Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-048B Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 111-115

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history and potential harm of speaking up against Muslims, warning against words like "verbal assaults" and "verbal abuse" and warning against speaking up against Muslims who try to harm them. The segment also touches on the potential consequences of speaking up against Muslims and the history of abuse, including the use of "has been" to describe actions and behavior. The transcript also discusses the history of Islam, including the use of "has been" to describe actions and behavior, and the use of "has been" in describing actions and behavior. The segment concludes with a discussion of the importance of belief in Islam and not overthinking the message.
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Allah subhanaw taala says lay your blood welcome Allah Allah, they will not harm you except for some annoyance. Now, Allah's parents Allah tells us that most of them are faster home and a faster person is such that you are not safe from them. Right? When a person is fast sick, which means that they lie or they cheat, this means they cannot be trusted, right? If ever you are around a person who has such a reputation, that their language becomes very fallible, they become verbally abusive, they get angry very quickly. I get very harsh, you feel afraid around them, there's a natural insecurity that you feel around them. Right? So Allah subhanaw taala consoled the believers that layerable rule

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Camilla other they will never be able to harm you even though most of them are Facetune. So fear not, don't be afraid of them because they cannot harm you except other now in the other layer the roof and by the way, you'll the rule comes from Dora Dora Dora is to cause harm. So layer two rule come they can never cause you harm they can never cause you damage real severe damage Okay, in that other except other now INLA except this is of two kinds in Arabic one type of Allah is that which is Mutasa exception that is muscle muscle means that it is connected okay. I cannot give you any of my money except $20 What does that mean? That from my money, I can only give you 20 Right. So, this is

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Illa except that is Mutasa, it is connected. So, what this means is they will never be able to harm you except with other and other is from Hamza Valia. And it means that all your seed in a very slight harm, so they can never harm you except with slight harm. So yes, they can harm you but very slightly, okay, any the harm that you will receive from them is going to be very, very minor, lay a good rule Camilla other. The second type of Illa is diviner is that which is Moncada and it is disconnected, you're not making an exception here. So this is read as layer do rule come, they can never harm you period in law, other except other, any will act in other, so they can never harm you.

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They cannot touch you with thorough, but they can cause other they can only cause hurt than other means hurt, not harm, but hurt. So they cannot harm you. They can only hurt you. And there can be hurt without harm. Right there can be hurt without harm. Like for example, if I'm gonna protect you, if you end up in a car accident, some people get very emotionally charged and very angry. And if they come and they try to, you know, threaten you, and they start yelling at you, okay, they're yelling at you, they're threatening you. They're saying they will do this, they will do that. But could they actually harm you? And he not necessarily they can say things like I will sue you, I will

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destroy you, I will ruin you. But these are just words. And yes, these words are hurtful, you feel embarrassed, you feel hurt, you feel afraid, but it's not necessary that they will be able to cause you harm. Right? So there can be hurt without harm. Okay, so they can never harm you. They can never harm you, but they can hurt you. Okay, and this is similar to how Allah subhanaw taala says inter alia Milan, I 176 in the Himalaya, Lulu Hashem they can never cause blood or they can never harm Allah at all. And in total xaba 57 Allah subhanaw taala says in the medina you Luna Allahu wa rasuluh indeed those people who cause hurt to Allah and His Messenger, so they cannot cause Dora but

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they can only cause other Okay, and other hurt is through the tongue. It is with words, it is with verbal assaults and verbal abuse and insults and mockery and threats. Okay, so they cannot harm you. They can just hurt you with their words. So don't be afraid of them. In suit Allium, Ron, I have 186 Almost pantherella says well at this Marone nominal Ladino auto Kitab and publikum Wamena Alladhina Shaku and then cathedra you will definitely hear from the people of the book, and from those who commit schicke a lot of hurtful words. You will hear them say many hurtful things to you into the month of 15 or 29. Allah subhanaw taala says in the medina duramo Catalina Alladhina amanu yo Darko,

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were either Manuel

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Be him here the llamas what even color Bula Allium in color Bopha, Kenyan, indeed those who committed crimes used to laugh at those who believed if someone laughs at you, they make fun of you, it hurts. But does that actually harm? Not necessarily. So the fact is that every person who hurts you does not necessarily harm you. So don't be afraid of those who try to hurt you. So layer the RUCO Illa Allah, the thing is, at the time of the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam. This was happening a lot, where, you know, they would try to hurt the Muslims a lot with their words, their mockery, their ridicule, they're talking, you know, bad about the Muslims, propaganda, etcetera, so

