Ali Albarghouthi – Victory Comes From Allah – Have Taqwa

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of patient patience and fulfillment in victory. They also mention the loss of the Heridian King and the importance of praying five times a day to stay on the path of victory. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to be patient and fulfill their dreams in order to achieve victory.
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And Allah azza wa jal in circles, everything that they do meaning he surrounds it, and he spoils it.

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So the condition that Allah azza wa jal had put is what he says if you have patience and you have Taqwa

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because he's saying the scheme and they plot and they are happy, they are happy when they are sad and they're sad when you're happy.

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You could see this

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but you can counter it all with sovereign Taqwa. And that is what the Prophet alayhi salatu was sit down was telling her.

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He says, if you hold on to what I have been sent with, and you continue to be patient,

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he is saying that Allah will fulfill this matter, despite whatever they are doing, despite their might, until there will be peace on earth. Something that is beyond what you can see and feel at the moment. But yes, in the beginning, you have to bear the weight of their persecution. Yes, because that will cultivate suffering in you and Taqwa.

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In North

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is some people will say, Are we there bad

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enough. You had Muhammad sal Allahu Allah. He was sitting them in the army and the best of companions. They broke one command of his and the last.

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In the other battle,

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you'll name the Battle of Penang

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when they admired their strength,

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and they relied on it rather than Allah azza wa jal in the beginning, they were defeated and they had with them, we have Medallia Salatu was Salam in the best of companions.

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The loss of Tawakkol

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cost in the beginning of the battle,

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and they were the best of the best.

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So Allah azza wa jal wanted to show through all of this and reminders through all of this. Women must fulfill them in Angola. Victory only comes from Allah azza wa jal. It doesn't come from numbers. Allah says, well look at Masada como la Hui bed, then he went to Mozilla. Allah gave you victory embedded and you only few in numbers meaning number wise you shouldn't want

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because Allah gave that victory to you.

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So Allah wanted you to know

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that if you want Allah's victory, your tequila is the first and main ingredient.

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And your patient is the patient is the first and main ingredient. And if you don't have them,

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then Allah lets you to your own power.

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Again, so Kamala, who Fela Falabella

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if Allah gives you victory, no one can overcome you. way you don't compliment the lady on Sirocco Member ID but if he forsakes you who can champion you instead of him? Well Allah Allah He fell yet our Kelly minimum let the believers rely on Allah azza wa jal.

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So you and I,

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we could be hindering Allah's victory.

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And all of these things when they happen are opportunities for us to look back at ourselves first, and say, what is it that I'm doing that is wrong?

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So if I am or you

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I'm a person who is not praying five times a day

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and you're missing it, and you're fine with it.

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Then I'm going to tell you, you're delaying Allah's victory.

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Don't say when when Allah's victory happen,

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say When will I stop it?

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When will I stop? stopping it.

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If you're not praying five times a day,

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if you're not giving us occur,

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if you're not fasting Ramadan

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if you're not doing these essentials, if there's a haram that you're addicted to, if you drink alcohol, if you take drugs if you deal in river, if you're doing these major sins and you're fine with it, then Allah's victory is stayed behind because of you and I

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