Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-054F Tafsir Al-Nisa 6

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of teaching children to train and test their parents' wealth and success is emphasized. The importance of rushing from wealth and having a strong will is emphasized, as it is crucial for children to reach their age of puberty. The segment also touches on the importance of maintaining contact with family members who are not mentally disabled or related to the father, and the potential consequences of giving money to beggars on the street. Additionally, the segment touches on the age of puberty and the importance of training and testing before investing in wealth.
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then almost pantherella says, well, the Colonia karma and test the orphans, what beetaloo This is another command if Tila is to test. Okay? So test the orphans had that either below Nica until they reach marriageable age. And the thing is that the child who is in your care will not always remain a child. Right? You have to prepare them for their future, they will not always have your protection, and your guardianship, today, you're guarding their wealth for them tomorrow, they have to take care of it themselves, right? Tomorrow, they have to make all of these decisions on their own. So you have to train them verbally Uttama, the orphans in your care, you should test them. Now you can only

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test someone after having taught them. Alright, so what this means is that teach the orphans train them. Okay. And continue to test them to see how well they understand. Okay, and how well they're able to decide, okay, if they're able to make good, wise decisions regarding money, and they know, halal haram, so you have to teach them and also test them. So for example, you every now and then give them some money, and tell them to do something with it. So for instance, your own children, some people don't give any money to their children, and this is not right. Give them some money so that they know how to spend it wisely. Like for example, you give your child $50. Right, and you

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tell them that, you know, you can spend this money as you wish, okay? Now what happens, they're like, Oh, I'm gonna give it all in charity. That's great, excellent. But then what happens? They want some treat, all right, and they have no money, their brother is buying ice cream with his money. And your daughter who gave all of her money in charity doesn't have any money for ice cream. So okay, you buy ice cream for her this time. But this experience will teach her that next time I should give some in charity, and some I should keep for myself. Right? So give money to them. And remember, wealth is not just in the form of cash. It's also in the form of different types of

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property. So for example, if there's an orphan who has inherited, let's say, a farm, right, so you have to train him to look after the different things at the farm. So give them different tasks so that they are prepared for future and start young while the Tolia timer because your team is someone who has not reached the age of puberty yet. So this shows us that it is the responsibility of Guardians of parents to teach and train their dependents. And you don't completely shelter your children and do everything yourself. Because then tomorrow they're going to suffer. Right? Yes, you love them right now you don't want them to bear any hardship, but you might be crippling them. So

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what the title Yeah, Tama a test is not always easy, right? But when thoroughly a timer. So give them different opportunities so that they understand the value of money, and they also know how to spend it. Like for example, when your children become teenagers, maybe it's a good idea to open a bank account so that they see, okay, if I put this much money in it, and I spend, the money goes, it's no longer there. Right? And they need to learn how to make these decisions. Had that either Bella who Nika until they reach and Nika and Nica means marriage, but here Nikka does not mean marriage itself. It means the age of marriage, and what is meant is puberty. Okay? Hodeida below

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Nikka until they reach marriageable age, meaning puberty, so it is your duty to train them until that age. Okay, so Nikka over here means puberty. Now, how do you know that a child has reached puberty while there are signs of puberty? First of all, the first sign is Erath, Elam having a wet dream, and this can be for both boys and girls. So if when a child experiences and Athena than they have reached the age of puberty, even if let's say, if it's a boy, his voice has not cracked or he doesn't have any hair on his face. Okay? Having a wetdry means reaching the age of puberty. Secondly, for girls, it's hard right having the menstrual period third the growth of pubic hair,

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okay, and this is for both boys and girls. So, if the pubic hair appear before if the lamb for example, then the child has reached the age of puberty, okay. Then, it is also said that the age of Nica is at

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Only 15 It's 15 years of age when a child becomes mature and the evidence of that is that even Nirmala de la Horan, who he wanted to participate in battle when he was 14 years old and the Prophet sallallahu Urdu set up did not allow him and the next year when he was 15 The Prophet sallallahu an incentive allowed him to participate in battle. So remote when Abdulaziz said based on this that the sign of maturity is age 15 When a child reaches age 15 Then they are valid So, Hatha it alone Nikka okay. So, the first condition is that they should reach a certain age this is the age of puberty and when any of the signs of puberty appear or the child reaches 15 years of age, okay. Secondly Allah

