Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-052F Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 181-185

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Then Allah subhanaw taala says Look at Samia Allahu Koehler, Lavina Kalu in Allah have appeared on winner who Alinea. Allah has certainly heard the statement of those who said Indeed Allah is poor while we are rich. Okay? Now, these two verses are actually about the People of the Book in Medina. Okay? They were extremely stingy with where they conceal the knowledge they had about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then they were also stingy with their wealth. Because, remember, the Prophet sallallahu already said and made an agreement with the people of Medina. And part of that was that, you know, if there's any, you know, external enemy, that the people in Medina are facing,

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then everyone has to contribute, you know, they have to contribute with the resources, financially support. So the people of the book had a lot of wealth, but they would not bring their financial support. And in fact, when they were asked to contribute, they would make fun. So look at Samir Allahu Allah has heard owner Lavina the statement of those people who, although they said in a lot of appeared, they said, Indeed, Allah is poor when Lavinia and we are rich. Alinea is a poor level of money. So they were stingy themselves, and when they were asked to spend, they made fun Subhanallah as if you know, stinginess was not enough.

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Now, there is a particular background to this if we learned in a narration, somebody reported with a Hassan Desna that the Prophet sallallahu lucidum asked the youth to contribute some of their wealth, and he recited the ayah mandala de Euclid Allah called an Hasina to them, that who will lend Allah a good loan. So the who laughed. He imagined the prophets of Allah who are listening recited an eye of the Quran to them to encourage them to spend. And they laughed. They made fun, and they said, he or Lord is poor, and asks us for wealth, mentality Euclid, Allah Quran Hassan is that what the is saying? That Allah is poor, and people are rich know, what that is saying is that when you give

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something for the sake of Allah, Allah guarantees it's returned to you. You're not going to lose financially, when you give in the way of Allah. So this is an investment. That's what the ayah is telling us. But the Jews made fun because of their jungle. And their hubs you need, they're evil, they made fun of the idea. And they said, in the love for clear one Alinea. So Allah subhanaw taala says, look at semirara Allahu Allah has heard and this is a threat. These words are not hidden from Allah, Allah has heard them he knows. And you know the prophets of Allah, who are they have sent him said that no one is more patient than Allah in hearing hurtful things. He any, when people say

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hurtful things about us, we are not able to stay patient over there. All right, we respond in one way or another. And Allah is Most patient, in this regard, because people say wrong things about a lot all of the time. Not just those who disbelieve those who reject the existence of God, those who are far in their culture, even among Muslims, people to such wrong things about Allah, such wrong things. You know, for example, when we say, statements that show despair,

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that I should just give up hope of ever, you know, expecting to buy something expensive for myself because I am just poor and I'm forever going to be like this. This is what this is a statement of despair, saying something very wrong about Allah, that you're basically saying that Allah will never bless you. Is that how you think about Allah, we should be very careful about how we think about Allah and what we say about Allah. So Allah is Most patient in hearing annoying things that are said about him. So this is what the hood said in Allah for Petone we are rich, Allah is poor. And this is why Allah is asking us for our charity and he wants to borrow a loan from us. And they said this in

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order to make fun of the Quran. The fact is that we are poor. Right Yeah, uns untold for Korra or with Allahu Allahu Allah Niall Hamid swordfighter. I have 15 Allah subhanaw taala says sign up to Boomer call. We shall record what they have said. senak To Wuma calm. Notice that hasn't been said that Katana. We have already written or could the Obama Kalu what they said has been written now it is said Sunak two

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Boo Makalu we shall record whatever they have said, Any This is a threat. And it shows that whatever they have said they are saying they will say about Allah, that is wrong. All of that is going to be recorded, and not just what they say about Allah. But also there are other crimes such as waka Tila, whom will Ambia or be lady help. They're killing the prophets. Without any right, these crimes of theirs will also be written. And if you think about it, the Jews who were present at the time of the Prophet sallallahu lucidum, they did not kill the previous prophets. It was their ancestors. Right? But they were still on the same way. And how because they attempted to kill the prophets of Allah

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who were new set a multiple times.

