Fasting is for me and I reward for it

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Have you send me some of your salami says, Listen to this could normally be in a demo bar. It begins as a hug if number one NaVi Salaam Salaam is narrating. He says every deed that the son of Adam does is multiplied, is multiplied and has an advantage. Well, I'm 38 That's

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it, it's multiplied between 10 times and 700 times call aloha so as an individual I shall be speaking. And then the Hawaii the number we stopped selling becomes a hobbyist Tootsie. Allows origin is narrating now in other words, what's about to be said is so huge. Nobody himself said it in love soul, except fasting or fasting is not multiplied between 10 and 700 pipella de la Illa so for him the Holy One ICB except fasting that belongs to me that no The one who does it does it sincerely 100% sincerity for our most of our data for it deserved something special, Allah says, and ICB, I will reward for it. And what does it mean a love would reward for it, meaning the reward is

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too big. It wasn't able to be mentioned, if the reward was mentioned and said about how many books you'd need, but allow social summarized all that and said why don't you be I'll give the reward for it. It's too big to be mentioned. Don't worry about it. Heather, this is the virtue of fasting. These are the best days of fasting now in Chabad and follow it up with Lamar