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Tafseer juz amma
night 11
Surah Al Qadr (The Destiny)
The most important night of your life is coming

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We live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah, the swift completed one third of the month of Ramadan, tonight is night number 11. One third gone, two thirds to go. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept that which we've done thus far that third, how quickly it has gone. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant the next two thirds to be even better and more Blissett for us. I mean, and it's with that introduction that we begin tonight's lecture tonight Steph see it is of course of school that will cover the surah of the night of

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the night of destiny the surah of destiny, which is only applicable to the month of Ramadan. And we in sha Allah are on the verge of receiving this night. And it is the holiest night of the year. If you look at your calendar and all of us we circle the important events for the year. Very important the anniversary must be circled or you interval, you circle you know someone's graduation or the deadlines. But this deadline is the biggest and most important date on the calendar for you for all of us, your life, your death, your music, your gender, your jahannam everything is dependent on this night and obtaining this next panel ah everything. So Allah subhanho wa Taala begins the surah and

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if we remember the previous Rasul Allah was about it started off with the ikura the revelation of the Quran, right? It is the beginning of Revelation. here Allah begins the sewer so the link of these two sewers are quite clear in and will feel a little colder in verily we sent it down during the night of color during the night of avocado.

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We sent it down, it being the Quran unanimously on the night the night of other

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a couple of points to note from this ayah unzila.

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If you look at the English is revealed, if you look at the word Nasrallah, it means revealed in English. But in Arabic, these two words are very different. Nasrallah is a stage the revelation step by step, peace, Revelation, and Allah is one direct revelation. Now, one might say this doesn't make sense, because we know that the Quran was revealed in two stages in 23 years. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is not talking in this ayah about the revelation of the Quran to the prophets of Salaam. The Quran was revealed before that in one go in one complete revelation. And even above the line explains that the Quran went through a number of revelations, the first being Allah subhanho wa

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Taala always had the Quran with himself in his infinite knowledge. And then it was transcribed by the column, that pin that we spoke about yesterday. It was transcribed in a book, a low health food. And then on a special night later to cover the entire Quran was sent down to the lowest summer in a place called beta laser like a library in the summer. And that happened on this night called Laila to color on this night, this night of power and destiny. And it was from that point over a period of 23 years that the Quran was revealed in stages. So Allah is talking about its original revelation, from the summer high up high, the entire revelation down to the lowest amount, and you know, the

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first creations to really notice this with a gene and Sudoku gene. The gene tell the prophet SAW Selim, but we found the skies mooli. At Harrison, that the skies all of a sudden the same as what the gym could travel slightly above our world, they found that the the heavens were extremely well fortified. All of a sudden, they were many angels around and they could no longer steal the yearning that they used to do. Because the Quran it now began its revelation. So Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, on one specific night in one go from himself down to the lowest summer, and in from the over a period of 23 years, God Allah salatu salam would come and sin bits and pieces of the prophets

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of Salaam so Allah says we sent it down in Laila, too late fee la Latina other, the night of al Qaeda. What does the word quarter mean? linguistically Katara, you can't do it is to estimate or to measure. It is to decree like when you point out something, we give each one his share of measurement. So it is the night in which the measures the decrease the destinies of every single person he's raising his life is calamities. He's happiness, he said this the rain, the drought, death and life in general and jahannam is dealt out.

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Now we know one of the six pillars of our Eman is to believe in Allah predestination that Allah wills everything in the future. And Allah subhanho wa Taala makes this knowledge of the future known each year to the angels on little corner. So Allah knows the future, and he knows what will happen for the next million 10 million billion years. The angels don't know that molecule mode does not know who's Ottawa he's gonna pull. He only gets a budget a list once every year. These are the names of all the people whose souls you're going to pull the times the locations how they're going to die. This is for you molecule mode, the angel of the rain. These are the places where the rain is going

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to come. They only receive the commands they instructions. On a specific night, once a year we all the angels congregate and they get this budget from Allah. Allah mentions this is sort of the one that Allah says in the Quran down on a blizzard night. And on that night, you frog Allah makes clear, every command every decree every determination, or every decision of Allah, Hakeem that is done with wisdom. So it's on this night, when the angels will receive the budgets on this night. And it coincided with the revelation of the Quran. And every year this night comes and one specific 19 one year, Allah sent the entire Quran down. So Allah says

