Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-034J Tafsir Al-Baqarah 259

Taimiyyah Zubair
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In verse number 258, we learn Allah subhanaw taala says olam Tala EDA lady had Ibrahima field of be an atta, hula hula Mulk that have you not considered the one who argued with Ibrahim about his Lord. And in verse 258, there is an incident in which Ibrahim Ali his Salam argued with this king. Rather, this king argued with Ibrahim alayhis salam about Allah subhanaw taala and Ibrahim alayhis salam proved to him through the different evidences he gave about the existence of Allah or Zoda. Now remember that the verses of the Quran, we should look at them individually, we should also look at them in their context. Now this verse 258 259, and 260, these three verses are mentioned three

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incidents. And these three incidents not only illustrate how Allah subhanaw taala is the friend of those who believe, and he takes them out of darkness into light, but also they show us how Islam is a little bit too loose garland for sama Allah, that it is the firmest the strongest handhold which will never break. And these stories also illustrate they also explained to us the meanings of AYATUL kursi. In AYATUL kursi, we learned that Allahu La ilaha illa who will hire you, right that Allah, there is no God but he and he is and how you will consume he is the EverLiving and he is the sustainer of all so the story of the king. And how Ibrahim really said I'm defeated him an argument

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show us how Allah is and how you'll Klum because Ibrahim alayhis salam, he said that my Lord is the one who you're here where you meet, he gives life and gives death. And when the king said that I give life and give death. Then Ibrahim Ellison and brought another argument that my Lord Allah is the One who brings the sun from the east. So you bring it from the west. So, this shows us that Allah subhanaw taala is a human right that he is constantly maintaining and looking after, and sustaining the heavens and the earth, the entire creation. And part of that is that Allah is the One who brings out the sun from the east, any, the sunrise cannot happen without the will of Allah and

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the sunset also cannot happen without the will of Allah. So every little and big thing that happens in the universe, remember it is happening because Allah subhanaw taala is making it happen. He is Alhaj he is ever living. So he is perfect in all of his characteristics. And he is Alka, Yom the sustainer of all nothing can exist, nothing can live can survive without Allah. And this is the difference between creator and creation. All right, between God and the creation, that Allah the Creator is the one who sustains everything. Because you see this king, he claimed that I give life I give death. All right. And he said this because, you know, he let a prisoner free. And the other one

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he had him killed. And he also in a way threatened Ibrahim on Islam by saying that that I give life and I give that that you know I can kill you, like fit our own set to Musa alayhis salam. When we saw this and I mentioned Allah that in it the husband Allah Han lady La Jolla nicotinell Must Jeanine that if you take another God besides me, I will make you of those who are imprisoned, I will send you in my dungeons. I can finish you. So when the king said that an hour he will meet this was also like a threat. So Ibrahima is Sam because he knew who Allah is. He knew Allah's names and attributes, he was able to bring another proof. And Allah subhanaw taala gave him the courage the

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confidence to speak the truth and gave him a better argument. So Ibrahim Ali Salam said in the La Jolla TV show MC mi al Masjid TV Herman and Maghrib for Bolita latika for now here we see that Allah subhanaw taala enabled Ibrahim Ali salaam to come up with the best argument. So the king was left speechless. In surah. Al Anon at three, we learn what Tilka Hoja tuna attina Ibrahima Allah called me that that was our argument which we gave to Ibrahim against his people. notifier O'Donnell Jatin, Manisha we raised the ranks of whomever we will. And about the king Allah says Leia deal como Blondie mean Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people meaning he does not guide them to a

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response, he does not guide them to a response so that they can win an argument. So sometimes you know a person is in a situation where they are arguing with someone else about the existence of Allah about the Oneness of Allah. So it is Allah who guides it is Allah who gives proofs, it is Allah who gives. You know, sometimes you may be in a situation where

