Abdul Wahab Saleem – 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi – #04 The Beginning & the End of Man

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The history of the Hadith is discussed, including the loss of multiple women and multiple versions of the message. The confusion surrounding the message is due to multiple sources and the length of the period. The development of modern medicine is also discussed, including the importance of privacy legislation and the use of multiple variations of the Hadeeth theme. The speaker provides brief overview of the Hadeeth spectrum of views on abortion and explains the importance of shaming people for actions and false intentions.
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Now we're going to another Hadeeth and that's the hadith of Abdullah ibn Masood who is one of the elderly Sahaba but he's not from that era, as we said before about the

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I'm Abby Abdul Rahman Abdullah hiddenness rude or the Allahu Allahu Akbar had death in our sword Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, who was saw the eponymous dope, that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us, and he was a father, and he was an Musto. He was the honest one. And he was also in Moscow, which means that the person who was giving him the message was also honest. He said, I'm so sorry, they're confused. Oh, he must to configure your condom. He's truthful in what he would say. And he was true, it was true whatever would be said to him, he whatever God would bring to him.

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In a had come

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in had a

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huge amount

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feedback from me. Each one of you ends up being gathered and developed within the womb of his mother of Marina Yeoman for 14 days, most often as a note,

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and I'll explain what each of these words actually mean. Some Allah button to Maya Kunal Allah cotton with Alec, then the person becomes a anaka, for the same sort of period, approximately speaking filma Economou data and then he becomes a mandala,

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also for a similar type of period. Then finally for microcenter, la he'll Malak done and angel is sent to him. And that Angel breeds the soul into him. And he's told to do four things,

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to write down

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the sustenance of this individual, the lifespan of this individual, the actions of the individual, and whether the person will be a happy individual, or he will be a sad individual, whether he will be a person of bliss or whether he will be the opposite of that.

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So Allah for Allah, He lives in Ohio, so by Allah,

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the One who there is no god except him.

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Each one of you may end up doing an action of the people of Jenna or some some of you may end up doing the actions of the people of jedna until there's nothing between him and Jenna except an arm span for yes before I lay him keytab Emily le nanny for the hula, hula, then he may end up doing the actions of the people of the hellfire. And then he ends up entering the hellfire. And one of you might end up doing the actions of the people of the fire until there's nothing left between him and the fire except an arm span. Then suddenly, the book that Allah has predestined may end up overcoming and overruling. And that book may lead this person into doing the actions of the people

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of Jenna. And then this person enters Jenna. Okay, so this Hadeeth has a lot of things in its panela. Let's start trying to break it down one by one. Firstly, you see, unlike other a Hadith, this hadith is very unique in that Ibn Masaru he starts it off saying, the prophet is honest, the prophet is truthful, and whatever the Prophet would have heard from God and is also true.

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The question is, why is even Mr. Rude saying this? Why is he saying that the Prophet is honest, and the Prophet is truthful, and whatever he would have heard from God and it's also true and honest. The reason why he would say this Subhan Allah is because maybe perhaps considering the type of information that this hadith has, some people may end up denying, and some people may end up disbelieving. We know that one of the reasons why people end up disbelieving is because of the idea of predestination, the idea of other it's very hard for some people to believe in the idea of other right. So, at any moment, the highway he says that,

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that a foot within Islam can never be truly established, except if you completely submit yourself and your mind to Allah Subhana what that whether that's where to put them on film, Islamic Allah, Allah veritasium, that you have to submit your appeal to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah has told you this, your finite brain may not be able to comprehend the infinite realities. So sometimes you just have to submit that's the purpose. I mean, the whole idea of Islam and submission, right. So that's why even Mr. Rudi starts this hadith off and he says, a saw that Calma Stoke, he's honest and whatever news is coming to him is

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Also truth, then he says in a header comb the profits at in

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huge Metro houfy Bethany on me, each one of you will will be within the womb of your mother for 14 days, okay.

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And for these 40 days, essentially the person will be

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like a sperm

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and then from that sperm the person will become a clot. And from that clot, the person will become a

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lump, or like a lump of flesh. So, the first one is a sperm and multiple phi, okay, so the person starts off with being just a drop or eight, or a notifier, or a sperm. And then he goes, and he continues on to becoming a clot of blood, and then he becomes a morsel of flesh or a

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or a small thing of flesh. Now, the question is that are these 340 days? Or are they 140 day?

