Wael Ibrahim – Ramadan 2022 #10 – Rules of Istiqamah 01 – Non Dependency

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of remaining firm in a relationship with Allah's ridera is discussed, including the rules of theife and the importance of practicing the right thing. Pr practicing the right thing and not relying on actions and beliefs can prevent potential setbacks. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of practicing the right thing and not relying on actions and beliefs to prove one's legitimacy.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters in Islam in order for us to expect the best from Allah subhanaw taala we have to develop another concept that is so essential for every believer and that is is the karma to remain firm upon the path of Allah subhanaw taala to remain steadfast in front of any challenge that may come our way, because we know that it is a test from Allah, to train us to remain firm upon his path, to remain firm in our supplications in our in our prayers, to remain that contact with Allah subhanaw taala so long as we remain alive because we tend to forget and it's the karma is such an essential concept to an extent, that at the time of death,

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this will be one of the criteria of our salvation. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, in Alladhina, call Rob Boon Allah through muster calm, that unnecessarily human Mala Iike Allah to Hafele well that is no What is she Rubin Jannetty letter you can come to our own as of those who said, our Lord is Allah The first criteria is to believe in Allah subhanaw taala to follow His commands and to follow his instructions and so on, through muster calm after that, then they remain firm upon that path. They remain firm in front of any challenges that Allah subhanaw taala will descend upon them as part of the package of the deen is to be tested to be tried in this dunya

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SubhanAllah. What will happen to such people at the time of death? The angels will tell them latter half don't be scared while at the horizon. Don't be sad, whatever issue and receive the good news of Jana, which you were promised Allahu Akbar. Not only that, no Alia Konftel hayati, dunya or Phil Atha. We are your supporters in this dunya and in the next so the angels will comfort us at the time of death and they will receive us at the time of resurrection and when we get to Jannah Allah subhanaw taala continues in this area while I convey her message that he unphysical Allah confy her method down Muslim and foreign Rahim you will have whatever you wish for and whatever you ask for it

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has been prepared by Allah subhanaw taala The Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful Subhanallah loving so it's the karma is so essential for us so that we can expect the best from Allah during these times of challenges during these times of trials and tribulations panela and there are rules for that to establish that there are certain rules in sha Allah. So in the next maybe two episodes also I will talk about these rules of Ester karma baby lifestyle number one is non dependency I call it the role of non dependency no matter how much close you are to Allah Subhana Allah no matter how many prayers you perform optional prayers, the obligatory prayers on time in the masjid no matter

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how many chapters of the Quran you have memorized or whether you memorize the Quran itself from cover to cover, no matter how many charities you pay, no matter how many goodness you have, never rely on that. Never rely on your goodness, never rely on your actions because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us very clearly none of you will enter Jannah with his action unless the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala will shower us will cover us only then we will be saved but our actions are just an opportunity for us to grow. They are just an opportunity for us to show how obedient we are to Allah subhanaw taala but they are not going to save us in the least it is the Mercy of Allah alone. So

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never rely on your goodness because that could make you Elia biller and arrogant person so be absolutely careful the rules of the karma will be discussed in sha Allah and these coming episodes as demonstrated in the life and the legacy of Ibrahim Ali salaam Subhanallah Alim Look at this man in the following aid and reflect my brothers and sisters and as I always advise in my videos if you feel like pausing the video and just reflecting in taking some notes please feel free to do so Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran Ibrahim Al SLM making dua or Abidjan, Nemo Kima Salah women via tea or banner or Taco Bell da O Allah made me a man who would establish the salah who pray

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consistently well I mean the reality and also my descendants and also my children are a banner or Taco Bell da O Allah, please accept this supplication from us. Subhan Allah Allah Who who is making that supplication reflect? Is Ibrahim Isola a prophet of Allah subhanaw taala How could you not pray? He is the man who will receive the revelation from Allah Samantha so he had this confidence that Allah exists that Allah is there Subhan Allah the me had seen the miracles firsthand yet he is making a dua showing that he do not rely on the fact that he is the prophet of Allah subhanaw taala not only that, but who are His children is hard and it's my use of Allah Allah

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Are they? They are to prophets of Allah subhanaw taala How could they not pray again? Subhanallah it's an evidence that they didn't rely on that fact. And, in fact, the honor that Allah subhanaw taala had bestowed upon them by making them prophets made them even more obedient to Allah subhanaw taala in all directions in older lives, another dua my brothers and sisters, Ibrahim alayhi salam made or bigil has al Bella the eminent What do you know Vinnie? Well Benny INNOPOLIS, Nam Subhan Allah Allah I'll leave this man of Allah subhanaw taala which Allah subhanaw taala made said in the Quran about him that he is an example to our Prophet to follow so he's the role model of our beloved

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Prophet Muhammad SAW seldom Subhanallah Ronnie this dua he's saying, Oh Allah make this city a place of security and safety and prevent me and my children from worshiping the idols who's saying that, again, my brothers or sisters, the man who broke the idols, the man who didn't believe that these idols should be worshipped, he himself is making a DUA, why, to show what to prove what that nothing is guaranteed here your goodness is not an indicator that you will end up in Jannah you need to be constantly in contact with Allah subhanaw taala begging him to make you steadfast that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam will make dua yarmulke Libelle Kullu third bit Calbee Allah Denecke the

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Prophet SAW Selim will call upon Allah O Turner of the hearts strength in my heart upon your deen Subhan Allah who is saying that again the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam, and all these prophets are guaranteed genuine during the lifetime yet they didn't rely on that. Even the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim, some of them were guaranteed Jana by name, Abu Bakr subarea called the Allah Allah, He will say what Allah He if one of my feet is already in Jana, I will never feel secured from the plan of Allah upon me. Maybe that plan will change one day Allah will change his decision. Subhan Allah Allah so they didn't rely on their goodness, they didn't rely on the fact that they are

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already distant to Jana. They kept on doing that which is great, which is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala the rule of non dependency don't ever depend on your actions rather, keep on doing what is right keep on doing what is good until you meet Allah subhanaw taala upon that condition, and if you saw at any time people around you are not practicing or as practicing as you are, praise Allah subhanaw taala advice them, call them to goodness, but then praise Allah subhanaw taala and say as taught by the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam Alhamdulillah he led the Sudan and he had one coonelly Natalia, Lola and her then Allah all praise due to Allah who guided us to this it is because of

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Allah subhanaw taala has guidance. I am practicing my Deen this way and had Allah subhanaw taala decided not to guide me I would have never been guided. So give all the credits to Allah subhanaw taala and keep pushing your limits, only then you will be able to expect the best from Allah in the face of these trials and tribulations. Zack la hyaluron Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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