Where will you be when Allah’s victory comes?

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The day of Irish law is the day to strengthen your hope and your certainty in the law so that no matter how strong, how strong the disbelievers Look, a nozzle, the victory of Allah subhanho wa Taala is on its way it's coming. The only question now is where are you going to be when Muslim?

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comes? What are you going to be? You're going to be with and must sit with $1 within Islam with the people of righteousness or you're going to be isolated in your house and still complaining and saying Allah we cannot do anything and this is our stated law. Why why Turn yourself enclose yourself and Horace put yourself in a closet and absolutely no hope a lot of socialist promises coming into the question is Where are you going to be? How much effort Are you going to show love so that you're going to implement while people so that we can massage it around he did not allow the believers to pray in congregation Alhamdulillah today we can pray in congregation was still people

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act like waiting the times of mine selected for sure there is no one will massage it IMT only Ramadan it fills up other than that it's empty. Aki masala once this is established a muscle come straight after this. Believe it or not. This is how it is in the beginning of solar tel Fattah Allah azza wa jal he says in

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tamina he says to the solar system that we gave you an incredible opening. We gave you mecca for Karma Karma what probably happened at the end of the soul is the reason for why Mecca opened you know what the reason was, at the end of the suit Allah subhanaw taala he describes the companions and he says that oh who Moroccan Sujata at all. If you look at them, you find someone who rock or you find someone in situ, someone who's engaged in another kind of worship, to engage in worship, as as a result in their fatahna Katha Marina. This is what we need to understand