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subhanaw taala says for in and as the minimum Rushden then if you perceive in them rush then sound judgment and assume from Hamsun unseen and assert to perceive to sense if you perceive in them in who in the orphans, what do you perceive rushed sound judgment. So, two things one, they reach the age of puberty second, you sent sound judgment in them and you test them and you see that they make good decisions, then what should you do for the Pharaoh Eli him and wallah home then return to them their wealth and you once you see once you sense rushed in them, then hand over their wealth to them, let them stand on their feet. Now, the question is what is rushed rushed from rushing that is

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maturity, it is basically having intellectual and religious ability to make good decisions. And intellectually a person understands the value of money, what is worth what? Okay? And secondly, they also know what is halal, what is haram. Okay, and they understand what kind of a transaction is not okay. Okay? Like, for example, if you give money to a child, that they should go and, you know, buy something, sell something, trade, do something to make it grow, and they come back to you and they say, You know what, I just lent it to my friend, I gave him $15. And he said, he's gonna give me back 20. This might appear to be smart, but the child is now taking Ribba. Okay, so they need to

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learn. They don't have rushed, rush this both intellectual and religious. They could be very smart, but they don't have religious sense. Okay, so Bush does both. So when you see that, yes, they have sound judgment. Then what do you do you hand over the orphans? Well to him JazakAllah head, your job is done. You no longer get to keep the wealth of the orphan with yourself? No, you only keep it until they reach the age of marriage, they reach the age of puberty or age 15. And secondly, you see, you know, that they have sound judgment.

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Okay, Allah Subhana Allah says in surah, Al Anon I 152 that will add the caribou mallia Teeny in La Villa de arson, had Diablo I should write that until the orphan reaches the age of puberty, until then you manage the wealth. After that, you have to hand it over, back to him. Now there's a question, what if the orphan is age 15 or even 16 or 17? But he does not show rushed? Okay? Like, for example, you see that they still don't realize that they have to pay bills on time.

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Right, or they still don't make wise decisions financially. Okay, then they're still on the sofa. And you cannot let them harm themselves. Okay, financially, even our best little de la Horne who said that if a man has become bearded, and he has a beard, but is still incapable of getting his rights from others or fulfilling his obligations towards them, then he is still considered to be a team Yanni. If there's a team child, who now has a beard, but he still does not have the sense to take his rights from others. Like for example, he gives $20 to the cashier, and he needs to take $5 back but he doesn't, okay, or fulfill his obligation towards them. He doesn't have that sense that

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he's still considered your team and he's still considered a child. But when he can look after his interests, like grown up people, then he is no longer an orphan. This is reported in Sahih Muslim. So what would the rule Yeah, Tama Hattah ADA Bella Nica for in Afghanistan minimum Roustan fed the Pharaoh lay him and wallow then you return to them their wealth. Then it is said well, I thought Kaluga is often will be darlin, a Yakubu and do not consume it.

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In excess and in haste, lest they become older, any guardians are being told that you should not consume it, what does it refer to the wealth of the orphans, you should not consume it is often excessively and also be down quickly, lest Yakubu they become older who becomes older, the orphans become older. Any, you say that? Oh, he's 10 years old, very soon he's gonna have to take his wealth back. So let me quickly eat it up before he becomes an adult. Don't do that. This is a warning. Okay? The thing is that if a guardian of the orphan is poor, okay, and he he himself is poor, that he is allowed to spend from the money of the orphan. Okay? Why this is like taking compensation for

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the services that he's providing. What services is he providing he's taking care of the orphan and the orphans wealth. Okay, so we learn in a hadith and Sunnah. Bido that a man asked the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam that I do not have money, but I have an orphan under my care. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said eat from your orphans wealth without extravagance or wastefulness and without mixing it and without saving your money by spending his so well after Kaluga is robbing will be Darren and Jaco, what would be it's rough, it's rough is excess, any don't spend the orphans money unnecessarily and wastefully and Bedard from Berdahl raw without is to do something before