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they cannot harm you, but they can hurt you. So, don't let that hurt get to you. And don't be afraid of them when they hurt you. And lay Uluru Camilla other the first meeting that I told you is that they can only cause you slight harm, right? Meaning if they ever cause you some harm, that harm is not going to be very severe. No, it's going to be minor, you'll survive, you'll recover. You will make a comeback. You will be strong again. So don't be afraid of these people. Laying a good rule come Illa other one EU Kati LUCAM. And if they fight you all off talam if they find you any in battle, you will Luca will advance they will turn their backs towards you. You will LUCAM from whoa

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lamea wala is to turn so they will turn towards you. What about the backs Florida of the word Uber? Any they will turn around and flee from you, showing you their backs. Why? Because they're cowards. They don't have the courage to come face to face and fight you in certain How should I have 14 Allah's Panthera says lie yukata do not come Jamia and in love you Quran Maha Sonatine Omen whare judo, they will never fight you all together any as a collective group. And the only way they will fight you is from fortified cities or from behind walls, meaning they will build walls and from behind the safety of those walls and fences. They will try to attack you because they are actually

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afraid of you they're cowards inside. And this is because they love the dunya and the one who loves the dunya is weak inside he's a coward inside. So there is no need to fear them. You know, like a bully, who appears to be very mighty and strong, but inside is extremely fragile. So this is their reality, we're in your call to come you are local at the bar, some Milan saloon, then they will not be helped some alliances alone. This is a new sentence. Okay, it doesn't mean that when they turn their backs then they will not be helped and if they don't turn their backs, they will be helped no Somalian soon as a new sentence, then they will not be helped, meaning they will never be helped

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against you. Allah will never ever help them against you. So Malayan saloon, so do not be afraid of them. ludie But I lay him a villa to Aina muscle people. This is the People of the Scripture Subhanallah it's not enough to have the scripture to believe in the Scripture. And you know to just say that to be proud of the Scripture it's necessary that a person truly believes truly follows booty but there are lay him with Villa they have been put under humiliation * what means was struck verb verb is to hit and the word love is used in many different ways. What is meant here is that it is attached to them duty but rallying within anyone you throw something with force, right

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then what happens it sticks. So booty batalla hemos villa, Villa is attached to them, it has been struck on them, it has been decreed against them and Villa their lamb lamb villa is a basement humility, any opposite of courage, right opposite of good reputation. I never thought before wherever they were overtaken. I never thought before South Africa is the route any wherever they are found wherever they're taken over. So they are humiliated and disgraced in the world, meaning everywhere that they go. They're treated disgracefully in the Hubballi min, Allah will hobble him in a nurse and by the way, who has truck this abasement on them? Allah has in NaVi Hubballi mean Allah

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Hubballi, Mina nurse, except through the rope of Allah and the rope of people. What does this mean? Any the only way that they can come out of Villa out of humiliation is in situations where they hold on to the rope given to them from Allah and the rope given to them from people.

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Now heaven is rope. And the rope from Allah means the covenants that they make with the Muslims, because it is Allah who has decreed that such covenants be made with the people of the book, right, which means that someone from the People of the Book can live among the Muslims and enjoy full security among them and many liberties among them. Why? Because they have a covenant of security from the Muslims. And this is called the era of the VIM me, the the me is someone from the People of the Scripture, who lives in safety among the Muslims. Why? Because he has a covenant of safety with them. So because of that covenant, they have safety and dignity. And it is because of the law that

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Allah has revealed, that the them me may not be killed, nor should his wealth be taken, nor should he be abused in any way. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever killed a them me, then I will be his adversary on the Day of Judgment, meaning if a Muslim killed a me, then what will happen the prophets of Allah who are Islam will be his adversary, the adversary of that Muslim on the Day of Judgment, can you imagine? So this is something serious. So Ellerbee Hubballi min Allah will hobble him in a NAS, Hubli Mina NAS rope from people this is referring to the covenant that people give them because of which they are safe with them. Any anass overhears

