Hasan Ali – 99 Names of Allah – Lesson 04

Hasan Ali
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alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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Brothers and sisters the name that we come to today is medic, another series of the 99 Names of Allah subhanaw taala medic. So if you say with me who Allahu la de la la de la ilaha illallah wa

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and Osaka or Rahman Al Rahim, and then al Malik, Malik, inshallah Bismillah through through this we will try our best to memorize these names now.

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Malik means the king and there is also a very close meaning to this which is, which is Malik The one who is the owner, though both of them are different. And there's also another name of a Laszlo gel in the in the 99 names, which is medical, the one who are who owns the entire dominion, the one who owns the entire dominion.

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So, you have Malik, which is king, you have Malik who is the owner and you have Malik remove the owner of the dominion. Now Malik comes from the one who has the milk milk. Malik is filled with milk. So milk is dominion. So Allah azza wa jal in Surah

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Surah mulk here said Baraka, Lady B, A, D, we're the most

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exalted is the one in whose hands is the sovereignty, the whole dominion, the southern tree is in his hands. So there you have with with a lot of just being the one who has who is the king, there is milk, which is to have sovereignty. And when you have Malik one who's an owner that comes from milk, which is ownership. Now Malik is one who will be a king Malik is one who is a king. So his ownership obviously is quite vast. If you're talking about normal king of the earth, if you're talking about Allah azza wa jal, then it's everything is everything. However,

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when you say somebody is an owner of something, that means they own something of this, which Allah as the agenda has given them permission to own for a certain time and a certain period. That's what it means. So for example, I could be medical base, I could be the owner of my house at this moment, that house the space of the earth, Allah has given me permission to own that, or the money that I've gotten my pocket to a certain time has given me permission to own that. Whereas when you refer this to Allah azza wa jal, Allah, Allah azza wa jal when he is referring to himself, if it's if he's referring to himself in while while we're in this world, then yes, he has given us permission to say

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that we can own something he has even given permission to certain individuals amongst us, who may become kings to call themselves maloo kings or Malik the king, they can call themselves that. But when it comes to the Day of Judgment, Allah azza wa jal has taken all of that to himself.

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So he has said limani, Moon Coolio. Who is the one that owns all sovereignty on this day? Who is that?

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This isn't sort of our fifth and number 16. Has anyone in Mongolia who had who is the only sheep on this day? And no one would actually speak at that time.

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Delay Hill were hydrilla ha, Allah will then give the answer because no one will even have the have have the audacity or the courage to say anything on that day without his permission. So at that time, Allah azza wa jal will give the answer himself and he will say it is for Allah myself. Allah had the one who is alone, the one who has the one who has power over all of his servants or can show his rough over his servants can show that he is called total control over services for him. Now, the reason why the melodica because melodica is also a

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melodica the angels and if you look up the word melodica, you will find the same meme lamb calf inside the word Monica, the angels Why has Allah

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given them a Why is the Arabic language refer to them as melodica? The answer to that is that Allah azza wa jal has given these angels, parts of his parts of what he wants to be done in His Kingdom, he gives them the power to do or to act, or to do certain things or carry out certain commands of his through his will. So, for example, when the angels will bring the rain, when the angels will move the move the clouds when the angel will make the winds Move, move across, when for example, in the womb of a mother, the angel will come and it will start writing the risk of the provisions of this and how long it will live, whether it is it is fortunate or unfortunate and so on. All these

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things are Lazlo agenda has given them the permission to carry out certain commands of his on the earth. So the moon, or the moon, though, allows that he doesn't share his kingship, he doesn't share that. But what he has done is that he is given permission to these servants of his worthy angels to carry that out. So therefore because of that, that that aspect that they have the permission from Allah to carry out a camera commands in his in his monkey in his dominion, they're called the melodica. They call him Anika. So there's a clear link between that.

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Now if you look in the Quran, you will find that there is in the big room the Quran, Allah azza wa jal, he starts off by saying, Maliki omit the sort of Fatah and there is a difference of Cara here both of them have been rated from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam, according to Hadith activity, there is malakian within and melachim. So malakian within means Owner of the Day of Recompense Owner of the Day when Allah will give people their jazza or he will give them back either punish them, or he will give them a reward. That's Maliki omitted, the other one is medically omitted, which is king of the Day of Recompense. So both of these Korat both of these recitations

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have been reported from Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And both of them are correct. However,

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for us to understand what these mean,

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Allah He says that some people have said that

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what magic if you say Malik el Medina, the meaning of that will be yum Nico Medina, Allah who owns that day he owns that day. So what does that mean? Fair Kunal sherlockian, Allah luminosity. So that means that the whole day itself to carry to do anything to the day, to make the day long for certain individuals to make the day short for other individuals, Allah has the power to do that on that day, Allah owns that day to do that. And it could also mean em liquefier within it could also mean that within anything that happens within that day of gentlemen, Allah owns that. So for example, he owns all the things that will be there on the day of gentlemen.