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something happens. No need to rush to do it quickly before something happens. Like the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said bad disrobe Bill amalfitana and he rushed to do good deeds before certain tribulations come. Okay. woman can have an en familia estar fif, whoever is rich than he should refrain. This is talking about the Guardian that if there's a guardian of the orphan, who is wealthy, okay, he is Loony, then fully a starfish, he should refrain refrain from what from taking any of the orphans money for himself, woman kind of Akira and whoever is poor failure colbyn maruf, then he should only eat in a recognized way. What is appropriate. So the learning the rich guardians

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should not touch the orphans wealth, he should not take anything of it. This is necessary. Okay, but the one who is fatigued, the guardian who is poor, he can take something and that is permissible for him. But it should be Bill Maher roof. Now the question is what does it mean to consume in a recognized way, even our best Rhodiola horn who said our lesser beetle carp, any whatever he takes from the orphans wealth, he takes it as a loan with the intention to return. So for example, there's a guardian of the orphan. He himself is poor, okay, and he doesn't have money to buy bread, okay, and his children are hungry. Now, the orphan has money. So he takes some money from the orphans

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money and he goes and buys bread for his children. And he has the intention that when he has the money, he will pay the orphan back, he will put that money back in the orphans property. And yes, in three days, he gets his paycheck. All right. And what does he do? He takes that amount and puts it in the property of the orphan. So this is permissible women kind of appeared on file yet called Bill maruf. Okay. Secondly, Vin Mallove also means that he can take wages, okay. And he can take something from the orphans property as wages. And he basically he pays himself from the orphans money for taking care of the orphans money. Now, how much is the pig going to be? How much are the

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wage is going to be they're going to be in proportion to the work in proportion to the time and the effort that he's putting in? And he asked to see what is my roof? And he typically for men would be managing someone's property in this manner, that how much would he be paid? Or, for example, is orphaned as a farm. Right. And he works in the field, he takes care of the animals. All right. So he will pay himself like anyone else would be paid for the work that he's doing. Right? Or let's say the orphan has inherited different properties. Okay. So he's, you know, invested those properties. Let's say he has put them on rent. So he's working as a realtor now, right. So how much would a

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realtor charge? So you take care of the orphans wealth for compensation, and you take Audra methyl, right or drop methyl Audra as in wages and Mithun. As in you have to see that how much people typically get paid for this kind of work. Okay. And, thirdly, my roof, it

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has also been said that what this means is that the poor guardian can take according to his need, and according to his necessities rather, but it is best that he does not touch it at all. Woman kind of appeal on failure colbyn maruf for either the fire to La him and wallah home, then when you have returned to them their wealth, the Farington from dalfampridine Anyone you have handed over to them, their wealth, the wealth of the orphans, why have you handed it over to them? Because you know two things. One, they have reached the age of puberty, and secondly, they show maturity, they have rushed, so you want to hand over their wealth to them? What should you do at that time for a che do

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I lay him, then call witnesses over them? We didn't call someone to witness the event of you handing over the orphans property to the orphan. call witnesses Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is protecting the Guardian over here, how just as Allah, alright, we see in these verses that the orphan is being protected, right. But now the Guardian is also being protected, because it is possible that, you know, the Guardian returns the orphans wealth to him. And now what happens, this orphan now who has grown into a man comes five years later and claims that oh, this guardian of my never gave me back my property he stole from it, or he kept some of it. Right. It's possible that

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the orphan is mistaken. Right, he's mistaken or he is accusing on purpose. Right. And it is also possible that the Guardian lies about returning the wealth to the orphan. So the presence of the witnesses ensures that a the wealth is returned right to the orphan and be it ensures that both the orphan and the Guardian are protected. Now there's a question What if witnesses were not called and after some time, the orphan says that the Guardian did not return my wealth to me. And when you ask the Guardian, The Guardian says, Of course I did. To whose word will be accepted? There's a difference of opinion on this. Firstly, the alum I say that the Guardians word will not be accepted.

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Why? Because he disobeyed Allah. Allah subhanaw. Taala says in the Quran, that for either the far term Elohim and wialon for Ashley do I lay him call witnesses when you're going to return the wealth to the orphans, and he did not call the witnesses. What is known is that the property was with him. And if he says that he returned it then he has to bring evidence for that. Other one, I must say that no the Guardians word will be accepted. Because the Guardian is the Marcin right Guardian is the one who was doing a favor to the orphan that he kept him and he looked after his property, he traded with it, etc. And then he handed it over to him. So the Guardians word will be accepted and

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Allah Subhana Allah says in surah Toba 91 That model Marcin Amin Sabine, there is not upon the Dewar's of good any cause for blame. So he's going to be confirmed. And then there's another group of scholars who take the middle way who say that it depends on the Guardian, if the Guardian took payment for managing the orphans, wealth, okay, then he is no longer Morrison.

