Zakir Naik – What is the Purpose of Life – Part 2 Question & Answer Session

Zakir Naik
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Good evening, Mr. zakia and Jcv students from the University of Muslim.

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Five times they're the Muslims gathered together.

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I shouldn't say that. Islam is a very peaceful religion that promotes unity. Unfortunately, in Malaysia, even among you need to it's not something cheap. So

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by practice, what are the things that you can suggest for every Muslims in this country to stay? Thank you. Thank you.

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Whether I said

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that Muslims pray five times a day that's good is asking, Can I suggest something that will keep the Muslims united? And I'm giving a talk tomorrow, the importance of the unity in the Muslim Ummah, and that's a full fledged lecture. But the reply to your question is, Allah is the reply in the Glorious Qur'an in from Ron chapter number three was the Mandarin three we save that was a symbol Be humble Elijah will not hold to the rope of Allah strongly and be not divided. The rope of Allah

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is a Glorious Quran that the Muslims should hold together to the rope of Allah, the Glorious Quran and authentic hadith of Prophet Muhammad Salah Salaam and vino divided the only factor that Muslim not only of Malaysia, but the Muslim of the whole world can be united is on the basis of the Glorious Quran, which is the last and final revelation and the authentic hadith of masala Salah hold together strongly and be not divided. This is the best uniting factor. Hope answers the question. Mr. Sackett.

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Thank you for your question.

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I would like to request all the people who like to ask question to form a queue so that you will ensure the smoothness of this question and answer session.

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Now, we will move to the mic on my left

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from the muslimeen

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Assalamualaikum My name is Shari, and I am a student from u m. And I take Islamic Finance and banking. My question is, as we know,

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Prophet Adam alayhis salam is the first human being on Earth. But before Prophet Adam Elisa is created, is there another creatives that live in on earth before? Prophet Adam Isola? Thank you.

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I think the chairperson was very clear that please post question on the topic. What has the question got to do with the topic? What is the purpose of our life?

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The topic of today's talk is what is the purpose of life? I can give the reply to your question and don't mind giving. But the chairperson said that question should be asked on the topic. Otherwise it becomes an open

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question on the topic. What is the purpose of life so we'll be limited to the topic. Thank you. And also like to ask a question, can they please cube

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to be under four microphones so that we save time?

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And even the sisters if they can queue behind the microphone so that

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we can go to the next question faster.

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And the sisters behind like to ask a question.

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Any sister from the microphone behind?

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Mashallah, the sisters have understood the lecture very well. Either very well or not the one of the two.

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If can we have the question from the sister?

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Can we get to a question from the sister right back on my left

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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I'm mercy tabula. I'm by teacher and

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mother. I would like to ask one question

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during the golden age that we know our scholar is master in both like Islamic Studies and the size but now, we found out that like in Malaysia, especially our system education, it legs greatly between science and Islam.

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Study. So if the student like, like our,

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like our student, one to choose, which one is the best? Is it Islamic studies or science because we know that now

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we still need a dye from the

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science area because we know that the knowledge is already expand very fast. So for our youngest and our student, which one is the best that we can choose? Either Islamic studies or engineering or medical? Such as? So I would like you to advise. And then if we choose, like science area, how we can be a good success? dime, chakra

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Good question. And a very relevant question that she's a teacher and she's a mother. And she asked that, what should we choose between the two? Should we make our children and study the Islamic teachings in the Islamic schools? Or in the science and technology field? Which is better of the two?

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And the reply to this question, which is very commonly asked.

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In the year 2000, Alhamdulillah, about 18 years back, we started a school in Bombay by the name of Islamic international school.

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And the main motto, the Can you

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close to the microphone for that weekend.

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And the motto of the school was education for both the worlds

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that we the education for Dean Antonia both

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and that is the best education for both the worlds is the best. Because when a person knows the value, and they educated by the worldly thing, then then studies Dean simultaneously, he can understand Dean better.

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The best is education for both the worlds and in our school. We used to teach Arabic from the age of three from nursery itself is to teach Arabic and English. Then they read the Quran, one third of them become half in the Quran. By the time they reach standard five, the official Quran. Mashallah. But we select about one third students. By the time they reach standard five girl or boy has to be black belt in Taekwondo and karate. compulsory. If the child is weak, he becomes black belt or she becomes like building standard six, compulsory swimming, compulsory wish to teach public speaking at the age of four standard. From the age of six, they start Public Speaking at a public speaking from

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second and third standard. We used to teach them besides Koran had the Sharia effect. Along with the science. We used to teach Islamic Studies and Arabic When we taught them science, which to incorporate 25% of the Islamic teaching in science. For example, when we spoke about the Big Bang, that you know, we learn in science before the big bang, that first there was the primary Nebula, our whole universe was the primary nebula. Then there was a secondary separation, which gave rise to stars, galaxies and the earth we live in. We say this Allah says 1400 years ago, what they discovered today recently in 1973, Allah says 1400 years back in Surah ambia chapter number 21 was

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Timothy Avila, mira Xena, tofu, do not unbeliever see anessa Mahatma Gandhi confirm that the heavens and the earth were joined together and we close them asunder. So we tell them what the scientists got Nobel Prize for 50 years back, our beloved Allah subhana wa Taala have revealed in the Quran 14 and years ago.

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When we talk about water cycles, we give examples of foreign motorcycle. When we talk about geology, biology, zoology, we talk about embryology the child is empowered. Okay, my Deen is more powerful than science what is today, what we learn today is already mentioned in our religious scripture 14 years ago. So the child is proud to be a Muslim, the best in education for both the worlds and when we find that certain things are which are against the Islamic teaching, for example, Darwin's theory

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hauserman, meaning the form. We give them the scientific proof that what Darwin said that we are evolved from maybe is wrong, and we give them scientific basis.