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Are you are, you know having a discussion you hear something and an eye of the Quran, you are able to recall it. And that convinces you. And when you mentioned it, it also convinces the other person where it leaves them speechless. So it is Allah who guides to the right information and right knowledge at the right time. And we should ask Allah subhanaw taala for this to think, because well, are you here to be shaman or enemy Ilahi Masha, people cannot encompass anything of knowledge, except what ALLAH wills, we learned that in AYATUL kursi. So sometimes you have information, but it's buried somewhere in your mind, you're not able to access it at the right time. Or sometimes you

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have that knowledge, but you're not able to implement it at the right time. So for example, you know, the Dora that Allahumma in the car for one, two Hibbeler for fire for any this era we should make, especially on data to a cutter, right, but what does this mean? Who is our full? How does he parted? We don't remember we don't recall. So we should ask Allah subhanaw taala to increases in guidance and in beneficial knowledge, and to help us remember the right thing at the right time and act upon it. And this is how Allah subhanaw taala brings his slaves out of darkness into light. So the first story illustrates the belief and existence of God. And the second story in verse 259. It

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illustrates belief in the power of God, and how Allah is the friend of those who believe so he guides his slaves. Allah subhanaw taala says, oh, can Ledi mandala I love Korea? Or consider the example of the one who passed by a township? Oh, oh or this is connected to the beginning of the previous idea. The previous idea begins with a lamb Tara didn't choose C, Haven't you considered the case of meaning? This is amazing. Have you thought about this, reflect on this or reflect on this other example? Oh or colori like the one who meaning consider the example of the one who Madeira Mala is from the root letters meme rah rah. And it means to pass by. So Mama Allah, he passed by

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Korea in a town Korea is from off raw. Yeah. So he passed by a town and who is this person? We don't know. He is not mentioned in the Quran anywhere. He's not mentioned in the Sunnah anywhere, the Prophet sallallahu Ortiz, and we did not specify who this person was. But many move assume they will say that this man was from the children of Israel, and he was passing by a village, a town and this town was basically a portion of Jerusalem after Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed it. Okay, and he had killed its people. So this man, they say he was from the Bani Israel. And some say that this was actually rose aid or any his Salam, a prophet of Allah, because we see that in this ayah Allah spoke

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to him directly. So Revelation came to this man. And so he was a prophet, Allah who are them in the Quran and the Sunnah. It has not been specified that this was a result early his Salam, and because, you know, this man express his, you know, he says, How can Allah bring all of this back to life? In a way we understand that a prophet will not express such a question, because the Prophet of Allah would have the opinion. So Allahu Artem, who this person is, again, the name the identity of this person is not relevant. What is relevant is what this man wondered and how ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gave this man clarity and knowledge. So he passed by this courier and this courier was what he a

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while it was here is referring to the Korea it was how we atone Allah Lucia. It was fallen into ruins, and it was incomplete ruins. Now the word Kalia is from Hall Well, yeah. And habia basically is a calamity. It's from the word Hola. toileted doubt how it had doubt is when the House has become empty. It's unoccupied. Why is it unoccupied? Because the people its inhabitants have died. They've gone and so the house is deserted. It's still standing, but it is without any inhabitants. All right, its occupants have left and a house that is deserted. You know, there's always something with the other wrong with it. So for example, windows are broken, or the roof has fallen or parts of the

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house. You know, maybe a wall has fallen. So there's a lot of damage. So this is how we are. So the entire career. The entire township was Hollier any it was uninhabited? He no one is that you see a Random House at the end of the street.