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It sounds like 340 days. Okay. So the reality is, there's actually conflicting, conflicting narrations about whether these are 340 days, or they are all 140 days. But if you look at the Hadith, it doesn't explicitly say if you look, especially at the Arabic, it doesn't explicitly say that these are 340 days, it doesn't explicitly say 120 days, at least not in this narration. It says that each one of you will gather within the womb of his mother for 40 days, as a note for as a sperm like substance, then he will become something of a clot, then he will become a flesh, a morsel of a flesh.

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All along. So may Economou gotten misled Alec. Now misled, Alec, should we understand from that for another 40 days? Or should we understand

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a similar timeframe? Okay.

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There's different ways of looking at it. But anyways, the overwhelming majority of the scholars genuinely believe that this is referring to 120 days, they believe that this is referring to 120 days, I'll get to this discussion in a little while. Okay.

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Now, why is this discussion important?

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The reason why this discussion is important is because this also leads us to another discussion and that is the discussion on abortion.

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Is abortion permissible? If it is when is it permissible, whether it's ethical, whether it's not all of these discussions, kind of spread sprout from this Hadeeth that are right before us, that is right before us. So let's think about what exactly this hadith is saying. Firstly, as I said, the majority of scholars believe that the Hadith is telling us that it is 120 days for which the fetus develops after which it becomes completely developed, referred during which the embryo develops, after which it becomes a complete fetus. Okay. And after which the angel is commanded by Allah subhanho wa Taala to also blow the soul. However, in other reports, also authentic like the report

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of her the effectiveness said,

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in Sahih, Muslim he says, When

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42 days go by,

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from the beginning of the sperm,

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either mclubbe in local fatty fin, Danny will obey una de Latin 142 days go by, from the beginning of the sperm, Allah Subhana, Allah sends an angel and this angel, what does he do? He ends up doing the same thing that's described in this hadith over here, he ends up developing the form of this individual or this embryo. Well, hello, person, Ah ha, ha ha, ha ha ha Obama. And what he does is, he makes that the ears of it of this fetus, and he makes the eyes of the fetus, he makes the skin generally of the fetus as well, the flesh and also the bones. Then he looks to Allah, and he says, Oh Allah, is it going to be a male? Or is it going to be a female? And then Allah decides whatever

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and Allah tells this angel to act accordingly as well. Okay, so now in this hadith in Sahih, Muslim, the Hadith of the Prophet who said, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying that it's 42 days within which all of these things happen. Okay, so based on these two different variations, the scholars they differed whether all of this takes place in 120 days, which is the overwhelming majority of the earliest colors. And whether it takes place within 40 to 50 days because even the 40 to some narrations say 45 other say 40 odd, okay. So whether it's

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40 to 49 or it's 120 complete. Now, the only way we can really come to the bottom of this is if we use some of the mechanisms that Allah subhanaw taala has granted us today as well, right. And by the way, the scholars of the past as well, like ignore Roger, but humbly and others, they would also result to medicine. But medicine wasn't as developed as it is, has been developed. Today, I'm saying this because as soon as you start looking at modern sciences and trying to understand the sooner or trying to use them to help you understand the sooner some people they say, We're leaving the tradition, and you're going to science.

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But it Will Rogers himself, he used the science, but at that time, science isn't as well developed as it has been developed today. So if we look at the embryonic stages, and I have and I actually wrote about this in one of my books, called from the beginning till the end, in which I spoke about the all the different stages of the ruler, and this hadith are discussed in detail within that book. And

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if we look at the different stages of the embryonic development, we find that

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it is around six weeks time that the baby or the fetus is the embryo develops completely into a fetus, where now the heart also starts to beat. Okay, so what happens, it gets the ears, it gets the eyes, the early stages of the eyes, you can see, right, and it gets the early form of the hand, and hand as well. And also the early stages of, of the legs as well, all of this takes place within six weeks. And if we do the math, that's exactly 42 days, okay, just as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, within this Hadith, I will say did know,

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the hadith of all said.

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So, based on this, we can say that, perhaps it is actually within the 40 to 49 days of period, that this, these things happen in which the angel comes and gives the form to the child within this period. Okay. And that's why a lot of many of the modern scholars, they didn't consider this particular reality, the modern sciences and modern research that we have, and also

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the fact that we can actually very closely observe what's happening to the fetus as well, when they gave their foot out the modern fifth hour related to abortion. So now let's get to the second subject, the subject of abortion. So the summary of whatever I said previously, is this. Most of the scholars of the past, they say that it takes 120 days for the baby to develop completely into a fetus, the embryo to develop completely into a fetus.

