Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-055A Translation Al-Nisa 7-14 Tafsir 7

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of discussions on the importance of Islam in society and its implications for the economy. The speakers discuss various examples of the message and its meaning, including the deaths of various individuals. The sharing of wealth is based on the law of Islam, with the option to give gifts to children. The sharing of birthday parties is discussed, with the option to give gifts to children. The sharing of property will be decided by the heirs, and the children will not be able to claim any share.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh thorough the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim wa Salatu was Salam wa ala Saudi Hill Kadeem, Frobisher, it is Saturday where silly Emery Wow Hello Europe data melissani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma. The economy was a deadly sign he was filled so he was the Colby Amin Europa Amin, lesson number 55 Solothurn Musa versus seven to 15 will do the translation literally jolly for the men. nusseibeh one is a fixed share mimma of what debacle while the Dan the two parents left, well, Accra Boone and the closest relatives well in Nyssa II and for the women, Nestle Boone is a fixed share mimma of what debacle Wiley Dan, the two parents left

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while Accra Boone and the closest relatives mimma of what Allah there was little men who have it oh or cathode, there was much Nestle been a fixed chair Mfu blah, one made obligatory what either and when, how blah blah. They are present at LP smeta the division owner Koba the close relatives, while ye tama and the orphans while Messiah keen and the persons in need photo Zuko home then you all provide them vinho from it will go low and you will say La home to them. Oh, learn a word. Ma rufa one recognized as acceptable, while Yaksha and they should fear a Latina those who low if the Roku they were to leave men healthy him behind them, do return offspring, they are often ones who are

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weak, harmful, they would have feared or lay him for them, failure to call so they should adopt consciousness of Allah Allah will your Kulu and they should say, oh learn a word. Said EDA correct in indeed a Levina those who yet coluna they consume and wala wealth Alia Tama of the orphans lon man wrongly in nama indeed only you could ona they consume fi in boltonia him their bellies now on fire was Al salona. And they will burn in sir era flaming fire. You see como la who Allah enjoins you all fi in regard to Hola dickham Your children live beggary for the male myth Lu is same as her Lea share and unsane of the two females for in than if Kunta there are Nissan women. Focal more than

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isn't a tiny two phenomena than for them SaLuSa is two thirds ma of what the rocker he left we're in and if qanat there is Wahida tan only one fella her than for her unmissable is the half when he have away he and for his two parents. Luckily for each were hidden one min Houma of them to us, so this is the sixth member of what the rocker he left in if cannula who he had well a dune a child for him then if lemmya Cola who he did not have when a dune a child well Juanita who abou who and his two parents inherit from him fairly only he then for his mother, a Thanos is the third for in than if Canada who he had a cotton siblings, family only he then for his mother, a pseudos is the six men

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body after was a year thin any request, you see be her he bequeaths it oh or dine in any loan. Alba will come your parents webinar welcome and your children love not that Runa you all know a you home which of them a caribou is nearer lecom to you all NEFA in benefit for the Lawton a true obligation, men from Allah He Allah in Indeed, Allah Allah Allah Cana he is ever our Lehman ever knowing her Kima I

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otherwise, welcome and for you all, Miss foo is half man of what the rocket as well do come your wives left in if lemmya Cola Hoonah they did not have one a dune a child

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for in than if cannula Hoonah they had when a dune a child funnel calm then for you all of Rooby Roo is the quarter mimma of what the Lochner they left main body after we'll see it in any request. You'll see in a beha they bequeath it oh or dine in any loan when a Hoonah and for them of Guru is the quarter mimma of what the rock dome you are left in if lamea Kula calm you all did not have when a dune a child for in than if Canada calm you all had one a dune a child fella Hoonah done for them. A thorn who is the eighth mimma of what the rock tomb you are left men body after will see you attain any request to sooner be her you all bequeath it out or dine in any loan we're in and if Cana

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there is Raju loon a man you rattle he is being inherited from Calella tan as one without parents or offspring. Oh or in raw attune a woman what a who while he had a home a brother Oh or often a sister fairly commonly then for each were hidden one min Houma of them to us. So those is the six for in then if Kano there are a plethora more men than valleca that for whom than they should aka will be partners fee in a third with the third member the after will see it in any request. You saw be her it is bequeath Oh or dine in any loan Leila not medulla Lin, one who intentionally harms was say yes then a true injunction. Men from Allah He Allah will law who and Allah Arlene one is ever knowing

