Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-047G Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 103

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of staying on the straight path of Islam is highlighted, as it is the only way of survival. The danger of division and negative emotions is also discussed, along with the importance of unity in relationships and the importance of perception and biases in the face of conflict. The conflict between Islam and the Arabs during the American revolution is also discussed, with the importance of gratitude for opportunities and blessings in one's life being noted. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to be close to others and not to become attached to one another.
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Then Allah subhanaw taala says we're testing will be heavily Lehi, Jamia and Walter for Rocco YTL SEMO. And all of you hold firmly be heavily led to the rope of Allah, Jamia And altogether, one at the foot Rocco and you all do not differ, who are Tasleem will be heavily Lehi, Jimmy run Walter for Rocco and hold firmly to the rope of Allah altogether and do not become divided. Now Arthur C mu, this is same word as when my era Taslim, right, that was Medallia a verb of present tense, and this is very longer a command that all of you should hold on to the rope of Allah. Now they haven't harborlab is a rope. And what does a rope to it helps you reach something that your hands cannot

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reach. Right? Like for example, if there's water in a well, and you want to take the water out, your hands cannot reach it. Right? You cannot bend down and extend your hand and try to reach the water with your annual fall if you do that. So what do you do, you take a rope, you're tied to a bucket, you let it down, and then you're able to access the water, right? You want to climb up and you don't have a ladder. So you take a rope you hold on to it and you keep climbing until you reach the top. So a rope helps you reach something that your hands cannot reach. It helps you attain your objective your goal. Now what is the rope of Allah the rope of Allah is the Quran. It is the book of Allah

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because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith far Tassimo be horribly left in habla la Hill Quran hold on to the rope of Allah for indeed the rope of Allah is the Quran. He also said in a hadith in Sahih, Muslim, that the book of Allah is the rope of Allah, whoever follows it is on guidance and where relieves it is on misguidance another Hadith he said that the book of Allah is the rope of Allah which is suspended down from the sky to the earth. And he, this is a rope that Allah has let down to help you. So hold on to the rope of Allah. Why is the Quran called the rope of Allah? Because it is your lifeline. It is your means of salvation. Right? It is what will save you

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imagine if a person is stranded on a piece of land that is surrounded by floodwater? I'm sure you've seen images like this, what is their way out? Can the swim through the water? No, the water is too fast. Can they just stay there? No, because it will take months and months before the water will dry off. So what is their way of escape, that they grab the rope that is suspended down to them from the helicopter above. Right? So you hold on to it. And holding on to it means that you really have to believe and you have to put your trust, alright, that you know that this is your way your only way and it will suffice you and this life is like that. There is many trials, many forms of misguidance.

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Right? And the only way of survival is that you hold on to the Quran to the book of Allah, and you do not let go. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this hadith isn't sunnah datamine that the straight path is oft frequented. And it's very busy. And the devils the shell clean, frequented often, he the shayateen come here a lot. And they say all servant of Allah come this other way, come this other way. And he imagine if you're going somewhere and walking, and somebody says to you or come this way, you're like, No, no, I'm good. Thank you. You cute. After a few seconds, somebody else comes to you and says, Come this way. You're gonna say I'm good. Thank you. After a few

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minutes, somebody else has come this way, a different way. Eventually what happens? You give up you're like, Whoa, fine, I listen to someone. Right? So the straight path is off frequented by the devils who actively come and turn people away from the straight path by saying oh servant of Allah come this other way. So the prophets of Allah who Ellison said phytosome will be hopefully left in the humble Allah Al Quran. So hold on to the rope of Allah, and he don't leave the rope. It's the rope which will lead you to your destination. If you leave it, then you're gonna get lost. You know, for example, imagine you are hiking, right? And there's a main path that you're going on a main

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trail. And then there's also some side trails. So sometimes you try to be adventurous and you're like, Okay, let me just take a side trail. And if you don't know where you're going, you could really go in the wrong direction and end up really really far right from your destination. And that could be very dangerous. So you got to know

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where you're going? So how do you remain on the straight path by holding on to the Quran, don't let go of it and it's called rope because it should be in your hand constantly. You should be seeing it constantly you should be close to it constantly. That's how our connection to the book of Allah should be. Hold on to it. Firmly spend your life with it. And it is at Jamia altogether Jean Mima Aina is the root in the some people are very happy that my mom reads the Quran, my brother memorize the Quran.