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We teach them repeat what is mentioned in the textbook, but give them additional information. So we repeat what is mentioned in the textbook, but we say according to PP Grassi, this is wrong. According to funds for scientists, then we give the list of scientists or we train them in the syllabus. And when they pass, they will get a degree from India or Muslim University they get from Cambridge or Oxford

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or Cambridge igcc

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And once upon a admission anywhere in the world, so we have an amalgamation of the formula education with the Islamic education or on the Sharia, and dava. Besides Quran we teach them about the Bible, which is a Hindu scriptures about comparative religion, our children can speak Mashallah. So, at the same time, there are three Nana first batch, the first batch of school. The first batch was passed in 2010, about eight years back. And the girl which came out first from a school, out of five subjects, four subjects, she got 100 out of 100

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she dumped he won the World Cup over

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a Muslim man wearing his black belt in Taekwondo and karate, knowing Arabic and the language half Israel Quran knowing swimming, Mashallah she taught.

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He taught the world.

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This is education for both the worlds. And this is the best concept. I didn't have time to expand towards the end of my talk, because normally I speak for one hour, 15 minutes, and my talk extended to one and a half hour cycle short my speech, it's important education for both the words is very important. But if you ask me the question, which is better of the two best is both. But if the science you learn in your school, in your colleges in your new city does not get you closer to Allah subhanaw taala that science is useless. So many times our children go to the Western University and instead of becoming closer to Allah, they become atheist. Because that wrong things. So you have to

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be careful when we put them into the so called secular education. It's not Haram, it's good, but you have to be careful, best is a striking balance between the two.

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And I know there are many people who are asking me to build such a school in Malaysia. And believe me to make a school is too time consuming because of other projects. But if Allah wills inshallah, we should have a school in which the child comes out.

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We should be proud of our children. At the same time, we teach them Business Studies, we teach them ICT the best if and when he passes from the school like a normal matter of when a person becomes arlin. If you compare our student inshallah they will be able to be better they speak Arabic fluently all my three children my son, Mashallah a black belt in Taekwondo. Hafiz Quran speaks Arabic fluently, both my daughters they are black belt, they are good swimmers. Mashallah. And, and Masha Hafiz Quran, the Arabic is true in all three of them. Now studying in jameelah, mom, my son is a German dilemma. And my daughter in German, the new line, we are

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going to meet one of the best Islamic universities in the world, in terms of Islamic knowledge in Arabic, and this big loan officer. So best is put them in a school, which has the striking balance between the two, the Islamic integration, and the formula education. I don't say secular, I say formal, and teach them the Islamic values, they will grow up to be like proud Muslims. This is the best, if you don't have an alternative,

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then I know there are schools, Islamic schools in Malaysia may not be up to the standard that what we have in Bombay, but there are so many schools, what we should do, we should guide these people and see to it, that the Islamic value increases.

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And best is to put an Islamic School, which has education for the boat, and at the same time, we should make our children the role models should be the people I named in Malaysia, some of the time of the Prophet some other Saba some new generation, we have in the middle generation we have in this generation. And

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we teach them the skills of public speaking about lecturing about debating, and we want that 50% of our schoolchildren should go in the mainstream become doctors, engineers, scientists, but then when they when they become doctors, they have knowledge for an infinite when they become engineers, they have knowledge of for an infinite

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and 50% should go Islamic field dies, Islamic teachers sheiks who first city magazine. So this was a purpose. And

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you know, when we get success, the enemies of Islam is against you.

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So you know that because of Allah has helped the success we got in India and in our field. The enemies of Islam were against and the Indian government wanted to school. Want to close our school.

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We are able to give to some of the Muslim brothers. They may not be running the school to the same level but yet yet the school is continuing. inshallah, if Allah wills and if time permits, we should have said schools

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all over the world, including Malaysia and including polyphosphate Hope that answers the question, but between the two Sister, please, if the choice between Islamic

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and science I'll give more importance to Islamic

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But give me a slim partner Islamic which has, if not completely, at least part of modern education.

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Because Be sure that the Islamic education would be for Hara and your children also get dunya if you could put to a normal school, see I'm coming from a normal convent school.

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I thank Allah that He made me die. That doesn't mean I went to a convent school or should go to convinced

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it was Allah help. That even though he went to a convent school, I'm a doctor by profession. Allah gave me his idea. I became a doctor because I thought it was the most noble profession, treating human beings it is no bill. But when I found a noble profession of a die of Allah says in the Quran in surah forcella chapter number 41 verse number 33. Allah says Amen So Nicola min min, boil it, while I'm in the folly home, Paula in the little muslimeen, who is better in speech than when we invite to the will of the Lord works righteousness and say that I'm a Muslim.

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And if you have that purpose of life, education

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is not mean it is your mission, check the six standard paths

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and reach the pinnacle.

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So pray to Allah subhanaw taala that may guide us and guide our children guide the Muslim Ummah, to achieve the purpose of life.

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I would like to check.

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I would like to check. Is there any question on the mind behind for the muslimah? No. Okay, once again, I would like to reinstate that please ask questions related to the topic of tonight, which is what is the purpose of life?

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Okay, so we're moving on to the mic right in front of me from the brother. Please state your name and also your profession. And your question, make it brief so that we can have more time for others to ask question. Thank you.

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Thank you very much. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah thanks to

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a medical doctor.

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My question is about the purpose of life, meaning we have to follow all the words,

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in one of the important words, to us by a law is to follow the law, they mean design, to the humankind, in the law of

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that has been has been designed with the human time. So in the Islamic law is, you know, we have no who do we have a source and we have all the state, but simply in current prison time, we have problem problem. These are the laws. So as a Muslim, and in possession with the purpose of life, how we're going to practice is all there is in

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the question, that if you are Muslim, you want to achieve the purpose of life is to follow the Quran, the Islamic law, there is law, food, how you practice it, brother in the Quran, there are some guidelines which every individual Muslim should do, and some are guidelines of society. First, you have to see to it that are you following the guidelines, what Allah has told to an individual Muslim, pray,

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believing in

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fasting, giving the individual regardless of the law of food, this is about government laws, Allah will not ask you and me who are not involved in the government, that whether you practice the hoodoos or not, that was only fair when Islamic Society completely.

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If you have, then you have to follow as an individual Muslim. First, you have to see all those laws, which you as an individual human being are following or not.

