Mufti Menk – Comfort in Times of Crisis #30

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss Islam's actions and advice on clothing, practice, and doing during their undoing of Sayers. They emphasize the importance of avoiding being exposed to one's actions or weaknesses and avoiding showing one's appearance and personality. The importance of avoiding becoming a wasteful person is also emphasized.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah where Allah Allah He was happy Jemaine, my brothers and sisters in Surah two are off. As we heard in the previous episode, Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses us all, by calling us yeah, Benny Adam, all children of Adam. And we went through the first instruction, where Allah told us to dress appropriately, he has sent for us clothing in order for us to cover, not in order for us to reveal and he wants us to dress with the clothing of piety, both in terms of what we cover ourselves with, as well as our general character conduct and the way we carry ourselves. Today, I'd

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like to look at another instruction, a few more where Allah says, Yeah, Bernie dharma. So in verse number 26, of surah, two RF, Allah addresses us for the first time then in 27. Again, he says, Yeah, Bernie, Adam, ally of tienen nakoma shine upon who come about when you come in Elgin, young, z one, Houma aniba, Houma Maria Houma,

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la aquarela says, oh, children are dumb. Don't ever let shapen Don't ever let shaytan test you or abuse you or overcome you in a way in any way. Make sure that you don't let shaytan trap you with his traps. Because he has removed your forefathers from Jenna. He took your forefathers out of Paradise, meaning he took Adam and Eve Adam and Hawa May peace be upon them. Allah says shavon trapped them, be careful, go and read about that. Go and find out what shaytan did. Shaytan promised them two things. Shaytan said if you disobey Allah, you're going to live forever, and you will own everything. Both of those were just a lie. But shaitan put it forth so beautifully. And Allah says

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they regretted it, they sought forgiveness and then look what happened. They will remove from Jenna. So Allah says shaytans aim is to make you reveal your private parts to make you take off your clothing. SubhanAllah you take off your clothing that's from shavon Allah says, watch out shavon wants you to be immoral. shavon wants you to actually forget Allah. So he warns us and says, Be careful, don't fall into the same trap of the devil. Otherwise you will be exposed. May Allah subhanho wa Taala not expose us. So sometimes people sin, they've engaged in morality. They might have committed adultery, they might have had a past and they've sought the forgiveness from it. So

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it is wiped out. It's gone. Don't doubt the forgiveness of Allah, but you need to know one thing. Let your heart achieve comfort that if Allah did not expose you while you were sinning, he will not expose you when you have repented, or while you're repenting. So be comforted in that regard. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about this. And Allah tells us, you seek the forgiveness of Allah, Allah will cover you, Allah subhanho wa Taala won't expose your private sins, when he knows that you have sought the forgiveness of Allah. Sometimes Allah exposes us when he loves us, because he wants us to put a stop to what we're doing. You have people who sometimes they're exposed to their own spouses,

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to their own children, to their family members to their parents, that sometimes is a sign of the love of Allah. If Allah didn't love you, he would have left you to continue committing the sin. But he loved you so much that he showed your wife what you were doing, or he showed your husband what you were doing, not because he hates you, because he ultimately loves you and He wants you to quit the bad. So my beloved spouse's, give your spouse a chance if you've caught them doing something bad. Study the matter if it is not such a serious matter. Consider the fact that that may have just been the love of Allah, exposing it to you in order for that to stop. Because if the sin didn't

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stop, it would have been the anger of Allah or perhaps Allah didn't really love that person. But because of the love of Allah, they were exposed, so don't look at exposure, as though it is the end of the world. It could be the beginning of the beautiful life in the obedience of Allah after someone was sinning for years on end. Isn't that comforting? Subhanallah you get the comfort in this time of crisis.

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When someone is caught, literally caught doing the wrong thing by a person who's close to them, the first thing shaytan makes us think about is I need to end this marriage, why? Look at what my spouse was doing. But Allah wants you to consider, hey, hang on. This man was doing wrong. We loved him. So we showed you what he was doing just so he could stop it. And now he stopped it. Will you not consider that perhaps it was just our love that made that happen? It requires a heart of gold to look at it that way. Subhana Allah, may Allah grant that to us. The same applies to any other sins when Allah is exposed you and you've quit it. That was the love of Allah, that was Allah wanting you

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to come. So this is why Allah says, watch out. It's a trap of the devil. But don't allow yourself to plunge further into it. Come out of it. Allah says we won't expose you, the devil wants to expose you but sometimes if we have while you were repenting or something of that nature, perhaps it was because we wanted this whole thing to stop. May Allah grant us ease Let's move on. Allah says, Yeah, Benny danmaku Xena de como de coonley Masjid, you know, it's amazing. This is verse number 31 of pseudo RF before I actually translated Let me explain something. The context of these verses Allah speaking about the dress, and the lessons from the story of Adam and Eve and shape on how we should

