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La em nada como ha for the Nurse Aide will be helping either Alima

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, None of you should allow your fear of people to stop you from speaking to drug, especially if you know it.

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Light of what's going on in Gaza in Palestine, this genocide has been going on for three weeks now, in which over 10,000 of our brothers and sisters have been martyred.

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It's important for us to remind ourselves of the qualities that we should have at times like this. And one of those qualities that I want to focus on today is sheduled. Courage. And we look at the people of Palestine as our role models of courage. We look at them as people who are in situation that most other people would give up, they have shown the utmost carnage. And this has really shocked the enemy. Because really what the tyrants are trying to do, is to cause so much of damage, and so much bloodshed that they give up and they leave the country. That's what they're trying to do. You're trying to demoralize them so that they leave. Instead, they cannot understand the fate,

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the patients that the walk goal, the acceptance of God, and the courage of the people that they are wanting.

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And we should look at the people of Palestine as our role models when it comes to college. And yes, we aren't able to physically assist them as they might already living in a very different parts of the world, we aren't able to physically assist the people of Palestine, but we, we can be courageous enough to at least assist him in the little ways that we can. If you know somebody is promoting Zionist propaganda, you should speak out against it, you should clarify the truth, you should be spreading the correct news and messages across the internet so that people become aware of what's really going on. You should use your voice and your social media and your positions of influence to

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get the true message of what is happening on the ground out to as many people as possible. And some people are afraid to do this. Some people are afraid that if they do this, they will end up on some kind of watchlist, they will end up under surveillance, they may not get visas to travel to certain countries. They worry about the dunya consequences of speaking the truth. So today's reminder, is a reminder to all of us that Being courageous is a necessary part of being Muslim. Being courageous is a necessary part of being Muslim.

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The opposite of courage is cowardice.

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Think about the great heroes of Islam, the MBR, the Sahaba, any great hero in history.

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The majority of them were defined by the courage. They made sacrifices in this world for the sake of Allah. That is what defines them. Because this world is not even worth the wing of a mosquito in the sight of Allah. It's worth nothing.

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That yes, maybe because you spoke the truth, you may not get to travel to certain European countries that refuse to give you a visa. So what So what Jana is more important in those countries, the truth is more important than those countries. We shouldn't allow these small things to stop us from speaking the truth.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran when he describes the qualities of those whom he loves.

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One of the qualities that he mentioned is whether you're off una Loma de la, you they are not afraid of the criticism that comes from the critics. And the scholars say this means that when you stand up for the truth when you speak the truth, when you are a person of the truth, you will have enemies, you will have critics you will have people who will try to put you down,

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but you have to stand firm, you should not be afraid of what they say or do in retaliation to you being a person of nature,

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in this hadith that we go to in the beginning of the code, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, you should not allow your fear of people to stop you from speaking the truth if you know it. Notice that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said if you know it, meaning we shouldn't be giving opinions just based on speculation. Our opinion should be based on facts or knowledge. If you have facts if you have knowledge that speak to you another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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of the new jihad in Kalama, to harken in the Teutonic Jaya. The most virtuous form of jihad is to speak the truth in

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The face of a tyrant. The most virtuous form of jihad is to speak the truth in the face of a tyrant. Why? Because in the battlefield, at least in those days when people fought fairly, in the battlefield is equal, right, you got swordsman against the swordsman and archer against an archer. But when you speaking the truth to a tyrant, it's not equal, he has all the power. So that makes that an even higher level of of striving for the sake of Allah.

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All of these innovations and all of these verses remind us that we are supposed to be a nation of courage.

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And we have many, many examples of this in our history. When we look at the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. He was the greatest role model of every good quality, including courage.

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You know, many of the leaders in history, they lead from behind Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, will always on the frontlines, he was willing to die for his message. And many people quote this as one of the proofs of Prophethood

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that a false prophet isn't willing to die for the message. Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was willing to die for his message. If you look at one example, the Battle of quinine are in the Battle of winning Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam had just conquered Makkah. He now had the largest army that he had ever had. And they marched into this forest to fight the people of dois. Unaware that the people have died had planned an ambush up there. They were archers hidden in the trees all across the valley all throughout the forests, who surrounded the Muslims and opened fire.

