Taimiyyah Zubair – The Beautiful Names of Allah #26

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of learning the names of Allah and its various meanings to strengthen relationships with him. They also touch on historical and cultural context related to words "peep," "gear of fear" and the meaning of " Motor Club." The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of one's internal and external states, be aware of one's actions and thoughts, and be vigilant about one's actions to avoid confusion and loss of good deeds. They also emphasize the importance of watching one's actions and deeds to avoid confusion and loss of good deeds. The speakers emphasize the importance of being a positive person in life and acknowledge that one's success depends on one's ability to live in a positive environment. They also mention the concept of "be yourself" and how it relates to personal growth.
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Morning ECOMOG metal lucky wabarakatuhu

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rahi sadri were silly emri Washington rock data melissani of cuckoo Kohli along my dear Colby was sadly Sani was throught schemata Colby amin Yoruba alameen

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inshallah, we will continue with our study of the names of Allah, the Exalted. And remember that when it comes to learning the names of Allah and especially reflecting upon the meanings of the names of Allah then this is something that is extremely extremely beneficial to the state of our heart. It is something that increases our faith, it is something that

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that enables us to enjoy worshiping Allah subhana wa Tada. It is something that helps us find closeness to Allah. It is something that helps us have the motivation to obey Allah exalted. And when we reflect upon the names of Allah, then this is an exercise that helps remove the veils of negligence, the veils of heedlessness and doubt. So this is something that is extremely important for the health of our heart, for building and strengthening our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. Because remember that the more a person knows Allah, than the more they fear Allah, and the more they love Allah, and the further they are from disobeying Allah, and they also have more hope

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in Allah exalted. So this is something that we shouldn't just do at an intellectual level, that we are just trying to learn the different names and study their different meanings. But this is something that is that that should be done any for for the benefit of our heart. This is something that should be done for practical purposes, to really strengthen our relationship with Allah, the Exalted and I asked Allah subhanaw taala to benefit us from what we are doing. And let this knowledge be a means of increase in faith and not an argument against us. So today in sha Allah, we are going to study the name of Allah, Allah keep the name of Rocky, a repeat, meaning the ever

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watchful, the one who is constantly observing the one who is watching his slaves and guarding them. Now the name of the cave occurs three times in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah Nisa in Allaha Cana la con rocky Baba, that Indeed Allah over you is ever watchful in su reserved verse number 52 It is said what can Allahu Allah coolie Shea is a fever that Allah is Ever over everything watchful meaning he is ever watchful over not just to you or people, but couldn't be shy in every single thing. So whether it is living or nonliving whether it is human or gin or animal, your actions everything Allah subhanaw taala is watchful of it in total Merida is 117 it is mentioned

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about rissalah his Salaam that he will say on the Day of Judgment, that when the last panel Tata will ask him that did you tell people that they should worship you and your mother? Sorry, sorry is Sam will will respond he will give an answer and part of that is that Welcome to our lay him Shaheed and madam to fee him that you're up. I was a witness over them for as long as I was among them, for that matter were faith and he couldn't enter the paper or lay him but when you took me away, then you are the one who was

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Rocky over them, you You're the one who was watching their deeds were under Allah Cooley Shea in Shaheed and you are a witness over everything. So the name of peep comes in three places in the Quran. Now, what is the meaning of the name of peep Rocky is grammatically on the structure of furreal which gives the meaning of ferril meaning raqib is the one who has, who does mudaraba or recover. So, for example, Samir is the one who has summer meaning the one who listens or leave the one who has. So, repeat is the one who has who who does recover. Now, what exactly is recover, recover is to guard Alright, it is unhealthy to guard will will help us to watch and wait with

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caution and attentiveness. So, it is to guard to preserve to watch and wait, how with caution with alertness and with attentiveness and the word recover is used in a number of ways. Firstly, it is used within the meaning of to pay regard and consideration to something so for example, in the Quran we learn about Harun Ernie, his Salah that when mozzarella is Salaam, returned and he saw that the people were worshipping the calf. He was really upset with how long he sent him that why did you not you know stop them. So how long is Salaam he he gave a reason. And he said that in the Hershey to enter Kula for Raka bainer, bunny israa ina Willem Coley,

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Coley Kohli that I was afraid that you will say that I have caused that you have caused division among Bani Israel, and that you did not pay regard to my advice to my instruction, what I told you to do. So the cover is first of all, to pay regard to pay consideration to something. Secondly, it also means to guard or to take care of, to be mindful of something. So for example, if people were traveling then and they stopped somewhere at night, they needed someone to keep an eye right to to be the guard for the night. Or if people were under attack, they would have someone you know watch them at night. So it is said an otaku Bula como Laila, I will guard all of you tonight, I will keep

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watch. Alright. So from the same root is the word Motor Club, which is basically an elevated place where you know, a watch guard, for example stands in order to keep an eye right in order to observe. So the second implication of the word is to guard and take care of something. Thirdly, it also gives the meaning of to watch and wait for something or someone expecting it. So in the Quran era said we're talking about in the miracle repeat that Wait and watch and I am with you, one who waits and watch meaning Let us wait and see what happens. Whether the help of a lock comes to me, or, or you're the ones who are victorious. And then finally the word also gives a meaning off fearing

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someone. And remember that when you are afraid of someone, then what do you do you guard yourself you become vigilant, you become watchful, right? You you become extremely alert. So musala is Salaam. We learn about him that when he accidentally killed someone for us, Baja Phil Medina, he has a fun year to lock up, that he became afraid and he became extremely vigilant, right? Meaning he was afraid. So he was very watchful with regard to himself. So these are the different implications of the word recover. Now repeat is someone who who has recovered or who does recover. What does it mean? That a peep is someone who is entrusted with guarding something? Right? So repeat is someone

