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The transcript describes a group of speakers discussing various topics, including a woman named Jana who was believed to have been killed by a group of men, a woman named Missy, and a woman named Missy. They also discuss the upcoming trial of Islam's supposed supposed supposedly "has been tested," but the trial is delayed due to COVID-19. The speakers emphasize the importance of being patient and avoiding hurtful words and verbal abuse, and stress the need for acceptance and privacy in the trial process. They also discuss the negative impact of hurtful and false words used during trials and the importance of determination and strong willpower in facing challenges. The importance of willpower and determination is emphasized, and the need for people to have a certain level of willpower and determination to face challenges is emphasized.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are the bIllahi min ash? shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah and Karim Furbish. Roughly Saudi were silly Emery wa Hello lokta melissani of Tavakoli. Allahumma Nickleby was suddenly Sani was filled. schemata Colby Amenia Robert aalameen Lesson number 53 inshallah we will begin the translation from verse number 186 of salud earlier Imran Leto below one now, surely you all will indeed be put a trial fee in regard to unworldly calm your wealth were unfussy calm and yourselves while at a smart owner, and surely you all will indeed hear men from a Lavina those who auto they were given al Kitab the Book

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men cuddly come before you all women and from a La Nina those who are Shaku, they have associated partners with Allah, Allah, then mild hurt cathedra much we're in and if the Spirou you all are patient with the Taku and he will adopt consciousness of Allah for inner then indeed, there Lika that men is from as male or more matters worthy of being determined. What if and when a ha the Allahu Allah took me thukpa binding covenant and Lavina of those who otoo they were given al Kitab the Book leftover you know now who that surely you all will indeed make it clear. Lin NASCI for the people Wallah and not duck to Munna who you all will hide it findable do who but they threw it away.

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What are up behind foodie him their backs. Wash turtle and they purchased be with it. Feminine something of value hollyland Little for Bitsa so how evil is math what? Yesh Tarun they purchase. Letter seven? You indeed do not think of a Lavina those who hear for Hohner they rejoice Bhima in what a doe they committed where you have Munna and they love on that you Madhu they are praised Bhima for what lamea for our Lu they did not do, fella Saba no home. So you indeed do not think them be Mufasa tin in a place of safety men from either the punishment well a home and for them, or their bone will be a punishment, a Lehman ever painful. Well Allah He And to Allah belongs Maluku

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dominion, a summer worth of the skies. Well, and the earth will Allah Who and Allah, Allah over Kali, every che in thing Garderen is ever able, in indeed, fee in culty. Creation, a semi worth of the skies, while orb and of the earth walk the love and indifference between or walk the love and in succession of a lady the night when the hurry and the de la Ayrton surely are signs Leo Lee for ones who possess Al Bab, the intellects. Alladhina those who yet Karuna they remember Allah Allah Allah, the Yama and as one to stand, walk we're all done and as ones who sit why Allah and upon Juno be him their sides where the * Karuna and they reflect fee in regard to hull peak creation. A summer

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worth of the skies will out and the earth or ogbonna Our Rob man not halacha you have created Heather this bout Leila in vain, sub Hanukkah, we proclaim Your glory Filipina so you save us from our dabba punishment and now of the fire Robina Our Rob in Naka indeed you man whom ever to the sale you make enter and now to the fire for called then indeed a zeta who You have disgraced him woman and not likely mean for those who do wrong. Men unsolved are any helpers at all? Robina our rub in Nana indeed we Samina we heard monad, dN a caller Yuna D He called lil Eman to the belief on that amino you

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While believe beer have become in your rub for Armineh so we have believed a little banana. Our rub fell fit Lennar so you forgive us, the new banana our sins, what can fit or Unoh and you remove from us say ye attina our evil deeds, what our Fener and you take us in depth Mara with abroad those who are righteous Robina Our Rob What attina And you give us ma what what Anna you promised us, Allah through Rusu lick your messengers, while Xena and you do not disgrace us yo milky Yama on the Day of Judgment in Mecca indeed you learn not to LIFO you fail to keep elmia Odd the promise or the appointment first the job so he positively responded LA home to them, or boom there rob a knee that