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referring to other people as in non Muslims. So in other words, the only way of their survival is if they have safety granted to them by Muslims or safety granted to them by other people. That's the only way why, because booty Bertha I lay him with villa, there is another interpretation of this, which is that in lovehabibi Min, Allah, they hold on to the rope from Allah, meaning they accept Islam, they accept Islam and they come out of this humiliation. Like someone gives a rope and you use it you come out or they hold on to the rope of people meaning they depend on their kindness for their survival. They need pledges of protection and safety offered to them by people in order to

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survive. And what's the message over here that when a person disbelieves and they continue to disobey Allah and look at the consequences in the world, there is humiliation of basement dependency on others, a person loses dignity, without will be heard of him in Allah and they have drawn upon themselves anger from Allah bow Oh, we have done this word before about will be hold of him in Allah abou Hamza, to return any to incur so they have incurred anger from Allah. Now notice how it has not been said well that will be Hello Billa they have drawn upon themselves the anger of Allah. Instead it has been said about will be hotter be mean Allah they have drawn upon themselves anger from

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Allah, because this shows that hold up is not just from Allah, it is also from people it is also from angels. So they are worthy of anger from Allah from people from angels all are angry with the web that will be held up in Manila and other bin This is not Kira for terylene you need to show the enormity and seriousness of this anger. Well that will be a lot of women Allah will do it better I lay him will miss Ghana and must Ghana has been struck upon them and Mosca is from seen Caf known must Ghana is poverty and not just poverty, but it is also insecurity any a person may have a lot but they can still feel insecure. Right any security is not just by dollar value by having a whole

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lot of money. No security is with contentment, so will booty but I lay him on my scanner, poverty, weakness and insecurity and discontent has been struck on them. So they always feel poor. Well duty but I lay him on must Kana Subhan Allah, why why such severe consequences and if you think about it historically, any until the prophets of Allah who are using them came, this was the condition of the People of the Book, right? Any they were evicted from their homes, they weren't able to survive anywhere. And that is what the diaspora is all about. It is scattered all over the earth because they couldn't live anywhere in security. They couldn't live in their homeland. They were only able

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to live somewhere where they had some covenants with people that granted them security. So why Allah subhanaw taala explains the reason that he could be under home. That is because they can we look for Runa BIA Atilla because they used to dis

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To believe in the verses of Allah, and not just verses but also signs. And can we look for Runa in cattle there is in st. Murad. They didn't just do cover once but they continue to do so in mozarella. Sam came they did go for when Rizal Islam came they did go for and they continue to do so. When the Prophet salallahu Salam came, can we Khurana the Ayatollah, and then way up to normal Ambia of your lady Huck. They killed the prophets without any right to do so. Honey, the killing of a prophet could never be justified and they know that they had no right to do this yet they did it. They would kill prophets without any right how could they do that? That he could be Marisol? What

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can we are to do? That is because they disobeyed our inside well, they disobeyed what can we don't and they would transgress Arendelle well, and he they will transgress boundaries. And the thing is that when a person commits One act of disobedience than committing a greater another act of disobedience becomes easy. When a person transgressors once then they're able to transgress again, and in worse ways than before. So they disobeyed they transgressed. They ended up disbelieving in the verses denying the science and they ended up killing the profits. So what happened? Allah subhanaw taala punish them in the world by punishing them with Messina and punishing them with Villa

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and them living in constant overdub from ALLAH and a lot of, of the Creation also. But then Allah subhanaw taala clarifies, lays Susa they're not all the same Subhan Allah, this is the justice of Allah and this type of justice, you will find nowhere else. Allah subhanaw taala makes it clear that men whom will want me known among them are believers, and most of them are Facetune. And then the consequences of their fiscal are mentioned. But then Allah subhanaw taala says, Lay Susa, they're not all the same. Lay sue this is plural of Lisa, Lisa, he is not lay Sue, they are not sofa equal, same. And this type of justice, we need to remember and we need to observe that you tell it how it

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is. There are among them, those who are righteous who believe. Right? And there are also among them, those who don't believe those who commit severe crimes. Allah subhanaw taala says and Susan met either eight that will allow you to dream Omnicom Shanna and Coleman Allah Allah tardy Lu. And do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just just because you hate someone doesn't mean that you are not just with them. Ear delu who Acropolis Taqwa be just that is near to righteousness. So you cannot whitewash people's crimes and pretend like they never commit any crimes, and they never committed any crimes. And at the same time, you cannot generalize and