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who has been appointed to do what to guard something to protect and watch something to look out for it? And that means that they can never ever be negligent about it. Right? So for example, if you are entrusted with babysitting someone's child, right, what does that mean that you are going to pay attention to that child, you're going to make sure that that child is safe. You're going

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Make sure that you're constantly watching that child. Right? Especially if they're a toddler. Why? Because they could end up, you know, running away, they could end up doing something that could hurt them. So you have to be extremely vigilant. So this is Rocky, Rocky is a vigilant guard. All right, who is entrusted with guarding something or someone, so they look out, they watch out, they constantly observe, and they're never ever negligent. Alright, they're never distracted. So the word that appears in the Arabic language is used for it had its alright or it Haffield meaning a guard, a watcher and observer. All right, meaning the one who is watching the one who is guarding the one who

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is keeping an eye. This is Rocky. All right. And then the repeat the word repeat in the Arabic language is also used for a mean meaning someone who is interested. So in the game of Mesa, which the Arabs used to play, it's, it's a game of chance, basically,

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they used to appoint someone as rocky why because this person was supposed to their job was to supervise and observe the person who is shuffling the arrows, all right, to make sure that there is no cheating going on. All right. So these days, even you know, in different games, you have, you know, the referee or, you know, different people who are appointed to, to keep an eye on the players, right to keep an eye and observe every movement. So, this is this is the meaning of the word Rocky, alright, so Rocky is who, the watcher over the affairs of that which they are, which they are guarding. Alright, so the peep is the one who watches over all of the affairs and

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circumstances of the one who is being guarded. So he was not someone who just looks at one aspect, alright, or watches over for just for a short time. Note of PII is someone who is constantly watching, constantly observing, all right, and constantly watching over every aspect. All right, every matter. So think about, you know, for example, a mother, when when a mother is looking after her children, she doesn't just pay attention to or, you know, are they eating? No, she's paying attention to how much they're sleeping. Right? A good mother at least or a mother who is, you know, really concerned about the welfare of her children will pay attention to their physical health,

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their mental health, their spiritual health, their emotional health sheet, this is this is the concept of recover. Right to be extremely vigilant, right. And these days, I mean, for for a lot of parents who have, you know, children at home, you know, of course, attending school from home as well. Some mothers literally have to, or even fathers, they have to constantly keep an eye on their children. Right? That what is it that you're doing on the computer? Are you actually in class? Are you playing a game? All right? Are you actually doing your work? Or are you chatting with your friends? So this is the concept of recover, to constantly observe. Now, the thing is that as human

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beings if we ever have to do this, right, if we have to keep an eye on someone in need, this is something that is extremely exhausting, extremely exhausting, right? Just watching over your kids, making sure that they're attending school properly from home, this is something that's so exhausting, right? It's mentally draining. You watch them and you cannot do anything else. You cannot do your own work, right? Or you think that you are, you know, watching them, but Subhanallah you find out from the teacher that they that they didn't actually submit their work, right? You think that your child is in school, but they're actually not in school? So when we are watching over

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someone, first of all, this is extremely exhausting. Secondly, we we you know, there's always gaps, right? There's always gaps. And this is because of our imperfection. Because of the fact that we have limited capacity. Right? We have limited motivation even we have, you know, limited ability. We get tired, our eyes get tired, our mind gets tired, our ears get tired. We need a break.

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right we fall asleep and because we don't know everything, there are gaps in the way that we watch and observe and and look after things, right there are deficiencies there are errors because of the fact that we are human. But remember, Allah soprano, tada is above any weakness, he is above any deficiency, right? And he is perfect in his ability. And this is something that, you know, gives us hope, and it also instills fear in us that you see, sometimes it happens that even though we know we are being watched, we we find loopholes and ways to, you know, do what we want to do. But what with Allah subhanaw taala, there is absolutely no escape from Allah's surveillance, no escape whatsoever.

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So, so this is the concept of recover. Now, when we're talking about Allah azza wa jal that he is a lucky man, what does this mean with regard to Allah,

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when Allah subhanaw taala is a repeat, this means that he watches over and he guards, everything and everyone that he knows everything and is fully aware of it. So there is nothing that is hidden from Allah, nothing at all, whether it is something external, that people are able to see or it is something internal that you know, other people are not able to see it could be hidden from some, it could be visible to others, any It doesn't matter what it is, and where it is, and who it is and what they are doing, and where they're doing what they're doing. Allah subhanaw taala is fully aware of it. Allah subhanaw taala watches over and guards, everything and everyone. So he sees every

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movement of ours, he observes every action of ours, and also every inaction. So whether we are doing something or we're not doing something we're moving or we are still, Allah subhanaw taala knows everything. So there is nothing at all that exists in the earth that belongs to Allah and in the sky is that belonged to Allah except that Allah subhanaw taala is watching it, he is observing it. It doesn't matter what it sighs is, it doesn't matter whether it is big or small. Allah subhanaw taala is fully aware of it. He is watching over and guarding everything. And who Lamy said that he is the one who is not unaware of what he has created. Meaning he is fully aware of what he has created

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because allow your allow moment haluk the one who created does he not know would he not know of course he knows his creation. So there's nothing about us except that Allah subhanaw taala knows about it. He is watching he is observing, as the judge said that a repeat is the Guardian from home nothing of what he guards is hidden. He is the Guardian the protector from home, nothing of what he guards is hidden. In his app I have 52 Allah subhanaw taala says what can Allah who couldn't be shy You're lucky but that Allah is a repeat over everything. He is an observer, meaning a guardian over everything. One of the scholars said about this idea that what this means is that Allah is the