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which is deserted, but imagine now you are passing through a town that is completely deserted. The parks are empty houses are empty no one is on the street there is no electricity nothing like that. In the these days the way people build houses okay they stand for long but back then imagine if there was mud houses or brick houses. Most of those houses are in ruins. So how we had to know Allah Lucia are now Lucia Lucia is the port of outreach, or invoice sheen, and I'll show is the ceiling or the roof. Okay. And basically anything that gives shade is an arch rooftop. And a throne is also called the arch because it has a rooftop or it has a cover on top. Anyway, how we had to learn

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Arusha, meaning the ceilings had fallen in, okay, the ceilings, the roof tops had fallen, which means that the entire town was in ruins. So how are we going Arusha is an expression, okay, together, it will be understood that the entire town was in ruins. every building, every structure was in ruins, there were no inhabitants. Why? Because either they had left. And like some orlimar say that this happened after Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed it. So people had left and you know, homes were abandoned. Or if there was a disease, or something that had spread, people were dead, and many houses were in ruins. So when this man came across such devastation and so much death and

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devastation at such a large scale, Allah He said, he wondered that and now you he had a healer who Bartha motiva How will Allah bring this back to life after its death? And now how you he he will bring to life higher? Had he this meaning this town, all of its inhabitants, Allahu Allah, meaning how will Allah your he had he BARDA motiva after its death? Meaning after all of these people have died? How will Allah bring them back to life? How will Allah resurrect them? So, he wondered, and this question Unoh can be understood in two ways. First of all, this question can be understood as a net as in K for young kin? How is it possible? Okay, how is it possible for Allah to bring all of

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this back to life? You know, because if it's one person or two people, okay, but this entire town, all of these hundreds or 1000s of people, how is it possible? How will Allah bring them all back to life? Or another way we can understand the word Unoh is que for as in in which way in which manner? Okay, in which manner? Because, you know, when an entire Township, you know, the entire population has been finished. There were those among them who were older, younger, you know, children, elderly, women, men, and, you know, people with different lives, people with different actions, people with different personalities, different histories, different records. So, how is it possible because, for

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so many people to be brought back to life, and he, the man was astonished, you know, he was wondering, how is it going to be possible? Because imagine 1000s of people have been killed, bodies have been decapitated, or they've decomposed. And there's such a mess over here everything is in ruins, such a large scale at such a large scale. How will this entire population be brought back to life? So the man wondered, what happened for Amantha Hello, Mia. terramin sama Bartha. For a Mata Allah, so Allah caused him to die a MATA is for me well tap mode and Amata you need to give death. So Allah cause this man to die for how long me a tyramine for 100 years. Our arm is year. So for 100

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years, Allah subhanaw taala calls this man to die, and this death was a complete death, meaning his soul was taken away. Somewhat Malema said this was not a complete death he was made to sleep, and sleep is like death. But if you think about it, the word Mote has been used over here very clearly. So the man was made to die, a complete death his soul was taken away. And this story is a story of resurrection, like the ones we learned earlier included Bacala for example, the story of the man who was killed and then the cow was slaughtered and portion of the cow was used to hit the man the man came back to life. Before that, the bunny is slightly who went with Musashi Suleiman, who demanded

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See Allah, Allah subhanaw taala caused them to die. And then when Musa listened and prayed, they were brought back to life. Those were stories of resurrection. Then we learned about the people who left their homes in the 1000s, out of fear of death, Allah caused them to die. And then he brought them back to life. That's also a story of resurrection. And then this one is also a story of resurrection and the one after is also a story of resurrection. So Allah caused him to die for 100 years, and then sama Bertha, then he resurrected him, meaning Allah brought that man back to life bearing for is the root. Allah when Allah brought that man back to life, Allah subhanaw taala asked

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him that come Lavista How much did you remain meaning for how long? Have you remained here? Come is a question any for how long? What is the duration? For which Lavista Lamba? Meaning how long have you been here? So the man replied, caller he said lobbyists to I remained yelman for a day, oh, Barbara yelman or some other day, I remained here for a day or some part of a day. Okay. Now, why did he say this? It is said that the time at which he was made to die was the beginning of the day. And 100 years later, the time when he was brought back to life was the end of the day. All right. So because he died at a time when it was beginning of the day, and he was resurrected at the time when