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indeed I love not only through I let go to waste. I'm Allah any deed, Army Lynn of one who works. Men come among you all men, they're carrying any male at all. Oh or unser, any female at all. Bar LUCAM some of you all men are from Berlin some fella Vina so those who had yoru They emigrated were overdue and they were expelled men from the IT him their homes were all due and they were hurt fee in severely my way. Wakata Lu and they fought walk with the loo and they were killed. loca fear unknown home Surely I will indeed remove from them say he at him they're evil deeds. What are the feelin now home and surely I will indeed make them enter Jannette in gardens tragedy it flows

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mentality ha under them and how the rivers So Ivan as recompense min your nd from Allah He Allah will Allah Who and Allah are in the WHO with him. Her snowthrower lab is the best recompence La Jolla who run NACA it indeed should not deceive you. The Kulob movement and Levina of those who come forward they have disbelieved fi in Albula the lens Matthaei own it is an enjoyment allele on little sama 10 ma were home, their place of shelter Jahannam will be held will be TSA and how evil is a me had the place of rest. Lacking but Alladhina those who it the coal they adopted consciousness of Rob boom there Rob Lowe home for them Jana tone will be gardens that Judy it flows mentality her under

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them and how the rivers Holly Dean as one to remain eternally fee her in them. No Xulon a true accommodation Minar in the from Allah He Allah Wa Ma and what are in the is with Allah He Allah Hi Iran is better. Lil abroad for those who are righteous. We're in and indeed men among elderly people al Kitabi of the book, lemon surely is who you may know he believes Billahi in Allah wa and in what own Zilla it was sent down in a con to you all warmer and in what on Zillow, it was sent down la him to them cause your email Allah as ones who humbly fear Allah, La not yesh de Runa they purchase be it with vs Allah He of Allah Thurman and something of value Carnelian little hola Iike those LA home

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for them or drew home is their reward are in the with Rob be him there Rob in indeed Allah Allah said he is ever swift al hisab in the accounting year a you have all a Lavina those who are Manu they have believed is Spirou you all be patient, all saw beautiful, and you all strive towards patients or and you all compete in being patient or and he will urge one another to be patient. What are beautiful and he will remain stationed What the Who, and he will be conscious of Allah Allah

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Hola Hola con so that you all to flee Hoon you all are successful Alhamdulillah let's listen to the recitation of these verses let

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while it does build

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up other Lamido you know to keep

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the moisture OBE

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Paulina baby still stone

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bone med

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tech seven

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or level

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editing was

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a long one Alicia

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Bondi in Santa

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you have to

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be here we're

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gonna feel

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a lot better

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do the healing

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the warm body mean I mean

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I'm gonna do

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the semi Mona de

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was wanting

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to cuisine i Oh Melania Medina gala taught me fool me

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boom and Neela

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get in

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the air

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movies and TV whoa visa vie you are bogged down What do you

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say to him

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Level One

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lady in

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meta Bonnie

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two tragedy

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at hand was

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one the law here

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we're in

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kita Bien, ma, you mean OB

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de la isla eco.

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Xena Isla Kashi, I mean, cause you ain't

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gonna be

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on Isla hula

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Allow him to

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beat him in law he said he on his

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bill was

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terrible law.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I am number 186 law to block one Nephi am walakum wa unfussy comm you will surely be tested in your possessions and in yourselves, you will indeed be put to trial in regard to your properties in regard to the things that you own and also in regard to unfussy come yourselves your lives while at the smart owner, and surely you all will indeed here, Meena Ladino Otto kita, from those people who are given the Scripture, meaning the Jews and the Christians, you will definitely hear from them Wamena Alladhina, Ashraf aku and also from those who commit Sheikh, meaning you will definitely hear from the machete keen, what will you hear from these two groups and

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then cathedra a lot of hurt meaning a lot of hurtful words, a lot of verbal abuse, what in the US Bureau, what a taco and if you are patient and you fear Allah, for in Nevada come in as mill or more than indeed that is of the matters worthy of determination, meaning, certainly this is of those matters, which requires a lot of determination and it is only people of determination who can have Sabra and Taqwa in such situations, in what situations in situations of Bala of trial and tribulation, and upon hearing hurtful things from people, Allah subhanaw taala informs us in this idea of something that will definitely happen in the future. And what is that little Bella one?

