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From the reliable alaminos Serato, Sara

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Lee was having

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we're talking about

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the connection

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between chaos theory

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and the issue of butterfly effect and our own ama.

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Today, I want to build a little bit more on that and talk to you about a financial ratio that is used in business analysis called row r o z,

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which is the return on capital employed.

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If you ask any business analyst, he will tell you there is one number which am supposed to look at in a balance sheet to see the health of a company, then that number is

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what is the result the return on capital employed, because we see other ratios also but

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our OC is the most critical financial ratio, return on capital employed.

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If you take that

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principle and apply it in our own lives,

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and say, What is my return on capital employed?

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Now, what is our capital, our capital have no number one capitalist time.

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As far as we are concerned, number one capitalist.

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And after that, it's everything else, which is its energy, it is emotion, it is actual money.

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And for every one of those, like you would do for a business organization,

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we must have a number.

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And that number should be healthy.

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Because there's no point in having a negative loss. If you are running a company and you're Rose's negative return on capital employed is either not healthy, or it's giving you a loss, meaning that there is no return,

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then obviously, that place in the place where you are employing that capital must be changed.

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So what is our situation, each one of us has to defend myself and you, each one of us has to do our own analysis.

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Because one day, this analysis will get done for us.

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I'm not saying that Allah subhanaw taala and call it rose, whatever you call it, it will be the return on capital employed.

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And it's better than we do it before it is done for us. So what is the return on capital employed? The best way to do this, if you try to do it for your whole life will get confused. Because there's just too much data. You can't you can't, you know, deal with that data of that budget.

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But a very good way of doing that is just to think of the previous day.

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Yesterday, one day, from the time we woke up in the morning, to the time we went to sleep.

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Where was our capital employed? And what was the return on that? That is a doable proposition. So even if you can't think of yesterday, make this as a

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task yourself and say today, I will keep this in mind.

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I might say if I keep it in mind, then maybe I'll put it in the right place and it will not give me the right let's see.

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Even if it gives you If it makes you do something right once it's good since we're not trying to catch you out doing something wrong, no problem. Or think of yesterday's ism the drama woke up in the morning, what did I do? Where did I spend my time? What kind of conversations did I have? Where did I spend my energy? Like

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if you spend some money, where do you spend the money do watch

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and so on emotions, everything you got very worried about some topic, what was that topic?

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Like was some football score or what Manchester did or something or was it something worthwhile? You know,

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we get a lot of emotion into useless things.

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And a lot of

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a lot of hearts are broken or rubbish

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things which are actually worthwhile, which are really something where we must put our emotion there's no investment in that. So let us take one day is yesterday and say what is my rows are yesterday what's my return on capital employed yesterday?

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Where it is go

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people want us to dispensable

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no one understood is better than the Sahaba versa.

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And from day one, the to look at the the thinking of the Sahaba from day one, the famous story of better one, which I many of you who come to the classes regularly you would have heard me telling this story many times where which is narrated by cabin Malika there are no very talked about the first time that the people of Medina it was the second time for some of them, but most of them it was the first time the first time actually

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metros, hora de Sala in Mena.

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And they are not the way to recover

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where they met Navis Lhasa for the first time. And they gave him by

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giving him the promise to support him.

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And if you recall that story, I don't want to know for the remainder we don't want to make it long. But very quickly, if you recall that story,

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Kevin Marika. Delano said after narrating how ViSalus alum came there and what happened and so on. beautiful story, inshallah, when we have more time we will talk about in detail. But Gabby Malika delana said, Our leader said, Dr. Zola, what do you want from us?

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Tell us what you want. What do you want from us?

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And there was a lot that was made a statement was what I did, sometimes I thank Allah subhanaw taala that we were not born at the time of the Sahaba

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May Allah save us because I think it's the hickmott of Allah subhanaw taala inshallah, Allah wants to forgive us, and he was done. And if Allah subhanaw taala had caused us to be born in the life of them, maybe we would have been

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the wrong kind of people. Because if we were born then with the kind of minds we have today,

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then we would have been with

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with the benefit of money I'm

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not I'm not joking, seriously, it's a great mythology that he calls us to be born 1400 years later.

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So we have some excuse.

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But if you want then remember these people who came to Bethel Aqaba, most of them were 70 something most of them had not met them before that, right.