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Now, if somebody says that why is it that Allah has referred to himself as Maliki Ahmed Dean, he's the Owner of the Day of Recompense when that day hasn't even come yet. That day hasn't even arrived yet. So there's a there's a whole question how Why is Allah than telling us something which which hasn't occurred yet? Now, if I'm putting the goes into say, saying that if you say for example, this person is a person who is about to go around the cover about to perform the Hajj, about to become a Hajj one who's about to perform the Hajj, you're, you're able to say that for something which is in the future. So it doesn't mean that this thing hasn't, you know, it doesn't mean that you can't

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actually say, say malakian within when the actual thing hasn't occurred.

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And he then says that there are another way of looking at this is that according to different facet and according to a different move Assyrian is to say that this Malik is the fact that Ally's the owner refers to his qudra refers to his power, and that he has power over everything within that day, and power over everything that will happen on that day. Because the one according to the Arabs, the one who has one of the owner is the one who has power over that thing. You have power of the things that you own, and Allah azza wa jal will have, obviously all the power power that whatever power, he will show on that day, all that will be he's now going to be he has said he said that the

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first one which is that he owns all the different things at that day, that is more appropriate to say. Now there is also another name which is at the end of Surah Al karma you will find the name maleek

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in the Maliki moqtada in that Maliki muqtada. Now Malik is again from meme lamb calf, which shows that there is ownership here but it's mavala it means that there is and there is

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a great extension to that to the ability of ownership, it means allows origin really, really owns that he has a great extent of his ownership, which shows that he is the only one that will have the power on that on that day or right now, even when he has when he has given us the power he has, he has only given us power to own something through his permission, which really means that he is still the owner of that thing. So we have got no ownership. And when we when we go away from this well, it will only transfer from one ownership to another ownership and allow you to choose a new person to become a maverick or person who is owning what I had, and it will transfer he will just transfer it

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from one individual to another individual. That's all he'll do.

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Until finally, Allah azza wa jal he said in Surah

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Al ambia Yeti through Manali is a man and a

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woman feel obligated to her.

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Allah said okay my close servants will will will eventually have the dominion, but then he has also said that in the end Finally, get it to man fill out the woman Allah. Allah will then take back all those who are on the earth, although the whole earth itself and all those who have the earth, which means that the final owner when it goes back to one ownership on this earth and and another ownership, finally it will go back to Allah azza wa jal.

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Now, there is a you know there is a body well as the original he refers him him, he refers to himself as Maluku Luke,

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the King of kings, that is in Surah. Al Horford, which is number 16. In surah. Number 14, Allah azza wa jal has elemental macwilliam, who has the Dominion on this day who has the ownership on this day and then he has said the law he law his or her only I have that ownership on this day. Now from that, from that Hadith from that ayah you will find that in the Tafseer itself, there are explanations to do with the

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Sahaba you will find an explanation by the province of alarmism that allows them as a region on the Day of Judgment. He will say Anna Maluku, Luke, I know Maluku, I am the King of kings. So where are the kings of the earth? I am the King of kings or where the king now this Allah will say, he will say on the Day of Judgment, by showing his absolute authority, to the whole of mankind to the whole of genes, that all these kings that were on the earth, all the kings at one, they're all the people who got to rule others in a country, in a continent wherever it was in a place whatever Allah gave them in terms of the dominion, Allah azza wa jal will then show his authority over them as being the

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real King. And Imam, Rama Allah says that for a person on this earth, a contract Hadith for a person on this earth, to call himself a king of many a king of all the things that are available or a king of kings, that is something which Allah subhanaw taala detests and he dislikes and he will challenge on the Day of Judgment. So according to a Hadith, in Buhari for 812, and in Muslim 2787 is Hadith jaquith, Allahu Akbar Yama, Yama, Allah azza wa jal will seize the whole of the earth on the Day of Judgment where we summer Abbey emini and then with his right hand, and we don't say that he has a left hand right hand we don't say that Allah has a hand like this. We don't say that whatever law

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refers to that he refers to that. But with his right hand, he will then he will then wrap up the head wrap up the heaven. So he's he's already sees the earth and he will wrap up the the heaven or the sky sumaya pool and then Allah azza wa jal will say Anil Malik aina Maluku, I am the king, where are the kings of the earth? In a separate Hadees of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam and this has been reported in body 6205 and in many other you know, Muslim 2143 and many other different books of Hadith. Allah azza wa jal, his messengers

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Salalah husband he says in a harness Minh in the law, Roger Lune.

