already earned with his own deeds. It's meant to be for your own collection and

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for your own benefit. As the solar system said Zoo visit the graves for Kira como athlete will remind you of the hereafter.

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So visit the graves it will remind you of the hereafter. barbarians it is love Do you think we can escape death in reality or how realistic or how truly do we believe we cannot escape this?

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how strongly do we truly believe we cannot escape death? Well, if anyone could have escaped death, it would have been Rasulullah sallallahu yet even Rasulullah sallallahu

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While he was alive did not escape death as Allah subhanho wa Taala total sudo La Silla in sootel MBs verse 34 wema jannali Basha in cubicle hold

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on hold on, we have not given any person before you or Mohammed Salah eternal life. So if you were to die do they think they will live forever? colonna echo too loud verily every soul shall in the taste death, even the huddling, even Jabri, even all of the angels, every single person, there is not a creation except that will have to die. And as a result, the only one who does not die is Allah subhana wa tada aloha Isla de la you both have Allah upon the upon the living the one that eternal living Allah subhanho wa Taala The one who does not die also Rasulullah sallallahu was reminded by Allah subhanho wa Taala in Surah Zoomer verse 30. And 31 Rasul Allah, Allah told him in a coma you

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tune we're in the Houma, toon Valley you will die on homicide Scylla and they will die so you will truly die and so we'll ask We will also die. Also in Surah Nisa Rasul Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us

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I never taco no you drinkable mouth Welcome to Raja macheda. wherever you are. This will catch up to you it will find you it is already seeking you by the way, and it will find you even if you are in a high 45 Castle. If you're in a high 45 Castle, you've barricaded yourself. Even then death will truly find you and seek you out. My brothers Islam do not have illusions about death. Sometimes we have these illusions that death is so peaceful. We say oh I know my uncle, my auntie he passed away in his sleep or a peaceful death he had what a beautiful death he had. This is a delusion it's a lie will lie if the people who have passed away could only speak tails. They will tell us the tails of

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that day.

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Rasul Allah says Allah was the one who deserved to have the most peaceful death. Yet look at the death or soul especially if anyone deserved to have a peaceful death it would have no solo. But look at the default of sumo wrestler Rasulullah Salah was on the last day of his death as an authentic hadith. In Sahih Bukhari Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was lying was in the heart of the ladder. And he had his head on his lap. And Ayesha was was trying to calm him down. And he was an intense pain. At that point was sort of said, Please bring me a glass of a bucket of water. This is the last hours or sources of life, okay, and in going through the agony of death, being a bucket of

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water. So they brought a bucket of water, he dipped his hand in the water, and he rubbed his face, and then dipped it again and he rubbed his face and addicted again, and loved his face. And then he said La ilaha illa Allah, let these words be burned into your heart right now. He said La ilaha illa Allah there is no God but Allah in melon motiva Sakura Valley death has agony and terror.

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This is the process of going through the agony of death. And he's telling us very early death has agony and terror. Also in the Hadith in incident tirmidhi Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in manual mode de la Murat. We're in an era Sakharov very death has his terror, and it's hard and it's agony and death has its pain. Yeah, Allah no one of us will escape this reality no one will escape it. We think that we are going to escape this but but Allah if anyone would escape he would have been

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and if he could not escape it the why do we think that we will escape it? Why do you think we're escaping?

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The alibi, I mentioned the when we talk about the cammarata sakara of death, there are three things that we're talking about. The first thing is that when you have the last breath,

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and you know that you cannot suck anymore, air suddenly stopped.

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You cannot suck anymore air and your eyes have dried out and your eyes see a creation you have not seen before.

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And you're about to pass away. At that point, my abundance in Islam, you feel this terrible, terrible regret. This is the first problem the first pain of death is that is the regret that you feel that Oh Allah just one more breath so that I can tell my mom, please forgive me. Just one more breath or my son, please look after yourself or my wife.

