Omar Suleiman – The Faith Revival 27

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the consistent themes and trends in Islam, including the loss of pattern, method, and the fruit's characteristics. They also mention the importance of shyness and modesty in the act of religion. The speaker provides examples of examples of plants producing fruit and the importance of showing a loss of deed to avoid embarrassment.
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So now I'm not going to lie here but a Carter Welcome back to the faith revival. So much has been said about what a man looks like in a tree and its branches and its fruits. And if we summarize all of them we find some consistent themes number one, a loss of pattern which is Adam total cave, a lot of a lot of method and Kenny Martin play with and cache gelatin like Eva, Have you not seen how Allah subhanaw taala has presented the example to you have a good beautiful word, like a tree that is beautiful and pure, and he starts to describe this tree of eemaan so the word is La ilaha illa Allah, and what does La ilaha illAllah look like in a tree form? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said that the tree of faith is like a palm tree. So now imagine this palm tree this nulla being constructed, also has its roots are deep, its roots are firm, you walk up to a palm tree next time you're in Medina inshallah and try to knock it over and see what happens to you. The roots of a palm tree are firm it is deeply rooted, I'll slow half but we're federal half is summer, and its branches are high in the sky. So the roots are firm which means that the believer though at times, they will bend they will not break the tree will not be uprooted. So you'll always have the roots in your heart Even when your emaan is not producing at its potential also have its roots are firm well

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federal who have his center and its branches are high in the sky. To cooler cooler Hainan bit is near Bihar. Its fruits are constantly in production, meaning the tree of eemaan is not seasonal. So there are some times that the tree will produce maybe higher than others. So in Ramadan, there are more fruits. But that doesn't mean it stops producing fruits throughout the year it just means that the output might not be as much. Now how do we describe this with all of the ahaadeeth so the profit slice and I'm sad so now you have the LA LA LA which is the the roots Okay. Then he said Salalah honey was some that he man has 70 something branches. Okay, so a man has 70 something branches. He

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said Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, what the highest of them is La ilaha illa Allah. He says the lowest of them is immortal to other unathletic to remove something harmful from the road, we'll hire him in an email and he said shyness and modesty in the sight of Allah is from faith. What are the consistent trends we can take from this number one, the scholars say that the fruits sometimes take time to become ripe. And that's when you taste the sweetness of those good deeds. So sometimes you don't taste the sweetness of the fruit right away. It's actually bitter at first so your good deed as you first take it on, it might be bitter. But then as you constantly produce, you're going to

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taste its sweetness once it becomes ripe. So you insist on that good deed. The second thing they mentioned is that the branches are the lock the branches are the good qualities and good qualities constantly yield good deeds. Okay. So the goal in Islam is not just to establish good deeds is to establish good habits and good qualities. So for example, from the good quality of kindness, you have many fruits that will grow from that branch, right? So you have to develop these are these good qualities. And so when you talk about high art, for example, the Prophet slicin him said that the quality Dean and Holyoke every religion has a characteristic a quality to it. He says how local is

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local Islam and higher, the quality of Islam is higher. The defining trait of Islam is shyness and modesty before Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, modesty in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala if you're not lost yet with the diagram as you're drawing it out, modesty which is the consistent and branch that the Prophet slicin and mentions modesty in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala means that you are too shy to disobey him even when he is watching you and you are alone. You're too shy. That's the first form of modesty. But then how do you take it beyond that? So that's the big branch that the Prophet slicin keeps mentioning. The lowest branch is a multitude other anaesthetic to remove

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something harmful from the road, out of love for a loss of habitat. What is the profit slice on telling us he says it's a lot harder to sell them I saw a man strolling in Paradise, simply because he removed something harmful from the road. What that means is you went beyond simply feeling shy to disobey Allah subhanaw taala in private, you even brought yourself to do a good deed that maybe someone else didn't notice. So someone else saw that branch on the road or saw something on the road that was harmful. You did something that some others noticed, but they didn't do anything about and you did it purely for the sake of a loss of Hannah Montana. You did it purely out of your love for a

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loss penalty on a purely seeking his sight. The smallest branch the slightest fruit

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For the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's enough for a lot to look at you and to forgive you for all of your sins, and to grant you entry into paradise. So when you connect the dots number one, La ilaha illAllah has to be firm in your heart that can never go even when you're at your lowest point in email. Number two, the fruits always have to be in production, even if there are times that they might produce at a higher level. Number three, sometimes it takes a while to taste the sweetness of that fruit so the fruit has to become ripe. Number four, the consistent branch is always China's in the sight of a loss of Hannah Montana. Number five, if you can show Allah one

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moment of a good deed, one moment of something small that your faith produces. That's enough for a loss of hundreds to forgive all of the crookedness of the tree outside of that does that come along? Hate on See you all next time and shall allow us I don't want a compartmentalize rahmatullah wa barakato

Bend Don’t Break

Episode 27: The “tree of faith” is like a palm tree – deep firm roots, branches high in the sky, and constantly producing fruit.

2017-06-22 – Ramadan 2017

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