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So, we shall record what they say what they said. And also we shall record their killing of the prophets without right when a Kulu colada will Hadith, and we shall say, taste the punishment of the burning fire. And he for such people is the punishment of burning * StuffIt Allah that Lika that is any this punishment of the burning fire. Why and be my put them at a decom this is for what your hands have put forth, will Anila her laser biller Melilla arbete and the fact is that Allah is not at all someone who does wrong to the slaves. How this punishment is because of what you yourselves have done. Allah is not unfair to you. And this is why the ayah concludes with one Aloha Lisa Villa

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millon, arbete. Allah is not being unfair to them by giving them this punishment. They brought it on themselves. And notice how it has been said that Allah is not Ludlum. Now the lamb is on the structure of file and file shows. Mobile Allah uni Gotra of the action, abundance of the action. Okay, so here is the lamb and he technically well lamb means one who does a lot of little. Why has this word been used? Because it's actually being negated laser Bilal lamb Ellerbee? It means that he does not do any loan at all. And he this is extreme negation of any kind of injustice. And he does not do the least bit of injustice even as Allah says in surah Nisa, I have 40 that in Allahu Allah

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al Phillimore myth Allah that Allah does not wrong, even the weight of an atom. Secondly, the foreign foreign oil, this is also used in Arabic for Misbah any to show association to a certain action, like for example, Nigel, okay, had that. Had that butcher okay in a job carpenter. So, if someone says let's to be in a job, it means I am not a carpenter. So laser biller Lemelin. arbete means that Allah is not a wrongdoer. Others are wrongdoers. Allah is not wrongdoer who Anila lace Abdullah Ahmed lil arbete then it is said Alladhina Kalu those who said any the same people Alladhina this is connected with the beginning of the previous io 181 Look at Samir Allahu Hola,

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Lilina Carlu Allah has heard the statement of those people who said in the love of pizza when Alinea so they're the same people who also say, and the Jews said this in the Lucha or he the Elayna that indeed Allah has taken our promise Allah not Mina, the Euro zone in that we should not believe in any messenger had Daya Deanna carbanion until he brings us a sacrifice which Kulu now which the fire consumes now are he that Elaina are those to make a promise? And are you that ILA is to charge someone to do something, okay to charge someone to do something? Any he made us promise, we are obligated to do this now. Okay, so they said that Allah has charged us any Allah has taken our

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promise that we should not believe in any messenger any and any person who claims to be a messenger until he brings a carbon carbon from off robber, this is an sacrifice, right? And the purpose of sacrifice is to draw close to Allah. So that messenger should offer a sacrifice which the fire of the sky consumes, if that happens, then we know that he's a real Messenger, and we shall believe him. Now, this was basically them telling the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam that you offer a sacrifice, and if the fire consumes it, then we will believe you. Now this was an excuse, which they made for not believing in the Prophet sallallahu early who said

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No, the thing is that the previous prophets, they would offer sacrifice, okay? And the sign of the acceptance of that sacrifice was that the fire from the sky would consume it. Okay? And especially the prophets, who, you know, for example, when they went to war, and they collected war booty, that war booty would be gathered in one place, and a fire from the sky would devour it, okay, because all of that was aneema was supposed to be for Allah, not for people. However, one of the exclusive qualities of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is what? That war booty was made permissible for him and his OMA and it was not permissible for the previous nations. So now there is no need for

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the prophets of Allah who are new Saddam to gather that war booty in one place and then the fire from the sky to come in and devour it because it's not relevant was a NEMA is halal for the prophets Allah who heard him cinnamon his Oma. Alright, and not just for the war booty at the beginning, a sign of acceptance of any sacrifice was that a fire from the sky would come in you would fall down and consume it. Okay. So for example, we learned about the incident of habido kabhi, the two sons of either Melissa it or rubber cabana for two bilum in academia Walla muta couple minute after that both of them offered sacrifices, one of them His sacrifice was accepted. And the other one his

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sacrifice was not accepted. So how did they know that one person sacrifice was accepted and the other person sacrifice was not accepted? Because the one whose sacrifice was not accepted? He said to the other, that the UK to London UK that I'm going to kill you, anyone we offer a sacrifice? Do we know whether it's been accepted or not? So for example, on your eID, when you offer a sacrifice? Do you know if it's been accepted by Allah or not? No, you don't know. But the previous nations, okay, they were given this privilege that when they offered a sacrifice, then what would happen? The sign of its acceptance was that a fire would fall from the sky on that sacrifice, and it would burn

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it, it would burn it. And when it was burned, that meant that that sacrifice had been accepted by Allah. Now this is no longer the case. Why? Because when we offer sacrifice, even under eat, are we allowed to eat from it? Yes. What else are we supposed to? We're supposed to feed it to others. Right? So this was something for the past, no longer relevant in the future. But the Jews said this, in order to basically make an excuse for not believing in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So Allah subhanaw taala exposes them, he says, called say, a jackal. musulman cobbly messengers before me came to you, Ville by hinnat, with the clear evidences he before me messengers came to you, and

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they showed clear evidences within the vehicle to them, when you clear evidences of their truthfulness. Were below the kalam and they also showed you what you have said he they offered sacrifice which was consumed by a fire that fell from the sky. But did you believe in them, No, you didn't. You In fact, killed them for Lima cattle to move them. So why did you all kill them, but then to move from cattle In Kuntum sada clean if you should be truthful, and he did resolve this, and I'm sure any less miracles, and that will arise. He also showed miracles. You know, for example, about the wilderness and it is actually mentioned in First Chronicles 2126, about how he offered

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burnt offerings. And from the sky fire would come and consume the offering. But they don't say that though there is him as a prophet of Allah, they call Him a king, King David.