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The worst the worst of the names are those names that

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Allah azza wa jal he, he will you know he finds it very low very low is that a man will be named on this earth as Malik will unlock as a as a king who owns all the ownerships all the things that are to be owned, so, and in Hades in in Muslim it says mela Malika Illa Allah azza wa jal there is no true Malik or no true owner, except Allah azza wa jal, Allah Almighty

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in a revised generation of Muslim Abu Dhabi alojado he says that the Messenger of Allah, Allah has been set up via Raja Li, yo malakian wha wha hoo hoo Rajan. The most the one that will make Allah azzawajal really angry on the day of jasmine, the one that is the most impure of the people on the Day of Judgment. You some medical oblak lamb Malika Illinois who does a lot has been said he will be named as medical amla, the king of those who owns many different ownerships and he has, he owns more or less everything to have that title. Allah azza wa jal will be very angry with such a person who has that name.

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Now, the same can be said with

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it is wrong again to name someone, the name that they you know, there are certain names, for example, you have Shang Sha, Sha one Sha, in, in, in Farsi, or in other language which would mean that it is the king of the entire Earth.

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The King of the entire Earth. That again, hammered in the humble Rahim Allah says that I asked. Sorry.

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Shan Shan sorry, this sushi and so the soufiane of the Allahu Rahim Allah He said, that shahan Shah, from the atom or from the people who are the non Arabs, who named certain individuals as the King of the entire Earth, this was a name that they gave to certain individuals. That was that is also the same as what Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa said, medical amlak or medical moorooka whatever the name is, that they are the king of many different king of the entire king of whatever there is ownership of the king of that it is wrong to name someone like that. So if somebody has, you know, it is wrong to have a person who has a name that says that I'm the king of the entire Earth, King of

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the Earth is wrong, because only Allah azza wa jal has the has the

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you know, he has the authority to have such a name. Now, to name someone just to say them that they are King, that is fine to say that they are King on this, that is fine. So the the the legal the evidence of that is that in surah baqarah and number 247, Allah azza wa jal when he talks about Talu, he said,

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The Prophet he actually says that in the law of the bath and Latin America, Allah is about to send a king that will be king for you his name is Tom root, he will become king for yourself. And Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in a in a hadith and this hadith is in Bihar and say,

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Buhari 2788 Muslim 11191 to Allah azza wa jal, His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he was he used to go to the house of Omaha from Bentonville, Han

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now Omaha Ron was the wife of Roberto sommet for the alarm. And if you remember Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam he would go to different different houses and one of the

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houses used to he would go to what was the was this one, and Rasulullah sallallahu would go there are no Muharram or Viola Juana, she would feed or she would give offer the Prophet sallallahu some food on many occasions when he came down, he visited her son this occasion what happened is that she gave him food and then Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam was was getting you know, he was lying down she was she was gently either combing his hair or oiling his hair or stroking his hair, whatever it was the case, and Rasulullah sallallahu has done fell asleep and when he fell asleep.

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He then woke up and he woke up laughing

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And she said, What is warmer? You the cuca rasulillah. She said what is making you laugh messenger of Allah. He said, natural min oma t ro de la Rosa confiserie la. He said, there's been there are some people of my own man who have been presented to me in a dream, who will be in the path of Allah azza wa jal fighting in the path of a larger than your kabuna Sabha mula canal asuma they will be on a ship on this on this sea that they will travel across the sea. And when I saw them, they were like kings on thrones mukaan Al Jazeera. I'll miss out Carla Milan manoukian acera Oh, he said like kings that are on thrones. Now when Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said this, then she said, messenger of

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Allah make dua that I become from them, that I am actually you know, I'm a woman who's blessed to be with with those people. So the solar cells make dua for her, that she become from them. And then there's also lots of please head back down again. And after a while, he woke up again. And he woke up laughing. And she says what what's making you laugh messenger Allah, He said again, the same thing he said, there are certain people from my alma who will be in the path of Allah, who will be on who cross the sea, on a ship or however they cross the sheet that is the sea, and they will be like kings on thrones. And she said, measure Allah make dua that I become from them. This time, the

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second time he said, You are from the first he said you are from the first. Now what happened is from Allah, they said, this is it recorded in the history that in the time of Morrow we have been Abby, Sophia rhodiola, Han who she actually went amongst the, the soldiers to a certain expedition, and they had to cross the sea. And she was amongst them on a ship, and they cross the sea, and they will who's out and for those who are, you know, warriors in the path of Allah azza wa jal, and then when she came off that ship, now they're going to get back on again, and travel a second time, she came off and they were riding on a piece of land, she got onto her animal and as soon as she got on

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her animal, she fell down. And with that food that she fell on the earth she became shahida

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she became so the second tier and she didn't have the opportunity to ride that ship a second time. Why Russia has also made law when he woke up the second time he said what he said you are from the first minute the first time you ride second time you're not going to be with them again the second time and so this is one of the more desert or one of the miracles of rulers allows them So the whole point of narrating this hadith number hadn't

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been writing is heart disease that was was a lot harder tell him he said that these husar to these warriors in the path of Allah they're like moo moo Luke, on a surah della kings on the throne. So for a person to name some manner to say you know, these group of people are looking at Kings on a throne on thrones. It's okay for you to mention and say that there is certain kings and that's fine but to say medical amla one who has only the king of everything king of all the things that you can own that is something which is detested and you should not name or give anyone a title like that.

