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We’ve all heard of Andalusia. Do we actually know what is it is though? Where is Andalusia? What is it? Where is it in present day? What is the history behind it?

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick answers.

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what actually is andaluza?

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The name and the lucea or Al Andalus in Arabic, is a name which is written in the annals of history with amazing stories. Probably the most authentic approach to this name is the fact that one of the original tribes and nations living in this region with the vandals, and the vandal people, a Germanic type people living in this region had a great impact upon this area of Spain and Portugal and even North Africa. So from vandals comes Vanda lucea. And from vanderloo, sia comes and the lucea and the Muslim said, Al Andalus. Al Andalus is a beautiful country. It takes in Portugal and Spain. It is a mountainous country with with beautiful climate. And people have been populating that

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part of the world for 1000s of years, you will be surprised to know that a company of Jewish people around 570 BC, after the sack of Jerusalem with never condesa fled Jerusalem and actually landed there in Al Andalus. Also, it's surprising to note that not only were the sun worshipers, but there were people who worshipped one God in the society. And so I'll end the loose end. Volusia was a fair country. It was a beautiful country, it had a population that believed in the creator as well as one that was subjugated by the Romans. And that is what the Muslims found when they came across North Africa and they looked across the streets