Kindness Pays Most When You Don’t Do It For Pay

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The transcript describes the historical context of the Surah Torah and the importance of the culture of the Bible. The speaker discusses the importance of the holy Bible and the need for people to be rewarded for their actions. They also mention the importance of the holy Bible's teachings and its use in support of slavery.

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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. There is a profound quotation I came across in the 16 Jews in married for the Koran on the concluding verses of the 18th chapter of the Quran surah Toluca have where even though Arabic Rahim Allah said that my beloved respected, honorable, venerable mentor, Allah to Toshi Rahim Allah once said to us, that Let it not be, oh my son, my student, my disciple, that your life slips by in competition with your peers, I will outdo him I will outshine him I will excel him, but rather focus your energy in something objective. And then he said, reflect over this verse of the Quran for

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mankind julietta rp failure ml ml anzali. Ha, if you're optimistic to meet your Lord, then perform righteous deeds. And one of the best deeds that a person can perform is the silent deed. This is what is most loved to the Almighty, silent and discreet Islams in every form, shape and science. And yet again, we look at the rich legacy of Satan Abubakar, the Allahu anhu. Indeed, he was unique in every regard amarapura Katara, the Alon who said masaba to abubaker illa Hayden Pato Allah Subhan Allah, that whenever I tried to surpass Abubakar, the alignment angle in any matter of faith and religion, he always surpassed me among these many feet was the liberation of poor slaves. So people

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who were in slavery who have been abused and exploited by their masters, say then Abubakar would go to them, give them the money they demanded, and at times, they would demand exorbitant amounts. And Ababa karate alone would pay them that amount and earn the freedom of these slaves. And it is in this regard paying homage and tribute to Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu that Amara de Allahu anhu send the famous couplets just Allah hi Ron and Bella Lin wasabi rt

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abeja Holly ashy attorney Murphy bill lamb so it

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will actually be Tony de Bella Nam he will totally he shall need to be another la hora de la for eoco to loony Jaco to loony phylum akun Lucia Kabir Rahmani means infantile cottony via Baba Hema Abba, you Lucy Noah Moosa worries and that Genie from Allah to believe the essence and the synopsis of these couplets is he pays tribute to Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu for earning the freedom of so many people. And he says, may Allah shower or be 15 reward upon him. And it is regarding these verses that regarding this tale and this amazing quality of his that has been referenced in the 92nd chapter of the Quran in the 30th jos verses 1819 onwards towards the concluding part of surah to lay

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that once his father Abu hanifa, who was not a Muslim, said to Abubakar, you are liberating these people, why don't you try and liberate some, someone who's physically strong because they don't have financial clout, so they cannot repay you or reciprocate you but identify a slave who's physically strong. So tomorrow, if anybody threatens to assault you, you can call upon them and they will be ethically obliged to respond because they carry your favor of liberation on their shoulders. And then eration of hiking, I will back up the line and said, Oh my dad, I try and empower those people in whom I do not see any possibility of reciprocation, so that I can take my full reward from the

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Almighty. That's my message, my brother helped someone offset the depth of someone, feed someone, close someone and leave your reward to Allah. He will grant it to you at the time where you needed the most and that is the day of the AMA