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That is a regret that you have. That's regret number one. That's pain number one. The second problem is that every single person at the time of death goes through intense pain. What is the proof for that? The proof of that is of course, of course from that life would assume whether he was going through a lot of pain. Also, the proof for that is that the solar system said that the put that the people who die in the shade as a matter will not feel pain except a pinch. Meaning that therefore anyone who else who doesn't die as a matter will feel more than a pinch at the least

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So, there will be an intense pain that you go through at the time of death. So, do not fool yourself even if people have passed away in their sleep, they have felt the pain will love you You do not know of, and they could have been next to you, and will let you not know of it. And the third thing, which perhaps people do not think about is that the shaytan will come and test you at the time of your death. And this is very important. The third thing and this is something which all the scholars agree upon. She has Muslim at Mira Himalayan is fatawa says yes, this is true. And it has been reported for many of the righteous companions, all sorts of Islam, that they were tested at the time

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of the death by the Shakedown. And let me give you the example of the death of Rahim Allah, as quoted by his son, Abdullah, even admitted the humble, so humble, he was the man and his son was of the law, a righteous man as well and a student of the Imam. And he wrote in his book called a sinner, in page number 52. he relates in there, the time of the death of my father, he amazing listen to this, he is quoting verbatim, and this is the first witness eyewitness account of how his father died. He said, I walked into the hut when my father was passing away. And when I walked into the hut,

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but father was on the thrones of his death at that point, I said, Yes, your ability. Oh, my father. So they're either in the law. Oh, my father, c'est la ilaha illa. Allah. Do you know what he did at that point? He said, No.

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Online, this is true. This is exactly i with the support of the man passing away.

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He said, No. And then again,

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Abdullah said, I became so worried when he said, No, he said, No, I'll be pleased. Don't pass away as a disbeliever. Say, Allah, Allah, Allah. And then even said, No. And then a third time again, no, my father, please do not pass away, please say Laila. Hola. And at that point, he may have said emphatically, no.

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Meaning never

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color. Never. Yes. This is the man passing without his death as an eyewitness report by his own son. And you can go back to it and check it for yourself.

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Look at this. So Abdullah continues, and he said, I became very worried. So I went outside the hut, and I got all my other students. And I said, Please come in. My father is saying, No, he's not saying that you had any say No, he doesn't want to believe at that point.

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When when they when they came into the house, and he man was was still there? He said, No, no, hold the Imam. He woke up from whatever he was, he was on. And at that point, he said, No, people hold on a bit. Hold on, let me tell you just what just happened. This is the Imam saying from his words, directly, as reported by his son, he said, Listen to what happened.

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When my son had come into the room,

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and he asked me to c'est la ilaha illa. Allah at that point, the shaytan came in and sat on my head.

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And he told me, oh, man, I am your God, believe in me. So I told the shaitan LA and my son thought I was replying to your question.

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And the second time also, the shaitaan told me Believe in me, I am your true Lord, at that point allows replying to the shutdown, and you thought I was replying to you. And the third time as well, when he kept asking me, the shutdown asked me, this is your last chance or believe in me, or I will throw you into the fire of *. At that point? He said no and emphatically and threw him off my head.

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And this is the Imam, Ramallah saying that he has been tested at the time of death? Do you think you will get the chance to say like,

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do we see have these? Do we have these dreams, that we are going to somehow we're going to do a life of sin and somehow a lover for him. So call us we will just say, Hello, and we'll pass away? Everything will be fine. Do we have these dreams? Many of us have these illusions, the illusions only How do you know at the last moment, that you will still continue upon the belief? Well, lucky, you could lose it at the last moment. And you could just destroy your lifetime of a better so protect yourselves. Well, he this is going to happen to every one of us. Every one of us will have this happened to him. And this is what the consensus of the scholars and we can see how the

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righteous people had it today. And we will surely have it as well, because the shutdown will keep on trying to the last moment to take us to * with him. So my bet is Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds again, again in the Quran, imagine yourself on the deathbed and probably you're going to be in a hospital and your father and your probably your your children and your wife, and your granddaughters and your grandsons, etc, all around you once you're passing away.

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And at that point, suddenly the heart monitor stops beeping

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and suddenly the whole of the hospitals starts rushing at you, all the specialists and all the doctors, everyone starts rushing.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala describes this very moment in sudo kiama verse 26, to 30

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala says Kela either bollocky taraki rather when the soul has written

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The throat worky lemon rock. And if you said who will save him, just like your daughter and your wife will be saying oh Doctor, please save my father. Do something please. And your doctors because hysterical she starts crying Oh my father's passing away Please someone do something walk 11 work and you said who will save him was on Iraq and the person is passed away knows that this is the Philip This is a separation. Well, that's what the succubus up and when in the grave. The legs will be intertwined with the other in the grave. What is this referring to? This is referring to an authentic narration and sooner in a in in the in the collection of Bharani enlargeable outset, the

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term aurania Rahim Allah He mentions in his margin, that virtually every single person will be crushed by the grave until his ribs will be intertwined with one another.

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There is not a single person except that he will be crushed by the grave. No one that will go into his ribs are intertwined with one another. Yes. And on every one of us, every one of us

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will definitely sock will be served. And so much so that the legs are intertwined with one another because of the crutch of the grave.