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So there was no there was zero tarbiyah of the Navy directly.

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So he they asked him, What do you want from us. And the result of that is I was I was made a statement, which today in our context, now we'll have Allah subhanaw taala save us from, you know, tests, he made a statement, which in today's context is the most unreasonable, the most demanding statement that anyone can make if somebody makes that statement today will say, oh, you're crazy. You're nuts. So how can you ask this?

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There is a logical opposite, I want you to promise that you will protect me meaning protect him person as well as the Dow of Islam. Like you protect your own wives and children. What does it mean?

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It means that you must promise to die for me.

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Simple in one line, that's what it means. The first demand is give you a life

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preserver, even today, how many of us will stand even if Allah Salam happened to come here? You know, and if he obviously he will take the standard that he took quando in the in that day, how many of us today if we are if we are in the presence of Elijah Salah, and he takes the stances that he took on various issues? How many of us will still stand by him? And how many how many of us will run for cover?

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What do you think Russell realized that Islam would have done if you if you saw the different kinds of political things that are happening with different things that are happening to Muslims today in this world? What would the Prophet of Allah what would he have done?

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Today we are even afraid to open our mouth and talk forget about doing anything.

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So he said your life number one.

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Number two,

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I want you to promise

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that if I order you to do something that you will obey whether or not you like what I say of whether or not you understand what I say

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sounds reasonable. makes any sense whatsoever.

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Number three,

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he said I want you to promise that if I asked you to give

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that you will give in times of plenty and you will give in times of when you have nothing

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in difficult times and easy times.

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And COVID Malaga Villa Moses and talking about Ross and talking about return on capital employed cosmetica delana says

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our leader I heard this and our leader asked him he said yes a lot what will we get in return?

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What will we get in return?

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And what did he say? salovaara Salah, one word? Only one word.

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Jenna and as always say this is not the bottom line of the story.

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The final bottom of the story is what the Sabbath it What did you say this

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So vanilla, what a bargain.

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This is what a bargain.

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makes sense to you?

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Does it make any sense? Or actually it doesn't make any sense whatsoever in our context. So either they were crazy or we're crazy. What are the two? No, you both can be this company. There's some a bunch of people who are talking something which makes zero sense to me. So either they are crazy, I am crazy Allah, Allah knows and Allah knows who's crazy.

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Because those people are Janna. Allah gave them the guarantee of Jannah. And Allah did not give me the guarantee of gem

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return on capital employed. Can you believe that? He says, and one is people. That's what I'm saying.

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These are people who are saying this on the first day.

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These are people who have had no direct tarbiyah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam until that day.

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Despite that, this is the level of the ribbon that does that the Prophet of Allah Azza wa sallam is saying, if you have to lay down your life you lay down your life if you have to give money you give money, if I tell you to do something, you do it, whether you like it or not. Yasser Allah Yes.

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What will you get Jana was one of the water bargain.

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That's why I always ask this question, what pictures were they seeing in their mind? And how come we don't see those pictures anymore

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because return on capital employed

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depends on the place where you employ the capital,

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that you cannot get the same return for everything. So you will get a return on depending on where you employed capital. And where you employ that capital depends on your assessment of what the return is likely to be.

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There is logic, obviously, if you have if you have capital, someplace where you're employed where you think, for example, if you have some money surplus cash in reserve, and I'm looking for places to employ

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and somebody comes to you with a plan

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to take over the entire media network of Hyderabad city, for example, right.

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And he's giving you some big numbers

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and the other person comes to you with a plan where he is constructing a real estate apartment block or is constructing a commercial building and so on

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99.9% of you wherever you put your money

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in the apartment building, right.

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Now, I might I might argue with you that that shows that you really have no financial sense,

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because here is a chance where you can become a billionaire rich beyond your wildest dreams. And here is return where I can almost guarantee you that our matches are returned so much you will get faster you will not get one cent more than that. And even that return you may get you may not get there is some doubt about it. Yet you will say no because this one is sure to whatever extent that one yes, I may become a billionaire or all my money no God may go down the drain and nothing may come out of it. So the risk is very high. Whereas here the risk is low. Return may not be I will not become a billionaire, but I'm not I won't starve also there is a return it has it appreciates in

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value and so

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my question my point question to myself when you is Allah subhanaw taala told us various places or places to invest. And Allah subhanaw taala gave us guarantees.