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stereotype. So among the People of the Book, yes, there are those who disbelieved those who killed the prophets, true, but every person from the people of the book is not held responsible for the crimes of Psalm. If that was the case, then there will be no concept of Allah them. If we were taught to hate all of the people of the Scripture, then this means that we don't grant a covenant of security to any of the People of the Scripture. So these verses are not for the purpose of creating anti Jewish sentiment. No, these verses are throwing light on the crimes of some of them which cannot be ignored. The problem today is that people go to extremes, either the Jews are completely

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innocent, and they're always the victims. They're always oppressed. And so you never ever, ever say anything against them. Or the other extreme is that you hate them all, every single one of them and you blame them all, every single one of them. And neither of these extremes align with what the Quran teaches us. Allah subhanaw taala tells it like it is there are among them those who believe those who are righteous, those who are fair, and there are among them who commit severe crimes. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent of the legend Rwanda to haber to estimate the horse horse is basically you estimate based on your experience and based on looking at the trees, you

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estimate how much the harvest will be. Okay, so the prophets Allah who are Islam sent our blood and Rwanda to labor in labor, the Jews used to live at that time and the orchard over there belong to the Jews. So he came to them and you know, they intended to offer him some bribe, so that he would miss report. Anyway, in that encounter, he basically said to them, that will Allah healer unto a Babu Hulk Pillai in a year while I can learn lay him Nerney Heather min Ardila Fico. He made his feelings clear. He said that by Allah, you are the most hated of God's creation to me. I don't hate anyone more than I hate you.

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But this hatred will never prevent me from being just in your regards, I will still be just in regard to you SubhanAllah. Any, they offered him the bribe? Why? Because they wanted him to be easy with them, because they were afraid that, you know, he's going to come and overestimate and, you know, then we're going to have to give a huge amount. We don't want to do that. So let's offer him a bribe, so that he is kind towards us. So he made it clear to them that look, I hate you, and you know that I don't like you. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to be unfair with you. I am not going to be unfair, I will still be just. And so they really appreciated that they said it is this

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justice because of which the skies in the earth stand Subhan Allah, so the believer must fear Allah regarding those whom he loves, and also those whom he hates, right? The believer must be truthful, to and about those whom he loves, and also those whom he hates, and he should be sincere to both because this is what the Dean demands from us. So laying Susa, they're not all the same, in either not all at the same level. And one way we can look at this is that not all of the people of the book, we're on misguidance, when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam came before his arrival, not all of the Jews were like this, that all of them killed prophets, or all of them supported the killing

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of the prophets, all of them committed serious crimes, all of them committed transgression. No, all of them were not like that. There were among them, those who were sincere observers of their religion, and they were actually waiting for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam which is why when they heard when they met the prophets of Allah where he is and when they saw him, they believed in him, like our beloved Santa Maria de la Mourinho when he saw the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, I knew this is not the face of a liar, because al Kitab has been used over here, you see among the Christians than a Joshi when he heard the Quran, the first time he left in total Islam is 107

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Allah subhanaw taala mentions that in AlLadhina oyetola moment cobbly either youthline him up Runa of Connie Sujatha that those who are given knowledge before when the Quran is recited to them, they fall in frustration into Treme that is 83 where it has some your own their own Zilla Illa Rasul Torah are, you know, to feel them in a Dunmurry model for mental health? You see their eyes overflowing with tears because of what they have recognized of the truth. So, Lisa, they're not all the same men al Kitabi. Among the People of the Book, there is a Matondkar Emerton, there is an upright community. There is an OMA that is called Emma. And Kadima means one that is standing. That

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doesn't mean that they're always tending Karima from cough well mean. Emma means our Mo be amarilla standing with the command of Allah meaning upholding the law of Allah, ta Emma, Allah who do the law upholding the laws that Allah has given any they were observant of the law that Allah subhanaw taala gave them min al Kitab omoton Kadima tone, and even at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he there were among them, those who were upright, who were just who were honest, like our beloved salam ala de la Mourinho. So yet Luna I Atilla he, they recite the verses of Allah and Elaine in the hours of the night, in the periods of the night Subhanallah honey Henny, not only do

