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Ghafir 23-55 Tafsir 34-42


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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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What are the jochum Yusuf Ahmed, Abu biloba unity, and Yusuf Alayhi Salam had already come to you before with clear proofs. Who says this? The Roger no movement.

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He says that all people use of aerosol already came to you before with clear evidences showing that he was also a prophet of Allah. Because use of our lesson did not only hold a high position in the government, but he was also a messenger. And he called people to Allah, as we have learned that even in jail, what did he do? He called people to the worship of Allah. No, he called people to the religion of Ibrahim or any sinner.

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So Yusuf came to you with clear evidences. But what was your reaction with Yusuf Ali salam, from a zoo to fi shatkin murgia A combi, but you did not cease to be in doubt concerning what he had brought to you. And he called people to Allah, as we have learned that even in jail, what did you do? He called people to the worship of Allah. No, he called people to the religion of Ibrahim or a sinner.

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So Yusuf, came to you with clear evidences. But what was your reaction with Yusuf alayhi salam, from a zeal to fy shatkin merger, a company, but you did not cease to be in doubt concerning what he had brought to you. Meaning you remained in doubt concerning what he had brought you. Zero come from the newsletters a while lamsa well, is to disappear, to go away. And masala is to continue to remain. So as the world is to discontinue in a way, but masala with a negative before what does it mean to remain to constantly so farmersville to Fisher Can you constantly remained in doubt in uncertainty concerning what use of Elisa Lam had brought to you? Meaning you doubted the teachings of user? That

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is he really a messenger is not a messenger? Shall we accept what he's saying? Should we not accept what he's saying? And you remain in the stout had that until either halakhah when he died altom you said layover artha la hoomin barra de la Sula, Allah will never send a messenger after him.

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What does it mean by the statement that Allah will never send a messenger after

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this statement shows First of all, their disbelief of use of medicine and not just of use of religion but also of other messengers. That they forgot their religion of people on humor. They said I'm completely their religion of use of religion and completely. They said that's it, no messengers are coming. We have to make up our own religion and this is how the people of their own they got immersed in idolatry. Because if you think about our use of our listener, he was there the bunny is right where their use of our listeners entire family came to Egypt, there was the heat, people respected him, people followed him. However, they did not wholeheartedly accept his message. And

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when you serve as an ambassador With that said, That's it no one messengers coming and this is how they ended up in idolatry in so many wrong things.

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Secondly, this statement layover as Allahu Akbar, the hero Sula. This also shows the regret, that we've lost our chance. That use of Edison was such a great man. He was so good, but we did not benefit from him.

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And now that he's gone, there will be no one that is like him afterwards. layover is Allah who invented the hero Sula, Danica, you learn to love women who are Muslim or mahtab. Does this Allah lead astray? The one who is an extravagant and also one who is a skeptic? mahtab is one who entertains adult, meaning a doubter of that, which is very clear.

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So the message of use of our listener was very clear, but the people they had doubts about formazione shakin when they were in check, they never benefited from user validation. When user Verizon was gone. Then they said, Oh, we've missed our chance. No one else will be ever like use of Edison. He was so intelligent. He was so good. He was a man of righteousness. He was so wise in so many ways. We've lost our chance.

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We see over here that

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the original movement, again, he's got In fact, but what history is according over here, recent past, isn't it. The people of New the people are the people of the world. They were ancient

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but use of our SNM was in Egypt approximately 400 years before was

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arisa only. So there was a difference of about only 400 years between use of restaurant and musasa. So he's telling them that look, you did not even learn from use of Elisa, he came to you presenting clear signs, you did not believe in Him, when you lost him, then you had regrets. Now, another messenger has come to you musar listening, and he has brought you clear signs, clear evidences. What are you doing? You're denying him, you're opposing him. When when you learn. You see the people of our own, they were very successful in worldly terms, but they suffered from a moral decline.

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And what was that, that they were safe, and they were,

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they were extravagant, they crossed all bounds in fulfilling their desires and accomplishing whatever they wanted.

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And they were also mahtab, they doubted the truth.

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And we see that people who are suffering from a moral decline, what happens to them whatever opportunity is before them, they don't benefit from it. Rather, what do they do? They dwell in the past, or they're worried about the future,

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isn't it? they dwell in the past, or they're worried about their future labor as a law, human body rasuna we've lost our chance past is gone. And in the future, no more hope so therefore, make up your own way.