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So, messengers before me came they brought clear evidences they even showed you what you have said, but still you did not believe in them. You killed them. You denied today manda Wolf, you're here Isa, Arlene was salah. And this is because they weren't willing to believe in you look at how they dealt with Musa Lisanna learn nope Mina laka had done that Allah Jehovah we're never going to believe you until we see Allah. Forget about a fire coming down from the sky and consuming and offering. They said we're not going to believe until we see Allah. So the thing is that people who demand miracles that show this to us, then we will believe they're not really looking to believe,

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like the Mushrikeen. They said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that split the moon into two and we will believe in you. And what happened? The moon was split into two this side what

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their own eyes, one side of the moon on one side of the mountain and the other side on the other side. But what did they say? They said this is this is Magic Muhammad Sallallahu Addison has bewitched our eyes. So, there is no need to entertain such demands. Allah says for incurred the Buka so if they deny you, meaning Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if these people have the book deny you Faqad could the baru cinnamon public, so we're messengers denied before you.

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So the cover of these people is not unusual. And the messengers before you they were denied. Jah who will begin at they brought clear evidences was Zuber and scriptures while Kitab and moneyed and enlightening book. First of all, they brought by unit by unit as a form of by Hina, clear evidence. And he they showed miracles, they gave clear evidences. Secondly, they brought zuba zuba is the port of Cebu. And the Buddha has basically a small book or a scroll. And this is referring to the books that were given to different prophets.

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And then they also brought Kitab al mooneyes. Monir is enlightening. One that brings news.

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Okay, any source of news. And these are books that contained laws for people and this is specifically thought and Injeel. So, the prophets before they brought evidences scriptures, law, but people did not believe everyone did not believe them. Yes, there were people who believed in them and there were others who did not. So those who are determined to deny nothing can convince them. Don't waste your time worrying about them. Then Allah subhanaw taala says Kowloon up sin there are two remote every soul will taste death Kulu naps every naps any everyone other than Allah is going to the AICPA to remote is going to taste death is a taster of death that equal to this is from Val

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well cough though is to taste that is Pato is someone who tastes so every soul is one to taste death. Any This is a fact this is a sofa of each knifes okay, that every knifes is a taster of death, which means there is no exception whatsoever. All of the children of Adam are going to die. Go Luminara Lee have fun, right? And Allah alone is Allah will occur and everyone besides Allah lives and dies but Allah is the living one and hate Allah Lila moot who does not die. So Kowloon of Simba cottonmouths, whether on their bed, or in the way of Allah, everyone will die. And all people are equal in this respect the rich and the poor, the believer and the non believer the healthy and

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the sick, the young and the old, everyone is going to die. Now why is this mentioned over here? Because we see in the previous verses, people make very wrong assumptions. They say very wrong things about Allah. And the thing is that eventually everyone has to return to Allah and everyone will be compensated for what they deserve. So it has said what in nama to a PHONER or Gerakan yarmulke Yama or enamine indeed to a PHONER, you will be given your full compensation to a phone or or dual icon to a phone or from wildfire, any paid in full. Meaning what is it that you will be paid in full or Jhula calm your wages for legit and you will be given your full compensation when your

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will pm on the Day of Judgment, you're not going to be given your full compensation before that, before that there is some form of compensation in the world, in the Versa. Right? In the world. For example, I mentioned the Hadith to you that the believer is rewarded for his good deeds in the world and in the hereafter. Right. And in the buzzer, we learned about the shahada, how they are given so much reward. Right. So there is some kind of compensation in the world and some level of compensation in the Bozak. But the full compensation is where when you're wealthy, that is where your complete wages will be given. Kamala Furman Zorzi her and dinar were audited a janitor for the

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fires. So he who is drawn away from the fire and admitted into Paradise has attained success. This is foes follows a fire

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as follows follows us for who the one who is Z her on another Z her is from ze ha ha okay ze her hands Zaha or ze ha ze her it has a four letter route

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okay. And if you look at the word ze has Zaha Zaza there is repetition of letters. And when there is repetition of letters, that means there will be repetition of meaning. Okay, any whatever action this is it's not just going to happen once it's going to happen over and over and over again like the word Zillow, Zillow, Zillow is to slip what happens in Zillow what happens in an earthquake first and slips and slips and slips right. So, what is Zaha Zaza is not just one action, okay. Any it's basically Zaha is to move it is to remove something from somewhere in order to put it away at a distance.