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There are some laws, which are punishment, it is not required for every individual Muslim to give punishment to the other Muslim, that's only required by the Islamic authorities. And that is not to be followed in every country, only the country in which the Muslim majority or in total majority, or whatever you can. But if the country's in majority, yes, we should strive to achieve that level. But at the individual Muslim, you and I, first we have to follow that which is a commandment to an individual human being it's a must, those which are societal, you should try and improve the society. That doesn't mean you should not try and implement, implement the Islamic Sharia.

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But allow me not question you as individual. Allah will question you on the individual things. But if you asked me, which is the best law to be followed so that we have the maximum peace, it is

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the best time but at the time of the Prophet muscles, and the ferocity,

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the least rate of robbery, least rate of *.

00:19:57 --> 00:19:59

The maximum peace was at the time of

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So if someone wants to implement on a government level, this is the best. But it has to be done in stages. You cannot implement everything. If all are not Muslims, if all Muslims, easy.

00:20:13 --> 00:20:22

If more than 95% of the people are Muslim, it's easy yet. You have many countries in the world which are more than 95. They don't implement

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because all the Muslim may not be something but but natural law for last one was the best. There's no better law than the lawful last one of them.

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Thank you.

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Now, we are moving on to the mic on my right. Please, state your name and your profession. And your question In brief, this Assalamualaikum doctor My name is mama Hashimi Mama xeen student of faculty of Applied Science from you IDM police My impression is

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to purport to fulfill our purpose of life. We are following this religion but also Allah say in Surah Al Baqarah, chapter two verse 120. And also, Prophet also wonders in his last sermon in arafa. He said that shaitan has given hope in leaders doing astray, so don't follow him in small mentors. My question is about those rumors and theory. Do you believe that there is a world class organization who are trying to make us deflect from our real purpose of life by using such entertainment sport and song's called Illuminati? Thank you, sir. Do you believe it exists or not?

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Without a question, and he said Allah says that the Satan is trying to divert you. He said Surah Baqarah chapter two verse 20 didn't give the reference but didn't quote the verse. So the Baccarat chapter 220 says

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that the Jews and the Christians will never be satisfied until you follow their way of life.

00:22:12 --> 00:22:16

I don't know where the min This was motherwort but for Baccarat chapter 210 is

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that the Jews and Christians will never be satisfied until you follow their band of land is questions that you believe that there are some organizations that are trying to divert the human beings into things which will take you away from the deen like music and, and movies or whatever it is or is it cetera?

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And watch my comment about Illuminati? If you ask me there are organizations out there organization diverting? 100% there are many regarding Illuminati, I never heard of it. I have not done much research, but I do agree that there are many organizations and many people working to divert the people away from our Creator Allah subhanho wa Taala whether it be politically whether it be materially whether it be educationally therefore, you have to be careful.

00:23:05 --> 00:23:25

And I say that we as Muslims should be careful that we should stick to the Quran and Sunnah. If we stick to the Quran and Sunnah will find that we will achieve the purpose of our life. There are many organization in education, in education, whether it be science, whether it be technology, whether it be entertainment,

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whether it be Hollywood, whether it be Disney World, if you know the background, they create all this Cartoon Cartoon commentary, no problem.

00:23:35 --> 00:23:38

But Tom and Juanita teaching you know girlfriend boyfriend

00:23:40 --> 00:23:41

that teaching you from young age,

00:23:42 --> 00:23:46

I mean, my son watching from Jerry, from India divert them

00:23:47 --> 00:23:58

they're inculcating in your small child of the age of 456 girlfriend boyfriend, so when he grows old girlfriend boyfriend, against Islamic teaching the teacher about homosexuality.

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So we have to be careful. That's the reason what we do. The sisters a question. We Islam aside, though, we take the syllabus of Cambridge, we have four training sessions for our teacher, five days of school for the children, for the teachers, they come six days. One day is to inculcate the Islamic aspects, in your science, in your mathematics, in your history, in your geography. We go through the full syllabus.

00:24:28 --> 00:24:45

We have teachers trainer, our teacher student ratio, how much for every one for every one teacher, there is about two and a half, two days for every staff for every for every two stars. There are three students, for every two staff, three students

00:24:47 --> 00:25:00

200 to 250 staff This is our ratio. When our teachers teach him one career teacher only two students. You know, when we go to these schools, you know these international schools, they have music

00:25:00 --> 00:25:16

Glasses full with completely with soundproof glasses. So that when they teach the Voyagers in God what we do we have good his class his cabin his cabin soundproof made of glass. So that when you recite loudly, your partner doesn't get disturbed

00:25:18 --> 00:25:20

we take the idea but implement for the cause of Allah

00:25:22 --> 00:25:38

what we have to be we have to be careful of this education of this entertainment of this movies you know according to survey, on average, on average a child over the age of seven or eight first time goes to a * site how

00:25:39 --> 00:25:43

because through these cartoons, it divers to * site

00:25:44 --> 00:26:04

I've given a separate lecture on this topic time will not permit me I'm not completed. So you have to be careful what you want to call them, forget it. Let's not go into names with the Illuminati, whether it is day four, whether it but there is a big movement we as Muslims should be careful. Our guidelines

00:26:06 --> 00:26:07

is the Quran and Sunnah.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:14

And we have to be careful that anything we diversity from Allah and

00:26:16 --> 00:26:56

you have to be away from them. And we have people trying to you know, make it and we feel everything is modern, yes, being modern, more problem. But if that modern takes away from Allah and then stay away from it, we have to be careful when we check, pick up the good things of the non Muslim no problem. But be careful, don't get trapped and go away from your deen. That is the reason of Prophet prophet masala Salam says that towards karma, you'll have many number of Muslim but they'll be like, no value. Today Muslims are 25% of the world but what is the value at the time of the Prophet on the eighth to the 10th century Muslim on top of the world. If you wanted to learn science, you had to

00:26:56 --> 00:26:57

learn Arabic.