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And those guarantees are not subject to inflation. They are not subject subject to currency fluctuations.

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They are not subject to states of war. They're not subject to the health of the ones who

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Yes, how much then well, I'm sorry, who the coffin that's why the Indian economy is down the drain.

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The promises of Allah subhanaw taala are not subject to any of these things.

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The promise of Allah subhanaw taala is true.

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And who is truer in his promise than Allah? Allah Allah.

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So now,

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first thing

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to do his analysis of the previous day to say, Where did I apply my capital? And secondly, look at those points and say, What kind of

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place of investment was that? Was it a good point of investment? Or was it a bad point of investment? Because depending on the promises of our last panel,

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and I told you, we will only invest in things where we are sure of the return.

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So if we are not investing where Allah told us to invest, what does it mean?

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What does it mean?

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It means that we have no faith in the promise of Allah. Seriously, that's what it means.

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Because if you believe the promise of Allah and you don't invest, what does it mean? You say you believe

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Promise of Allah do not invest in what does it mean? It means you're what you say you're lying you don't you don't believe if you really believe that oh how come you're not investing simple

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if you believe if you're not if you if you say yes I believe but you're not investing it means you don't believe simple so we have to ask ourselves do I believe it or not believe and look at do an actual balance sheet and I've said this before many times do an actual balance sheet and say how much of my investment is based on the promises of Allah? And how much of my investment is based on my own assessment of this dunya which I know I will leave

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even the atheist knows he will leave

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everybody in the world knows he will leave

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yesterday we're seeing somebody sent me

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something from Facebook. I'm not on Facebook, but somebody sent me something from their the statements of people who are killing Muslims in Assam

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and they are updating their Facebook status and saying blatantly and one of them said we have sent 1000 Muslims to there Allah

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has won like the fellow knew how true he is.

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if you knew how to test how true his statement is.

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Did it say three Sevilla inshallah

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Shahada visa visa

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melasma de la

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give them the another for those who Allah and the people who are persecuting them and who are killing them. May Allah subhanho wa Taala deny them Hydra in this dunya and May Allah subhanaw taala degree for them the Hellfire forever and ever.

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Seriously, I do not make I do not make the offer a lot of people like let them die without his eye, and let them go into the Hellfire forever and ever.

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Seriously, let us take stock of our own lives and say, where do we want to invest our capital, because the one last point to close with ourselves.

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In this world, we have an opportunity also not to invest.

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So I say I've got some money, and I will do nothing, I'll put it in a box and I'll keep it under my bed, maybe, you know, may not be the best thing to do. But I that's what I want, I will not put it here or there, I will just

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put this under my mattress and that's where it will be. But our actual life, you don't have this choice, because time is passing.

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So the investment is going constantly, we have no opportunity to say I will not invest this this one there is no choice as you eat that investment is happening. Whether or not you are I like it or not that investment is happening that capital of ours, which is our life is flowing constantly.

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And that is why the first question on the Day of Judgment is on verse on return on capital employed, what is the first question of the day of judgment what is adding reserves at the feet of the son of Adam will not move from the Maidan officer until he answers your question. What is the first question? Where did you employ the capital you had?

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What did you do with the life I gave you?

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What is the what is the financial language for that?

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What is yours? symbol? What is a 100 ratio telling you? What is the return on capital employed I gave you capital of 50 or 60 or 70 years, 20 years, 100 years, 10,000 years, whatever the lifespan was?

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Where did you employ this capital

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so that our capital, there is no way of not employing it, it keeps going, it keeps going.

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And that's why the sooner we wake up to the fact and we start channeling it in the right directions, the better for us. Otherwise, a day will come when the so backward running clock.

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And if you if you want a graphic example of that, just trigger a stopwatch, set a time and wait takes backwards. And then it comes to the final thing and goes.

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And that's it stories of

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when the accounting begins.

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And it's for that day that we need to prepare ourselves.

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We have heard this message a million times before.

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But results depend not on hearing the message. But on taking action. You ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to do this and to open our eyes and enable us to invest in places where actually it makes a difference. For us in our favor. Insha Allah, Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was happy with me