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And when he's no longer in Morrison, His Word will not be accepted. But if he did not take any payment, then he is Marcin and His Word will be accepted. The main thing is that people should be careful, and they should call witnesses anytime when you know you're dealing with other people's money. It's always best to have witnesses and to do things properly legally. So that later on there is no problems whatsoever biller he has Siva And sufficient is Allah as Hasib as one who takes to account as one who gives that which is efficient. The name of allah Hasib actually has many different meanings. One meaning is received means witness Shaheed okay. So sufficient is Allah as

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witness, which means that if the orphan is lying, or the Guardian is lying, Allah is a witness, Allah knows. Right? You call witnesses Yes. And Allah is sufficient as witness, but you still have to call witnesses to protect yourself in the future. Secondly, Hasib also means one who is sufficient or one who gives what is sufficient. So, the guardians are being told that now that you sense maturity in the orphans and they have reached the age of marriage, then you hand over the wealth and Allah is sufficient as Hasib Yanni Allah will give you what is sufficient, Allah will take care of you. Don't feel worried about your future, because handing over the wealth to the

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orphan means that you're no longer going to be paid for the work that you are doing for the services.

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Since you were providing, so don't worry, Allah will provide for you. And thirdly Hasib also means one who guards one who protects. So, the reason why Allah subhanaw taala has told you to call witnesses is to protect you to guard you, all right? And then Hasib also means one who takes to account one who gives recompense. So Allah will call you to account for how you manage the wealth of the orphan, and will compensate you for it. And taking care of the orphan is something that is highly rewardable as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he who takes care of an orphan, whether the orphan is a relative or a stranger will be in Jannah with me like these two and

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he raised his forefinger and middle finger and he together to show me how close are these two fingers? This is how the person who takes care of the orphan will be with the Prophet sallallahu earlier said I mean very, very close to him. Imagine the reward worker Fabula he has Seba alright let's listen to the recitation of these verses they don't

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All right, I see some questions. Can a man and woman be in the same household with no marriage contract? I'm guessing this is regarding the Guardian and the orphan girl. See, that is permissible because technically orphan girl is someone who is under the age of puberty. Right? Once she reaches puberty, she is no longer a Latina. Okay, so when she's not reached puberty, she's not required to observe hijab and things like that. So yes, she can be there's no harm.

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Why was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam not obligated to be fair with his wife? This was a privilege I was exclusively for him. And even though the alumni defer, some say that no, he was obligated, because if you think about it, whenever the Prophet said Allah who lives on him would travel, he would draw lots in order to take one of his wives along with him. And he would ensure that he went to see them every evening, right. And he had divided the days between them, even though he was not required to treat them equally. He still did that. Right? And because he had such an important responsibility, if he was constantly caught up in, you know, taking care of his wives, he

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wouldn't be able to do his work. All right. What if a person invests with good intention, but makes a bad choice? I'm guessing what this means is that the Guardian invests the orphans property into a business but that business turns out to be complete loss and failure. And so he loses the orphans wealth, well, that was written, but if he does it intentionally, then that is wrong. And Allah subhanaw taala clarifies that will Allah Who Yarlung will move Sita, middle Muslim, Allah knows the corruptor from the reformer, Allah knows the intention. So, it depends on the intention and you should be wise in investing the money you should not invest all of it, he should invest part of it

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right and once that grows into the original capital, then he should take some more invest and then grow that. So he should be wise in investing the money also, if the orphan has hit puberty but still immature to handle wealth, so in that case, can well be withheld until the orphan becomes mature? Absolutely. And we will learn in the following verses about how the orphans have to be trained and tested actually, before their