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they observe the law, there are also devout worshippers. So in the night, they recite the Quran, they recite the Scripture, well whom he has to Dune, and they prostrate, any they make such that in the night they worship Allah in the night or this means that otherwise any not just in the night, but during the day they make such that any they are those who worship Allah in the night, and in the day, and especially their recitation of the Quran in the night is mentioned. Right. So this is referring to those people of the book, this can be understood in different ways. First of all, we can understand this to be those people of the Book who lived at the time of Musa alayhis salam, and

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after him and he those who believed in him, especially when you think about the description of the Bani Israel and sutra Baccarat, you see many of their offenses. So you would think that as a nation, all of them were sinful. No, they were not all sinful. They were not among them. At the time of Musa alayhis salam, and even after him. There were those who are upright. There were those who believed and who followed, right, who upheld the commands of Allah and who worshiped in the night and who would make such that during the day. All right, so from the Omar Musa Ali Salam, there were those Jews

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was who were like this, then this can also refer to those from the time of reciting center. And after him any those who believed in reciting his sunnah, and who would, you know, recite the Scripture in the night in worship, and then they will also make such that during the day, any day or devout worshippers, not all of them were criminal. So there were among the People of the Book, those who properly believed at the time will mozarella sermon after him. All right, and then at the time of recited Islam, and after him, and then since the time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Again, there are among the People of the Book, who believed in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, even though there are a few, but they are there. Right. Now, this is not referring to those who disbelieve in the Prophet salallahu Salam now, okay, because those who disbelieve in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam now are not considered those who believe. Okay, because the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam clearly mentioned that if there is anyone among the Jews, or the Christians who hears about me, but disbelieves in me, then he will be of the people of the fire. So they're not being praised over here. Those being praised over here are those who have believed in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But this shows us that any in general, when we think about the Jews,

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historically any at the time of Musa alayhis salam, or at the time of reciting salaam, those who believed in reciting sinner, don't think that all of them were evil. And he don't consider the Bani Israel to be an evil, evil people. No, they're not all the same. There were those who violated the Sabbath. And there were those who observed the Sabbath, right? There were those who, you know, stalled in obeying the messenger like when Musa alayhis salam told them to do different things, they did not listen to him right away. And there were those who did mean a * Kitabi omoton called Emma tune, right? So do not generalize. Okay. And then, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi

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wasallam. Those who believed in Him are being praised over here. Among the People of the Book is an omocha ima an upright community? And who is this upright community, those who are true to their scripture, and if they're true to their scripture, that means that they will believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then they will yet Luna Ayatollah, they recite the verses of Allah and Subhan Allah sometimes you see how someone who was previously Christian or Jewish when they embrace Islam, they become even more devout than someone who was raised as Muslim. They excel in their worship in their knowledge of Islam. They go way ahead, then those who were raised as Muslim

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yet Luna ayatullah, he Anna and Leila, welcome Yes, Judoon. The word Anna is the plural of the word Indian Hamza, pneumonia, and any means an hour or period of time, a portion of time and the plural are now a late means in times of the night, meaning at nighttime. And Anna indicates that they don't just stand and recite the Scripture for a little time know for a long time and allayed while homiest June and they make such a meaning in the rest of the day also. Now Anna Lael, the alumni said that this refers to the end of the night, okay at the end of the night, any before budget or it means they stay up between motive inertia, meaning their worship from Maghrib from sunset until sometime

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in the night, or they say Anna Leigh is in fact Salah to Lucia. Okay, so there's different opinions. The point is they worship in the night, well, whom yesterday noon and they make such the devout worshippers and this is a quality that is being praised over here Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says, you know in a biller, he will yo will ask if they believe in Allah and the Last Day, way at Madrona, Bill maruf. And they command what is right way and how nine and Mancha and they forbid what is wrong. So these are who which people have the Scripture, those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and believing in Allah and the Last Day includes believing in the prophets of Allah. So if this