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And in the panic, Muslims began to run away as arrows were coming from all sides. And when this was happening, as the Muslims are running away, Rasulullah sallallahu I think he was on he got up onto a high platform where everyone could see him, and he stood tall. And he began to say, I am the Prophet that is not alive. I am the son of Abu Talib. And he began to rally the people and chant and he began to inspire the people with his words, and slowly bit by bit, the Sahaba gathered around him, and they refund the army and they fought back and eventually won the battle. But think about the courage it takes when the whole army is running away. And arrows are raining down from all sides to

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stand firm and to stand tall and to call people towards you. And to remind people of the truth at that moment, there was the courage of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is our ultimate role model when it comes to courage. But so with the Sahaba, the Sahaba the ones who we look up to, they will all grow models of true courage. Look at Abdullah even Mossad radula one

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Abdullah even Masood was a shepherd. He did not belong to any of the major tribes of Makkah. He did not have the protection of the tribes of Africa. Yet he decided to be the first Muslim to recite Quran openly in front of the garb, knowing that he does not have tribal protection. He went in front of the camera and he will decide the surah AR Rahman and for many of the people of Makkah, that was the first time that they heard the Quran.

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And in the panic that the people are hearing the Quran, the people that Yoni Shula, Rama, the leaders of Makkah gathered around Abdullah even Massoud and they beat him. They beat him up, but he continued to recite even why do we be talking about this is the carnage of the sahaba.

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We look at Bilal Rajala. One who we don't even need to mention the story of building is such a legendary story that we all know that he was courageous in ways that we can't even understand.

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So Maria and her husband, yes are the first martyrs of Islam. Their courage. When Abu Jamal had the man was torturing them, and was willing to kill them unless they left Islam.

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Good these days, you mean formed upon Islam till the very end and they were killed by Abu Dhabi. This is the courage of the Sahaba when over the Fatah Guardiola who converted to Islam, and yes, Omar Abdullah hada was one of the greatest role models of cartilage when he converted to Islam at a time when people were converting secretly, when people were worried about what people are going to say, Oh my God, you're and who goes to each of the leaders of the corporation. He goes to the house, he knocks on the door and he tells him I just wanted to inform you that I became a Muslim. And he walks away. And then he goes to the Kaaba, and he informs all of the people I'm a Muslim, and people

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come to attacking him and of course being honored. He fights back and pushes them off. But the point is, look at the carnage of this map. This is our model when he goes for Hijra. Again, Hijra was a time when Muslims will be sneaking out right because you have to protect your family. You have to protect your

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yourself because there was a weakness at that time. But again, Omar Rajon who the ultimate model of courage, he goes in front of the Kaaba, and he wants his enemies that if you want your wife to become a widow and your children to become orphans, try and stop the courage of overachiever.

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our history and our legacy is a history of brave men and women who stood up for the trip no matter of the consequences.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that they were for a woman who attained perfection.

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One of those for a woman was the wife of the Pharaoh, the wife of the Pharaoh, the pharaoh was the worst fear or was the worst tyrant in the history of this world, even worse than the ones we are witnessing today.

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Yet his own wife stood up against him.

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And she proclaimed the truth. And she became a believer. And he taught her and he taught it up. And in her final words, she made the dua to Allah and her two hours, oh Allah make me a neighbor of yours in general, give me a house close to you agenda. She don't care about the dunya. Her focus was Allah subhanho wa taala, the courage of the righteous This is perfection of courage, right? That the wife of the valor was one of those woman with a perfection, even in her courage.

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We see the same with the magician's in the court of the family. When they realize the truth when they realize that Musa alayhis salam was a true prophet. Immediately they made sutra and they say we bow to the lord of harmony and Musa. And the Pharaoh told them that if you do this, I will cut off your right hands, I will cut off your left leg, I will crucify you and leave you there to that.

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And he said, How can we go back from the truth and we've seen it, do what you want to us. This was the response, do what you want to us.

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So my point today is that our religion is a religion that inspires courage.