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observer over everything, meaning everything that he has permitted for you or forbidden for you

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and everything else. So Allah knows the commands that He has given the things that he is forbidden you from and he knows what you're doing, whether you are observing them or you are neglecting them, whether you are consistent or inconsistent. What can Allah who are called Leisha era peba in Surah Nisa, Allah subhanaw taala says what the color lady, the sad aluna be well our home in Allah Cana la comme la Kiba. Allah soprano throttle tells us to fear him, right to fear Him. And then at the end of the day, it is said that Allah is an observer over you. So fear Allah, because Allah is watching you. And you see

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anyone who is watching us, right so for example, at the workplace or

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If we are studying a teacher, if we are at home, our parents, our spouse, sometimes our children are very vigilant, right of what we are doing. So, you know, people around us who are watching us, what happens to them is that they fall asleep. They go away, right? They get distracted, they don't realize, but Allah subhanaw taala he is a repeat, and he is such that letter hoodoo seen a tone, voila, no, he does not sleep, he does not become tired. He does not even get sleepy. Allahu Akbar. He is the one who is watching over us, and also guarding us. Secondly, when Allah subhanaw taala is a repeat this means that he watches over and manages the affairs of his creation. So everything is

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under his super vision. Everything is under his supervision. You see a lot of people, you know, they have authority, they have power, or they have responsibility. But they're also negligent. Right? They don't they have no clue as to what is going on. Right. Sometimes there are fathers who have no idea about what's going on in the lives of you know, their children. Sometimes there are, you know, people who own businesses, and they have no idea as to what is happening. Right, there's manager and he is he has no idea what's happening. Right? There are people who are completely disconnected from their responsibilities. Right? And some people think the same about Allah, Allah, that, you know

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that, that God created the creation, and then he has abandoned it, or he doesn't really care about it. He's not really involved with it. That's not the case. Allah is a repeat, he created the creation, and he is watching over it constantly. Every single thing. So instead of Eunice is 61 It is said wama. Yara is a war a rub become a mythical mithali vallotton fill all the while F is summer, that nothing is hidden from Allah, nothing is too distant from Allah. Nothing is absent from his vision. Right? What even if it is something as tiny as the weight of an atom, something extremely tiny, the tiniest particle, it could be somewhere in the earth somewhere in the sky. Allah

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subhanaw taala fully knows about it. And sort of the such that is 65 we learn you don't be rule. Unger Amina sama, Illa Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala. He manages he regulates the affairs of the creation, right? And then his commands, you know, they descend in it, they're carried out by the angels, and then the angels take the report back to Allah or xojo. Right. So Allah subhanaw taala is a rookie, meaning he is constantly watching over and managing the affairs of his creation. He is not unaware of them. He is not negligent of them. No, he is constantly watching them.

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Thirdly, when Allah subhanaw taala is a repeat this also means that he watches the deeds of his slaves. Of course, this is included in the first meaning. But I wanted to highlight this especially that our deeds our actions are being watched by Allah azza wa jal. They're being watched by Allah, He is observing our actions, our deeds. Now think about it. If we know that we are under surveillance that we are being watched, we become so particular you become so careful, right? So proper. Now, the fact is that we are constantly being watched by Allah. And remember that when Allah subhanaw taala is watching our deeds, it doesn't just mean that he is seeing them that Allah is

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asleep. Of course he is asleep. He sees what we are doing. Repeat is the one who watches and waits, right? watches and waits. And as we learn in local budget, I have 14 that in the Rebecca LaBelle mural saw your Lord is in Wait, what does that mean? That he is watching what we're doing. And there is a time that he has set to give us the consequences the result the outcome of our deeds.

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lahoma Filipina in North baccala bill Mirsad he watches the deeds of his slaves. Even cathedra said about the name of repeat that Allah subhanaw taala is watching all of your deeds and all of your state's meaning.

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reconned any condition that you were in any circumstance that you are in Allah subhanaw taala is watching you, in sort of the lord i a 33. It has mentioned FM men who will call him on Allah cold enough sin Bhima cassava. That is that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is

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basically watching over every person, right every person with regard to what each person is earning, in sort of the Toba a 105 it is mentioned what coulier Manu fossa your Allah who are a monocle that do what you were doing. And Allah will watch your actions. Allah is watching your actions, you have a chance right now the freedom right now to do what you can. And remember that what you do, Allah is going to observe it. What a Sulu who will make me known was a Torah dooner in Early Middle AB was Shahada, and then you shall be returned to the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed. Meaning you are going to be returned to Allah who knows everything about you, whether you did something in

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secret, or you did something in private for you in a bit Oh, convener quantum Dharma alone, and then he will inform you of what you use to do. And part and part of the meaning of that he will inform you is that he will give you recompense for what you have done. If you pay him said about the name of the people that were Who are the people I know her well, clearly. Well, Lola Haley, gave a bill of early bill uncanny that when he is repeat, he is an observer. He is watching over constantly watching your thoughts and glances what's going on in your head? And what you're looking at, then what do you think about actions and the things that he has obligated that the actions that you're

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doing? Right and the commands that he has? He has, you know, entrusted you with? That he then what do you think Allah subhanaw taala is not watching what you're doing? Of course, he is. So remember, every single deed of ours, whether it is big or small, it is religious or worldly. right it is done out of habit. Or, you know, intentionally right it is done. consciously, knowingly or unknowingly. every deed of ours is known to Allah call in TOEFL Mirfield slowly come out obudu yarlung Hola. And even the whispers that we utter Allah subhanaw taala is aware of those into the zone of I 80 it has said I'm Yasser buena and Alana smell sutra who want to dwell, do the thing that we do not listen to