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And we see that the people have their own massages that I've had come to them with clear evidence, it's clear signs, the staff, the glowing hand, this are if but what was the reaction of the people, they did not accept him? They did not believe in him.

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So over here, the Roger mcmann is advising them that when will you learn? When will you value musasa now or later, we see that there are many other people as well who don't take advantage from their opportunities. When they lose them, then they regret later on. And this is not just with messengers with regards to messengers, but also with regards to many other things.

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Like, for example, when it comes to one's parents, there are people who when their parents are alive, they don't give them their rights. They don't respect them, they don't take care of them. They don't honor them. And when their parents are gone, then what do they do? They take one of their very old pictures, they put a huge, you know, the magnified and they put it up in their living room. I love my father, I love my mother, I have so much respect for them.

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And the same mother, the same father, what did they want from you something else? This is not respect. And then they have regrets. I wish I had served my parents. I wish I had obeyed my parents. But when their parents are alive, they don't take any interest in them. So over here, the legitimate minister telling them that look at yourself, what are you doing? What kind of people are you? Allah sent you a messenger before you did not benefit from him? When he was there, you doubted him when he was gone, you had regrets. Allah has given you another opportunity. musasa has come to you and he has brought you clear signs. What are you doing? Would you not learn from your history? Will you not

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learn from your past? Think about it. He has come believe in Him and you will be successful. Because if you reject Him, if you deny Him, then you will suffer like you suffered before.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says alladhina yuja de Luna VIII dilla he will add some fun in

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those people who dispute concerning the signs of Allah without an authority having come to them,

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those people who dispute concerning the Ayat of Allah, what does it mean by disputing concerning the Ayat of Allah? We discussed this yesterday.

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Okay, trying to refute them. How? By proving them as false, right? objecting,

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raising objections at the Ayat of Allah, trying to show contradiction in the Ayat of Allah

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misinterpreting the misquoting them.

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So those people who use the Luna fee is Allah. And how did they do that in the Ayat of Allah belay russophone, in utter without any salt on that they have.

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So thought over here means authority, meaning they have no authority to do this. They have no authority to try to refute the Ayat of Allah to misquote them, to misinterpret them to object at them. Because the Ayat of Allah, they're from Allah subhanaw taala. And who are you people? What authority Do you have to raise objections at the one who is ultra lean?

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You are not alone. Allah subhanaw taala is illimitable you so you have no authority to raise objections against his Ayah

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Also the ladies hooked on it at our home. So fun over here is evidence as well, that they try to do that in the eyes of Allah without any evidence.

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So, their argument is based on what, but like such people Kabuto McClinton are in the law he

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cavora mccurtain are in the law he were in the Ludhiana, Manu great his hatred of them in the sight of a lot and also in the sight of those who have believed. Kabbalah maakten great his hatred for who?

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For who, for those who didn't in the eyes of Allah without any someone who has mocked against them, Allah and also who alladhina amanu those people who believe meaning when a person argues debates concerning the Ayat of Allah without any evidence, without any right, then this is a very hateful action in the sight of Allah.

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Allah hates it, he detests it.

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And also this is something very hateful, very disgusting to, to the believers. So this is a test of a man as well. That if a person is doing do that, in the eyes of Allah, how do we feel?

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If a person is trying to refute the verses of Allah with you, oh my god, they're so knowledgeable. Look at them. They're so fluent. Oh yeah. I never thought about that. We should get impressed by them influenced by them know.

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A believer, when he will find out somebody is doing well in the eyes of Allah. He will have mocked for him. He will not like that person like his argument, even one bit.

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He will not be impressed by it. He will not be influenced by rather he will be distressed. And this is a test of a man. A believer can never bear that anyone is speaking against a law against his if

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so cavora McDonough in the law he were in the Medina amanu. gallica Yoruba Allahu Allah Kohli Colby moussaka, Beringia bow dusters Allah set a seal upon the heart of

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every heart of who, with a Kabir and Jabbar, what does it mean by every heart?

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Does a person have multiple hearts? No matter on a level?