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And we as Muslims, we need to be modeled of courage in every situation. We need to be people who are willing to speak the truth, while willing to stand up for the truth who are willing to defend the truth. We should not be cowardly. We should not be people who buckled under pressure. We should not be people who distort the message of Islam or whatever's going on in the world just to please others. Because the people before us, they made far greater sacrifices than us for the sake of this message. Look at all the great scholars in our history. All of them had moments in their life where they had to prove their courage. All of them without exception, had moments in their life where they

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had to prove the courage. Imam Abu Hanifa going mahalo passed away in prison for refusing to buckle to political pressure.

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Imam Malik was beaten up, and he was injured in prison for refusing to change a fatwa to suit the politicians. Imam Ahmed embodiment, humble, was tortured for years

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for standing firm on the Aqeedah of Islam, every one of these scholars, they went through a trial where Allah was testing their courage

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and the our times we too will face some strikes. So, let us when we look at our history, let us look at these models. Let us be inspired by them, let us learn to be like them. Let us be people who are brave, Let us raise a generation that is courageous. Let us be the leaders of this world in carnage.

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And if you want to look more closer to home for role models of college, if you don't want to you think this is 1000 years ago, 2000 years ago, now, today in Gaza, you see your models of courage, all you have to do is look at the news and look at the people in Gaza and look at the children of gods are looking at what they have to say. And you see, through fate, through Tawakkol through acceptance of God, through courage. These are our models and these are the people we should inspire to be like, we ask Allah to grant us courage to ask Allah to keep them steadfast and to grant the victory. And we ask Allah to remove the tyrants on the lease and to replace them with just the

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rulers. Subhana rahbek Robin is at your mercy whatsoever mousseline with Hamdu lillahi rabbil, Alameen.

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Hamdu lillahi, wa wa Salatu was Salam ala Medina via bad, bad for inner circle Hadith. Allah will tell you how the how the Mohammed bin Salman Allahu alayhi wa sallam was shattered according to her.

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In dolla, dolla tintina.

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In the Quran, towards the end in Surah rouge, there is a hint of a story

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about courage from people who are facing genocide. If you read surah Bucha, which is the story is hinted at the actual full story is found in Sufi Muslim.

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And it's known as the story of the boy and the king. And we don't really have time to go through the full story right now. I'll give you the summarized version, but it's very relevant to what's going on in Gaza right now. Basically, it's a story of a tyrant ruler who wanted to get rid of the Muslim

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population, and they resorted to genocide.

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And in terms of dunya, it seemed like the tyrant had won.

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He killed all the Muslims. Let's say he killed all the Muslims. Yet at the end of the story, Allah says that those who killed the believers and did not repent, ended up in the hellfire, and those who are killed in the path of Allah. They ended up in Jannah. And Allah says that is the greatest victory. He says that is the greatest victory. You see, we don't think only in terms of dunya. We don't think only in terms of worldly victory. In this world, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And it's important for us to keep that in mind that our job is to make the effort, the results is in the hands of Allah, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. But the ultimate victory, the real victory

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that every Muslim should strive for, is gender is paradise. And yes, sometimes righteous people, in large numbers may lose their lives. And we feel like how can Allah allow this to happen. But it may be that Allah is taking them as martyrs, they may enter Jannah, without any reckoning, without having to account for any of their mistakes, will all of the sins forgiven. And that is what Allah wants for them, he wants to give him that status. So in the story that is mentioned, and I would highly recommend that you read the story, you will find it in Sahih Muslim, you'll find it in tafsir, even Cassia in the Tafseer of Surah Baluch.

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So the story basically goes that about 300 years before the time of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi, wasallam, there was a tyrant king in Arabia, who wanted the people to worship him. So we have the magician, who would basically do tricks to get the people to assume that the king is a God and to worship the King. And this magician will also retrain the young boy to be his apprentice, but unknown to him, this young boy he meets a monk, and he converges to what was the true religion of that time, the message of Jesus peace be upon him. And he starts to preach this message to the people. And he starts to perform miracles. And the people start to believe and they start to accept

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this the truth. And the king becomes aware of this, and he tries to kill this boy. And every time they try to kill this boy, he's saved during medical. So very beautiful story, go and read it in details.