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halimun ever forbearing hilker Those who do do our limits Allah He of Allah, woman and whoever yield larry he obeys Allahu Allah. Wa sunnah who and his messenger you will he'll who he will make him enter Jen nothin gardens that Judy it flows mentality her under them and how the rivers Holly Dena as ones who remain eternally fee her in them with Alika and that unfolds who is the success? Allah Alim be ever great woman and whoever you are asleep he disobeys Allahu Allah wa Sula, who and His Messenger were Tada and he transgressors who do the who his limits you detail who he will make him enter now LA Fire Holly done as one who remains eternally fee her in it one a who and for him, or

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that one will be a punishment Mahina and one that is humiliating? All right. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses and then we will begin to proceed

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Oh, golly Lisa

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we actually in Allahu Taala who mean call up him

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I am number seven Lily jelly no Siebel mymaths Oracle Whalley Daniel Accra, Boone Wallin Nisa in Acebo Minmatar Oracle Wiley Daniel will occur baboon for men is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave and for women is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave men malerkotla Minho, Oka Thor, be it little or much nusseibeh, mahfouda and obligatory share, side the front revere little de la Horne who was martyred in the Battle of Ohio. And when he died, his brother took all of his estate, and left nothing for the widow and the daughters off Tsar DeBeer. So the widow came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and

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mentioned that the uncle of her daughters meaning the brother of Saudi mineral beer, took all of her deceased husband's wealth. So the prophets of Allah who already has Adlam commanded the brother of Sodom and revere to return the wealth and give the two daughters two thirds and give the mother one eight. And he told him, the remainder is for you. So prior to Islam, the only person who would inherit from the deceased was someone who could hold a sword or throw a spear or shoot an arrow, meaning the strong people, the men were considered stronger. And so they would take the entire state of the deceased

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And the women would not inherit, nor would the children inherit anything, whether those children were male or female. And this was the custom, and it carried on for a while. And when the incident off Saddam's revere occurred and his brother took everything, as per custom, and the widow of Saudi Arabia came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and complained to him of her poverty and her need, this ayah was revealed. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam judged, according to it. And the main thing is that he told the brother of Saudi Arabia to return the wealth and give the two daughters two thirds, and give the mother 1/8 When he told him that he could take the remainder. So

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Live The Jolly for the men isn't asleep when a fixed share, and he the men get a fixed share mimma out of what, Dora Cal Wiley, Dan, the two parents left. Who else left? Well, Accra, Boone, and the closest relatives also left and Wiley, Dan is the dual of Well, Id two parents, meaning the mother and the father. So men inherit from their parents. So for example, a son inherits from his father and a son also inherits from his mother, and Minmatar, aka, out of what left any from the property that has been left behind by the parents, and that is the estate, right? And remember, Tharaka includes everything that the parents have left. But notice the men don't

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inherit everything that the parents leave, no, the men have a fixed share, there is an appointed portion, no sleeve as a fixed share, he needs not everything, there is a share out of the total estate that the men get. And also, they get to inherit from who will occur baboon, the closest relatives, a crab Moon is a portion of a club closest relative. And well in Nyssa II and for the women is mostly been a fixed chair, methodical valladon out of what the two parents left, and also while Accra, Boone, and also what the closest relatives left. So a daughter, for example, inherits from her father, from her mother, and a woman inherits from her closest relatives. Okay, so this

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idea is teaching us that men inherit, and women also inherit, and the ages have not been mentioned, which means that it doesn't matter whether they are young or old. There are fixed chairs for men for males, and there are fixed chairs for females, for women. Now, this is something that was unheard off, that both men and women are going to inherit, and that children also will inherit, because I mentioned to you earlier, that the Arabs would not do this, this was not their custom, women would not inherit, even the widow would not inherit. And children even male or female would not inherit. So who do men and women inherit from? allele Danny will occur baboon from the parents and the

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closest relatives. Now the question is parents, it's clear, right father dies, the son the daughter inherits a mother dies, again, the children inherit, but what are these closest relatives, who are these closest relatives? The thing is that there are different kinds of relatives, okay, there are the will koruba There are those who are somehow related to you. Okay, then there are

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those who are closely related to you. And then there are Accra, Boone, those who are most closely related to you. So among the close relatives are who Accra Boone and a bar Dune, those who are closer to you, and those who are distant from you. So basically, not every relative is equally related to you. Any, the closeness is not the same. I'm not talking about closeness in terms of your friendship with them. No, I'm talking about closest in terms of relationship. Okay. So, one is your paternal uncle, the brother of your father, he is closely related to you, and the other is the paternal uncle of your father. So, your father's uncle out of the two who is closer to you, your

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paternal uncle, right. One is your paternal uncle and the other is the son of your paternal uncle who is closer to you from the to your paternal uncle. One is your maternal uncle, and the other is the son of your maternal uncle, who is closer to you. The Maternal uncle