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be dressing modestly shaped man wants us to expose and Allah wants us to cover. So Allah says, We've sent adornment people adorn themselves to show other people. Sometimes it's the right people, your spouse, your family members, and you're doing it for yourself sometimes. But sometimes it's the wrong people. You're trying to impress those who couldn't even be bothered. You're trying to impress those whom, by impressing them, you're going to plunge yourself into crisis because you might end up doing the wrong thing altogether. Allah saying you really want to impress someone with your clothing. Well impress Allah. Whenever you go to pray, wear the best clothing, apply perhaps a

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little bit of perfume if you're going to the masjid and maybe look into wearing something that would be so presentable Allah says, Now I'm translating this verse, verse number 31. Oh, children of Adam.

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Take your adornment wear or don't wear adorning clothes. You know, we have beautiful clothing, lovely, modest, beautiful clothing, in the masjid, at every place of prostration which includes the houses of Allah, when you're going to the masjid, where some good clothes you're going to meet Allah. When you're about to stand on your masala or said Giada or Matt prayer mat. We have some good clothing, you're standing in front of Allah, where some good clothing look presentable, at least take a moment to check what you're looking like. It might be your last prayer, and you're standing in front of the Lord of the worlds. Allah says, Oh Children of Adam, when you come to pray, were

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some good clothing. Were some good clothing and eat and drink and don't be wasteful. Allah tells you don't be wasteful. Sometimes we're so wasteful just because we have and we forget that Allah is testing us. You might have that doesn't mean you should be wasteful.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us indeed he does not like those who are wasteful. My brothers and sisters. Allah tells us in verse number 35, of the same Surah Surah to aarav, that whosoever is conscious of Allah makes amends, they will have no fear at all, and they will never have reason to be sad. If you're conscious of Allah, you make amends, you improve yourself, you become a better person, you're constantly looking at becoming a better version of yourself every day, and you have a good relation with Allah. He says you will have no reason to fear and no reason to ever be sad, he will comfort you. And this is why Allah says those who believe and do good deeds,

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we will indeed grant and paradise we take a look at verse number 43 of sudo to RF, Allah says the people of Paradise will be the believers who did good deeds and those who sought forgiveness. paradise was created for those who seek seek forgiveness Subhana Allah, have you sought forgiveness? Well, it's about time we ask Allah to grant us forgiveness. Let's change our ways and habits my brothers, my sisters, Allah says, when the people will be seated in Paradise, we will remove from within their hearts any hatred or jealousy or envy, no negative qualities whatsoever in the hearts of those who will be in paradise. So in this world, there is a little bit of jealousy, there's some

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hatred, some of us we have worked on those habits and some haven't unless is when you get to

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paradise, you won't be jealous of one another, they won't be any ill feeling at all. When as Murphy so duty him in Hill, we will remove from the bosoms that which was negative that will, you know the negative feelings towards others, the envy, the jealousy, and so on. A loss is removed, and the people of Paradise Do you know what they will say?

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work on will hamdulillah he loved he hadn't, he had one goon, Lena de de la jolla and hadden en la, they will say Alhamdulillah All praise is indeed due to Allah who guided us to this, and we would have never been rightly guided had Allah not guided us. Subhana Allah verse number 43 surah two, we are echoing what we said in the first of these episodes of comfort in times of crisis, that guidance is the biggest gift Allah can give you. I've said this a few times through the series, and I am here today ending this episode by telling you that yes, indeed the people of Paradise will say we praise Allah Alhamdulillah the same beginning of surah two fatty have a levy hi Donna, the one who guided

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us. throughout our lives we continued asking Allah O Allah Idina Serato Mr. Kim, we started off praising Allah and then we said Guide us to the straight path today, we are saying All praise is due to Allah. So we're starting in the same way and we are saying, We are thankful and grateful to Allah who guided us, which means ultimately your dua was accepted, you were guided.

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And we say on that day in paradise, Allah make us from them who say,

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we thank Allah we praise Allah for having guided us to this and had we not guided us, we would have never been rightly guided Alhamdulillah and the this is the beautiful way that we will all have ended our lives on earth and entered into paradise May Allah grant us all paradise. I mean, a guru Kali hada awesome Allahu wa salam o Baraka Alana. Bina Muhammad was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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levena monastery in Busan sabemos sala de

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la, saw BD

O Children of Adam!

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