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their secret conversations and their and their their private conversations. Their whispers. Bella, of course we do. We listen what also lunella de umiak to Boone and our angels are with them writing what they're saying. So every deed of ours. And remember, this action could be religious or otherwise, instead of the sharara i a 217. It is said with our color Allah Allah Aziza Rahim, put your trust in the one who is almighty, the one who is merciful. And Lenny yanaka hanaa daku, the one who sees you the one who looks at you, when you stand. Meaning when you stand and pray, what the lubuk of his surgery Dean, and you're going about, among the people who put who who worship Allah

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who makes such that. So, every single movement, every single deed of ours, whether it is in private, or it is in public, because remember hanaa dokumen, you stand to pray, the Prophet sallallahu radiocentre will perform the Hajj, you know, in the night alone, when nobody was with him. So whether you are doing something when you are alone, or you are among people with a luboc of a surgeon, you're going about among the surgery, the the people who are worshipping Allah, so every deed of yours is known to Allah. And remember that part of watching is to also guard right? So he watches the deeds of his slaves. This includes the meaning of, you know, the fact that he preserves

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the good deeds of his slaves as well, that he he protects the good deeds of his slaves. So for example, in Hades we learn that when a person gives sadaqa a person gets charity from wealth that is pure, that is lawful. Right? Then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala causes that charity to increase and grow

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So much so, that it that

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in the in the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam compared that with how a person looks after a baby horse a full right. And this is the way that Allah subhanaw taala guards and protects your good deeds, the good deeds that you do with sincerity, right the best that you can do. And then the Prophet sallallahu Urdu Sonam described how it becomes the size of a mountain. So Allah subhanaw taala preserves he watches over he is a repeat, meaning he also protects he preserves, he guards the efforts, the good deeds of his slaves, meaning he will not let them go to waste as long as they don't do anything that nullifies their good deeds. Allah subhanaw taala is a repeat. So in a hadith

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we learn about how on the Day of Judgment, a person will be brought, and his records will be placed right in the scales. And he will see how huge those records are and how they're filled with his since with his errors with his mistakes with his shortcomings. Right and when you will see how many sins there are he will think that's it I'm doomed right and then what will happen is that a BitLocker a card alright will be brought. And that card will be placed on the other side of the scale. And what will happen the scale will tip meaning that card will be heavier than all of those records filled with sins. And what is in that card, La Ilaha Illa ma the belief that there is no god

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worthy of worship except Allah and that is how that person will be saved. Right? So this this person's a man that La ilaha illa Allah, Allah subhana wa tada is Rocky, meaning he he protects that he preserves that and look at how a person will be saved on the Day of Judgment, because Allah subhanaw taala is a Luffy.

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And then remember that part of this is that Allah subhanaw taala watches our deeds even those deeds, which which we managed to do, while No, you know, no people are watching us, Allah soprano tada is a repeat over that. Then when Allah subhanaw taala is a repeat this also means that he especially guards and protects his righteous slaves, or repeat, remember, part of the meaning is to guard and protect, right not just to supervise, but to preserve, to protect, like, like a guard who is appointed to, you know, watch over the people all night long, so that if there is an enemy that is approaching, he can alert them right. So this is this is the purpose of watching, to guard and

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protect. So Allah subhanaw taala especially guards His righteous slaves in Surah to 248 we learn the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is told was barely hook me Rob Baker for in the Kirby Are you Nina, be patient over the command of your Lord. For indeed you are under our eyes under our supervision we are watching you. So be patient, be consistent with the commands that Allah has given you. Because Allah is watching over you. He is watching what you're doing. Right? And also this means that Be patient over it, meaning be consistent with it. And Allah is there to protect you. Don't be afraid of people when you're obeying Allah because Allah will protect you for in Mecca br

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uni na incertitude is 37 we learn new Harley Sam was told wassenaar in full cabbie, are you Nina Well, we're Hina and build the ship. Under our observation and our instruction. We are watching you, we will protect you. We learn about how the mother of mozzarella his center, right that how when she was told to put her baby in the water. She did that obeying Allah subhanaw taala at what happened, Allah subhanaw taala protected moosari his center and Allah subhanaw taala reunited the mother in the sun, right? We learn about use of RT his setup, that how when he was openly invited to sin, Allah subhanaw taala a repeat, guarded him protected him from falling into sin. So Allah of repeat,

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especially guards and protects his righteous leaves. Then remember that a repeat, part of the meaning is that he has appointed different ways to guard and protect his slaves. So for example, Allah subhanaw taala has appointed angels right to

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Observe our deeds and to record them to preserve them to write them down in SoTL in fatality as mentioned, we're in gnarly coma healthy lien curam and katti been Yara la Muna matter for our loon that appointed over you, our guards. And these are very noble guards who are actually scribes who who write down what do they write down what you're doing, and they know what you are doing. In sort of path verses 16 to 18. Allah panel Torah mentions that well apart Hello, Kunal insana, winnaar lamotta was with to be enough Sue, that we are the ones who have created the human being, and we know what his soul whispers to him. Meaning, what the you know, the self talk that we have, where we

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talk to ourselves, Allah subhanaw taala knows that conversation even when national accountable in a human habit and worried and we are closer to him than his jugular vein idiota la palma de la Kiani Anil Yemeni Warren is she married, married and then it has mentioned that how there are two receivers, okay, meeting angels who are on the right and on the left, sitting. All right, gloried sitting there and they receive whatever that the person produces. All right. So my yellow field lumen Colin, a person does not utter a word. Elana, they either have people in our team except that there is right next to him. in a cave, a watcher, RT The one who is ready, meaning the angels are

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appointed over us as a team, to watch our deeds to watch our words. And as soon as we say them, as soon as we do those deeds, the angels record them, Allahu Akbar, so raqib he has appointed ways to guard and protect his slaves, and the angels they don't just record our deeds, they're also appointed to observe our actions. So in Hades, we learn about how the Prophet salallahu Urdu said them said that, that in the masks in the massages, there are people who are like a third out other pegs, meaning they're always present. They always attend the masjid. They're the ones who are who are holding the masjid meaning keeping the masjid alive. Right? Because they attend the mosque so

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regularly they go to the masjid so regularly.

