Hard Truths You Have to Know For A Good Life

Tarek Kareem Harris


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Home truths are a mental toolkit which improves performance by making it easier to work with reality. Life is Stormy and unpredictable. Those who accept this reality will win. Home truths are the essential compass for navigating life storms. Home truths apply in all situations, keep them close and remember them all the time. And they improve cognitive and emotional performance across the board. The science parties, this home truths are productive constructs. There are better ways of dealing with every event, you'll do much better if you have a clear list of them. So here's how you do it. Take this ready made list, you'll be making your own using your own words. First, life is

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unfair, bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people accept this as it is right now is the only time you can change anything. The next five minutes is the only chance you have to do anything to influence your timeline. The past and the future are not available. Everything in life is temporary. Now the good times, not bad times the last expectations in life are always changing. goalposts always shifted. Get on with the new rules. You and others are not always good deliberately or not. People do things poorly, they lie they deceive and they act selfishly. Sometimes you'll spot it. Sometimes you'll do it. You can't get along with everyone, you'll be

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disappointed and you'll disappoint others. Not everything works out, plans and intentions get dashed. Desperate prayers will seem unanswered. Accept that and adjust accordingly, people will call you out more for your failures than your successes. That's reality. Move on. Trust and sincerity are desirable but not reliable. You will let others down and vice versa despite trust and sincerity being in place. That's the list. Now it's time to make your own home truths. First, forge your list, borrow from the ones above add your own. Reflect on your own life, seek wisdom. Remember their truths. They are facts, they're not behaviors, desirable behaviors is another list altogether. Apply

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the truth to the events in your life past and present. Think deeply, really make them stick. See how they make sense. And finally make them present in your mind. Keep the list close written on your phone or by your bed, whatever. Go over them every day of reflecting on situations that you come across. As you do this. Over time, your brain will automatically start shifting its schema, its rules of engagement. And these truths will become more visible as part of your core programming. It's a fact it takes time a couple of months but you'll start to find your emotions and judgments improve