00:26:59 --> 00:27:02

The father of chemistry job is

00:27:05 --> 00:27:10

to distill alcohol. Alcohol comes from the English word alcohol from the Arabic word alcohol.

00:27:12 --> 00:27:19

At a time when people when before Einstein spoke about the theory of relativity, it was the Muslim scholars.

00:27:20 --> 00:27:55

trigonometry melaku See, the person who taught the zero was a Muslim. You can give a lecture only on the development of science and by the Muslim because we want top of the world at that time. You will close to Quran and Sunnah because they're close to Quran and Sunnah the advances didn't stand for excellent today. We Muslims away from Quran Sunnah because from Quran and Sunnah we are at the bottom today. You know we are being hammered everywhere you see in the world. We have been criticized we are being tortured, we have been killed. And we are no forced. We should be united on the base of Quran and Sunnah and see to it that we teach our children and our generation, we come

00:27:55 --> 00:27:58

close to corruption. Hope that answers the question. Thank you. Thank you.

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Before we move on to the next questioner, I would like to ask is there any other non Muslims in the crowd that would like to ask question

00:28:10 --> 00:28:14

Is there any other non Muslims in the crowd that would like to ask the question?

00:28:15 --> 00:28:21

No, okay, fine. I would like to move on to the sister at the back to my left. Is there any question in their

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00:28:25 --> 00:28:29

Sister please state your name your profession and make your question brief. Thank you.

00:28:35 --> 00:29:01

Rama Rama Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is Amira, Mo myself, I am a student of Diploma in science. So my question is, in my journey, to get a lot of pleasure and to get my purpose to get straight into Ghana, I have found two paths in my life which is which is Sunni and what have you. So, can you briefly explain to me what is the difference between Sunni and Wahhabi? So I will get clear on this. Thank you.

00:29:04 --> 00:29:05

The question that

00:29:06 --> 00:29:12

in the journey to purpose of life, you can pose the question and make it on the topic by putting the topic in your question.

00:29:14 --> 00:29:22

Hello, this is inefficient the system wants to know, my main question is she wants to know what is the difference between Sunni and Wahhabi?

00:29:24 --> 00:29:28

Sister if you read the Quran, there is no word as Sunni means.

00:29:31 --> 00:29:33

There's no word of Sunni and Wahhabi. Yes.

00:29:34 --> 00:29:37

One of the attributes of Allah is Wahab

00:29:39 --> 00:29:45

is loving. We all should be Abdul Wahab should be servant of Allah, servant of the tribute of Allah

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00:29:50 --> 00:30:00

tsunami in tsunami following the Sunnah of the Prophet. So every Muslim in that context should follow the Sunnah of the Prophet. So Sunni mean following the Sunnah of the prophet

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Every Muslim should be a Sunni. If he's not a Muslim, if he's not a Sunita not a practicing Muslim. This is the literal meaning of the Sunni. Wahhabi means if you if you believe in Allah every Muslim should be my hubby. But what the world called about Sunni and Barbie different countries have different label in my country, so near the different levels in this country for Nia has a different meaning. But the word funny me following soon every person should follow so now

00:30:29 --> 00:30:31

we're happy that we should

00:30:32 --> 00:30:34

have every Muslim should be

00:30:35 --> 00:30:40

should be serving. In short sister, your purpose of life should be to follow a line.

00:30:41 --> 00:30:43

Islamic rule I Islamic

00:30:45 --> 00:31:05

Allah Allah. Allah says in the Quran in Surah Nisa chapter four verse number 59, Attila obey Allah and obey the messenger and those who are alone with those who have the knowledge Allah bestowed the power of knowledge means the elements but the world doesn't end there. If the if the scholars differ go back to online.

00:31:06 --> 00:31:14

So if the scholar is all the scholarship if you pray five times you purify time no problem gives us gives a car 2.52 point if they

00:31:16 --> 00:31:19

go back to Ole Miss Ross will check with Quran and say which is correct.

00:31:20 --> 00:31:21

The problem is

00:31:23 --> 00:31:30

the problem is what you know, in India when first time automobiles came in India, people didn't know how to drive the car.

00:31:32 --> 00:31:37

So the company we sold the car when you purchased the car The company also gave the driver along with the car.

00:31:38 --> 00:31:42

I'm talking about 100 years back. So one one rich

00:31:43 --> 00:31:44


00:31:45 --> 00:31:46

he buys a car

00:31:48 --> 00:31:59

and along with the car the company give the driver so one day the business mentors driver get the car ready to take my wife for shopping. So driver says

00:32:00 --> 00:32:11

the car is not in working order. How can I get the car immediately in working order so the diversity to put the car in working order I require 10 kgs of honey

00:32:12 --> 00:32:21

20 kgs of rice, basmati rice 30 litres of milk and 40 kgs of honey. So the rich businessman gives him

00:32:23 --> 00:32:25

the 10 kg of

00:32:27 --> 00:32:42

Qi went litres of milk basmati rice and honey and the car is in working conditions this time asked me the question if you're a diver today tells you that I want honey ghee basmati rice and milk to keep the car in working condition we'll give him

00:32:43 --> 00:32:44

Will you give him yes or no

00:32:48 --> 00:33:03

I can fix the car I will not give you things that are asking the question if the driver asks you to put the kind of marking condition I require basmati rice I require. I require Honey, I require me will you give him of course.

00:33:04 --> 00:33:11

Of course yes. Yes I will give because that is the way to fix the car to get

00:33:13 --> 00:33:15

Mashallah with a living sister.

00:33:16 --> 00:33:18

Do you study what

00:33:19 --> 00:33:20

are you studying in

00:33:23 --> 00:33:26

this university? I'm asking you Rector okay I'm asking you

00:33:29 --> 00:33:30

if you're diversified give me

00:33:32 --> 00:33:37

give me honey give me give me rice to put the car in working condition will give Him

00:33:39 --> 00:33:41

you will what do you do? You will suck him off the job.

00:33:42 --> 00:33:51

If the diver of this university says I want gi I want rice I want milk you're actually saying he may suck him out of the job you will give him

00:33:52 --> 00:34:02

so the problem is sister if you don't know the basics of car study in your city that the car doesn't require it doesn't require it doesn't require milk.