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And and that is in Arabic or Yama, even in myself and on that day is the path to your Lord, you'll be going back to Allah. These are all authentic reports that I'm giving you. No doubt about it. No doubt about it. Also, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us to sort of work here in verse 83, to 87 for Lola Isabella.

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And when the soul has reached the throat, one to hayner, even down the road, and you're all looking at it when acaba, even kumala Killa to Sharon, and my angels are all around the soul all around the body to take the soul. However, you cannot see it for Lola including Hydra Medina and if you're not truly obliged by law, to worship Him. Third, to know how to solder to return it back to him. If you can challenge your pattern. If you're not obliged by Allah, to worship him if you are too arrogant to worship Allah to bend your back right now to pray that the challenge, turn it back into the body if you can, the challenge of the one who created you and created your soul. Also Allah subhanho wa

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Taala tells us in Surah Al anon, verse 93, he says, and listen to this one out all my people, if you only to see it available in the mouth, when the sinful people are on the flanks of the death, while melodica to bassy to ID him, and the angels are put forward their hands actually do and full circle, they're telling the soul get out of the body. Right now they're ripping the body, the soul out of the body, just and ripping the nerves and arteries and everything with it.

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And full circle. I'll Yamato zona de balloon. Today you'll be given the terrible punishment be welcome to Taco lunala because what used to say about a law that which was a true Welcome to man and it stuck around and used to be hottie and used to be proud against the vs. When this when the vs Allah were recited to you, and when the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala will present it to you, my brother's Islam, in what state Will you die? Will you die after doing a good deed? Will you die after doing a bad deed? Will you die as a believer Will you die as a disbeliever my friends you must think about the state that you die, because truly in the way that you die. That is how your your

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actions will be sealed. As Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say in our theme, verily actions are by its endings. The 30 Buhari actions are by its endings. So what is your last action going to be that is going to be the icing on the cake of how beautiful the action is, or how evil you actions are. And based on the last action that you do, you will either have the angels of mercy with you or you either have the angels of reward with you.

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Choose how you do your last action. It is for this reason why soufiane authority la Mola used to say always, he said I'm not worried about my past sins. Because I'm an optimistic person. I know if I ask Allah, intensely Allah will forgive me. Of course with the condition that you ask Allah right, and you repent properly. So I know that if I ask Allah intensely, and I make amends and rectify alone, forgive me I know because my lord is forgiving, and he loves me. However, I'm worried about my last deed because truly, in the Willamette Valley actions have its endings and I know right after that I cannot do any more actions, so we'll have no chance to say since the froma so he's worried

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about his lastly and this is why he rectifies every deed because that could be his last

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and this is the way the believer should be complete tawakkol that Allah will forgive if they go out inshallah, and constantly forgiveness, yet worried about the last year

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Because he will never be able to assess the fool after that. And as a result, he's always always rectified himself at every single point.

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My brothers in Islam, I remember seeing a video of a quadriplegic.

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And he was a Muslim. His name was Abdullah. And they were showing this video on TV and I happen to see it as a pilot, it has touched my heart.

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The quadriplegic is a person who is paralyzed from the head down. So as a result, he cannot move his arms or his legs, and he has very minimal feeling, and he has very minimal body functions. The only thing you can do is probably speak through his eyes, just a little bit of his head. And this person was being interviewed by by by the weather TV reporter. And he said, you have the law, what do you regret now? He said, Well, I regret three things. What is it that you regret? The first thing I regret is that I did not bend my back in prayer when I could bend my back. And then remember the verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, when Allah says Yama, udayana ilisu God for whom lies

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to their own values to their own, on that day they will be called to prostrate and they will not be able to. So I remember that this verse is really for me. Now I'm being asked by Allah to prostrate and not able to because at that time, when I was being told to prostrate I did not prostrate trauma.

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The second thing I regret is that is that I wish I could turn a page of the Quran because we're lying for you, it is so easy to turn the page. For me, it is as difficult as moving a mountain.

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And so he regrets that when he could move a page of the Quran he had not moved the page.

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And the third thing he regrets is that our wish I could hug my mother and say I please mother, forgive me.

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And that is impossible for me to do now I cannot even touch her, nor can I feel her even if she touches me.

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Imagine that.

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My friends, do these things before you're not able to pray before you're preyed upon. do good deeds before you have no other chance. Come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala before your death.

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We'll stop here again for another few minutes inshallah and then we'll start again with the next session Sharla. The next session will be the grave bit

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