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Right. And in terms of relationship, that link is shorter. Right. So there are levels of closeness. So, one thing we understand from this is that every relative does NOT inherit. In fact, in some cases, close relatives also do not inherit, it is only the closest relatives that will inherit, for example, a woman dies leaving behind children and grandchildren. Okay? Now in this case, her children will inherit an even though her grandchildren are close relatives, they will not inherit from her. Why? Because her children or their her sons or their daughters, or their they're the ones who are going to inherit from her. So we understand from this that when the deceased dying person

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dead person leaves behind closest, close and distant relatives, who will inherit from him, it is the closest relatives who will inherit, and in that case, the close and distant relatives will not inherit. However, in the absence of the closest relatives, like let's say a woman dies leaving behind no children, but she has grandchildren. Okay, then in that case, the close relatives will inherit. Okay. So regardless of gender, what we understand from this idea is that men and women both inherit from what their parents and close relatives leave. And the closer a person is, in terms of relationship to the deceased, the more likely it is that they will have a share of inheritance. Now,

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one thing I want you to notice is almost Pantano mentions livery jolly willingness Sati, the men have a share and the women have a share. Right? There is no third gender that is mentioned here. Which means that if a person does not identify as a male, and does not identify as a woman, then they don't get a share of inheritance you need they have to be a man or a woman. And that's the thing I mentioned at the beginning of the surah. Also, that we'll have a column in huzzah Jehovah Thurman, humare, Jalan Cathy, Ron, one Isa, and you we have to be very clear on this. They're either men or women, either male or female, there's nothing in between. And I mentioned to you the case of

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the people who are born such that the intersex people I mentioned to you briefly about what is to be done in their individual cases, anyway, if a person is a man Okay, that is how they have been created, then they will get the share of a man and if a person is a woman, all right, that is how it looks, part three has created them then they will get the share of a woman and remember the share of a man differs from the share of a woman the share of a son is different from that of a daughter, okay. And each has inner sleeve, little Jelena sleeve willingness or inner sleeve the sleeve is from non sideband NASA is to fix so it's a fixed portion, unsolved from the same root is used for idle

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that people had fixed in places all right. So a fixed portion, and this fixed portion is decided by who, by Allah subhanaw taala. And it has been assigned to different individuals by who, by Allah subhanaw taala. Any, this is a must, it's not an option, okay. And this share is going to be taken from what Mataranka from that which has been left by the two parents and by the closest relatives, meaning from those who have died among the parents and those who have died among the closest relatives. And he from what has been left by the deceased, whether the deceased is a parent or the deceased is of the closest relatives and what has been left, which means that the division of the

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inheritance is after death, not before. Okay? Some people what they like to do is they like to divide their inheritance in their lifetime. And it's okay if you want to, you know, make things easier for your children, etc. But you cannot divide your inheritance while you're still alive. What you can do in your life is that you can give gifts to your children, okay, but in terms of gift giving, you have to be just unfair between them. All right, any, you will give your daughter the same as what you will give your son all right. But if you die, then after your death, the estate will be divided according to the portions that have been assigned by Allah. Okay. Now, it's a

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separate discussion whether a person should divide their estate in their lifetime as gifts to their children, or they should leave it and let it be divided according to the law of inheritance after their death, and inshallah we'll have that discussion Perhaps another time. But my methodical Whalley Danny will Accra Boone

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Any these shares are to be divided after death, and the estate of the deceased will be divided among the heirs mimma Allah min who Oh Kathal miimo from what Allah was little men who from it, Oka Thor, or it was a lot, any whether the estate is a little or a lot, you don't worry about that the estate will be divided according to the shares that have been assigned, and the total value of the estate does not matter. So whether it was allele, Allah from Khalil, calf, lamb lamb, and Cathy, from Cathy's Kapha any whether the estate is a little bit, or it is a lot of it, it doesn't matter, the total value does not matter. What matters is that you divide the estate according to the formula,

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the law, the fixed shares that have been assigned. So for example, if a person dies, leaving behind just a few $100, that's the total worth of their property, that is their total estate, then that will be divided among the heirs. What if the heirs get only five $6 each? Well, that's all they get. But that is according to the law of Allah. And if a person dies, leaving behind millions and millions of dollars, what about that, yes, that also will be divided according to the law that Allah subhanaw taala has given. So it does not matter how much the estate is. And it also does not matter what form the estate is in meaning whether it is in the form of money, or gold, or car, house,

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clothes, toiletries, dishes, bed sheets, furniture, everything mimma Carl Levin, who Oka thought this means the entire state, whatever it's worth is whatever its form is, it has to be divided among the IRS, as sometimes a mistake that people make is that for instance, if the mother dies, leaving behind gold, then only the daughters will take it. And nothing of that gold is given to the sons, because they say, Oh, what is the son going to do with it? Or for example, if father dies leaving behind a car, the son will just take the car? Why? Because what will the daughter do with it? This is not correct, you can't just go and take something that you think, you know, you can use best and