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Oh when Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam he said the Hadith in imager is a coup de Lille for eight Masha Masha, Allah showed me a vision in which he brought to my attention, both my eyes he, he shrunk the whole of the earth in front of my eyes, I was able to see the east and I was able to see the West was a blue muku motema Zhu, Zhu Li minha my oma or my community of my people, they their their Dominion or their sovereignty or their kingship will stretch out to the extent of what was shown to me meaning the Muslims eventually will have the whole of the east and the west within their within their power.

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So this this Imam could to be is again saying that the this is an evidence to say that you can say mulk the having Dominion having having the name Malik having the main name look you can attribute you to certain individuals. Now there is a

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nother another part which is

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mallacoota mallacoota. Now what is what actually is mallacoota by

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lekuton has occurred in the Holy Quran in surah. Yaseen verse number 83 is also in certain a hadith again, it has mean lamb calf inside, and it means to have the power of ownership. Some Allah may have certain this word could

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have tried to say that melaku is a word that only is a Dominion or an ownership of the * of the unseen whereas, whereas Malik is something which has to do with the seen and the unseen the hive and the Shahada, but the man could to be has said, No, this this does not really make does not really appropriate to say because in the Holy Quran in surah sin and 83 Allah azza wa jal says Allah de ba de mallacoota coalition, in whose hands is the ownership of everything and he has used the word mallacoota which means that whatever is seen or unseen, Allah azza wa jal has it within his power.

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And that that word refers to the seen and the unseen. Now, the what is it that when you own when Allah has given you when Allah said you want to Malik? What when are you able to use that word appropriately, if I'm going to be says that when you've got something which others would want when you've got a gift and Nirvana, when you've got something that keeps you happy, when you've got something that that that is lustful or something that you desire, something that people desire, then all these things have have the have the link to the to the word Moodle or to the word

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how to the word Malik or for you to actually have ownership over. That is why in the Holy Quran in Surah Surah Surah insaan which is the 76th year in the Quran is number 20 Allah azza wa jal sunset in general, well, either at some or atana email woman can Kabira Allah azza wa jal has talked about many different gifts in gender that we will have gender will have. And then he summed it up by saying that if you actually look in that direction, and that blissful thing that they have, where Moodle can calculate, you'll see that they've got a great Dominion within within Gemini itself. So all these things that make one happy, you can actually say that you are the ownership you are the

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owner of that and you've got the ownership of that allows dogen in the Holy Quran, when he is when he has talked about him being the king he is also he is also attributed to that his greatness and the fact that he is so high and exalted. That is why in in the Quran you will find this sort of verse number one one for Fatah Lama Hoon Melaka

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Malik, the word King has been the name King has been used there. The truth is being used there, but before that he preceded it with fatahna Allah which means that Allah azza wa jal he is so high and exalted him being the king and him being the truth one he has, he has that highness and in the Holocron sutra hospital, in Aisle number 23, Allah azza wa jal has and medical kudos he has he has used his name Malik, meaning the one who is the king, and he then follows it by saying that he is produce mean that he is sublime he is absolutely exalted. And in the beginning of surah Tabarak you can see the same thing, same thing, the Baraka, Lady via the human. So, each time Allah said that

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and then further one place, you will find it isn't suited aluma so the Juma is number one you will find a lot said you said before the law he math is similar to Omar fill out the medical producing as is in Hakeem. So Allah has said, For him, for a large origin, all the things that are in the air, all the things are in the heavens, all the things that are in the earth, everything does history. Everything glorifies him who is the King, who is the sublime Who is the one of dignity and who is the most wise, Allah azza wa jal, all the things do this for him. So again, you can see every time I last use the word Malik, you can see to be meaning that others are praising him glorifying him, he

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himself is glorified, he is most high. So that has been attributed to him and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam has said in a hadith and this hadith has been

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has been rated in Ahmed 9600, also in Muslim 107 verse Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam. He said, Salah law you can limoux la Yama Yama, Allah is a key Himalayan guru, la him Allah Muhammad Ali, there are three individuals, there are three individuals, Allah azza wa jal will not talk to them on the Day of Judgment, this is quite severe, Allah will not talk to them on the Day of Judgment, and he will not either he will not give them any purification on the Day of Judgment, meaning that they will not be purified from their sins that easily when I lie him and y'all Allah will not even

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Look at them, meaning that Allah will not look at them with his eyes of mercy, while our mother will leave and they will have to maintain punishment on that on that day and one of them Allah's Messenger sallallahu wasallam. He mentioned, he said, Al melakukan

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the king, that is a great liar, if there is a king on the earth, and Allah has given him power on the earth, and he has used that he has had the power now once you once you are a

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once once you've got the power, then once you've got the power,

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then why would

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why would you want to actually, you know, you're a king, you're a king? Why would you want to become a great lion?