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And the Hadith continues that the angels are their companions. So if they're ever absent, meaning from the masjid, they don't go to the masjid the angels actually go and look for them. And if they fall, Ill, the angels go and visit them. And if they are in any need, the angels assist them. Because Allah subhanaw taala has appointed them to do that. Allah is a rookie. And then we also learn about how, in another Hadees that when a person you know leaves their house, right, then there is an angel enter shaitan over there, right. So if a person goes out, in order to do what displeases Allah than the shaitaan accompanies him, and if a person goes out, in order to do what pleases Allah

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Subhana, WA Tada, this is the gist of the Hadees Then the angel accompanies that person. So Allah of repeat has appointed different ways to guard and protect his slaves as well.

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And especially through the angels. Now the question is when Allah subhanaw taala is of the cave, what is it that we should do? What is our responsibility? How is it that we worship Allah subhanaw taala knowing that Allah is a rookie, that he is constantly an observer over us, when Allah is constantly observing us this means that we should be attentive towards him. When he is watching over us, we should realize we should remember that we are being watched, meaning that we should have Moodle cover. And what is Moodle cover ignore claim explains that Moodle cover is the constant awareness and conviction that Allah is watching our internal and external state.

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monaka is to be constantly aware and to constantly believe in the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is watching me Allah

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Watching my internal state and my external state, because you see, sometimes we are very particular about our external state, because we are afraid of being judged by people. Right? We want to make sure that people are happy with us. They don't sense that we, you know, we have some other intentions, etc. We, we fix our external state, but the fact is that our internal state is being observed by Allah. Right? There are people who, who don't, who who, you know, people don't have access to our internal state, but Allah soprano part of the team is watching over our internal state as well. So we should be mindful of that, we should be mindful of that. Now muraoka is isn't, you

00:40:49 --> 00:41:00

know, the state of where a person is disconnected from reality and that they, you know, just enter another realm where they are, you know,

00:41:02 --> 00:41:40

you know, so engrossed in their remembrance of Allah or in their love of Allah that, that they have no idea as to what is going on with their body, etc. He Morocco is not something that is unachievable. No, mudaraba is attentiveness, right? It is mindfulness, it is to be aware that a repeat is watching me. Remember I mentioned earlier, that part of the meaning of recovery is that a person is afraid, right of someone. And when you're afraid of someone, then what happens? You become vigilant. You become

00:41:42 --> 00:42:32

careful about yourself. No one is that you are afraid of an enemy, write someone who's out there to harm you. So you're constantly vigilant. No, this is one meaning. But another is that you are afraid of someone you love someone you you care about a lot. So you are vigilant about yourself, meaning you don't want to do anything to displease them. You don't want to do anything to hurt them to annoy them. Right. So this is something that we should especially have with regard to Allah, being afraid of Allah doesn't mean that you're sitting in a dark room and crying all night. Being afraid of Allah doesn't mean that you don't interact with people. Being afraid of Allah doesn't mean that you just

00:42:32 --> 00:43:27

sit and do nothing, or that you're constantly in a state of prayer. Being afraid of Allah means being mindful of Allah. And so and that includes monaca includes, first of all, being mindful of what is in the heart. When Allah subhanaw taala is a repeat, he observes our hearts, and this means we should pay attention to what is going on inside of our hearts. What is it that we have in our heart? What kind of thoughts what kind of feelings, what kind of intentions? What kind of ideas? What kind of, you know, beliefs about Allah or about people about ourselves in total baccara to 35 last Python says, We're alemu anila Yara l'amour Murphy and forsaken father Whoo hoo. You should

00:43:27 --> 00:44:19

know that Allah knows what is in yourselves. Therefore be cautious of him. Be cautious of him. He knows what's going on in your heart. In sort of Lafayette, Iowa 90, it is mentioned your enamel, enamel arione walmartone sudo. Allah knows the the treachery of the eyes, right that when you secretly look at something with that you're not you're not supposed to look at. And he also knows what the what the chests conceal, what hatred is there, what anger is there? Right? What feelings of you know, animosity towards someone? What jealousy is there? Allah subhanaw taala knows about it. Well, my daughter sudo. And this is why it is so important for us to pay attention to the health of

00:44:19 --> 00:44:59

our heart. You see, sometimes we think that we should just suppress our emotions, right? That we should just, you know, ignore what we are feeling. And this is not healthy at all. Because when there is anger that is sitting inside there is you know, hurt that is sitting inside and it's festering festering over time. This is not just going to affect your relationships with people. This is going to affect your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. And this is why it's important for us to acknowledge hurt, to acknowledge trauma and to learn how to process our feelings.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:16

Right. So if we need for example, therapy, there should be nothing. You know that that the basically we should not look down at it, it doesn't mean that you are, you know it less of a person,

00:45:17 --> 00:45:53

that you go for therapy, that you go and speak to a therapist as to how to process your feelings, how to process the trauma that you're carrying in your heart for so long, because we have to address it, we have to fix our internal state. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala knows about it. And if we don't address it, if we don't help, you know, our hearts heal. This is something very dangerous for our spiritual health as well. So murah cover first and foremost is to be mindful of what is in the heart.