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Surely you all will indeed be tested. You will definitely be put to trial you will definitely experience Bella any trial. And Latrobe Laguna is from Balamb. Wow. From the word Bella, remember that putting to trial if Tila This is a Sunnah of Allah. This is something that Allah subhanaw taala has always done. He has always put people to trial. Allah subhanaw taala told us and so little Bucha verse 214, M Huseby and third. Hello Jana. Did you think that you will enter Jannah just like that, well I'm Maria de cometh no Latina Holloman Kubla Khan, while you have not experienced the same as the people before you did, meaning the people before you were tested and you have not been tested in

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the same way yet. Messiah tomo butser over burrows, Zulu trials, hardships, difficulties, poverty, disease, all of these things, touch them, and they were shaken hackday Akula rasuluh Alladhina amanu Mara who Medina Sula, there were so many tests and trials one after the other, and they were shaken up so much, that even the messenger and those who believed they said, When is the help of Allah meaning when is it coming? Allah subhanaw taala says Allah in Nasrallah here Corrib unquestionably, indeed, the help of ALLAH is near. So in terms of Bacala verse 214, Allah subhanaw taala informs us very clearly that the people before us were tested and we will also be tested here. The same message

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is repeated let Tobler woonona You will indeed be tested in total Mulk ayah to Allah subhanaw taala says hola de hola como will hire Talia blue accom the reason why Allah create a death and life is why so that he can test us. So this world is doubt will Eva tila. It is the home of trial and tribulation and Allah subhanaw taala prepares the believers for these tests that be ready. Don't be surprised when these tests come upon you and in the word la Tobler wanna learn the lamb means surely but it actually contains an oath. So what is meant is that by Allah, you all will indeed be tested and then there is a known Shuddha which is further giving emphasis the by Allah, you will indeed be

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put to trial. So think about it when Allah subhanaw taala is taking an oath that he will test us and Allah subhanaw taala has assured us in numerous places in the Quran, that there will indeed be tests can we should be certain of

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This, we should know this as a fact of life that in this life, there are trials and there will be trials and it is in His mercy that Allah subhanaw taala has informed us so emphatically and he has informed us from before so that we are prepared. We are prepared when these tests come upon us. We are not caught off guard, insert Mohammed i A 31 Allah subhanaw taala says well, in a blue one na Komm Hector narla ML Mujahideen M income, we'll solve it in when net blue Akbar accom we will definitely test you until we know those who strive among you those who are patient and we will examine your affairs we will test you in total Bacara i 155 Allah subhanaw taala says well enough

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blue Wanda can be che im Meenal Hovi while Jewry went up Seminole Anwar Ali will unforeseeable with Thammarat Allahu Akbar, we will definitely test you with something of fear and hunger and a shortage of wealth, a reduction of wealth and lives and fruit Subhan Allah in total Anbiya is 35 Allah subhanaw taala says when a blue Combi Sherry will Heidi fitna, we test you through evil and through good as a trial. So no one should think that in this life, there will be no difficulties. And so we should not live our lives, waiting, waiting for that time, when there are no problems when there are no difficulties so that we can do something, nor should we be constantly seeking a problem free life

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so that we can stop striving, because this is how some people live. Either they spend their life waiting for things to get easier so that they can do something or they're constantly striving to seek a problem free life, why because their goal is that once we get there, then we can take it easy, no, this life will always have some kind of test some kind of trial, if not from one way than certainly another way. So stop expecting life to go on without trials and tests. And here Allah subhanaw taala tells us that little blue Hoonah fee unwelcome were unphysical you will be tested in regard to your properties and while plural of Mal and enforced for love naps in regard to your

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properties and also in regard to your selves. And this shows us that a person can be tested in this life in a number of ways to things are mentioned over here and elsewhere. Like for example in Surah Baqarah 155 We learn about other ways through which Allah subhanaw taala will test us here um, while is mentioned first, how is it that a person could be tested in regard to their wealth, while the loss of wealth is a trial, the shortage of wealth is a trial having to spend is also a trial because a person finally gets a hold of some money and then they wish to invest it or you know, save it, but then all of a sudden they have an expense for which they have to give or a person has to give zakat.