00:34:04 --> 00:34:07

okay I get it now. Oh Very good, very intelligent.

00:34:09 --> 00:34:09


00:34:14 --> 00:34:21

Today, maybe the sound system is not good and you could not hear us talking about the car, car car.

00:34:22 --> 00:34:30

Any car Toyota Urbana Perodua proton, any car even proton doesn't work on D life.

00:34:32 --> 00:34:45

So today if you tell a person if the diver says give me ghee, rice and honey, you will take him out of the job because even if you don't know how to repair the car, we know very well that the car does not work on milk honey it works on petrol and diesel.

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

So similarly today Muslim today sister if you know if we know the basic teachings of Quran and the Hadith, no one will take you for a ride. If you know the basic teachings of Quran, read the Quran.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00


00:35:02 --> 00:35:42

is the translation of the Hadith in the language you understand the best whether it be English whether it be Bahasa whether it be Malay, if you understand people will not take you for a ride. And if the chi is the only spoil you take to a mechanic then you can ask an expert to we as Muslims should follow Allah and follow Quran and Hadith. There are scholars, if the scholars differ, go back to Allah and His Rasool Allah says in the Quran, I said in my talk in the answer before Sudoku Silla, Chapter 41 verse number 33. Woman, call me man, boy, Allahu Allah solito. Paula, in the name of the Muslim who is better in speech than wandering to the way of the Lord was righteousness and

00:35:42 --> 00:35:57

say that I am a Muslim. The best label you can give yourself is Muslim color in any minute Muslim mean, say that I'm a Muslim, but the best label any Muslim can give himself Allah call us push him.

00:35:59 --> 00:36:00

You have to follow her on and say

00:36:03 --> 00:36:04

thank you.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:08

Now moving on.

00:36:09 --> 00:36:11

Do we have a question from the sister to my right.

00:36:15 --> 00:36:43

Question. Okay, we will move on to the question on the mic in front of me. Molly, please state your name. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh My name is Mohammad Shami and I'm an engineering student of uni man. And I just want to ask one question for you. regarding our Akita, which is believing that Allah is in a rush, staying in some of our Muslim

00:36:44 --> 00:36:52

believing that Allah is everywhere, what is what will happen to the Akita if they believe in in this kind of way,

00:36:53 --> 00:36:57

even though that Quran saying that Allah is at a rush, yes of

00:37:03 --> 00:37:35

Quran is very clear that alive on his throne, it's very clear card, and the throne extends to the heavens India, we should not put our own words in the attributes of Allah the best way to describe Allah, the way he has described himself and the way the Prophet described. We should not put our own words and own understanding the best. Actually, they describe Allah the way he described himself and the way the Prophet had done, you should not add anything or delete anything from that what the Quran says repeat that was and that is the best of them. So the question, thank you.

00:37:39 --> 00:37:46

Now, we would like to move on to the mic on my left rudder. Please state your name your profession, and make your question brief.

00:37:50 --> 00:38:03

pristine Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is Anna drinka. Lee and from planting in industry management and agri agro technology from you it Mr. Okay, my question is,

00:38:04 --> 00:38:36

the purpose of life as a Muslim is to serve Allah with all our minds, and the branches from it is to fight for our religion, when it's come when it when it comes to us. So the question is, how come we the young the student want to contribute in this fight for Islam in order to in order to fulfill our purpose as a Muslim in our life? Thank you. Thank you.

00:38:41 --> 00:39:07

The question that the purpose in life is seeking the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Taala and we have to fight for our religion how as the students can do to fight for only the number one find the devil in you. Number one, Dr. Phil knifes Yes, the biggest fight is fighting against your knifes the devil which is in us our beloved partner Salah Salem said the devil flows in the veins of the human being like the blood flows in the human brain.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:42

The number one fight a fight against a oneness all you want to do this wrong things you want to say no Okay, stop it. You want to do things which are wrong. So best for fighting for any human being for any Muslim is fine the devil in us and then follow the Quran and Sunnah and we have to strive the best is jihad. The right what is not fight it is jihad. Jihad mean to strive and struggle to strive and struggle to make the society better to strive and struggle to follow the Quran and the Sunnah. So we should see to it that we reach a higher level

00:39:44 --> 00:39:59

one first you do the forest, then you do the sooner the mokena then do the sooner you keep on striving to reach a higher level. Praying five times okay praying five times in the most then see to it that you read the sooner there makeda 12 then you retire God

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

All these keep on striving striving to reach a better level whether it be in Salah whether it be in charity, okay fine minimum charities because 2.5% then Okay I will give 10% of my earnings I want to give 20% of my earnings and give 20% the more you give charity better for you The more you fast okay minimum fasting and fasting in the month of Ramadan, Okay then, I want to fast have the more RAM than the faster of Ashura than the 10 days of elijah, then you have to shovel fasting, then you want to do I am will be every time you can keep on going closer and closer to the five then keep on doing as much as soon as possible. This is the best for you to achieve the objective and reach the goal

00:40:40 --> 00:40:43

that is done. None of that is a question. Thank you.

00:40:45 --> 00:40:53

Now we are moving on to the sister to my left behind. Please state your name, your profession. And also the question briefly. Thank you.

00:40:55 --> 00:40:56

My name is Shaka.

00:40:58 --> 00:41:05

Sister Sorry, my name is Shafi. Kavita Montgomery, I am an accounting student from previous Medical College.

00:41:06 --> 00:41:23

You see earlier that human being engines are the only creation that can choose whether to obey or use obey Allah. So from what I know a lot has said the destiny for each one of us whether we are going to end up in the Hellfire or the heaven.

00:41:24 --> 00:41:33

And we always hear that everything happens for a reason. So if everything has been then what is the point of obeying the rules?

