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If your relationship with your wife has ended, or your relationship with your husband has ended, what if your relationship with your friends has ended? And if your relationship with your family and the most beloved people do has ended, they don't do they end your relationship with Allah? The man we when we move on into this area, the more you realize who Allah solution is for you. Laquan. Law, social and assault.

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unfairly, he says in a minute, a Lavina Eva zucchero Allah watching that Coolio boom. Indeed the true believers are those who whenever Allah is mentioned, their hearts shake and they tremble. And here we are mentioning Allah. Have you found that effect in yourself yet?

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If you haven't, go and read these and again, read about Allah again and again until your heart starts moving. You know, we don't have enough time on this earth. We're here for one purpose, and that is to know who Allah azza wa jal is the tip. And so that once you move on, you meet the One who created you, and you meet the one who provided for you, and you meet the one who wanted you to know about him. subhanho wa Taala