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And some of them they did say that within 40 days, there are some hints of this I found in some books, okay. Then,

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there are a hadith which are conflicting, some ahaadeeth. They appear to refer to 120 days, like the hadith of our beloved Mr. Wood that we have before us, but they are not extremely explicit within them. Others may have very explicit terms as well. Others may only use 42, or 40 odd as well. So when we look at the modern tools that we have, when we look at the results of ultrasounds and other mechanisms, that we have to be able to study the embryo as well, we find that within the 42 days, within the 40, to 40, to 49 days, the entire embryo is completely, very much developed into a fetus, and all of those things that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is mentioning in the hadith of

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Sufi Muslim, that the angel comes and develops, the shape develops, the ears, develops, the eyes, develops, the skin, develops the flesh, and also the bones. All of these things have already happened within the first 42 days. And also the heart begins to the heart begins to beat as well. Okay, then, in addition to that, when we look at the Quran, Allah Subhana, Allah says, then we create it into a sperm, then we take that sperm and created into a clot, then we take that clot and clean it created into some flesh, morsel of flesh, then we take that flesh and add bones to it, and then we take the bone and give it flush as well, then what is he saying? Now Allah even changes the

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tone of conversation. It's as if he's describing the first 42 days or the first six weeks.

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Then he says, filming and shooting and then we give it a completely new creation. So is it possible that at the 40 days or 42 day mark or 49 day mark, that Allah sends the angel down and gives it to the child? Hello, Adam. As I said, there are scholars in our times, especially who have this opinion

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In, and we can't know for sure. But I personally lean towards this well, Allahu Allah. Okay, we can't know for sure. But nonetheless, this is something that I have a personal leaning towards based on my studies. And Allah subhanaw taala really knows best. Okay, so considering all of this, let's talk a little bit about the subject of abortion, we know that

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Islam is not

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very clear cut on the, on the issue of abortion, meaning we don't have a conclusive passage from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or from the will on that is, in every aspect of abortion is giving us all the fine details? No, we don't have any of that. That's why there are different scholars who have different views. Some scholars, they consider abortion held on period without any exceptions to it. Okay. So they say, from the time that the woman gets pregnant all the way till birth, you can't have an abortion. Okay. This is one of the views of

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a group of scholars from the past and also from the president as well.

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Others, they say that look,

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within the first 40 days, you have leeway. Okay.

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Within the first 40 days, you have leeway, because some will go and say at the 40 day mark, now the rule has also blown into the child, other say, not the 40 days, and that's the majority opinion. They'll say 120 days, there are some leeway as well. Why? Because they will say 120 days is when the soul is blown. And as I explained to you, this is the majority view, although I don't necessarily agree with it. Okay, then.

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after that 120 days, there is an agreement among the scholars that the abortion is not considered permissible. Okay. So there's a spectrum of views. And there's also a spectrum of issues which the scholars considered reason enough for the abortion to occur. So, for example, if a person says I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to financially bear the responsibility of the child, is that reason enough? It's not reason enough. How about if a mother says, you know, what I,

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the doctor says to the mother, that you are in no physical shape to have a child. And

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if you were to have a child, what's going to happen is that

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you might end up causing danger to your own personal life, and there's a great chance that you might not survive the pregnant pregnancy. Okay? So are we going to say now, we'll sacrifice the mother for the sake of a child, which we're not sure will come out alive or not? Obviously not. Right. So depending on the reason as well.

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The discussions may go in different directions. This is the general outline of the spectrum of views on this issue. I'm not here to give a fatwa because the fatwa can be different from person to person, etc. But generally speaking, this is the spectrum of views on this particular issue.

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I ask Allah subhana wa Taala, to grant us the trophy, to practice and to convey there's one more thing which is very important in my opinion from this study, and that is the last portion of the Hadeeth.

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The last portion of the Hadeeth goes as such

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by a law.