00:41:39 --> 00:41:45

is a very, very relevant question. Very good question. And a common question asked about

00:41:46 --> 00:42:06

that if everything is destroying that when we are going to * or heaven. Everything is mentioned the concert. So where is the question of the test? Alex system? If everything is mentioned already mentioned that I'm going to rob and if MacArthur says I'm going to rob and Rob Who am I to blame alleged to blame? And this is the question which is asked

00:42:07 --> 00:42:09

the reply to this is

00:42:10 --> 00:42:28

that I'd like to give you an example, that in in the classroom a teacher teaches the student at the end of the year after teaching before the examination the teacher predicts that the student will come out first class first this student will come out second class this student he will fail

00:42:29 --> 00:42:43

and the examination takes place this student come first class first, this turn your second class, the student fails. The student who fails Can he tells the teacher because you predicted I will fail I fail Can you blame the teacher

00:42:46 --> 00:42:53

and the student who failed blame the teacher that because you predicted I will fail? I fail Can you blame the teacher

00:42:55 --> 00:43:08

know why the teacher knows this student is very studious. He does his homework very well attend all the classes we come on first class First, the student average second class this student he bangs the class plays hooky goes for movie doesn't just

00:43:09 --> 00:43:11

just for example Don't get angry.

00:43:14 --> 00:43:24

So just because the teacher predicted he will fail, he cannot blame and say because the teacher predicted I failed because the teacher knew that he does not do the homework.

00:43:25 --> 00:43:31

Not the difference between Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah elmiger he has knowledge of the future.

00:43:33 --> 00:43:54

And it is not because Allah has written that you are doing Allah knows in advance what you will be doing and you have done it. For example, if you come at a crossroad you can either choose road 1234 you choose road to Allah knows in advance that on the second of December you will come at a crossroad you have four choice 1234 you will choose not to

00:43:55 --> 00:44:01

so not because Allah says you're choosing road to because you will be choosing road to Allah rights in advance.

00:44:03 --> 00:44:07

Once you pass a university, you know that you can work honestly.

00:44:08 --> 00:44:11

Or you can. Rob does honestly.

00:44:12 --> 00:44:39

You choose to drop who's to blame allow you to blame but Allah knows in advance that once you finish your university, you have the option of becoming a good honest person or being you choose to drop. So it is not because Allah has written you're doing because you will be doing Allah writes in advance. Analyzing the gap. The teacher is mostly correct but can make a mistake because she's a human being Oh, he's a human being. Allah subhanaw taala

00:44:40 --> 00:44:52

he has knowledge of the future. He knows in advance. So he writes it in advance that there is in allama Iqbal, a very great Islamic poet said that coochie coo Carina bulan Kelton Capella,

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

Pooja batata, zakkai. It's all to do couplet we save that make us so great that Allah

00:45:00 --> 00:45:11

before writing the destiny asks his servant, that what do you want and I will make you that. It means Allah subhanho wa Taala has knowledge of the future.

00:45:13 --> 00:45:24

Allah has given you the option that you can do something honestly, you can do dishonestly you choose to do it is honestly. So Allah subhanho wa Taala because

00:45:25 --> 00:45:29

he writes in advance, but who's to blame for the resource to you Allah?

00:45:30 --> 00:45:40

Who's to blame? The human being? Allah gave you the choice? The choice was yours. Allah told you don't cheat, don't drop material who's to blame you?

00:45:42 --> 00:45:51

So this is talking about the cadet that Allah is in the color, but you make the choice, therefore you are responsible and and not Allah put down. So the question is system.

00:45:56 --> 00:46:10

due to the limited time that we have, we can only take the last two questions. And I will take the question from the sisters, the sister behind and also followed by the brother in front of me on the front in front of me. I'm sorry for the

00:46:11 --> 00:46:16

those people who like to ask question, I'm afraid that we are unable to take your questions for this time.

00:46:21 --> 00:46:32

Okay, Dr. sakeena has requested for one more last round. So we will go on from there sister at the back followed by this brother at the front display on your my life. And also a last question from the sister behind if they have.

00:46:34 --> 00:46:41

Okay, now we move on to our sister, please state your name, your profession, and also the question that you have.

00:46:43 --> 00:46:50

So my name is Nadia. I am a medical graduate from Cairo University. So my question is

00:46:51 --> 00:47:00

regarding the purpose of life that you are to call to people to go and nanjiani bunker and to Java basically,

00:47:01 --> 00:47:19

you were quite familiar with lycra have been the verse like wrap it in and it never really sticks with me well that apostasy is to be executed. So can you briefly explain on that if there is the similar ruling in other religion?

00:47:23 --> 00:47:26

Sister Can you repeat the question again? Of course.

00:47:30 --> 00:47:33

Sister Can you ask a question that is relevant to the topic?

00:47:35 --> 00:47:48

My question is regarding that because people have asked me that and like Christians when I want to call people to Islam, and it's like, I can't really I don't really know what to say about that. I'm sorry, sister is not relevant to the topic.

00:47:53 --> 00:48:07

There is an answer on the YouTube of doctors aconite that you can find the answer there shala you can view it there inshallah. Now moving on to a brother in front of me, please state your name, your profession and also your question briefly.

00:48:12 --> 00:48:34

Test. Okay, Salam alikoum. And a very good night to everyone. My name is Norma Kamali Norden and I am a student from Perlis matriculation college or collision much Precipitately matricula super nice. Okay. My question is, if we have been given two choice, which is compulsory,

00:48:35 --> 00:48:46

catching our dreams, or fulfilling our purpose or responsibilities, which is which one is more better? Thank you. Thank you.

00:48:50 --> 00:48:57

If I heard the question correctly, that if you have a choice of fulfilling your dream of fulfilling your purpose, which is more important,

00:48:58 --> 00:49:02

unless you don't tell me what is your dream and what is the purpose I cannot say which is important.

00:49:03 --> 00:49:16

So if you tell me what the if your dream is close to Quran and Sunnah then dream is more important. If your purpose is close to Quran, Sunnah purpose is more important. Some people may have the dream that my dream is to go to Geneva for those very good.