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Every time they tried to kill his boy, he saved through a medical until the White House him of how he'll be able to kill him. And the White House the king, you need to put me in court in front of the entire city. And take a bow and arrow and say In the Name of Allah, The God of this boy, and then surely, only if you do this, I'll die.

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And so the king did that. And the boy died. But when the people of the city realize that the king could not kill the boy except in the Name of Allah, the entire city accepted a trophy, the entire city, stopped worshipping the king and started worshiping Allah

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and the king now in his desperation to be worshipped, he committed a genocide against his own people.

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He built a trench and he filled it with fire.

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And each person the city was given a choice to reject the truth and worship the King or to be thrown into the fire. And every single person chose to die for the sake of Allah rather than to go back to perform. And yes, an entire city was wiped out an entire community was massacred.

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Because they chose to believe in Allah. It Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us

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that they were the great today had the greatest victory, that those people who died for the sake of Allah, those who are willing to stand firm on what they believe until their souls left their body, they had the greatest victory, because victory is not some temporary success in this world. It's not money. It's not power. It's not control over lads, all of this comes and goes. All of this comes and goes, there's a time there was a time when Muslims ruled over Spain, that time is gone. There was a time in western Loulou, India, that time is gone, right? power and money it comes and goes, what is real victory? Real victory is the pleasure of Allah and the entrance into China. So do not feel

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disheartened for the people of Gaza. But understand that Allah has chosen them to be the models for the rest of the world. That when we look at the people of Gaza, we understand what real striving for the sake of Allah is. When we look at the people of Gaza we understand what a martyr you

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When we look at the people of Gaza, we see and understand what is true faith what is true Tawakkol? What is true southern? What is true acceptance of Allah SCADA. What is resistance? What is resiliency? What is optimism, we see all of these qualities in these people, and we should be inspired by them to be more like them, because they are the models of true faith. And those who think that they are better than them, this is delusional, a Muslim should never think you are better than anyone else that is given that is arrogance. But rather these people our model the network, Allah has chosen them to have a tougher trial than us. You this this misunderstanding going around,

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that Allah is punishing that that we do not have the right to say Allah is punishing these people or that people understand that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that those who are closest to Allah will have the toughest trials in this world. Those who are closest to Allah will have the toughest trials in this world. So someone sitting comfortably in South Africa, thinking that Allah is pleased with him, is judging people who are facing the toughest trials with the one rule and somewhere in the other end of the world, ask yourself Who is the one who's being described in this hadith as being close to Allah? Who's the one facing the tougher trials?

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facing trials in this world is not a sign of Allah's punishment? It's not a sign of Allah's Anger, if anything, is the sign that Allah is pleased to do what Allah punishing the people of the trench, with Allah punishing give me the king the massacre them no, that was the victory that was the Martin if that was the entrance into Jana. So be very careful of these ideas that are spreading in our community. Be very careful of these misunderstandings of the religion. The people of Palestine are in the frontlines of defending the truth of defending the religion, of defending the holy lands, we should stand by their side, we should be brave, we should be courageous in speaking the truth and

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speaking up for them in countering any propaganda that is spread against them, whether it comes from outside or even when it comes from the Muslims, because they are Muslims among us who are spreading lies about them as well. And we must counter this, we must speak out against this we must not remain silent when they are being when this is something that really boils my blood that the people of Palestine are being massacred by the enemies of Islam, and they've been judged by the Muslims at the same time.

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Think about this, how messed up is this? That instead of helping our brothers and sisters we are judging them and calling them sinners and saying that they are being punished by Allah, Allah protect us and forgive us and guide us so

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we ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to grant victory to the people of Palestine, they ask Allah to remove all of the tyrants from the Muslim world and to restore peace and dignity and power and the falafel to the Muslim world. And we ask Allah to end the trials faced by the people of Palestine and to accept all of the martyrs of Palestine and to make them from those who he's most pleased with and to forgive us for our weakness and our inability to assist them and to accept from us whatever small efforts we have done to try and assist them. Allah monster moja he Nina fi Venice de la la monsoon mustard fina V Philistine. Allahumma easterly Slava. Muslimeen Subhana rahbek. Robin is at MIT