00:45:55 --> 00:46:24

Lucy said regarding the name of repeat that Allah subhanaw taala is now Leland Isla kulu become that he is watching your hearts, Mottola and Bhima Allah Fie her and he is fully aware of what your heart contains. He knows what you have in your heart. Right? Are there feelings of pride? Are there feelings of jealousy? Are there feelings of anger, etc.

00:46:25 --> 00:47:12

Unless pannacotta knows about it. So don't ignore the state of your heart. Sometimes we think that, you know, part of being strong, and part of being strong in faith is that we don't acknowledge our feelings, that we suppress them, that we, you know, fake it. No, we have to pay attention to the state of our heart because Allah subhanaw taala knows about it. Now let on inoculum become and the heart should be really the most beautiful place of our being. Because this is something that only Allah subhanaw taala knows about. Right? Only Allah subhanaw taala sees that the state of your heart, so make it beautiful. If there is you know, if there's any,

00:47:13 --> 00:48:06

you know, trauma and any ill feeling any jealousy, address it, right, address it, it doesn't mean that you're going to get over your sadness, you're going to get over your emotional pain. It just means that you will learn how to process those feelings. So that your heart is is is a beautiful place, right? In certain mood. Menon is 60 Allah subhanaw taala says when Latina you tuna co worker lubu Margiela and the home in Arabi Raji are on that those people who give what they give meaning they given charity, and yet their hearts are afraid. Meaning even though they they just did something good, they are still afraid of Allah subhanaw taala Why are they afraid because a know a

00:48:06 --> 00:48:18

lot of being robbed your own, they know that they're going to return to Allah. So there is no pride. So maraca first thing is be mindful of the state of your heart. And this is something that needs

00:48:20 --> 00:49:07

active involvement on your part, meaning you have to consciously pay attention to the state of your heart. Just as you have to pay attention to your physical appearance, you have to pay attention to what's going on in your heart, you have to be in touch with yourself with your internal state. So even for example, in Salah when we're praying Salah, watching, you know, being mindful of the state of the heart means that we are, we are paying attention to Allah subhanaw taala we are thinking about Allah soprano thought, right? in Hades, we learn that when a person is praying and they're facing Allah, then Allah subhanaw taala also faces them. Right? And when when the person does lt

00:49:07 --> 00:49:53

fat, lt fat as in, they turn away, or they start looking here and there, their heart is distracted than the last panel thought also turns away from them. So be mindful of the state of your heart. This is the first step. The second thing that mudaraba includes is to be mindful of one's external state. Right? So first, you begin with with the state of your heart. Right? And then secondly, you you check your external state as well, that is it in alignment with the guidance that Allah pannacotta has sent. So for example, the way that I'm praying, am I really praying the way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us how to pray. Right? This is part of mudaraba because

00:49:53 --> 00:49:59

sometimes we think that I only need to care about the state of my heart. That in my

00:50:00 --> 00:50:44

heart I am happy in my heart I am very pleased with you know I'm very happy with the decree of Allah. Right? Excellent. But now you also have to watch your external state. And this means that we have to be careful about the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has given us, we cannot ignore them. So for example, when it comes to Salah, are we praying Salah? How are we praying? Right? When it comes to our dress, when it comes to our speech, there is the guidance that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed and regarding these matters, we cannot ignore them. We cannot shun them. Right? We cannot say that no, I'm just really focusing on connecting with Allah, you know, spiritually.

00:50:46 --> 00:50:59

And that's all that matters to me. That is important. But at the same time what is important is our external state, is it in alignment with the guidance that Allah subhanaw taala has sent?

00:51:00 --> 00:51:48

In Hadees we learn it the pillar hazlemere Quinta fear Allah no matter where you are, and fearing Allah means that pay attention to the commands that are most proud Allah has given in circle alquiler an alum yarlung be anila euro does he not know that Allah is watching? That Allah is looking in he Allah is is looking at our actions. So this is part of modaraba then the third thing is Morocco includes guarding the commands of Allah, what does this mean? Paying attention to being vigilant about the commands that are lost? personalizada has given me personally having that sense of responsibility, right? That this is something that I owe, this is something that I must do. This

00:51:48 --> 00:52:33

is something that Allah has commanded me to do. Right? Sometimes we are very particular about, you know, very vigilant, when it comes to our obligations towards people. And that's good, right? If people expect something from us, we should be we should, you know, take care of that. But when it comes to our teachers, and we're boss, you know, manager etc. Parents spouse, you know, we want to make sure that we are dutiful, right? That we are doing our part. What about Allah subhana wa tada? What about the commands that He has given us? When are we praying? How are we praying? Right? These are things that we need to pay attention to. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam described your son

00:52:33 --> 00:53:19

excellence as adarsha luck and Nikita Allahu, or and Barbuda locka Anika Torah that you fear Allah as though you can see him that you worship Allah as though you can see him. Right. And if that is not possible, to least at least remember that for in the way rocker, he is watching you. So be vigilant about the commands of Allah. Fourthly, moussaka includes being afraid to disobey Allah, be afraid. Then in sort of earlier on 175 Allah subhanaw taala says we'll have funi in quantum would mean in fear me if you're truly believers in sorts of Zoomer, I have 13 pull in the harmful in our site to rugby or other biomater alene that I am the Prophet sallallahu already said, I was told to

00:53:19 --> 00:54:11

say that I am afraid that if I disobey my Lord, right there will be punishment on a great day. I am afraid of the punishment of a great day. If I disobey my Lord, what about us? So maraca, being mindful of Allah means being afraid of disobeying Allah, that there is going to be consequences. So you stop yourself that even though there is no one else to stop you, you stop yourself. Why because you are aware that other people is watching you. And then part of Morocco is to be attentive towards your responsibilities as well. Because Kunal Kumar, in will call newcomers or an honorary Yeti. Right? Each one of you is a shepherd, and each one of you is going to be questioned about his flock.