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My children are learning the Quran, good for them. But what about you, the Quran is supposed to be in my life your life and everyone's life any there must be a personal connection with the book of Allah. Whether it is in the form of you know reciting frequently memorizing listening to it in different ways. So while it does seem will be heavily Lehi Jamia all of you together, couldn't walk home, and he not even one of you should leave it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah likes for you three things, that you worship Allah, and do not associate anything with Him, that all of you hold on to the rope of Allah firmly, and that you are sincere to your leaders. Three

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things that Allah likes for you, what are they? First, you worship Allah and not associate anything with Him. Second, that all of you hold on to the rope of Allah firmly. And third, that you are sincere to your leaders. These are three things that Allah likes for you. Now, why together? Why do you Mian? Because imagine if a group of people together are hiking on a trail, and there's a rope on the side, you know, sometimes they put something like a fence or something to hold on to. So imagine if there's something like that everyone's holding on to it, then everyone's together. If one begins to fall or slip, then they will be safe because of others being close to them. And the believer to

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another believers like a building, who's different parts strengthen one another. And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam clasped his fingers together when he explained that so together, he don't be lonely. Don't isolate yourself, don't separate yourself. It's good to Allah Rosella, you need spending time alone is good, it is beneficial for the heart, but always being alone can be dangerous. We are social creatures, we need connections, we need friends, we need people around us. And especially if we have people around us or connected with the Quran, then it becomes a source of great strength for us. We forget they remind they forget we remind, we encourage one another help

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one another. So, Jamia and altogether and the prophets of Allah who already know Salam said that the Hand of Allah is on the Jamara any, they have the Mercy of Allah the help of Allah, ne they are on the right path. So, Jimmy Aaron, and then it is said well out of a Roku and do not become divided. The Farooq is from federal cough and to follow up is division. Now, some people think that division is diversity. And that is not the case. Division is strife, enmity being any divided into different groups, okay, and being divided into different groups such that each is hating on the other and eat dislikes the other. So division is very dangerous, because it is a symptom of spiritual illness. And

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it also breeds further ills. Right? Like, for example, if someone no longer wants to be near someone around, someone no longer wants to work with them. What does it mean? They have some grudges in their heart, they have not forgiven the other. Right? They're very angry with them. So there is a grudge there is anger, then they want to justify that they want to believe that they're innocent, they have been wronged and they have to explain to people what happened and no longer working with them. Why? Because the other party is very oppressive. They are unjust. They are like this. They're like that. So they're talking bad. There's backbiting sometimes there's false accusation. So

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division is extremely unhealthy, extremely unhealthy. being divided. Anyone there strife means that there is many many spiritual ills. So Allah subhanaw taala warns us against Forca against Division in total and file I have 46 also a loss pantherella says while at 10 05 shallow water and Huberty Hohokam that do not fight with one another because then your strength will go away. So remember that foot

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A division is an AR thaobh It is torture. And when the OMA is united then there is hey there is goodness. So well out of a Roku, beware of division. You know, the Companions, they understood the soul. Well, we learned that when Earth man or the Longhorn, who was the Khalifa, and he let the people in Hajj and he was in Mina and he led the people in prayer. He did not shorten the prayer. Okay, now the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, he shortened the prayer in Mina Abubakar de la noir and who are mortal de la Mourinho and deal with the Khalifa. They also shortened prayer but Earth man or the Lord who did not shorten the prayer, okay. Why? Because he understood that, you

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know, there were no longer kind of traveling. And this is something that they were doing every year. So why shorten the prayer when it's no longer an inconvenience to perform the prayer in full. That was his understanding, our beloved Masaru little de la Horan, who criticized Earthman little de la Horne, and he said that I prayed behind the Prophet salallahu earthen behind Abu Bakr behind Irma. They shortened the prayer in MENA, and he strongly criticized Earth Manuel de la Mourinho. However, when earthmen de la de la Mer and who led the prayer, guess what are the lead Miss Ruth, prayed with him, he prayed with him the full Salah for the car. Okay, so some people found that very strange. He

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said, here you were criticizing him and now you're praying behind him. He said, I'll feel awful Shut up. He said division is evil, meaning I am not going to you know not listen to the leader, I am going to follow the leader. I'm not going to create division over here because that is evil. Now, there is a famous statement that is falsely attributed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is if the law for Almighty Rama that the division in my ummah is a mercy. So first of all, this is not something that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said because this is not a hadith, neither a week nor an authentic chain of transmission and logically speaking, if division was mercy