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Okay. But the form that has a has shows that this is not an easy thing to do. It doesn't just happen quickly, there is repetition. I for example, a person who has a difficulty moving right the same word is used for him, the Zaha that he moves with difficulty. Now, whoever is distanced from the fire removed from the fire, that which means that this is actually a difficult thing to do to draw yourself away from the hellfire. This requires conscious effort. This requires work. Why because the fire as we learn in Hadith it is surrounded by Shaohua by desires. So one effort alone is not enough. Okay? Any it's not enough to say I believe and so, I am saved from the fire. No, you want to

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be distanced from the fire, you got to keep working again and again and again. Because what happens you for example do Toba right? You do is the fall you wash your sins away, alright with the Mercy of Allah and what happens the following day, you commit another sin, because the desires are there, right desires are there. And as long as you're living those desires are there, temptations are there shaitan is there. So, you have to constantly pull yourself away from the hellfire and constant effort is required. You know the Hadith about each person is created with 360 joints. And for each joint basically, an act of goodness is due. Right. So the person who says Allahu Akbar or

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah Allah or Subhan Allah or a stockfeed Allah, or does something good like, you know removes a stone or a thorn, or a bone from people's path or the enjoins something good or forbids something evil. And if he reaches 360 of these acts in total for that day, then the Prophet sallallahu sallam said for interim chi yoga, it didn't work out Zaza Hanif so who aren't enough, he will walk that day having removed himself from *. So can a person say that you know, I'm just going to do the bare minimum, you need to do more, right? You cannot rely on last week's good deeds, the Prophet sallallahu or is in a multiset that Whoever fasts a day in the way of Allah,

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then Zaha Allahu wa Joe who aren't enough, Allah will remove his space away from the fire, in return for that day of fasting, any how far away by 70 years. In another Hadith, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said he who desires to be rescued from the fire of * from an herb and use that as a hand and now when you do hello Jana, whoever wants to be rescued from the fire of * and to enter Jannah should die in a state of complete belief in Allah and the Last Day and should do unto others what he wishes to be done unto himself and he treat others how you like to be treated, give others what you would like for yourself. And he keep the same standard and that requires constant effort.

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So for Munzer, his Ihara and and now we're all the halogen and look at the verb forms. This is Module Kenny, he has been removed. He has been made to enter any this shows that a person's effort alone is not enough. You try and try and try again and again. Don't just rely on yesterday's good deeds or last week's though was the fall. You got to try again today. You have

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to work again today and with the Mercy of Allah with his favor, you will be removed from the fire and admitted to paradise. So a person who is like that for the fires, then certainly he has succeeded. He has attained success what kind of success that's not mentioned over here but it's understood that he has Faza Fosun are Lima. He has attained great success real success. One will hire to dunya Elana Terrell hood, and worldly life is not except the benefit of except enjoyment of the greatest deceit. Allahu Akbar Henney worldly life is only matar okay matar is what enjoyment? What kind of enjoyment? It is enjoyment of oral, greatest deceit, and you're enjoying, but it's

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actually a deceit. What does that mean? That means that it's not meant to last, your use is not meant to last your beauty is not meant to last your strength is not meant to last your wealth is not meant to last. So in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala is basically teaching us to have some Zuid of the world in you do not get overly attached to the world. Keep away from it. Detach your heart from it. Why? Because like it is said hug the dunya Sukanya Katya, he the root of all sins is the love of the world. Why does a person leave their salah? Why does a person not gives a cut? Why do people lie and cheat and make fun? Why? It's the love of the dunya. So don't get deceived by the deception of

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this world. When will hire the dunya Allah material guru? And what is the deception of the world, which is a great deception. And it's great. It's very serious and we don't realize it, it's not going to last forever, but in the moment we feel like it's going to last forever, we know we're going to die, but we want to live like we are immortal.

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So, when will hire to dunya Illa material guru lo Akbar, an Al Hooroo also is plural. And he it means those that deceive. Okay, any shape on and there are so many people out there and sheltering out there who are constantly deceiving us, you know about this world. So don't get caught in the trap of worldly deceit stay focused on the home of the Hereafter because that is real success all right let's listen to the recitation of these verses love bothers me I love Lola lady in a bolo in Allah

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heading Daddy can be damnit ad

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Allah Halles me, let me

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to move home in Tucson is the

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the bobble solo

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he was so boring one kita Mooney, Luna

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Z Han in

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All right inshallah we'll conclude over here Subhan Allah humo be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa. Anta Astok Furukawa to boo Lake wa Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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