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Albania right? So Allah is not face to hearts in the body of a person, right? So what is my colleague called me meaning every heart that is like this.

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Every heart that is like this, and who would it belong to? That is almost a bit deeper.

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So an arrogant person, a tyrant person, an oppressor, this person Allah set to zero in his heart.

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So what happens then, even when he sees the truth, he doesn't accept it.

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Why is this mentioned all of a sudden, for our own and his people? What are they doing?

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In the ayatollah, isn't it? Masada Salam presented to them clear science clear miracles, what did they call them in order to refute the magic lies?

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So those people who do this, Allah detests them a lot didesain.

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And believers also they test them they cannot tolerate that anyone is doing today in the Ayat of Allah.

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So when a person has a man, when a person has a man, and he witnesses someone doing that in the Ayat of Allah, can he stay silent? Can he know he will get up and He will speak in order to defend the truth.

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So this original movement, he had a man

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and because of his Eman, he stood up, he spoke up, even if it meant taking a huge risk calling a lot of trouble inviting a lot of trouble. But he stood up.

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And those people who do that in the eyes of Allah, Allah sets a seal upon their hearts because they're motivated. They're Jabbar. And as a result, they don't understand, even if the truth is clear to them. So the Raja movement, he made the truth very clear to them. He warned them, he quoted history. He made it very relevant to them, but still didn't get it. No, he didn't. And as a result, he also led his people astray. Instead of reflecting on what the rajala movement was saying, for our own, look at his reaction, we'll call it our own and for their own said, Yeah, hermano una de ser Han la li la

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ohama and construct for me a tower that I might reach the ways

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instead of reflecting on what the Roger movement was saying, he completely diverts the attention of people.

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And he says something that in a way, is funny. humorous, why?

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In order to deliver all that that person had said, in order to wash it away, he was warning people scaring them people are getting concerned.

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And as soon as people are getting concerned, they're becoming serious, that are on something that is extremely silly so that the people are distracted. He says, Oh Ha man construct for me, Ebony. This does not mean son over here, but rather it's a fairly

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banja minion Brianna's Vina is a construction. So construct for me a sorry, sir is used for a very tall, a lofty, a huge tower, a lofty structure that's very tall, and it's also decorated from outside. And because it's very tall, it's visible from forest.

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So build for me a tower, so that I can go up on it. And I may reach largely abbulu as bad as bad as a Florida suburb. And suburb is means write anything through which you get to another

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anything through which you attain the desired. The means that you adopt primarily the word suburb is used for the rope with which bomb trees are climbed. Why do you need to climb up a palm tree to get the dates right, a date palm you go up on it with the help of a rope so that you can get the dates. So this is the primary meaning of the word server and from that it is used for any way that takes you to the desired.

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So the only available as well. I may reach up the means which means which was as bad as similarity the ways into the heavens, that will take me from one heaven to the other.

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So build me a huge tower so that I can go from that huge tower up into the heavens. Right? That will take me into the roots of the heavens, the paths into the skies, so that I can go from one sky to the other. And then when I will do that for toliara either Allahu Musa, then I will look to the God of Moosa.

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I will look at him, I will become familiar with him.

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What in Neela aluna huka diva and he says out of his pride that indeed I think him meaning Musa to be a liar, that he's lying that there is another god.

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So it says though he is saying that there is no God.

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I am the only God. This is what he's saying.

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Because if Moses says there is a God, he's evil, he's up in the heavens that I will go up into the heavens and I will go and find if he's really there. And in fact, I don't even think he's there. I think that Musa is like we're in Nila Ave Khadija

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work adeleke asinelli for owner su Amelie. Thus, it was adorn forfeit on what was adorn forfeit on the evil action, the evil of his action, this act of building the Tower of rejecting the truth in mockery and all of his other evil deeds. It was adorned for him it was beautified for him so he thought he was very smart.

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He thought he was very intelligent. That oh look at how I refuted Musa look at how I embarrassed him

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work early because do you know if you're on a sewer Amelie he was so darn sad, and he was prevented from the way which way, the way to guidance Why? Because of his pride.

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So, this is very module, he was prevented. This is how he was prevented from the way how because his deeds, his evil deeds, they seemed very good to him. He considered them to be very good and as a result he was prevented from the right way.

