S7E2 Nothing Fancy The Reinvention Series. Enhancing Mental Ability in simple steps.

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you might notice that my Instagram post isn't quite as graphically colorful as normal. Because I mean a hard to reach place at the moment. So I don't have the luxury of my computer to make nice graphics and that sort of thing. I'm busy doing my outreach work. So I haven't been able to quite post as much. And there's a bit of me that said, Oh, you know, maybe not as many people will hear this. But as soon as I get those thoughts, I come back to thinking, well, Allah has designed this already as perfectly as he intended. messages will reach whoever they need to reach by Allah's hand. So I have no fear whatsoever. You know, I'm not panicked to try to get more followers or anything, I

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think Exactly. whoever hears this weather sees it will see it and hear it

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at the time that they're meant to. So today, we are going to talk about, well, a story. And the story, I will use the story to explain a point to your point of Ramadan.

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And the story is about a visitor

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who comes to your door.

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they turn up to your door always yelling at you. And they're there every day. They seem to be yelling, you, things are not particularly nice. Sometimes they quite extremely say you're not a good person or, or they tell you that other people are coming to hurt you or that other people don't like

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and you try to ignore them. But sometimes you shout back at them.

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Sometimes that works, they go away for a bit. But when you shout back at them, they they go away shortly and they come back louder. And when you ignore them, they they seem to be more infuriated. They just knock at your door and knock at your window and rattle your house even more.

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So somebody tells you look, what about you just let them in?

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And you think Well, hold on. That's strange. Why would I let this person but you know, I've tried for many years to try other techniques. Okay, I let them in.

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And we just work, let them in and do what? Just let them talk. Let them shout. See what happens.

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So you go, Okay, fine. You let them in.

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And it turns out actually, that they sit down, they come in initially shouting, and screaming air. People don't like you and I don't like you don't like you, you're not a nice person. And then suddenly, what seems to happen is they seem to lose the enthusiasm. They don't shout as loud and they start talking at normal volume. And then when we hear them out, we say look, you know, who are you? Why have you been doing this? And they seem surprised that we asked them who they are. And they said, Well, listen, we work for you, man. We are your guards. Were your security guards. It's our job to tell you about things that are bothersome on the outside, you know, or to let you know about

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your concerns. You know, you're not dressed well. People are talking badly about you.

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And sometimes you've been you've been busy fighting us. You're not listening to us. Yes, I Oh, I know, we exaggerate. But you know, sometimes we that's just the way we are we Gods we panic. And when you ignore us, it's also bad because we think you're not hearing us. And so when you let us in, we realize Actually, it's quite nice. We don't have to shout at you. Maybe you might hear us. So it turns out actually, when you step back from this, that when you've let them in, they talk themselves out, they lose their energy. And by not responding to them. Not by not ignoring them, you are hearing them but you're just not responding.

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You seem to find peace.

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And then these girl guards can go out and they'll guard your house more effectively. And they'll tell you things more effectively. They'll still panic but they won't be as panicked process I'm talking to you about is that of how to be in touch with your emotions and the Prophet Sal awesome, described one

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metaphor for how he found peace when he was asked and he said I've taken my knifes and I've made it a Muslim. enough's is a source of emotions, raw, primitive emotions, you know. And so it's a wonderful way of him explaining that look, you don't have to fight them or ignore them. What you do is you invite them and just get to know them. And you give them a blanket of wisdom, that you know what they're there for. You appreciate them, but then you're not going to react immediately.

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And in Ramadan. This is the point of rundown we're trying to get to it is a way of finding peace, because it will become clear to anyone in Ramadan that there are feelings that you have almost brought upon yourself.

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When you fast hunger, thirst, headache, irritability, hangry, you know, hungry, hungry and angry together. And if you fight them or ignore them, they get worse. You can try distracting yourself maybe doing something nice or whatever, but you cannot ignore them, you can't deny that they're there. And the other thing you can do is just accept them. Yes, it is. It is unpleasant. I am feeling hungry, but it's probably not true hunger. If you read my book there, you'll see that there's at least three or four types of false hunger.

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So just let them be and you'll find actually a lot of your attention diminishes. So there's the point to how to handle emotions and how old I'm done can teach us peace. Tomorrow, inshallah. We'll

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learn some techniques on how to actually achieve that. And I'll share with you some more of with the monks discussions with myself on these sorts of issues.

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See you soon, inshallah.