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than unity would be destruction. So Allah subhanaw taala told us what to for Rocco do not become divided. Now, there's different types of division, okay, one type of division is that which is in our in beliefs, okay? That for example, a person veers off from the weight of the majority and they go in their own direction. And now they form something they develop something which is completely new, unheard off on a completely new unheard off. Like for example, there are people who claim that there is a prophet after Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam okay? And within the last 100 or so years, you need this has spread a lot among people from Pakistan, India. Now this is something

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wrong. This is what is creating division, because think about it. 1400 years after the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, someone is coming and saying that I am a prophet of Allah. All right, and what proofs do they have? First they say that they're a prophet, then they say that they're essentially his Salam that I am Jesus who has returned. Okay. So this is pre love in our QA in beliefs. Okay. So no matter how many people claim this today, and they're known as Qadiani is, okay, no matter how many people believe in this today, they're not with the congregation and they're not on the truth. So the prophets, Allah who are using him said very clearly, numerous times that there

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would be no prophet after him. Right, there would be no prophet after him, that he is the final prophet or a sunnah. So if someone now comes and says that, oh, I am also a prophet of Allah, then they are creating division, right? They're going astray and they're also leading people astray. So, cloud in a call it division in our QA in beliefs, this is problematic, all right, and also division in times of strife, any unrest that is also problematic because of some worldly matter people become of dividing opinions and then this leads to conflict, all right, and that leads to loss of life etc. That is problematic and dangerous, but the division that happens in terms of fit

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Okay, Fick like for example, for instance, in the shaft theory, this is well known that if a man touches a woman, okay, for whatever reason, even by accident, there will do breaks. Okay? But in other schools of thought that is not the case. So is this a different

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ends because of which people should always be arguing and hating on each other and calling each other misguided and wrong and evil and carfit know, what's the Fit Allah? So what are the for Rocco? Any, you can have difference of opinion and fic issues, okay? And the fact that even the Companions differed, and there's numerous incidents that tell us like the incident that I just mentioned to you, with mando de la Lauren, who was of the understanding that you'd no longer need to shorten prayer, but even Masaru Dattilo on who was of the opinion that no, you do shorten the prayer, even if there is no need to, because if you're traveling, not just traveling, being in Mina, because the

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prophets of Allah who already sent shortened the prayer, we too will shorten the prayer. So, they had a difference of opinion in the field of prayer at Mina in hajj, but they did not make this a point of division and contention. So what about the for Rocco do not become divided, because those who become divided then they fall prey to shaytaan they fall prey to shaytaan. So this is very dangerous. Then Allah Subhana Allah says what Kuru near Matala hiya la calm and remember the favor of Allah upon you in quantum Arda and when you use to be enemies or that plural of or do you use to be enemies? And then what happened for Allah for Boehner Kuru become and he brought your hearts

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together, Allah subhanaw taala joined your hearts together, united you and then for us Bartone so you became venir Mata he by his favor, Juana brothers, you used to be enemies, and now you became brothers, Allah Akbar. So remember this blessing of Allah on you. And when you will remember this blessing of Allah on you, then you will continue to remain united, and you will not become divided. So we learn from this, that unity is a blessing of Allah. Right? When people's hearts come together, then this is a huge blessing of Allah upon those people. And how is it that hearts can come together they come together when Allah brings them together because for a leva Bina Kulu become, he brought

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your hearts together, Allah brought your hearts together, and the prophets of Allah who earlier said them said that very lead the hearts of all the children of Adam are between the two fingers of Ramadan, and he turns the heart to whatever direction that he likes. So this is why it so happens that there are people who dislike each other, or one person dislikes another a lot, but then the heart changes Subhanallah so if you find in your heart, great dislike for someone, but you should not have ask Allah subhanaw taala to change your heart, because it is only Allah subhanaw taala who can do that. It's a huge test for you that you have to live with someone or be close to someone that

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you do not like, or you find very hard to get along with them, but you have no option but to be with them. The circumstances are not in your control, right? You didn't choose them. So what to do in this situation. Ask Allah Miko, Allah, Allah changed my heart. The thing is that sometimes people are not as annoying as we perceive them to be. They're not as evil as we perceive them to be. It's very simple. If you love someone, and they ask you, how are you doing nice clothes