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Besides zoom, there is no god that one of you may end up or some of you may end up acting by the actions of the people of Jana, until there is nothing between you and Jenna except for an arm span. And then the destined book or the predestination takes us course, and you end up acting by the actions of the people of fire. Now obviously this is meant to cast a lot of fear within your heart you feel that Subhanallah I may act as the people of Jenna throughout my life and then when I'm very close to Jenna, suddenly something happens and the predestination takes place and I end up going to

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hellfire. Now the question is

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that what if a person is sincerely trying to get to Jenna? Wouldn't this be a mechanism to block a person from jedna?

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Is our Lord such that a person sincerely seeks jedna and Allah subhana wa Taala blocks them from jedna

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all of your field except the ones that are sleeping all of you feel that? The answer is no and you're shaking your heads No, right? Well, the answer is obviously no. If Allah subhanho wa Taala sees sincerity within a person, Allah Subhana Allah will not shut the door.

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For jedna for this individual, how do we understand this Hadeeth in the light of what we believe our Lord to be? Well, there is another variation of this Hadeeth, which is also also authentic. Now, oftentimes, you notice I say there's another variation of this. What does that mean? There's another variation that are on is reported to us verbatim, whereas the Sunnah is not necessarily reporting to us verbatim. Okay, so that's why we have to use the different variations of Hadith to produce the best narrative of what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam must have said. And that's why the early mohideen they used to say that until we've read 30 different variations of the theme Hadeeth

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we don't believe we've truly understood it. So that's why we actually have to understand all of the different variations, because someone may have thought one part is important, and they mentioned that another person thought the other part is important, they mentioned that another person thought and another person used the word which was more clear, another person used the word which was less clear. So we use all of them to try to reproduce what the prophet SAW Selim must have most accurately said. So in another variation of this hadith also authentically reported, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said

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in the haidakhan, layer, Emily Allen jannetty had female Abdul in nurse,

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one of you may end up acting by the actions of the people of Jenna, in whatever appears to people not in reality. So this person was showing off to people that I am acting by the actions of the people of Jenna, but because his heart was truly not there, Allah subhana wa tada blocked him towards the end of his life, so that he becomes part of the people of the fire. And it becomes clear to the people that this person didn't have real intentions in Islam. This person didn't have

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Yes, it does. So it goes back to the first Hadeeth as well. So the person didn't have an honest intention in Islam. And because of that, Allah Subhana Allah turns in, and makes it clear for the people that this person truly didn't have the right intentions. The opposite is also true. A person may be acting by the actions of the people of the fire, he's doing every harm, but his heart inside is burning.

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And that's why we never disdained people, you see a person who is completely pious, apparently he's got the beard, he's got the job he's got. This is not piety. But the point is that it appears to be piety, right? A woman she's wearing every hijab that you can think of and everything is there, but the heart is not there. You may see a person who is a Shih Attali beryllium, a person who is a person who's struggling in the path of Allah, you may see a person donating for the sake of Allah. But the heart is really not there.

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You might have a donor, this happens as well. I mean, there's incidents of this. Some people they want their name to be mentioned, wherever it is, when donations occur, if I give you $100,000 check, you have to ensure My name is listed as the donor, you have to know ensure of that otherwise, you're not getting my donations. Well, maybe the person didn't, doesn't have the right intentions. So Allah Subhana Allah data, he tells us through the messenger that one of you may end up acting like the people of Jenna, and that is only in what appears to the people, then towards the end of your life, you end up going in other direction. Vice versa is also true. A person may be acting like the people

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of the fire, meaning he's continued committing every single sin, but his heart feels like I really shouldn't be doing this.

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Don't ever disdain people Subhanallah so many people I remember, just a few days ago, I was giving a talk somewhere and a brother came to me. He was in tears.

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And he says she I can wake up for fudger I want to I know it's good, I have to do it. But my I want to go to sleep. But he's crying. Well la he this person is maybe better in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala than a person who goes to failure and he says, Look at me I got up for fudger well life

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are apart person who goes to fudger and then what do they do they take a picture of themselves and show it to the whole planet. Or someone going for Hajj or Umrah and then they go and you know, while they're making throw off, they're like Subhan Allah told him that he now Allahu Akbar, and then

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and a person who couldn't go for Hajj or Burma or so forth.

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So pound Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this hadith is not saying that you're going to go to * if Allah is destined it like that. Basically, the other Hadith is describing to us that it is the intentions of the person which weren't clear because of which Allah azza wa jal turned him away from the path of the people of Jenna because of which ended up taking another path. That is the path of the people of Hellfire and

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The vice versa The opposite is also true as well.

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