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A person has to you know spend on their spouse, on their children on their parents. And then a person you know has some wealth and they're feeling good about you know, increasing their wealth and all of a sudden, they have now an opportunity to give feasable Allah to help those in need. That is also a trial where you have to give from what you were expecting to enjoy. Now you want to give it to others because you know that they deserve it more than you they are in need of it more than you the sudden loss of wealth, the sudden decline in one's business, the sudden loss of one's job, right, losing one's property theft. All of these are trials. Law Tobler, one fee I'm Wiley calm,

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what unfussy calm and also in yourselves you will be tested fi and fusi COMM And first is the plural of naps, and naps means self. So this means that you will be tested in your body, you will be tested and unfocused together means yourselves meaning your people. So in regard to your people, so the loss of loved ones, the death of loved ones, in yourself, sustaining injuries and wounds, and in yourselves. This doesn't just apply to the body, the physical body, no psychologically you will be tested. You will experience anxiety, you will experience sadness, you will have trauma, you will be carrying the hurt that people caused you and some

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Time's suddenly when people hurt you through their lies through their rumors, or sometimes you have your insecurities, you have these negative thoughts that just drown you that overwhelm you. So there are many, many forms of IB Tila, little below one Fe M Wiley como unfussy calm, and the righteous leaves of Allah Bay faced, different and numerous trials, which means that you will always find an excellent example to follow when you are tested in some way, you will always find an excellent example to find comfort in. So for example, if you want to know how to deal with illness, prolonged illness, you have the example of a YouTube URL to his center. If you want to know how to deal with

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the loss of freedom, then you have the example of use of Allah husana. If you want to know how to deal with physical injury, then you have the example of the magician's of fit our own. Right when they believed in Musar Allison unfit our own, he killed them, and he didn't just kill them. He cut off their hands and feet from opposite sides. They were victims of assault. If you want to know how to deal with lies and slander, you have the example of Aisha Radi Allahu anha. You have an example in the prophets and in the righteous. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked that which of the people is tried most severely, and he said, the prophets and then those nearest to them, then

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those nearest to them, the prophets that Allah who are losing them further explained that a person is tried according to his religion. If he is firm in his religion, then his trials are more severe. And if he is frail in his religion than he has tried, according to the strength of his religion, Allahu Akbar, and you know what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, he said, the servant shall continue to be tried until he is left walking upon the earth without any sins. In another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that it was the prophets who were tested most severely. And then it was the Aloma, the people of knowledge, who were tested most severely and then

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the solid hone the righteous. So the believer is continuously tested, tried in one way or another. And this is not because Allah subhanaw taala does not like the believer. No, in fact, it's the opposite. My UT dilla who bu Chiron, you said men who whoever Allah wishes good for, then Allah puts him to trial. And this means that the Muslim is tested more than the non Muslim. This means that the Muslim OMA will experience more hardship than other nations in the world. Why? Because the Muslim ummah is more beloved to Allah. And remember, the greater the test, the greater the reward. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that OMA T had he ALMA to Mahoma. This OMA of mine is one

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to which Mercy has been shown. And he explained, he said, this means that it will have no punishment in the next world, any this OMA will not be punished in the hereafter. Rather, it will just be punished in this world. How in the form of fitten different trials and Zillow, Zillow, earthquakes and a cattle being killed. So when you see trials in your personal life, or in your family in your friend circle, when you see that how righteous people good people are tested in different ways. You see the Muslim OMA being tested in so many ways with one trial after another. This is not a time to despair. No, this is something that Allah subhanaw taala has already prepared us for led to blow