00:54:11 --> 00:54:59

So Allah raqib write the ever watchful is the one who has given each of us our flock, and he is the one who is watching what we're doing. And he is the one who is going to hold us accountable. So this is all part of maraca. Now the question is, how is it that we can develop modaco? How is it that we can develop this heightened awareness? Right that that my rub is watching me that Allah Latif is watching me? There's different ways. First of all, remember that you are always under Allah, I remember remind yourself that I am being watched by Allah who neither sleeps, nor is he overcome by slumber. nor is he unaware. latter hoodoo seen a tune

00:55:00 --> 00:55:46

Well, I know Adam yarlung be anila euro, ask yourself when you're tempted to do something wrong, lm yarlung be anila euro, does he not know that Allah is watching? Because when we are alone when people are not around us, we tend to let our guard down. Right? And especially when we are around people that we feel extremely comfortable with, we let our guard down. So we become very careless over there. And especially now with devices in our hands, it's so easy to fall into sin, right and of doing things which Allah subhanaw taala is not pleased with. So we need to remind ourselves constantly in my rub is watching me.

00:55:47 --> 00:56:09

And remember that you are never alone. You know this idea of I am alone at home, right? I am alone in the car I am alone at work. This is not true. You're never alone. A poet said that he that mahalo the Dharma Yeoman, fanatical hello to well I can call Allah europei boon

00:56:10 --> 00:56:19

that when you are alone someday then do not say I am alone. But say that watching over me is a rookie.

00:56:20 --> 00:56:43

Well Subhan Allah yellow furusato Well, my offer our lady your label, and never think that Allah is unaware for even a moment. Never even for a moment think that Allah is unaware of what you're doing. And never think that hidden things are hidden from him because nothing at all is hidden from Allah soprano.

00:56:44 --> 00:57:34

So remind yourself of the fact that I am under supervision. Allah subhanaw taala of Loki is watching me. Secondly, remind yourself that the angels are recording the angels are there I am under surveillance. Because my young field woman Colin Elana de la Cubana RT. And, thirdly, listen to your heart. Because your heart will tell you your knifes will tell you this ain't right. This is not proper. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described sin as what that when his mama had caffeine of sick, that a sin is what had the feeling of sick meaning it, it creates a disturbance in your, in your heart and your soul. What could you lay in this and you don't want people to find out

00:57:34 --> 00:58:20

about it. Right. And then also remind yourself that the body remembers, you see when it comes to trauma, this is something that is often spoken about that the your physical response, you know, to a certain event is beyond your control. Why? Because when you are in danger, when you are afraid that there is a physiological response and even though you may forget the event from your memory, you may not be able to recall that event, but your body remembers. So anytime you are in a similar situation, you will have the same physiological response. So for example, you don't even realize you're clenching your teeth, right? You don't even realize and you start crying, you don't even

00:58:20 --> 00:59:15

realize and your face goes off. Right? And and you don't want that to happen to your body, but this is this is because your body remembers right. So, so your body remembers even the actions that you do. So on the Day of Judgment, your own body could be asked to testify against you. So these hands that we are scrolling with these hands that we are typing with these feet that we are walking with, right, these eyes that we are looking with, they remember and they will speak on the day of judgment in 30 a scene 65 verse number 65 we learned earlier Illuminati more of whacking him today we're going to put a seal on their mouth, what you can limoneira id him and their hands are going to speak

00:59:15 --> 00:59:59

to us what that should do our Judo home and their feet are going to testify. Be McHenry oxy bone of what they used to earn. In sort of the node verse number 24. We're told yo Mata shadow la elsina to home, their own tongues are going to testify against them, why D him and their hands were out of genome and also their feats. They're going to testify against us with every other Billa. So anytime that we are tempted to you know, sin, be negligent of Allah, remind yourself, this hand is not really mine. Right? It's loyal to Allah. This very hand could speak against me. It could testify against me

01:00:00 --> 01:00:51

So, these are some ways through which we can help ourselves develop that mindfulness and consciousness. And when a person has Murakami, a person is, is aware, constantly mindful that a rookie is watching me, then what happens? What happens is that there is so much benefit. First of all, Allah subhanaw taala protects such a slave from sin. When you guard yourself, Allah subhanaw taala will protect you, when you stop yourself from committing sin because you remember, I am being watched Allah subhanaw taala will give you the strength to stay away from that sin. Allah subhanaw taala will give you the courage to leave that sin to walk away from it and to not even wish for it

01:00:51 --> 01:01:27

again. Allah subhanaw taala will give you that strength, he will create a distance between you and the sin. But that the you know, it has to begin from you. You have to take that first step. That era of I am afraid of you I know you're watching me, I am going to leave this for your sake and Allah subhanaw taala will ultimately protect you what happened with nucifera his center. He was in a place where his father was not watching him. Right? The disease his boss was not there. But what happened? Allah subhanaw taala protected him from sin.

01:01:28 --> 01:01:43

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a fella yeah phulka you guard Allah you'll be mindful of Allah and Allah will protect you. Part of the meaning is that Allah subhanaw taala will protect you from sin. Alright.