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King, you're in a 30 year buff people, you tell someone to imprison someone that imprisoning you tell someone to release some other reason. So having all that power, and then on top of that, on top of that, when you've got no need to lie, when you cannot, then you still lie. Allah azza wa jal will not talk to them on the Day of Judgment. He will not purified on the Day of Judgment. He will not even look at them with his eyes of mercy and they will have too many punishment. Who are the other two individuals? Rasulullah sallallahu said the first individual he says she said Shay Hoon Zan, shaken Zan, which means that an old man who for negates or an old man who commits adultery if a no

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we're not saying that it's okay for young women to do this. But a young man has got the desire. He's got this passion he is he's got this urge, great urge inside him. He's still he still is how long for him to commit Zina, and he will be punished on the Day of Judgment if you commit Zina. But if an old man, the guy's already old, he's gone through his heydays. He's gone through his days that he's supposed to have that urge and passion, but he's become old now. And he still wants to go and fornicate. He wants to go and commit Zina. He wants to commit adultery.

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Allah azza wa jal will not look at him on the Day of Judgment with his eyes on us and not talk to him of your family, you will have a tremendous punishment. And the third one is in mostakbal, which is there is a person who's poor, a person who's poor now if you're poor, you You're one who's a beggar, whatever, then you should be humbled by your nature, you should be humble. But imagine that the poor man, the poor person, and his mistake with his person who's got kibble, he is proud. And What right have you got to be proud, you know, you're a beggar, you're a miskeen, you're a person who needs others to help you and you then show pride, you show your arrogance to others, you have

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got no Right. I mean, other people is wrong for others to do that. But for you, it's even worse. And that's why they will have you know, that's why Rasulullah sallallahu said, that, they will have a large those that would not show any of his mercy to them, under their judgment. Now, what Imam, Imam put to be does by by doing this by saying this is that he reminds us of the milk or the milk, whether it is part of our lives, the meaning is given in our hands, whether it is in the ownership on this earth, Allah has given we have to be careful of how we do our own, how we use this to some sort of, means that how I will have I will use that how I will go about with that power, that allows

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give me could be a little power, it could be a great power. Now, certain people still on the line all the if you because in a in a Hadith, it says that when you actually get married, when you actually get married, then you have young lico Buddha means that the the person has the has the ownership of the this the the entrance to the room, the entrance to the room, Allah has given this man the power to have this woman in his in her as a as a family member, and to show that he is one. He is one who will look after her and he is one that will look out for his boom. Now if a man that mistreats his wife, if a man mistreats his wife, and if a man is horrible to his wife, then there

00:34:25 --> 00:34:39

will be a count on the day of gentlemen, unless the wife forgives her husband there is there is no such thing as because Allah has made you an owner of something that you can do whatever you want, if your father mistreats his son,

00:34:41 --> 00:34:59

if a father mistreats his daughter, if an uncle mistreats his niece mistreats his nephew does something horrible cruel to them, then they will be they will be clearly they will be accountability on the Day of Judgment. And when I when allonzo agenda has given someone a

00:35:00 --> 00:35:47

An opportunity to own something to have something and you There's no need for you to mistreat a certain individual or do a certain thing, then, and you still carry on doing that there's going to be even more of a of an account that you will have to face on the Day of Judgment. So that is the whole point of that. And when Allah azza wa jal, he has given it he's given his, his his dominion to some of his some of his servants as as prophets. You can see how they how they use that and the next thing that he comes to, so he says, for example, if you look at the one who had was the greatest king of all times, from amongst the prophecies of Suleiman Allah Hasina, but you will find that

00:35:47 --> 00:36:30

dilemma alehissalaam when he when he asked from his power was that he had the power of the genes and one of those genes once you know he wanted to, he wanted to have the the throne of Bill keys. He wanted to have that in front of him and it came and then when it came in with a blink of an eye within a blink of an eye, he saw that flow right in front of him that is the power that they had so then allows allows origin privacy laws What do you say he said Leah blue and he asked for actual allies testing me to see whether I'm going to show ungratefulness to allow or whether I'm going to be grateful to Allah that is the way to show our ownership is not gonna hide inshallah, after the

00:36:30 --> 00:36:33

Mad Libs Allah will carry on for a little bit inshallah demo finishes and

00:36:38 --> 00:36:45

they will continue from the name of Allah azza wa jal Malik, now Malik,

00:36:46 --> 00:37:16

we come to the point where Lazarus and his servant Suleiman Alayhi, salam, he was a king of the earth, there was no other King like him, for he had the Dominion not only over men, but he had the dominion over all men over the whole of the entire earth. He had the dominion over the jinns at the same time he had the dominion of the sovereignty over the birds and over animals and over many different creatures of God.