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Well mercader fit our owner elaphiti and the plot of fit our own is not except in ruin destruction, the vibration newsletters daba daba Theodor Avila Heaven, whatever

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antibiotic is to reach destruction because of suffering one loss after the

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a person remains in loss constantly. He loses one thing after the other after the other and as a result finished completely. So America fit our own elaphiti vibe the plot of her own to turn people away from musala Center

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to humiliate musar incentive to humiliate the believers this entire plot, it only ended in ruin and loss no matter what he did. He was a failure.

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If you think about the Rajaram when he was so serious in his speech, isn't it so serious that he is warning the people he is presenting facts before people and look at their own. When he realizes that the situation is slipping out of his hands.

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And in order that people don't take any effect he immediately changes the top

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And he says something that's very silly

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so that people don't get affected. And you will find this as well, that sometimes you're saying something, you really mean it. And the other person describes one joke. And whatever you were saying has no effect whatsoever.

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It goes down the drain it completely gets washed away. This is what around it. But look at the nodular movement. He remained firm bacala Lady

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and the one who had believed he said, Yeah, call me Toby Rooney. All my people follow me decom sebelah Rashad, I will guide you to the right way to the way of right conduct. He completely ignores what your own headset

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because you know people who say such things, who say silly things, people don't give any importance to them.

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They don't give any importance to them. So the logical movement, he continues, that all my people only follow me do what I say believe as I have believed, just listen to me and the conservator Rashad, I will guide you to the way of rectitude.

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Now think about it, Musa Islam was there. So why does this original movement say follow me? Why doesn't he say follow musasa?

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Because essentially, he was calling for the same thing, right? But he's talking to his people. He is presenting his own example. Do what I have done.

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Follow me Follow my way.

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That despite the fact that fit our own is not a believer, I have believed

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despite the fact that the majority has not believed still I have believed because when the truth is clear, that's what you should do. So follow my way. He's presenting his example. And although the messenger is present, but he is calling people to believe in the messenger, so yeah, call me tirone. The conservator Rashad.

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Yeah, call me all my people in my head even higher to dunia. Mata, this worldly life is only temporary enjoyment.

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this dunya the life of this world is just temporary enjoyment, it is insignificant, it is short lived. And very soon it will diminish very soon it will pass away very soon your life will come to an end. This life is temporary. It's an affair. It's a temporary enjoyment

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in and indeed the hereafter here that

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that is the home of settlement. That is the home of state that is the home of stability. karate, karate is the place to settle down and stay somewhere.

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It's a place that is stable. So that that is the enduring about the permanent abode. That is a place where we will be forever. So why do you run after this dunya the hereafter the home of the hereafter that is that Oh, hulu.com dunia It's nothing. It's not a it's enjoyed for a little and then it comes to an end.

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Because if you think about it, this modular movement when he became a believer, he was putting everything he had at risk, isn't it? He belonged to the royal family. Okay, he had a lot. However, if you were to become a believer, then throne would not spare anyone. If you were to spare anyone, he would have spared his wife.

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But he even persecuted her

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musasa he was raised in the house of her own

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wasn't he? But Musa Sam claimed to be a prophet. He came as a messenger before him, and he did not give any importance whatsoever to musasa. So anyone who became a believer lost everything of the dunya in that society,

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the Bani Israel, they were believers, what did they have nothing.

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So this man was putting everything at risk.

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But he tells the people that look this dunya After all, it's only a matter it's only temporary enjoyment.

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The real home is the home of the Hereafter, that is the permanent home. So what have we prepared for it? What have you done for it?

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So he mentally prepares them. Do not sell your hereafter for this study. this dunya is very tempting for our own whatever he's offering, very tempting. And on the other hand, losing all this dunya very difficult, but think about it. This dunya is nothing compared to the hereafter.

00:24:35--> 00:24:39

So don't lose your Acura because of this.

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Man, Amina say, whoever does an evil deed fillet you to say Illa misled her, then he will not be recompensed except by the lack of it. If a person does something evil, that's exactly what he will get. And on the other hand, woman army lasallian and whoever it is righteous deed means x

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In our own data from a male or a female, whether man or a woman, but what's the condition or who he has to be a believer, for Ola, aka the hallucinogen other than those, they will enter gender us upon a fee heavy lady,

00:25:15--> 00:25:37

they will be provided in there without any measure without any account, no bills will be sent to the people of gentlemen, that you have consumed so much. So, this is how much you have to pay no user for a fee have a lady has a the reward cannot be enumerated. And Allah He will give immense reward without any end.