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the other cannot use, it doesn't matter whether you can use it or not. What matters is the value the worth of that estate, any if it is something that was left by the deceased, it will be counted in their total estate, and then the estate will be divided among the heirs according to the shares that Allah subhanaw taala has fixed. So what should happen is that when a person dies, then every single thing that they owned, okay, it has to be divided among the heirs, nothing can be taken without the knowledge of the heirs or exclusion to some any, for example, if the women if the daughters among them decide, okay, we'll just divide this jewelry among ourselves and our brothers, they don't need

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to know about this, they have no interest in this, you can't do that. Okay? Likewise, if the heirs are all pale and barley, meaning they are saying mentally sane, and they are adults, they can forfeit some or all of the share. Okay? Like, for example, if the son says, Yes, I know I have a share in this gold, but I don't need it, right. So, you girls enjoy it, you girl to take it, okay, that is permissible. But it is best that first each air is assigned their share, okay? And then after that, they can do whatever they want with it, they can give it to another heir, they can give it up, that should happen afterwards. And if the heirs are children, then no one can forfeit their

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share on their behalf. Okay, like for example, if a man dies leaving behind a house and a car, okay, let's say the house and the car were his property, and the wife did not have any share in that any she did not legally own any portion of it, let's say and now what happens she has little children. Okay. And the father left behind a car and the woman says I don't drive I don't need this car. Right? So she says, Okay, this car, you know, I can just give it away. Any if she sells it in order to add to the estate of the deceased husband, that's different. But if she's giving it away, just so that she can just, you know, use the money herself or she gives it away to a friend or to her

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brother because her brother likes that car. That is not correct because the children

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have a right over that right the children have a right over that so, she cannot forfeit their right on their behalf, she does not have the authority to do that. Okay. So, when someone dies, what is supposed to happen all of their property should be gathered together, all of the heirs should be gathered together and then the estate should be divided according to the shares that have been appointed by Allah. And then if they want to do any exchanges among themselves, that is permissible, these exchanges can be in the form of a for instance, that one son gets to take the gold which is worth 7000 Okay, so he says to his sister, that I know you got gold already, but why didn't you take

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this gold from me and you can pay me 7000 That is perfectly fine. He can sell his share to her or he can exchange it with her. Okay, that is perfectly fine, this is permissible, but it should happen after the assigned shares are divided among the heirs. So that any each person is doing you know, if they're giving up with some or all of their share, if they're selling it, if they're exchanging it, you know, this is a decision made with consent. Okay. Now, Allah subhanaw taala says nusseibeh mahfouda No see been affixed share more fruit, ah, one made obligatory, my fruit from fault. And he this has been obligated by Allah, at the heart of the SNA. See, if you look at the beginning of the

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ayah, little Jelena seabone, well in Nyssa, in asleep, and so the state of the snow sleep is that it is mahfouda, it is made obligatory by Allah, not you. So each share for a given air has been appointed by Allah, and the amount of that chair has also been appointed by Allah. And since it is an obligation, you cannot change it, you cannot edit it. When it comes to Salah. Can you just change the number of record that you pray? Like, for example, for Nakara? You said today I'm too tired? I'm just going to pray one, can you do that? No, you can't. This is obligated by Allah, you have to respect the numbers, right? Likewise, when it comes to inheritance, the shares have been fixed by

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Allah, the heirs also have been assigned by Allah, and each heirs share has also been assigned by Allah, and all of this is my fruit, this is not an option. And this is not something that you have liberty to change. And this is the reason why the knowledge of the law of inheritance is actually called or even more for the knowledge of for our, for our ILL as in obligations any the shares that have been obligated by Allah. Now, how much are these shares? What exactly are these chairs? So for example, how much does a man inherit from his father? Or from his mother? Or how much does a woman inherit from her father or her mother? Or how much does a man or woman inherit from their spouse, or

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from their Accra boon, their closest relatives, such as their child or their sibling, or their aunt or their uncle, all of these shares are detailed in IR TL miroir eath, which are verses 11 and 12. And also verse 176, the last verse of the surah this idea and the following is that okay, from seven to 10, they basically set the ground for the law of inheritance, okay, any before the shares are allotted, there are some important concepts that people must understand. What is the main thing that we understand from this idea that the shares are fixed for both men and women, and these shares cannot be changed. We don't get to decide how much for example a daughter inherits and how much a

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son inherits. And if the brother inherits or not, any These are not things that we get to decide. These are things that Allah subhanaw taala has decided, okay,

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