00:37:17 --> 00:38:07

And even could speak the language of the of the birds. So here in uncooked Ramallah he narrates from, he says from the Quran, surah number and number 2021. Where Silla manohara salaam is looking for the hoopoe bird and he says, muraleedharan Hood Hood. Bien, LA, Avenida de la la, la la to newest movie, he says, What's the matter? I don't see the I don't see this bird that should bring me that that should should be in my in my presence. Why is he absent? Is he absent? If so, perhaps I will punish him a severe punishment, or I will torture him or I will, unless he comes to me with a clear authority mean that he comes to me with something which which will be, which, which I will

00:38:07 --> 00:38:53

need, and there's a reason for him to be absent. So even a man quickly mentioned that Swan allows him I would assume Salallahu alaihe salam, he had the he had the choice of becoming a prophet as a king, or becoming a prophet and living amongst the poor people. And Rasulullah sallallahu Listen, he chose to be a prophet amongst the poor people. And you couldn't have been outdone, I will never be an manneken and he had this choice. And he he was he became from the from the poor people. And he says that I'm a prophet, la kulu Takia I don't even eat my food while I reclined. So Rasulullah sallallahu one of the Sooners was that when he would eat, he wouldn't you know, like some kings,

00:38:53 --> 00:39:05

they might sort of put their rest their arm on something and lean back and then you know, eat in a way that shows that they've got cable or they've got arrogance or something. So lasala Harrison wouldn't do that.

00:39:06 --> 00:39:27

And he mentioned obviously, which I've mentioned this before, just before the Salah, which is that anyone who's got any power needs to be careful of how you use that power. Anyone who has any dominion, any ownership, anything that you own, we know we are going to be questioning the damage that's been unrealized to hide our faults, ie hide our faults, because we will have plenty of faults.

00:39:29 --> 00:39:59

In the Holy Quran when Allah azza wa jal is another thing that he says in the Quran he says that when allows the elderly as his power, there is nothing else that comes to he comes to his his power, anything near his near his dominion near his ownership. Because when Allah said tabarrok allottee via the human kohala coalition, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah says that I've got power over death over life. I've got power over both of them right to the end of sort of move to the last

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

Verse one Allah says Allah Allah item in US mahana hora de comida in mind. So you see that the water that you have gushing out coming to yourselves and you drink from that water if I was to take my power away that power that I give you to have that water if I was to take that away, how and who would be the one who would give you this gushing water, not good got to be says that Allah has the power to Abuja, which has that meaning just as he said in Malika within, he has the power to give, give Hashanah to give good deeds to the one who who wants to give, give good outcome, or to give say add to give bad outcomes, whoever he wants to, if he wants want to give somebody since he has the

00:40:40 --> 00:40:58

power to do that. And intercom would mean alija him he can avenge and take revenge of those who will be the sinners. While majaz as a felon, I mean those people who will follow his orders, he was able to give them a reward. Allah has the power to

00:40:59 --> 00:41:41

to forgive whoever he wants, he can turn away from whoever he wants, he has the power to do that. No other King will have the power to his ex and unless quite obvious, but a man could be just narrate. He's just relating just to add to the Quran that have some narrations from relationship to that. So he says that Solomon Ali Salaam as being a king of the whole of the earth, because there was not there were not many kings on the earth that had the whole of the earth underneath the power and certainly there was no one likes in the Mona Lisa sulamani, Salama, num, number 37 was able to say it again la infinity and OBJ new de la Kibera, Lacombe, hawala, Norwegian, Amina de la Mancha, Hulu,

00:41:41 --> 00:42:18

or Hulu bird, you go back to Bill keys into her kingdom and you tell her that we are going to come I'm going to bring an army about and that army you will not be able to see the end of that army when they when they reach you know, sometimes when an army comes to you, you can see the the front of the army and you can see where the army and so you can count to get a rough count of the of the army of how many people have come, but it says lucky vanilla, you will not see the extent of the or how many numbers and they say that he sent such an arms model allows him that by the time they reached her kingdom, the last soldiers hadn't even left he left the kingdom of Solomon Allah. So that's how

00:42:18 --> 00:42:21

great it was. He said, Well I know Christian nomina

00:42:23 --> 00:43:08

Are we going to you know exam them from that city wherever they are as people who are disgraced and people who are small and have no power whatsoever after this once I come, come come to that. Now you want to be Rahim Allah, He says, Okay, this is Jude Ave Malik on the earth. This is the power that a king who was the one of the greatest kings Allah made of the Earth could say and he did, but if you look at a lot of dude, his his soldiers, Allah has said in the Holy Quran, in Surah Tauba is number 14. What are the who we do know the lamb Tarawa. Allah helped Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam with a presence of his soldiers of his army, which you don't even see, which you don't even see. And he