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will be very happy. But if there's someone who we do not like, and they ask us the same questions will be extremely annoyed. We'll call that interference, right? So the difference is in perception, and perception is dependent on your opinions, your biases. So ask Allah subhanaw taala to change your heart and continue to make dua and I'm telling you, it happens. It's possible. This idea itself is a proof. He said this is primarily about the Companions, right? The Arabs, who were constantly at war with one another constantly, right? Subhan Allah. In Medina, there were the Osun huzzah Raj, the two Arab tribes, and they were always at war with each other, always needing a reason to fight. And

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some will soon have mentioned that this group of verses was actually revealed regarding an incident where they were reminded of their previous animosity, and they got so worked up that they almost started fighting with one another again, because old hostilities were revived, but it wasn't just the Osen Hazaragi actually, the Arabs in general were very pro war. And it's as if they just needed an excuse, you know, in the divine or Arab, which is JD poetry. Basically, there is a verse of poetry which says, Blyton Lolly Mina

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A woman WM na wala Kena send up the overly MENA that basically we oppress even if we were not oppressed, we initiate oppression who are here and and Allah Bucklin Athena it alumna, Illa Akana. And sometimes we will just attack our own brother if we don't find anyone other than our brother to attack. And we must oppress, we must fight. And if we find no one else to oppress no one to fight, then we will fight our brother because we cannot help it. This is just who we are. So conflict was pervasive. They were always fighting as individuals as tribes. So when Allah subhanaw taala gave them Islam, everything transformed for them, especially in Medina, you could see it Osen Hazzard

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used to fight, fight, fight all the time, for days and months on end. And now what happened? They overcame all of that animosity, and they were living together as Muslims, Allah subhanaw taala joined their hearts and they became brothers literally brothers. So Allah subhanaw taala recounts to them His favor what Caronia Rahmatullahi Wa alaykum with quantum Oradell and your enemies to one another, killing one another for a lover. By Nakuru become but Allah He then joined your hearts and from being your warring people you became be near Mata he Juana Subhan. Allah and you know after the conquest of Makkah, the Battle of her name, when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam distributed a

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lot of wealth among different people, and he did not give anything to the unsought. Some of the insol got very upset. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said to them, that didn't I find you astray and Allah guided you through me? You were divided into groups and Allah brought you together through me, you were poor, and Allah made you rich through me? And they said, Yes, of course. So yes, they used to be divided. And Allah united them brought their hearts together through the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, so they became a Juana Brothers is one is a plural love, a means brother, and brothers not as in blood, but brothers and faith. Right? Who had very good ties with

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one another for the sake of Allah who helped one another for the sake of Allah loved one another for the sake of Allah spend on each other for the sake of Allah worked with one another for the sake of Allah did good things together for the sake of Allah. Isn't that so beautiful? That you get along with people so well that they're like brothers, they're like sisters, this is so beautiful. One is that a person is always angry, upset, annoyed at people holding grudges. She did this he did this. I don't like so and so. And the other is that their heart is clean and they get along with people then they get to do so much with people. So ask Allah subhanaw taala to change your heart to remove the

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lil the rancor from your heart alright, and the word LF obey knockaloe become Allah LFO is from Hamza lamb. And leaf is to combine to put together and lethal to lube LFO Boehner Kuru become that level group is to bring hearts together to join them together. So that there is now love. So a live webinar Karoubi come for us Barton and ASA means to become so you became by his favor meaning by the favor of Allah who Anna brothers, the prophets of Allah who already who Salam said the latter totally fu for doctorly for Kulu Bukom do not differ from one another lest your hearts would be afflicted with discord. And this is primarily in Salah that when people are standing together than

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stand in a straight line and you don't stand a few inches away from the person standing next to you or a step forward or step back. No stand in a straight line form a straight line. Because if you don't do that, then what will happen your hearts will be afflicted with discord. So be united. And in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentions and SOTL and file vs 62 and 63 that who Allah the aka that could be nicely he will be moving in with a live webinar coleauxv him it is Allah who supported you with his help and with the believers and brought together their hearts. So it is Allah who brings the hearts of people together. And Allah subhanaw taala tells his messenger that lo unfuck

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the method of the Jumeirah if you were to spend all that is in the earth my left have been equilibrium you could not have brought their hearts together. Well I can Allah Allah Verbena home, but Allah brought them together. And he imagine if there is generational hatred, okay among people in a society, how could you How many programs and how much training and how much investment would you have to do to change the way that people are any take the example