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Wealth is handed over to them. Okay? You know, for example, the person gives the orphan $100 and says, Okay, you know, this is for you for the week. So then at the end of the week, you should ask, What did you do with the $100? If he says, Oh, I lost it, or oh, I bought these many toys with it, or I spent it all on food, or I gave it away to all my friends, or some of my friends bullied me, and I had to give it to them. That means he's not ready for handling his wealth. Right? So, of course, there has to be some training and some tests after that wealth should be transferred over. What about mentally disabled child does the person stopped being your team, see your team is in

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regard to the Father, right that the father has died? Okay, the father has died, the child has not reached the age of puberty, that child is the A team. Now, if that child happens to be a mentally disabled child, then of course, you're not going to hand over his wealth to him because he's not capable of managing it. Right? And we see that ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says in these verses that will add to sufa, Amala, calm, do not give to the sofa, your wealth, meaning if someone is not capable of taking care of their wealth, then you don't give it to them. You have to manage it on their behalf. If you are not in touch with your home, is that also cutting the ties of kinship? Well, it depends

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if you're not in touch with them for years and years and years and decades go by and you forget their name, and you forget their existence, that is wrong. But let's say you're not in touch with them in the sense that you're not talking to them on a weekly basis. But every six months to a year to a year and a half to two years, something like that you go visit them, you spend on them, you spend time with them, then that is fine. Okay, but of course, keeping some kind of contact with them. The more contact you keep, the better it is. Even opposite * cousins and second cousins. Yes, they're a part of the home. What about the Husband, Son, Husband, Son from a different

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marriage? He is not related to you. Because remember, there is no sharing of any womb in the picture. Okay. How about family members who are not Muslim and try to hurt whether Muslim or not a relative as a relative and whether they hurt or not? You cannot sever ties with them.

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If a person has ever ties, but says no, I still say a Salam or Aleikum. And that's it. And they don't talk is that in that category two? In one narration, we learned that maintain ties of kinship, even if it is just with Salam, right. So in the bare minimum is salon and you should do that. And of course, your goal should be to do more than that. Can Muhammad be given in small installments throughout one's life? Yes, it can be. If the wife is pleased with that decision, then yes, it can be given like that, does that mean we cannot give our wealth to beggars on the street, because you never know what they might do with it. You see, the sofa over here are those who are under your

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care, okay, so do not give them your wealth. When you're giving to a beggar on the street, you're giving them sadaqa All right, and you can give them money, or you can give them food, you can give them a food coupon, you can give them money even and that's fine. You're not responsible for what they do with it. And we have studied this in great detail in Surah, Baqarah. How can we be generous with our family as in what is regarded as being generous with family? You know, for example, for instance, if you have a teenage son, teenage daughter, right? See, realistically that in this day and age, given the kind of life that you live, that you know, the kind of friends that they have the

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kind of needs that they have? How much money do they need? Right? How much of an allowance should be sufficient, maybe $100, maybe $150 a month? If you give them too much, then you might make them wasteful, and you might, you know, have them develop bad habits. Like you don't need to buy a Slurpee every time you pass by a store that sells it. Right? You don't have to buy an expensive drink. Right? And mashallah, there are children like, you know, recently I met them children and they were talking about, you know, that this drink in this store is this much money, but if you buy it from the grocery store, it's actually cheaper. So these kids were saying basically, that they

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were in high school and they were saying that during their break, they actually walked the grocery store in order to buy the drink, which they like, and they don't buy it from the restaurant that was closer to their school. So some kind of sharpness, they need to develop. Does the Guardian decide how much money to be given? Whose Guardian the woman's Guardian like for example, the Father, He can recommend he

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can only say yes, based on the daughter's approval. And if she's happy with that, Muhammad, then yes. If for example, the father says that, no, it should only be 10,000. And she says, No, I want 20. For instance, she's not happy with 10 then in that case, he cannot go ahead with what he wants, he has to take her opinion. Is it true that if a girl does not get her period until age 14, she is considered mature at that point. The thing is, it's not just hailed. It's not just period, which is a sign of puberty. It is also pubic hair, if that appears, or if she has a *, okay, then that means that she has reached the age of puberty. Okay. But if let's say she's 16 and she still

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hasn't begun her period, she is past the age of 1515 means you have reached the age of Nica Okay, all right, Inshallah, we will conclude over here particle lofi come subclinical Lomo behenic. eyeshadow, Allah Allah Allah Anthroposophical Cava Tobu Lake wa salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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