01:01:44 --> 01:02:06

Also, someone said that mon Raka Lucha fi whoa athlete he or someone who loves vigilante he, that the one who is mindful of Allah with regard to his thoughts that Allah subhanaw taala will protect him with regard to his limbs, you watch your thoughts, Allah subhanaw taala will protect your limbs from falling into sin.

01:02:07 --> 01:02:45

And then Allah subhanaw taala also helps such a slave. What happened with the mother of mozzarella, his center? How she was so afraid, right? She was about to let it out that that child that fit our own family just discovered is actually mine. Right? But she was supposed to remain silent. She wasn't supposed to disclose that. But what happened? Allah subhana wa tada reunited her with her son so quickly. So the one who is mindful of Allah, then Allah subhanaw taala also helps such a slave. So, you know, sometimes it is tempting to, you know,

01:02:46 --> 01:03:31

use that which is unlawful because hey, I'm an adult now I can make my own decisions, right? My parents don't need to, you know, or they're not here where they're not able to stop me. It's my life now. Right? We want to exercise that independence. But when you are mindful of Allah, and you stay away from what he has forbidden because you remember, a peep is watching me My mom is watching me or raqib is watching me. Then Allah's help is going to be with you. Allah subhanaw taala is going to assist you in your matters, right? Instead of the Pollak verse number four, Allah subhanaw taala says Well, my Pilla Hydra and a woman Emery use raw, whoever fears Allah and Allah subhanaw taala

01:03:31 --> 01:04:09

creates ease for him in his matters, Allah subhanaw taala will make things easy for you. And don't we all want ease, especially you see when when you become an adult, when you when you stand on your own feet, and you you know, all of a sudden have your own place you have to pay rent, you're you're thinking about buying your own place, you're thinking about buying your own car, you know, you have all of these financial responsibilities, these aspirations you know, these goals, you want the help of Allah, right, you need the help of Allah. How do you get that by having Raka of Allah by being mindful of Allah.

01:04:10 --> 01:04:59

Also, Allah subhanaw taala protects such slaves in Allah subhanaw taala grants them ultimate safety. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are three things that save a person and one of them is Kashi Attila is certainly well our learning, fearing Allah, in, in private and in public. So when you're afraid of Allah, when you are conscious, mindful of Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala will also protect you, he will save you. And ultimately, we all want success on the Day of Judgment. So remember that the one who is mindful of Allah, it remembers that Allah Allah peep is watching him observing him and because of that, he cries out of fear

01:05:00 --> 01:05:46

Right or he stays away from sin. Then we learn in our Hadees that seven types of people will be granted shade on the Day of Judgment shade unshared under the throne of Allah. Right? And all of these seven categories as who the person who remembers Allah one alone and his eyes are filled with tears, right? Why? Because he knows a rock club is watching me. Also another is the person who is invited to sin to Xena right? But he stays away. Why? Because he knows that a rock club is watching him. So almost panel Tara will grant these people shade on the Day of Judgment. Now, when Allah subhanaw taala is of the peep, how is it that we can call upon him by this name?

01:05:47 --> 01:06:31

First of all, remember that part of Dora of last priority tells us for the rule will be had that we should call upon Allah by his Most Beautiful Names part of the law is also wicked, right also to mention Allah to remember him to take his name. So, when is the name rocky mentioned, it is mentioned in the hotbar right for example, in the in the Juma hookah, and the man begins the hotbar they should recite this is the first idea of Surah Nisa because that is according to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu already his sentiment in that ayah it is mentioned in the law cannot alikum lucky but that Indeed Allah over you is an observer, right? He's watching over you.

01:06:32 --> 01:07:27

Secondly, when Allah subhanaw taala is of a cube is always observing us and watching over us that we need to ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us, right to grant us that strength to stay away from sin to stay away from what is harmful for us. And we need to ask Allah subhanaw taala for this for that strength. So this meaning is conveyed in many bureaus, for example, in this era, which is reported in Sahih. Muslim, Allah in the road to becoming an rGz wild castle that Allah I seek refuge in You against weakness and laziness. Protect me from being weak, because sometimes we know Allah is watching us, but we're too afraid of people. Right? Or caselle there's laziness, there's, we know

01:07:27 --> 01:08:16

that we should be getting up to pray, but we're feeling lazy, right? Well Jubilee. Well, both juban cowardice and bull stinginess will harm extreme old age because in extreme old age where a person is unable to do anything, and they're a burden on others, and they're a burden on themselves, it's it's so difficult. Alright. And then what are their bill? Yeah, Allah protect me from the punishment of the grave. And then Allah act enough. Sita kuwahara Allah give my soul it's the quad quad that it needs. Give my soul that consciousness that mindfulness that alertness, then you are watching me that I should be careful. was a key her and your job purify mine ups purify my heart, and the

01:08:16 --> 01:08:46

Hiraman zurka you are the best to purify it. Until only you are you are its owner, or Mola, its protector. Allah in the air will become an air element lion for will Allah protect me from knowledge that does not benefit women called Billa yahoshua protect me from a heart that does not have any fear. Women nuptse left Hershey bar and protect me from a soul that does not feel satisfied women that would allow us to jab hula and from a supplication that is not responded.

01:08:47 --> 01:09:25

So this is another door I was not able to find a drawer in which the name of a pea was mentioned. But if we remember the meaning of the name rakeem then we can see a lot of the hours you know contain that meaning that when Allah subhanaw taala is constantly watching us and we must be mindful of Allah than it is only with the help of Allah that we can stay away from sin and disobedience. May Allah subhanaw taala protect this all inshallah we will conclude over here for today. So protocol lahoma will be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta esto fuuka Tobu Aiko salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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