00:49:17 --> 00:49:44

So whichever is closer to Quran and Sunnah that is more important, whichever if you judge according to Quran and Sunnah. Suppose your purpose is to go to Geneva but your dream is to go to Geneva for those then dream is more important than purpose. If your dream is to become actor, but the purpose is to go to Jenna, then your purpose is more important than your dream. fantasy. Don't tell me your dream and your purpose. I cannot tell you which is more important. According to the Muslim for the Muslim, which is the ultimate goal.

00:49:46 --> 00:49:47

Which is the ultimate goal for a Muslim.

00:49:49 --> 00:49:50

The law

00:49:52 --> 00:49:54

you can only answer of what knowledge you have.

00:49:55 --> 00:49:57

Is there anything higher than the law?

00:49:58 --> 00:49:59


00:50:00 --> 00:50:00


00:50:03 --> 00:50:08

if anything has been done, then interference or Salalah if anything has been done,

00:50:10 --> 00:50:17

what is the ultimate happiness? The ultimate goal for a pious Muslim is to see the image of Allah.

00:50:19 --> 00:50:19

Everyone in

00:50:21 --> 00:50:29

the face of Allah, the highest level that the Muslim can desire is to desire to see the face of Allah.

00:50:30 --> 00:50:41

Allah maximum time because even in general your desire and Allah subhanho wa Taala will not show his post face to everyone in Jana. Jana

00:50:42 --> 00:50:47

is the minimum goal, higher agenda for those who was in

00:50:49 --> 00:51:09

a place close to the Prophet masala Salam where we see the face of Allah subhana wa Taala for the highest level is that if your dream is that Mashallah, very good. Thank you. Thank you. Now, moving on to the next question. The brother on my left, please state your name, your profession and also your question briefly.

00:51:11 --> 00:51:12


00:51:14 --> 00:51:24

Thank you doctor for your dedicated lecture. My name is shamsudeen Muhammad Ahmed, PhD student with university Malaysia police.

00:51:26 --> 00:51:30

Actually, the lecture is what is the purpose of life

00:51:31 --> 00:52:16

as you said doctor, the purpose is to serve Allah and we need to have a plan on ground for us to achieve what we want to achieve. You give example of shared deducts, who has done a lot contributed in the field of comparative religion. Actually, since 2010, we develop interest in the area of comparative religion, especially my country because of the nature of the country have been non Muslims, many non Muslims, we were able to establish a center named after his name shakaama did international comparative religion foundation and at that time use of deedat was there to launch the foundation. My question is that

00:52:17 --> 00:52:45

the challenge we have the competitors, especially the comparative religions, students will always ask ourselves, when we look at the wish of digit delivers lecture, how he memorized foreign viable, then we came to realize that Czech didn't name you as the dot plus. So whenever we are discussing among ourselves, we say that chicama digit does it make some people they can do a magic? So my question is that,

00:52:46 --> 00:53:05

as competitors as students of comparative religions, what is the secret of have been a retentive memory? What is the secret of memorization of the Quran? What is the secret of viable doctor, I want you to repeat the sacred today? What is the magic? Thank you doctor

00:53:06 --> 00:53:07

asked me that.

00:53:10 --> 00:53:11

I've been inspired by

00:53:12 --> 00:53:34

the center in this country. And she has called me that that was the humility of shaida that he called me that last. But he's asking me what is the secret of that quotation of the Quranic verses the Bible etc. What is that secret? Brother? It is an open secret. And I've said that many times. The secret

00:53:37 --> 00:53:38

is the Glorious Quran.

00:53:40 --> 00:53:44

Allah says in the Quran, number one in Surah Moran chapter number three,

00:53:46 --> 00:54:01

was from 160. If Allah helps you, men can overcome you. If Allah forsakes you who is dead, then who can help you. So let the believers put their faith in Allah. Number one is the help of Allah. Without the help of Allah, you can never achieve anything.

00:54:03 --> 00:54:14

You may have the best of technique best of knowledge, my knowledge, if you compare my knowledge to the other Muslims, there are 1000s and hundreds of 1000s of people more knowledgeable than me. I'm nothing.

00:54:16 --> 00:54:28

If you look at my background, I was a stammer since childhood. If anyone asked me the name when I was a child, I would say my name is da da da da da ki o the summer.

00:54:30 --> 00:54:38

If I dreamed I could have done top becoming the best doctor in the world. I couldn't have dreamt of become speaking in front of 25 people.

00:54:40 --> 00:54:53

I could have dreamt of becoming the best doctor in the world possible in a dream you can dream anything. But I was so bad in public speaking as a stammer. Even in my dream I could not speak and could not think or dream of speaking in front of 25 people.

00:54:55 --> 00:54:59

But if Allah helps, you know, if Allah forsakes you who will then

00:55:00 --> 00:55:02

You can help you. So let the believers put the toughness

00:55:04 --> 00:55:22

number one, number two, Allah says in Sudan kabu chapter 29, verse 69, if you strive if you do jihad, if you struggle in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah opens up your pathways. What do you have to do a struggle and strife. If your partner is not open, who's to blame, allow you?

00:55:24 --> 00:55:24

Who's to blame?

00:55:26 --> 00:55:27

Allah or you?

00:55:28 --> 00:55:35

Allah says that if you strive and struggle, Allah will open up your pathways. If your pathways are not open, who's to blame you Allah?

00:55:36 --> 00:55:37

Who's to blame?

00:55:40 --> 00:55:42

That means you're not struggling correctly, you have to try harder.

00:55:44 --> 00:56:02

Try harder you have to get vaccinated mentioned in the Quran, number one, number two is timing. Number three, Allah says in Surah number 43 and chapter number 21, verse number seven for Salou alley secret in controllato. Allah moon if you don't know as the person who's knowledgeable last ditch technique.

00:56:04 --> 00:56:09

People ask me Brother, what is the technique? technique is, number one is

00:56:10 --> 00:56:18

how do you get help is important. You read the Quran, increment on the teachings of Quran and authentic hadith Allah replicon

00:56:20 --> 00:56:26

The more you strive to fulfill the commandment of Allah, the moral law gives you success.

