Abu Bakr Zoud – Make Mention Of The Blessings You Experienced During Hajj

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of making mention of difficult situations and struggles in life to remain grateful to Allah's blessings. They suggest making a statement about the difficulty of difficult situations and the importance of being patient in achieving their goals. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and embracing the difficulties of life.
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center for hammer home Allah they said, the one who makes mention of Allah's blessing is considered to be grateful to Allah's blessing. just mentioning the blessings of Allah is a means to be grateful to that blessing of Allah azza wa jal. And so you notice, sometimes

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among the people that have performed the harsh

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in their gatherings when they go back to their families, their relatives, their massage it wherever they go on Earth, they make an effort to mention the difficulties and the hardships they went through. And Hush, why?

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You notice that the people together and they start talking about everything that went wrong in their Hush. This was an organized Wallah, we suffered a lot with the buses. The weather was like this. The weather was like that. The difficulty the organizers, the guides, this the food wasn't good. There was not here. Why? Why? You notice that people make effort to mention every hardship and difficulty, the experience they're not harsh. And they forgot to mention the blessings of Allah azza wa jal upon them during and harsh.

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So make mention of the blessings because when you make mention of the blessings, it moves the heart in the right direction to remain grateful to Allah azza wa jal, Allah said live in Chicago to La see the Nicole. If you are grateful to me, I will increase you.

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So being grateful to Allah's blessings, those two things,

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half even was reborn as irrelevant said

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being grateful to Allah preserves the current blessings you have in life and brings new blessings to existence for your own self.

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And you know, the entire reason of a harsh Allah azza wa jal, he says at the end of Earth, that are related to and harsh, he said little Kabiru Allah, Allah had come from a shithole, more city.

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He legislated the entire harsh so that he can declare the greatness of Allah based on that which he goes to do.

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This is an area that concludes the eight related to hush in Surah Al Hush.

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So you're supposed to make dhikr of Allah Azza vision and declare His greatness and be grateful for Allah because of the guidance he gave you.

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You know, and in Surah Al Baqarah, Allah azza wa jal, he said, What guru Kamiya Hadouken

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make mention of Allah azza wa jal in the same manner he goes on to do, meaning make a beautiful mention of Allah. In the same manner, he gave you beautiful guidance.

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If it wasn't for Allah azza wa jal, his guidance and his ease upon you, you would have never fulfilled that house.

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So instead of mentioning the hardships and the difficulties in the terrible organizations, and whatever it is,

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and the struggles of the house, put that on the side and mentioned what Allah guided you to, say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, Allah granted us the ability to stand on our sofa.

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He gave us the ability to do our power to do the stoning. You know, Satan Hamdulillah, Allah azza wa jal granted us this opportunity, that we worship Him and be humbled to him,

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then shouldn't because when you say that you are being grateful to these blessings, and I tell you something, my brothers and sisters in Islam Allah,

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if this harsh that you did,

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if it indeed wasn't accepted harsh, then all your sins would have been forgiven.

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And your neck would have been freed from the hellfire. And you would have secured a position in the Paradise.

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So that means this hush would have been better for you, then this won't be life and everything that's in it. So keep making mention of the good things and the blessings that He experienced during our health. If this was an accepted hedge by Allah, you wouldn't want it to be in any other way but the way it was.

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So be very careful in how you speak about and how and how you underwent this harsh just make mention of the blessings and the good things that you experienced. And of course, the reality is there are difficulties in harsh there is bad organization from time to time. There is no problems, seek Allah's reward for these moments. seek Allah's reward. You see the hardships gone now. The difficulty is gone. It's finished. Deborah was back in his country, sitting and relaxing with his family with his children.

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went with his arms and yeah, I knew that difficulty is gonna help us.

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If you are patient, upon those moments they become a source of reward and as an ad for you, somebody anybody complaining about

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and hamdulillah Allah colohan on

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