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woonona Fie and wily como unfussy calm. This is something that we already know from before this is something that is a given that Allah will definitely test us. And there is a reason behind these tests. And the reason is purification. The reason is increase in one's ranks. The reason is growth that a person becomes better. The reason is forgiveness. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the greatest reward comes with the greatest trial. So when someone is being tested in sha Allah Insha Allah, we hope we believe we have faith in Allah's mercy, that Allah will reward them with something more more beautiful than what they have lost. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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continued, that when Allah loves people, he tests them Whoever accepts that wins his pleasure. So how is it that we deal with trials we accept

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The trials that Allah sends our way any we surrender. We don't get upset with Allah that oh Allah why me? Oh Allah why us? Oh Allah why this? No, we accept Allah is a decision regarding us. Whoever accepts that wins his pleasure. But whoever is discontent with that earns his wrath. Whoever becomes upset with Allah, then they only end up with the Wrath of Allah. So the way that you respond to trials shows what you're getting from ALLAH, if you respond with contentment and surrender, then what you will get will be even better than what you lost. And if you respond with anger, and discontent and frustration, then you will get will be worse than what you lost will be worse than

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what you are experiencing in your trial. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. We also learn in a hadith and I mentioned this earlier My UT de la who be you Hi Ron, you said men who whoever Allah wishes good for then Allah tests him which means that when Allah subhanaw taala tests us it is so that he can give us something better. He wants to give us something better than what we have right now. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala that love banana will add to her meal Nirmala Takata Nabi that our Lord do not lay upon us what we do not have the capacity for who are for no wolf Atlanta what Hamner and pardon us and forgive us and have mercy on us. Another kind of trial is mentioned in this

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idea, and that is well at USMA own Amina Ladino Otto Kitab, Amin publikum, Wamena Latina, a SJ Rocco ln Kathy cathedra. And you will surely hear from those who were given the Scripture before you and from those who associate others with Allah much abuse, any be prepared for this all Muslims be ready. Don't be shocked by this that you will hear and then cathedra other is something hurtful, but it is less harm compared to butter. Right? Dollar is actual damage, and other is just hurt without damage. Right. And other than cathedra cathedra is the CIFA it's describing other in a lot of other a lot of verbal abuse, hurtful words, annoying words, you will hear them from who from those who

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were given the book before you and also from those who commit Schick in you from the Jews and the Christians. And also from the machete keen. You all Muslims will hear a lot of hurtful and annoying things. And if you think about it, Subhan Allah, sometimes it is at the suffering of Muslims, that you hear hurtful things from them. Right. I mean, there were cartoons published that were mocking the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. He what kind of freedom of speech is this? Mocking mocking an earthquake that has caused the death of over 20,000 people? What at the smartphone I mean, Alladhina Otto kita woman publikum Wamena Latina ash Rocco and then cathedra Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw

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taala told us well at the smartphone, you will indeed hear you will definitely hear the lamb again. There is a custom over here will loggy by Allah you will hear this. So be prepared for such hurtful words. And part of the hurtful things they say is, for example, in the previous ayat, we learned that people the book said in the love appeal on one hand who Alinea Allah is poor and we are rich and such words. Absolutely they hurt us. Right when these people insult our Lord when they insult our book, when they insult our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Of course, these words hurt us the anger us when they say Al merci herb Nullah when they say that is our listener is the son of

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Allah, this is upsetting to us, all of this is other it is all very upsetting and then cathedra any a lot of it any endlessly. So, you will always be a target of such words from such people. They will spread lies about you, they will insult you. They will market you, they will falsely accuse you. When a customer owner Amina Alladhina, auto kita woman publikum Wamena Alladhina Ashra, CO and then cathedra. There is a Hadith in Sahih Bukhari in which we learn about how once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was riding a donkey and Osama al de la hora and who was riding behind him any on the same donkey

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And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was on his way to visit Saad Ivanova la de la Mourinho. And this incident actually occurred after the Battle of buds. And the Prophet sallallahu Urdu sent him on his way to see sad for de la Horne who he passed by a gathering, in which our beloved Ben obey was sitting, and there were some Muslims, and there were some Mushrikeen and there were also some Jews. So it was a gathering of, you know, different kinds of people. And at this point, our beloved obey was not a Muslim, he was still a mushrik All right, now when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reached that gathering of the love and obey, you know, he was sitting in as a Prophet