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So look at the good news that he's given to the people over here as well. That if you believe Okay, you will lose some money. But if you think about it, if you do something evil, you will receive its punishment in the hereafter.

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But if you do good with email, then the reward is endless. reward is endless for hula, hula agenda, use akuna we have the lady herself

00:26:04--> 00:26:16

into the natural Ayah 97 Allah says, Man, Amina slowly had been decorating into wahoo a movement for the new he Anna who hired on by Eva, when an agency in the home or general home vs. America and we know

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that whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, why he is a believer, we will surely cause him to live a good life and his good life is both in dunya and also in Africa. And we will surely give them their reward in the hereafter according to the best of what they used to do.

00:26:33--> 00:26:39

In sort of calfire to what you were showing me Nina Dr. Medina solly hottie anila who

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has a beautiful reward an excellent reward. And over here, the lady has up and the lady herself What does it mean? It has several meanings of them is without being called to account for it.

00:26:53--> 00:27:02

That you have consumed so much. This is your limit. This is the budget No. And related hisab also that without any limit

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without any limits of ego the hidden agenda yours akuna fee heavy lady Hi sir. So he gave the warning.

00:27:12--> 00:27:14

He's also giving good news.

00:27:16--> 00:27:28

Well call me and all my people. Molly, how is it that Andrew come Ilana jetty I invite you to salvation. What are their own and either now when you invite me to the fire,

00:27:30--> 00:27:36

we are coming Molly. Molly literally means what is for me? And over here.

00:27:37--> 00:27:47

It says Oh, he's saying what is this? What's going on? How can the situation is that when it comes to me I am calling you to Naja and when it comes to you you're calling to help.

00:27:49--> 00:28:04

And also mellie can be understood as Melly Omar loco meaning What's with me and what's with you. Look at my situation. Look at your situation. What's going on? How is it that other rupam Ilana Jett, I am calling you to salvation. How?

00:28:05--> 00:28:09

How? That you believe in Allah, and you will be saved?

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What are their own money? And you What are you calling me in and out to the fire?

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You're calling me to that which leads to hellfire. And what is it?

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the worship of other than Allah, this belief in messengers. And if you look at it, he was only one person and they were majority. He was only one and the rest of the people who were the mystic.

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Now, what do we see? That despite the fact that those upon the truth are a minority, a person must hold on to the truth

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and those upon falsehood are a majority still you don't hold on to false it.

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So the criteria for truth and falsehood is not minority majority but what is it the truth itself the falsehood itself

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the Rooney, you're calling me because Imagine all the people were calling him right? Because indirectly put our own his entire nation who were they were seeking.

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So anyone who became a believer was discouraged

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that their own any you're inviting me up for a villa he that I disbelieve in Allah Whoosh. licchavi and that I associate with him. This is what you're calling me to.

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And this malaise I need to hear him. If I associate partners with a lot I have no reason for that or anything over here means evidence. Meaning I have no evidence that supports that Allah has a partner.

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When it comes to the evidences of the heat, many have been presented before you will say Listen, I'm given many evidences. But when it comes to your schicke when it comes to associating partners with

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What evidence do we have nothing

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will come and I am calling you in Allah Aziz

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to the one who is Exalted in Might, the Perpetual Forgiver.

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There's warning

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and there's also hope.

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I am calling you to the one who is Aziz. If you disbelieve in him, if you disobey Him, consequences are serious.

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And at the same time he is off. If you turn to Him, He will forgive you. You believe in Him, He will forgive you. This is their work in a low balance.

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Don't make people so hopeful. Oh, yeah, everything is right.

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And don't scare people too much. No matter what you do, you're going to help I know.

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call people to who Allah disease alpha.

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And this is also Darwin Illallah calling people do Allah not to yourself,

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not to a person but rather calling people to the worship of Allah alone. You're calling me to confirm you're calling me to shake and I am calling you to Allah alone.