00:43:08 --> 00:43:56

has said in the Holy Quran in surah number nine farsan Allah He rehema juden lamb Tara, I sent a wind in the Battle of Azov and I sent a dude my soldiers my army I sent them that you did not see meaning the melodica and Allah azza wa jal, he says the Holy Quran in surah number 31, Amaya Allah mudaraba. Allah who no one knows the exact count of his army or his soldiers or his servants, who he has got ready occupied, to carry out his commander come straight down to the earth and do something no one has got that count except for Alaska that himself. So you can see the comparison to any King on the earth and the king allows origin. And he says, In surah, Al m Ron, verse number 26. Gorilla,

00:43:56 --> 00:44:41

he orders us to say this to every single reader of the Quran, Allah Allah, Malik Al mulk, the one who owns Old Dominion medical mark, Tim, welcome and Tasha. You give your Dominion to whoever you will. And that means whether somebody praises Allah, whether somebody denies Allah, Allah can give him his world. This is this is Malik allmost are the one who has total control of what he wants to do. If he was just a king who gives the people who only worship Him, then some people might have objected and said, so he's got no power to give the people who don't worship him. But Allah gives whoever he will put him in command Tasha, what turns your money, man, Tasha. And you can seize your

00:44:41 --> 00:44:59

Dominion your power from whoever you want. He sees it from who from whether it's a an enemy of his or whether it's a good servant who is worshipping Allah who is in the path of Allah who is on scene. sudo Allah wants to take that power away. He can take the power that's that's medical most

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

He has the power to do that. Tourism into Charlottesville amantha you dignify you give Reza to you on your degrees wherever you want. So this isn't sort of Alabama. But one of the things of the one of the characteristics of Al Malik being, being a good king is that you have got justice, and even called to be enraged Hadith from Bukhari and Muslim is a part of a hadith that Rasulullah sallallahu he quotes from Allah azza wa jal by saying, Anil Malik and at the end that Allah azza wa jal, he says, I am the king, I am the one who has just with justice I give with justice he gives.

00:45:41 --> 00:46:01

So then he moves on to say that one of the things that allows origin has the has the power and any King has the power to keep to themselves, something they don't want to reveal to anyone else and allows them that has kept to himself something he doesn't want to reveal too many things he has kept from those things that he has kept. Allah has said if you look in the last part of man, you will find Allah says

00:46:03 --> 00:46:44

Allah has in the line the whole Massara, Allah has the knowledge of the of the of the last year when the when the last day will come, he has no knowledge of that when he knows exactly when the rains will come, how it will come how the boat down the entire thing Allah knows is not just when the rains will come. So just just because they forecast the rain doesn't mean they have the power to do that. Unit zero device means that allows a vigil, he brings it down he has the power to bring it down and he knows what to bring it down when to bring it down how to bring it down exactly what which drop of water out of them billions of drops of water, every single drop has been calculated.

00:46:45 --> 00:47:31

where to go. And every drop an angel has that got that one drop one Angel bhringraj Allah told billions of angels with his with his power to say he just can't comprehend how Allah azza wa jal how great he is, every drop that comes down, when it will come down, where it will go how far the wind will blow it exactly where it will fall, how heavily it will drop, how much rain to supply, where that water will go after that, whether it will go into the roots of the tree, where that water will travel into that tree, how long the tree will will be sustained from that one, one drop of water, how what that drop of water, those drops of water will create how many fruits they will bring how

00:47:31 --> 00:48:05

many people they will drink from that water supplied? How many animals will drink, how many valleys will be created? How many streams will get water? What's the quantity of water when it's reached for a stream when those rivers banks will break all that Allah when you net zero, right isn't all of that. So he's got the power so you can make your forecast and your weather forecast and say it's going to rain tomorrow 12 o'clock, they can grow or whatever, but you cannot have the knowledge of Allah. So when we are human, Allah said he knows what's in the room. Today, Allah today. So analyzing some people say that because they know that there's going to be a male or a female, they

00:48:05 --> 00:48:49

think that that's not the accent. If you look into where Allah fill our hand, what does that mean? That means Allah knows in the womb, in the womb, that child, who he is, what's his color going to be? What's his face going to be his features, his hands, his arms, how he's going to grow, what type of food the mother will take for that baby to be fed, when it will be fed, when it will kick when it will push. Finally, when it comes out that baby, from the moment it's come out to the moment of his death, every single time it will eat. Allah sends an angel to the room to say right every single time it will eat and drink for the whole life in one go. It writes it down. Because it will actually

00:48:49 --> 00:49:15

its whole duration on the earth. Everything is written down. So when Allah says he knows what's in the room, he knows the whole extent of this whole life on this earth and then after that until the day of judgment on whether it's going to be shut up and go to heaven go to gender or go to Ghana, Allah knows that so don't compare with Allah knowledge by saying that you got a scan and you know whether he's a boy or a girl and now so why did you know you've now come You know, you've got compared with something with a lot has some components.