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one other ahkamaat a little color, now was himself giving the Tafseer Allah says, I'm explaining to you This night is so holy, I call it the night of power, the night of destiny. And I want to make it even more firm in your mind what is this night? Or what is the significance of this night? Or how mighty is this night allow us to go a step further to explain to you what this night is laylat will cover the Knights of elkader clay Roman alpha, it is better and greater than 1000 months. And what this means is is a hadith to many a hadith that the prophet SAW Selim spoke to the Sahaba about people of the previous nations, that there was a man who fought Jihad for 1000 months and at night

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you would not let a night go by without making gadget and another man who would fast 1000 months non stop and then he would wake up at night in Jihad services panela How can we compete 1000 months is 83 years we will we be looking at the Sahaba we compete just to get into genealogists put me in the basement, the parking lot, the toilet of gentlemen, just get me so how about wants to how are we going to compete to get to the highest levels of gender with people lived longer, and they got to make more money by that. So as a gift, one of the exclusive gifts that Allah gave to this oma was that even though little Potter came in the previous generations, Allah gave to us whoever captures

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this night in Nevada and worship and you are devoted in that night in Nevada, then Allah will give you the reward of 1000 months of continuous fasting, continuous jihad. Continuous Sala continuous charity, Allah says it will be even more than that you will get an entire lifetime of good deed good deeds, you will get now if we were to live 80 years, we don't know how much sooner we would do in that 80 years. But Allah says I will give you a full lifetime of good deeds. If you make a biter on that night. This is exclusive for this oma. But let me make this more relevant to us to understand.

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Your boss tells you. There's a night in this month, I would want you to work from Missouri until fudger on that night, and if you do that, I'm going to give you your salary 1000 months worth so put that salary. Imagine yourself Don't shout it out. Think about your monthly salary in your mind. Add three zeros. Your boss says for one night you work 12 hours, I'm going to give you that amount. If you earn 10,000 Rand is going to give you 10 million Rand.

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Yes, that's correct. If you work if your salary is 10,000 Rand, I'm going to give you 10 million Rand if you work properly correctly that night from mercury pencil fudger. How will you work, you won't look at your phone. You won't do it on the TV. You won't even take your mind on anything besides this job. You will make sure you make no mistakes. And that night is coming now. It is on its way. The next three weeks that night is coming. That night is coming for every one of us. Although I didn't say only for the Sahaba or the NBA it is for every single one of us 1000 months a lifetime. And obviously that's not good enough for you, you're still not impressed with that. Then

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also, not only will you'll get a lifetime of good deeds, Allah will also remove all your sins of the past life. You get no sin if you and the prophecies will ever make Salah on that night. He didn't say make the whole night inshallah. He

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just stood one Raka was pure Eamon with sincerity he cried for Allah maybe truly cried for Allah with him and all your sins are forgiven. In one of these nights, if we don't get a single night in these nights of Ramadan, go without sada.

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And on top of that it's the Night of Decree, where even though the decrees are coming from Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives you the opportunity of law. But until that budget is given, there is still room for you to change it. The Prophet also says whoever wants his life and his music to be increased, keep family ties, whoever wants to avoid calamities make dua, even though the rain might not have been written for us, through the doors alone might seem that remember Allah wrote all kinds of probabilities, every scenario, whichever one could occur is with Allah and through our doors, we might activate a certain path, that night is coming in the next two, three weeks. So Allah says,

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little caudry hieromonk alpha. And it's so powerful that night, that even the angel standards is a little melodica word rule. Fi hub even there'll be him mean Cooley amor, that the angels and the rule, the rule here means gibril doesn't mean the dead spirits. Similarly, in Surah, two is unknown. Yo, Morocco, Morocco, Morocco, Morocco, the day when gibreel and the angels will stand waiting for Allah. So yeah, Allah says, This night is so holy, that even the angels who are in the highest some hour they want to be on the earth, because the holiest place in the universe is going to be on this dunya at that night, that the angels come down and do video. Now the video only comes down for very