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sallallahu earlier said, unreached, Abdullah bin obey, you can imagine the donkey as it was moving, it caused some sand to, you know, rise up in the air. And so I believe and obey covered his nose with his robe, and he said, Do not fill us with sand. And he he insulted the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, the Prophet sallallahu, artisanal completely overlooked that and he greeted everybody in the gathering, and he said salaam, and he spoke to them briefly inviting them to the worship of Allah and even recited some Quran to them, or live up and obey said, Oh, fellow, no other speech is better than what you said, if it was true, however, do not bother us in our gatherings, go

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back to your place, and whoever comes to you, then you can tell him such things. You can tell him your stories. We're not interested in listening to you, so don't come to us. Now our blood and Ruaha radula horn who he was sitting among them, and he was a Muslim, and he said no or messenger of Allah attend our gatherings because we like that you're most welcome here. And this led to you know, some back and forth between the people who are sitting on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam calmed them down. And when they settled, then the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam went away, and he went to Saudi oven or Buddha, and when you eat saw the Minerva he said to him that oh, sorry, have you heard

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what are the love and obey said, and he said such and such things to me? So solidarity law, Horan, who's consoled the prophets of Allah Hordeum sent him through a messenger of Allah, forgive him and pardoned him. Alright, the thing is, that we were supposed to appoint him as a king. But Allah subhanaw taala changed all of that by bringing you to Medina. And so he is jealous. He is upset and this is why he's behaving with you in such a way. So you see our other weapon obey, he was really rude to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and at the time he was a mushrik. So this is a huge constellation will attest maroon, nominate Latina O'Toole, keytab and Kubla Khan, the woman and

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Medina ash, Rocco and then cathedra that you will hear from these two groups of people, a lot of hurtful words, things that will hurt you. So then what do you do? How do you deal with these trials? And how do you deal with you know, hurtful things that people say? Allah subhanaw taala gives us a solution. He says what interests Bureau and if you all are patient, what a taco and you all fear Allah for inner Valley coming Iseman Omo, then indeed that is of the matters where the off determination to things suburb and Taqwa what the suburb mean, Southern means here that you bear the hardship and he you put up with it. You don't get upset with Allah, and you don't lose control over

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yourself. You don't weaken. You don't just quit. No, you own the problems that Allah sends your way in, you accept those challenges, and you do something about them. You do something to bring yourself out of that difficulty you take action, somewhere over here doesn't mean that you just sit there and suffer and cry and wail and say woe is me know, somebody is that you accept the challenge. What does it mean by accepting the challenge? That Okay, now that this challenge is here, let's see how we can deal with it. That is something that you don't lose yourself. You don't lose courage. You don't give up. You don't become lazy. You don't quit on life. Oh, we're in the hospital with a taco and you

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

fear Allah and you're mindful of Allah in the way that you will respond. And you keep your duty to Allah. For in Nevada then indeed that meaning subvert and Taqwa in such situations, that is Mina asmall Omar, it is from us mill Omar. Asan means determination and I'll omoove is the plural of Amber. Amber means matter a word matters. So as mil Omar determination of the matters meaning

00:40:00--> 00:40:50

It is of the matters that require determination. Any, it's not always going to be easy to have sub Antiqua he there are certain trials for which you need to be very, very deliberate and conscious that, okay, I have to do somewhere over here. Okay, I have to be careful about how I respond over here. He you cannot be impulsive in the way that you respond to these trials. You cannot just say whatever you feel like and do whatever you feel like, No, you have to have some level of control, some level of alertness, it requires determination, and you see determination, especially as required when the challenge is huge, or when it is going on for a very long time. That is when