00:49:19 --> 00:49:43

In the line that were inside, you know, 05 13 f sumedha taxi bovada no soul knows what is going to end tomorrow. No one knows. Now he's kept to himself. No living creature, no dead creature. Nothing knows what's gonna happen tomorrow. Only Allah has kept that to himself. And he said, no matter the nevsun be a ninja mode. You don't know which as you're going to die.

00:49:44 --> 00:50:00

So you can plan I'm going to stay in England. All my life. And I'm not going to go out of here and I'm going to dominate you or die here you can buy your cover. You can buy your grave, in you know wool from the store. You can buy it in handled. You can say this

00:50:00 --> 00:50:24

Is it you know, to your whole family when I die, then bury me over there. If our last planned, you die in another country, you will go last minute to another can last minute you say could kill him just go with a comeback. Well you go with that you die that you bury the finish, Allah has kept that in his in his knowledge. So the third thing the man in uncomfortable says that he Allah has the right to keep that now as a

00:50:26 --> 00:51:01

as an kind of an end to this. Now one of the things now, he says before I go to the one of the last things I want to say is that he says because Allah Allah has given if my Eman in Allah as Malik as the kinematic as the as the one who who has given me the power to own something on the on this. If my Eman is strong in him, then I will not be someone who is stingy. Still a stingy person his Eman is weak. Because he thinks if he spends, then tomorrow, he will not have the same level of providing how

00:51:03 --> 00:51:46

he managed his strong you give you spend, don't be stingy because the one you never had it in the first place. I gave everything in this whole the whole bank balance the money, the credit, whatever you got your pockets, whatever you own, Allah gave you that in the first place and law has the power to give you that a second time over. So don't be stingy you spend it. Now, the last thing that I want to quote from from this is there are 10 points, which among could be Rahim Allah he he then says that we're allowed the origin is completely different from any other kingo any other person who has an ownership. So he said number one, number one is would you do if the if the car al Malik lay,

00:51:47 --> 00:51:53

every king, whoever the king is on the earth has to remember that they need him to survive.

00:51:55 --> 00:52:00

There is no king on this earth who can have his kingdom without Allah looking after him.

00:52:01 --> 00:52:24

Number two, he says honeymoon kakula mannequin means that any king that got his kingdom on this earth, only Allah gave it to him. So They mustn't forget that number three, and now we are currently shaken fire Kuhn. Only Allah has the power to say something be and it is Kuhn fire code. No other King has that power.

00:52:26 --> 00:52:44

Force. So go to looky loo Kabbalah Voodoo monkey one monkey said before anyone, anyone on the whole of the earth, anyone had any milk, any ownership, any dominion, any power, and if they own a lot of their own everything. Number five

00:52:45 --> 00:53:13

is still not wanting Allah and Allah doesn't need any helpers. Allah doesn't need any helpers. Everything needs help us a lot. These are helpers. Number six, or moon, monkey afra. The fact that any kid on this earth will will be a king for a short period of time, only on this earth. But Allah is the king of this entire Earth forever and for the next world as well. So there's no there's no comparison to him.

00:53:14 --> 00:54:02

Number seven, and during the hula your song, Catherine Rakuten, no one has got any count of how much Allah has got in his power. When it comes to his soldiers when it comes to his servants. When every king you can count how much of an army they've got how powerful they are, you can make a calculation with the law you can't make any calculation because it's endless. Number eight and nambucca hula bead that allows allows Molko his dominion will last forever, will last forever No other King will have that power. But Tasha the ninth is that no one will be able to come and share anything with Allah in His power in his milk in his demeanor with a king you can start sharing in a wizard can

00:54:02 --> 00:54:45

come or someone can come and you know sit next to the king and the king might give him some authority you know, you do this fine and they can have some kind of relationship where they where they have some szybko some some some sharing in that that the minute we do allow those and distort that happen. And the last thing that he says is the fact that allows origin in his power whatever he owns, not a single second or a split second goes away without a laugh fully watching fully knowing fully knowing the entire extent of whatever is happening in His Kingdom. So he has said inserted Hadid with it number three who will overload it with vital baton. Allah is the first is the last

00:54:45 --> 00:54:59

everything he's the he's the the inner the outer Allah Allah has said like we read just now in Surah Al Imran number 26 llama medical he is the owner of the whole dominion and He will give allows the words

00:55:00 --> 00:55:09

He will give to whoever he wants to be at his house there's one thing that Allah can do no other King can do which is to give and to give to give without any limit

00:55:10 --> 00:55:45

or an allowance to give to someone he can given given given give without any limit that is only allowed so there are no other King no one else can do that. So just before we break up, like to go over the names of please everyone together after three years we'll learn in this together after 3123 who won laquanda who Allahu la de la ilaha illa who al gore Rama no Rahim will medical could do. Next week inshallah we will do the name to do some type Salam as well if there's not enough to send kudos

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to Donna and hamdulillah


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