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specific functions. In fact, Allah calls gibreel that he has a place close to the arch, where he's standing position is some section close to the throne of Allah. But even God will ask Allah for permission to come down to the dunya another angels love to be in the presence of Baraka and mercy and the remembrance of Allah so much mercy and Baraka will come down on that night to the dunya that the angels will prefer to come to the dunya then be up close to the arch. So Allah says the melodica Andrew gibreel used to come down a little further to bring the Quran now he's just coming down out of that sooner be near him with the permission of Allah, meaning the angels don't do anything they

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get to ask Allah Allah please let us go down to that message. Men should run Islam to that message a woman said whatever it might be, we want to be the Subhanallah some people don't come she video will leave his position at the arch to come down to our masajid

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min Cooley amor and they will have the decrees they will have the list of what this means they've got the budget with him. Salah munia masala al fudger.

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Darla mentioned the Salam is the angel saying Assalamu alaykum to the people that they are so eager to meet us in our ibadah that we are getting conferred a favor which no previous nation or creation received. They are coming to give the great glad tidings to you Salaam like someone graduating, you want to shake his hand and say my boo, I'm you know, I'm happy for you. The angels are going to come dancing Salah munia had moto dial fudger until the budget until the dawn of budget occurs and then the angels will return back to Allah. So when is this night of laser cutter.

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And in reality, we don't know for sure. And the prophets also lamp. Initially he made it tick off the first few nights. And then it was seen he said when he was shown that it's not in the first 10 nights when he made it decaf in the second 10 nights the second third of the month. And when he said he could see himself, you know making salah and it was a bit of mud, and it would be in the last 10 nights and it has specific nights occurred when he was making Salah in the masjid and the roof and swallows is the measure of Nabisco Salah measure nabawi part of the leaves that was covering the roof blew away and the rain fell down. And when he made sujood His head was covered in a bit of mud.

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And that was a night of labor to color. So the profits are seldom to make it easy on the oma

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and also not to give us that false, you know, imagination that if you leave the entire month without any binder and you just pick up for one night you'll get the full month doesn't work that way. So I can happen like that I was not gonna let the guy who's been making sola and tarawih the entire month. And the other guy who just picked us up for one night to get the same area was never so the Prophet said to make it at least easier for us. That label cause it can occur any month any any night of Ramadan, but it is more likely most likely to occur in the last 10 nights and in the odd tin and the odd ones. So really the last the five nights which must not ever be missed is the 21st

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of Ramadan, the 23rd the 25th the 22nd

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Seventh and the 29th very important 29th gets forgotten to it after the 27th Hartman Quran people get the whole forget the bass lovers whatever it is, and that's the end of it the Ramadan is done no later to quarter we could be the 29th and in fact many of the scholars even Buhari and Mr. Shafi i'm not mistaken, said the 17th of Ramadan. So many great things happen on the 17th Battle of bother occurred on the 17th of Ramadan. many great things occurred on the 17th of Ramadan, so every night is applicable, but out of the mercy of Allah, he said, at least the prophets are encouraged us, at least the last 10 nights, and it'd be so important that Nagisa Salaam wouldn't sleep those 10

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nights, you wouldn't spend time even with his family as usually did because it's purely for about every second is vital, every second of that reward is vital. So inshallah let's gear up for that. This middle tin nights usually gets missing of Ramadan. This is where the hard part of Ramadan is, and inshallah we build ourselves up and you make in these 10 nights to give you the strength for the last 10 nights and Allah grant us all the blessings and height and Baraka of this month, and specifically label color, and they do have little color in that we can recite as much as you can Allahumma inika foon Kareem and a bola for one hour La Valle you're the oft pardoning you love to

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pardon. So pardon us. We'll repeat the surah again inshallah on the 20th night of Ramadan, just to remind us about what's what's available for us tomorrow inshallah we'll discuss certain beginner, very, very difficult to have to defeat but inshallah we'll do what we can. And then as for the quiz last night, who said Who is the owner of this oma? The prophets of Salaam called Abuja hell, the fear out of this oma and his real name was ama even a sham. That was his his real name. He wasn't a Buddha hub. He wasn't a lead, who was

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the one who tortured Bilal that was his name may even have. Okay, tonight's question. Laila to Carter is better than eight months, 100 months 800 months? At 3.33 years.

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Insha Allah wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa salatu salam serene Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.