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is from the time of Musa alayhis salam, right, there are those who were believers until any the OMA is from the time of Musa al Islam until very sadly his Salam, alright, or the OMA is from the time of Ricciarelli salam until Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and then finally, the last OMA that they believe in Muhammad Sallallahu Huerta he was settling into earlier Mayan Iowan 99 Allah subhanaw taala makes this even more clear what in them in a little Kitabi lemon Umino Billahi and indeed among the People of the Scripture is the one who believes in Allah wa Matt onesie La La con, and they also believe in what was revealed to you well, not only La La him

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The ultimate believe in what was revealed to them. So they believe in what was revealed to you, meaning they believe in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called Shireen and Allah, they are afraid of Allah liars thrown a big lie thermonuclear they do not sell the verses of Allah for a petty price. So they believe, as they should wear Morona Bill Maher, roofie, Wayan honer and inmode car Subhanallah they command people to worship Allah, this is maruf the command people to believe in His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is maruf when honer and in Moncada forbid what is wrong? Any they forbid their people from denying the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam in total out

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of 159 Allah subhanaw taala says woman call me Musa or Madonia Dona will help me who will be here alone and among the people of Moses is a community which guides by truth and by it establishes justice and he they did it then and they did it know what you say to your owner Phil Hi rod and they hasten in good deeds their swift in good deeds you said your owner is from Siena or in Massara is to do something swiftly. Any This is the opposite of stalling so they don't just do good deeds. They are swift in doing good deeds. And the thing is that the one who is swift in doing good deeds, does them right and the one who delays in doing good deeds does not necessarily do them. So well you said

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you're gonna fill her you rot and rot is the plural of Hydra. Good thing. What will it come in asylee Hain and those are from the righteous, any those who believe who command what is right, who forbid what is wrong, who are swift in doing good things, it is such people who are righteous, Allahu Akbar, any righteousness is not that you just do good things your self righteousness is that you also tell others to do it. And you also forbid people from doing what is wrong and you don't just do good things you are swift you make them a priority. What are your far lumen Hayden and whatever good they do following you for who who never will it be denied any it will never be removed

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from them. And min height means any good deed whether it is big or small, whether it was done consistently, or it was done randomly like once in a while. Yes, the deeds which are most beloved to Allah are those which are done consistently. Right? But just because you don't do a good deed consistently. It doesn't mean that it will not count. It will still count. I for example, if you pray Sunnah prayers consistently, that is the best, right? That is the best, but if you don't, for example, and you one day or one week, you pray all of your Sunnah prayers, then will those Sunnah prayers count, will they bring you reward? Yes, because Allah subhanaw taala says filleting yoke for

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woohoo, they will never be denied it meaning they will never be denied its reward Subhan Allah wa Mejia for Arlo men Claydon why because Allah subhanaw taala does not waste the work of any worker among you. So with Allium Rana 195 level zero I'm Allah Milliman comm so any good deeds that a person does Allah subhanaw taala rewards them for laying yoke for all and it hasn't been said warmer fire i lumen Hayden whatever they did have good no it's been said well my year for Allah whatever they do have good present tense has been used, which indicates that whatever you are doing, keep doing and keep doing more and more. Don't just think about what you've done so far. Well my afar

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lumen height and filling yoke foru wala who are aluminum bill, Mr. Payne and Allah is Knowing of those who fear any Allah knows them. Those who have Taqwa those who are conscious of Allah, and this shows that these are the qualities of the muda pain that they believe become and what is right there forbid what is wrong, the Heysen and doing good deeds. So such Mukhtar keen Allah subhanaw taala knows them and he will not waste their effort. Now will low early when Bill McLaughlin is a promise any Allah knows the righteous and so he will not waste their reward. And this is also a warning, a warning for the laden with the P the one who is not with the CLI that Allah knows what you're doing

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also. So fear Him will Allah who are Limon Bill McLaughlin now one thing I want to clarify where you said your honor Phil Herat Massara is to rush to words doing something not to rush in doing something okay. For example, Mossad Ara in praying Salah okay to hasten in praying Salah means that you make Salah a priority so when the time of Salah comes in you pray before you clean your room

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Before you check your email, so this is your site your own affiliate site, you're gonna feel hate auth is not that when you start praying, it's two or two and by the time you finish praying it's two or four. Okay? It doesn't mean that you pray quickly, but rather that you go to prayer quickly. So whatever good they do, none of it will be denied meaning they will be given its reward will law who are Lemo Bill motorcade

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