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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three main headings in Islam: clarity of vision, dedication, and hedge. They explain that hedge is a model of success, and hedge is a tool for achieving success. The speaker also emphasizes that hedge is a model of success and that individuals can use it to achieve success.
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from a management perspective, what is it that makes a person successful? This is undoubtedly one of the most highly discussed questions in life and everyone has a theory to put forward.

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And perhaps a summary of much of what has been discussed by Muslims or non Muslims alike can be listed under three main headings. The first thing they say that brings about success is clarity of vision. So successful people, they start with the end in mind, they know exactly what they want to achieve.

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The second of those things is something called dedication. Yeah, as Muslims, we may reword that to sub patients. A third thing they mentioned is the element of networking. As Muslims, we may reword that to want unity. Amazingly, our religion has given paramount importance to every one of those three qualities. Let me show you. The first of them, we said clarity of vision, what did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mean when he said in the Mallanna Lavinia actions arbeiten tensions.

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Some scholars have said that this narration is half of the religion, your intention set your goal our goal is Allah Our vision is very clear. That is number one clarity of vision. This is our near Allah is our Nia.

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Number two, we said the greatest component for success is dedication. We said patience.

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And this has appeared in the Quran in no less than 9990 places. And this has appeared in the Quran in no less than 90 places as Imam Muhammad he said, the element of networking or unity unity, never once did Allah address us in the Quran as individuals, individual Muslims. Yeah, you had movement. He said, Yeah, you have Nadine Ave. Oh, you have believed collectively. Now what is even more amazing is that all three of these qualities are clearly manifest and present in hajj, think about it Hajj, Hajj. What does it mean linguistically holocaust. It means aim. So the pilgrim he knows where he is going, what he's going to do what he wants in the end. This is the element of what the

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clarity of vision are, we said, the sincerity. hedge is an aim.

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Number two, hedge is also an immense exercise in patience. You're you're challenged in every way. You're adapting to situations that you thought you could never adapt to. That's number two is a dedication, patience. Number three. Hajj is a miraculous manifestation of global Muslim unity. And of course, we don't need to elaborate upon that. Therefore, hedge Subhan Allah is a model of success. And should you wish to be a successful person write down those three qualities that we just spoke about somewhere where you can see them frequently. Then after that make every effort to extend those three Hajj based qualities into your everyday life and plug them into you die. So for example,

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don't live without a vision. Then after that, be committed to that vision till the day you die, looking to achieve it, and number three, don't operate by yourself. Network the more you network, the more successful you will be Hajj, dear brothers and sisters, teaches you and I to be the conscious of the country of residence of ours by being a model of success. Hajj is an inspiring and empowering experience because they're an homage, you realize that Muslims are not an insignificant minority. They're an incredibly mighty body that is nearing its awakening. And when it does finally awake, and finds its voice, the world will marvel at the model of success, that it shall set for

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humanity. But till that day arrives, I allow hatch to inspire you to play a role in this AI, setting efficient for yourself and dedicating yourself to it. And then number three, doing what you can to be in the midst of the people of goodness, throw yourself in their midst, don't deprive yourself from the potential which Allah subhanaw taala has put inside of you. And we have just discovered that hajj is a key way of releasing that potential.