00:56:27 --> 00:56:37

I could not dream in speaking in front of 25 people and Mashallah inspired by Shaykh de la started speaking under people 1000 people 10,000 people 100,000 1 million people.

00:56:39 --> 00:56:39

You know, when

00:56:41 --> 00:57:00

I started my knowledge was less and also it is less or to become like shake da da da da da da spoken to 12,000 people in Birmingham, with the debate with Annie Soros, I thought of you one day in shall live in I will address an audience of 12,000 that was that was the wrong wrong goal. I was very young.

00:57:01 --> 00:57:09

Then I realized that how many people you speak to is not the target is not your goal. But Allah made me fulfill my wrong goals.

00:57:10 --> 00:57:17

10,000 people 100,000 people, 1 million people hamdulillah that is not the goal. Our goal is Jenna.

00:57:20 --> 00:58:02

So men number one is the help of Allah to acquire the help of Allah you have to strive in the way of Allah and follow the Hadith and the Quran. And last is technique that is planning. First of all other than is striving then you plan okay see to it, that you go to a person who's an expert, see to it, that he may give you technique, but number one is Allah says then is striving and third is technique and inshallah inshallah we have an A school, young children age of 10 1215 they rattle off verses of the Quran, Mashallah. And halfway through Quran they're better than me. They cannot know better than me, Bible Koran my son Mashallah.

00:58:03 --> 00:58:23

English is better than me Arabic, Arabic language. My son's picolog officer, my daughter speedloader fossa. My daughter's English is much better than me. But I always tell my children if Allah doesn't help you all your knowledge is useless. First as to strive to get a lot of help. And the only way you can help is if you strive

00:58:26 --> 00:58:37

and repeat Allah Spano tala, that me he helped us to fulfill our goal and our purpose in life and may raise all of us Angelica for those inshallah have them.

00:58:38 --> 00:58:39

Thank you.

00:58:41 --> 00:58:50

Now we move on to the last question. From the sister to my left, right behind. Please state your name, your profession. And your question briefly.

00:58:52 --> 00:59:09

Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My name is et Ayesha aza. I'm a UI tm students in Diploma in science. My question is, what should the patient patient to do? have purpose online? Read it and commit suicide? Thank you.

00:59:13 --> 00:59:16

Not hear the question. Can you repeat the question?

00:59:18 --> 00:59:32

Slowly? What should the patient patient to do 40 What should you do passion patient to do have a purpose on library data and commit suicide. What should depression patient

00:59:34 --> 00:59:35


00:59:36 --> 00:59:40

What should a depressed person do? Yes, yes. Do they

00:59:42 --> 00:59:43

commit suicide?

00:59:44 --> 00:59:48

What should a depressed person do to a purpose on life when he wants to commit suicide

00:59:49 --> 00:59:53

and commit suicide rather than commit suicide? Mashallah.

00:59:55 --> 00:59:59

The sister has the question What should a depressed person do

01:00:00 --> 01:00:03

To our purpose in life rather than commit suicide, the best is

01:00:06 --> 01:00:08

read the Quran, master key.

01:00:13 --> 01:00:21

This Quran no secret, open secret master key. The Glorious Quran is the most positive book in the world.

01:00:22 --> 01:00:50

It is a proclamation to humanity is a fountain of mercy and wisdom. It's the warning to the heatless it's the guide to the airing, it's the hope to those in despair. It's the solace to the suffering and it's a guide to the earring. So this Quran is a well if you read the Quran with understanding it is the best solution for the problems of humanity. You know, my father, he was a psychiatrist.

01:00:51 --> 01:00:56

mela mercy on him and he was one of the first psycho Muslims of the country.

01:00:57 --> 01:01:03

This Quran is the best treatment for most of the psychological diseases

01:01:06 --> 01:01:10

because a person is depressed Why? Why the depression?

01:01:11 --> 01:01:13

He feels what is the purpose of living?

01:01:14 --> 01:01:18

So if you don't have a purpose of living what do you do? If you want to commit suicide?

01:01:21 --> 01:01:29

You may think okay, my purpose in life is that I want to earn maybe 10,000 ringgit a month so I'm only earning 2000 a year what do you do you want to commit suicide?

01:01:32 --> 01:01:40

You may say okay, my my purpose in life is that you know, and to come out first in your city, okay. You cannot come out first, then what do you do you have to commit suicide.

01:01:41 --> 01:01:43

You feel that you're a failure in life.

01:01:45 --> 01:01:49

You are a failure in life. If you read the hadith of masala Sala

01:01:50 --> 01:02:05

when a person wants to earn 10,000 or 20,000 ringgit, if he read the hadith of Mombasa, la solemn, our beloved prophet masala Salam said that the to Rajasthan a fudger that you read is more valuable than the world and the wealth in it.

01:02:06 --> 01:02:10

If you read to retire sooner, fudger you're more richer than Bill Gates.

01:02:12 --> 01:02:14

A prophet said to retire sooner

01:02:15 --> 01:02:21

is more valuable than the Earth and the wealth than it does Bill Gates have all the wealth in the world?

01:02:23 --> 01:02:25

Not even point 1% point 00 1%

01:02:26 --> 01:02:28

but you should have that faith.

01:02:31 --> 01:02:42

And if you know that if you want to strive for the era where you will get Jenna as the Quran faith with rivers flowing beneath the earth with best of fruits and multiple things.

01:02:43 --> 01:02:48

Then if you read if you commit suicide will go to *. And will you commit suicide?

01:02:49 --> 01:03:01

If you read the verse of the Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was number 195 do not make your own hands the cause of your own destruction so self harm is one of the major sins and Islam.

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So then he says okay, this life is temporary like 50 years 30 years. If I have problems in 30 years Akira eternal Jana will he commit suicide

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the Quran has the best treatment the Quran is the best healing so for such people the best is Quran and say howdy then inshallah the solid they will have the peace they will have the tranquility they will have they would want to live for the antigen. I hope that answers the question a sister waka Donna hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

Dr Zakir Naik Public Lecture in Malaysia on the Topic of WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIFE? Question & Answer Session

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