00:40:50--> 00:41:30

determination is required, right. When you're facing something very scary when you're facing something that is completely new. Right? You don't know how you're going to deal with it. There you need some determination, some courage, and then Azim is also required when it trial is going on for a very long time. Because you feel like okay, I'm just going to quit, I'm just going to quit, I'm just going to quit but no Azzam for inner Valley come in asmall omoove. And this means that not everyone can observe SUBUD and Taqwa this is only the share of people have a high level of determination, people who are strong willed, we're into Spirou, with a taco for inner Valley come in

00:41:30--> 00:42:18

as mill move. Now, none but strong willed people can do this. And in this as basically an encouragement that aren't you going to bring about all of your resolve? In order to face these challenges? You have to be a person who is strong willed. And the thing is that people vary in terms of their willpower and determination. Right, some have more others have less. Allah's Panthera says in surah Taha I have 115 about other money center that will occur that are hidden illa adelmann kabru, financier Willem Najib, Lucha Asma, that otherwise known for God, and we did not find determination in him. And he forgot quickly, right? So some people are like that, that internally,

00:42:18--> 00:43:09

they don't have much determination. And then there are other people who will Masha Allah from the beginning, they are very, very determined, right? So this is in a very common mood, this idea is telling all of us those with high level of willpower and determination, and those of us who have less that bring your best effort forward, if you have less determination, than you need to exert more effort, right? So for inner Valley calm and asmall omoove. If you have suburb and the PLA, then indeed that is from matters that are worthy of determination. Now, some are lemma. They say that this idea is abrogated by the verse of the sword. Okay, meaning that you don't respond to the ill

00:43:09--> 00:43:49

speech of the People of the Book and the machine with patience and piety. No, you respond to them now by taking revenge and by punishing them. Why because I said that the verses that mentioned somewhere in Taqwa are basically abrogated by the verse of the sword or verses that are like that, like for example, sort of that the headin verse number nine, in sort of the terrain verse number nine Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, are you in Abuja? hadal kuffaar All Munna Filipina well look RLA him that oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam strive against the kuffaar and the hypocrites and be firm with them. Right there. Allah subhanaw taala does not tell his messenger to be patient

00:43:50--> 00:44:42

with them. And to pardon them. No, Allah subhanaw taala tells them to fight them and to be harsh with them. But if you think about it, other Allama say that, yes, Jihad has its place. Okay. There are situations where you will not respond to people's to the abuse of certain groups, with patients and piety. No, you're going to respond with some kind of revenge and you're going to give them a piece of their own cake. You need to you're going to penalize them, right? You're going to stand up for yourself. But then the thing is, that in every situation, it is not necessary that you respond to violence with violence or you respond to abuse with abuse. No, there are other situations where

00:44:42--> 00:45:00

patients and pardon are better. And these verses in the Quran are not contradictory. Rather, they're all applicable, because in certain situations, patients and piety is better and in other situations, jihad is better. So these verses are not inherently contrary

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

victory. And we see this in the life of the prophets of Allah who already Salam. There were times when he was patient with people, he did not punish them. Right. And then there were times when he did take revenge he did punish. So, the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is hikma right? And we should ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant his Hikmah the understanding of wisdom so that we are able to decide in what situation patience and pardon and piety is better and in what situations revenge is better. Here, Allah subhanaw taala says we're in the middle with a taco Nadella coming Iseman Omar. Now the thing is that when someone says something hurtful to you, and let's say that

00:45:43--> 00:46:32

you decide that in this situation, it's better to not respond, okay? For whatever reason, you decided that it's better to not respond or you decide that it is better to respond and you respond, whether you respond or not. Are your feelings still not hurt? Yes, you are upset that they said something so disrespectful about Allah, something so wrong about the prophets of Allah who are nice and you are upset. You are annoyed, you are hurt. And every time you have those feelings of hurt and rage and annoyance, and you do suffer any you don't become a volume you don't commit any load them in taking revenge that you have suffered, that you just swallow whatever nasty words are coming out

00:46:32--> 00:46:53

of your mouth, you swallow them. For every moment that you do sub you get rewarded. What in the Spirou what a taco for inner Valley commoners mill omoove Allahu Akbar. This is how you're supposed to face trials with Sabra and Taco