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of America, how much has been done? How many efforts have been made to somehow stop racism? Any a lot, a lot of efforts are made, but still, we know how things are still not where they should be. So what happened in Arabia at the time of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is truly amazing, amazing that people who are constantly at war now became brothers. They were standing together in prayer, standing together, helping one another working together. Allahu Akbar. And this is truly Allah subhanaw taala disfavour. Right, binaire Mati he so when you find in your life that you get along really well with different people, then be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for that blessing, don't

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think like, yeah, because I'm such a good person. I'm polite, I'm friendly, I make people feel at ease. Alhamdulillah you are able to do that? Because Allah subhanaw taala enabled you so attribute this blessing to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala blessed you to be so friendly and loving. Alright, because it's truly Allah subhanaw taala spavor that close parenthesis will come tomorrow Allah Shiva who frati Mina nadie for Anaconda caminha and you used to be on the edge of a pit of fire and Allah subhanaw taala rescued you from it meaning from that pit from falling into that pit of fire. Any if you died in the state that you were in you would be from the people of *, but Allah subhanaw

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taala rescued you from that by sending the messenger SallAllahu Urdu sent him in your lifetime and by giving you the ability to believe in Him and so Allah subhanaw taala saved you from *. Now the word shefa is from sheen farewell. And Shiva means edge or the rim chef atone from the same root chef attain it's the lips, okay. And how fra half Hara have arised to dig the earth. And her flora is a pit. Okay. And shefa who fra is the edge of a pit Mina now of the fire any you were at the mouth of the pit of hellfire if you died in that state because you were worshippers of idols. Right. So if you died in that state, you would go straight to *. But Allah subhanaw taala saved you for

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uncut and cada known cough dal rescue and he rescued you by giving you a slum. And they are also any at the verge of self destruction basically. All right, ruining their dunya ruining their occupation. If we take a nod as the Hellfire the meaning is very clear. But if we take a noun as any just a fire than what would happen to a person who is standing at the edge of a pit of fire, they just need one slight push. And if they fall, they're doomed. They're finished. So any individually collectively, you are heading towards destruction. And Allah subhanaw taala saved you by bringing you Islam. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that my example and the example of the people is that of a

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man who made a fire. And when it lighted what was around it, moths and other insects began falling into the fire. The man tried his best to prevent them from falling in the fire. But they overpowered him and rushed into the fire. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Now similarly, I take hold of the knots at your waist belts to prevent you from falling into the fire but you insist on falling into it. And when people disobey the prophets of Allah who already has them, then that's what they're doing. The Prophet sallallahu already said I'm trying so hard to save people from the fire. But if someone still ends up then it's their fault. Catholica you begging Hola Hola, como Aya

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de la la Contacta don't dusters hola make clear to you his verses in order that you may be guided. Allah subhanaw taala explains to you His ayat, any ayat, Kony, I add shutter ie these verses and also these miracles that you have experienced in your life and each person should reflect on their life. You know their past how Allah subhanaw taala helped them homeless panel Tada rescued them how Allah subhanaw taala guided them how Allah subhanaw taala bless them in so many different ways. Each person should think about themselves and be grateful to Allah because Allah subhanaw taala told us with Kuru remember, so remember these blessings and thank Allah, that He Allah, thank you for saving

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me. Thank you for bringing me out of my anxiety. Thank you for guiding me to the right people. Thank you for providing me with the best opportunity

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It is You saved me, then you saved me, then you blessed me with this. You blessed me with that. And why should we remember the blessings of Allah in this way, because this is an expression of gratitude and gratitude is a means of increase in blessings. And this is also a way of keeping the fire of hope alive. You want to have hope in your life, to keep moving forward, to keep moving ahead. And when you look back at your past, and you see how Allah subhanaw taala blessed you, then you are filled with hope. Allah blessed me then he will bless me now he helped me then he will help me now. So in the context, the Muslims were in Medina, alright and constantly the people of the book

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were striving to turn them away from Islam. So Allah subhanaw taala cautions the believers that don't obey the people of the book because a group among them want you to leave Islam. These are all their tactics, and hold on to Allah and be grateful for the blessing of Islam. Realize that it's a privilege and when you will be grateful Allah subhanaw taala will give you the strength to continue

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