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it was end of the day, he thought that he had remained over there for just a day, or part of the day. You know, when you wake up, based on sunlight, you determine what time of day it is. And I'm sure you experienced this, you know, these days, especially if you sleep in the morning, and you wake up, you don't know initially what time it is, right? Especially if it's overcast like it is today where I am. And if you woke up at around this time, you might think that it's actually also time. I remember once, it was winter time, and I was at my friend's house and her brother came home from school. And he slept, okay. And the days are very short in the winter. So he woke up right

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around Maghrib time, all right. And he went, he showered, he prayed for budget. And he came to the kitchen to eat breakfast in order to go to school. It was Maghrib time and he literally thought it was fed your time and he was all ready to go to school. Any this happens that when you wake up, sometimes depending on how good your sleep was, you don't realize how long you had been sleeping for. Right? So this man, literally he thought that he had remained in that place for just a day or a part of a day. And someone said that oh over here. It's not just of approximation, any of shuck, but it is of just some of determination. And he he said initially I have been here for a day, or no

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actually, I have been here for just a part of a day. Okay. And he he felt more strongly that he had been there for just a part of a day. Because when he saw the sun, he realized that it had not been very long. So he said, Well, it's the same day just a part of a day. And he's so sure about his answer. And then he is told Paula he said Allah's pantherella said to him, Bell rather Lavista meet a term, you have remained here for 100 years. Wow, what a shock. And he can you imagine if somebody tells you you've been sleeping for five hours, you've been sleeping for a whole day. You know, if a person goes through surgery, and you know, maybe they were in a coma or something, and then they're

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told you were in this condition for a week you were in this condition for these many days, these many months. It comes as a shock. This man is told that you were here in this place for 100 years. Follow Bella Vista Mia Tom is in shock. So Allah subhanaw taala tells him that funds or Isla Tara mica was Sharabi, Columbia the Santa so he's told to look at three things over here. Notice from look, and then wonder. And then in the next line again, once or three times the man is told to look, look, look. So he's given three proofs. Okay, so first of all, he's told funds also look, Newton's law is the route. Look at what look at Veronica Warshaw, Becca, look at your food and your drink.

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Two different things. Okay. And these two things, let me at the Sunnah it did not write. Neither your food has become rotten, nor has your drink become rotten. Allahu Akbar. Now the

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Word Lamia. The Sunnah is from seeing noon ha. Okay see noon ha. And Santa means a year. Okay from the same root Santa is a year see Nene is the plural. Okay years now it is said the Sun Nahata Nakhla the dead palm underwent the lapse of years. So after many years, you see that a plant a tree, it looks different, right? Some look healthier, and other trees or plants look weaker, right? They seem to be dying or becoming weak, they need some extra attention and love so the sanity Nakhla in the palm tree underwent the lapse of yours. And the sun No, for food or drink is when it becomes rotten or moldy or musty or spoiled. All right, because of the passage of time. Okay, so for

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example, if you buy some groceries and you put them in your car, And subhanAllah you don't realize the melon falls out of your grocery bedding and it goes under one of the seats or something and then you find it when you're cleaning your car after weeks and weeks any what has happened to that melon the smell will tell you the appearance will tell you right. So, what happens with food and drink as overt is that over time it becomes spoiled and the signs are very evident. Okay the food will become moldy it will become dry it will become dark or the drink even you know sometimes if you forget a cup or something in your room or in some part of your house and use Find it after days, you see that

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the inside of it he whatever food that had remained there has become moldy and spoiled. So he is told to look at his food and his drink and what was the condition of his food and drink lumea at the Santa it did not rot it did not spoil it did not look aged at all And subhanAllah not just the food but even the drink for those 100 years that drink did not evaporate it did not become rotten any milk even if you leave it in the refrigerator for too long. Any what happens to it, it begins to smell if you find a water bottle with you know with water in it and you open it it will be smelly, but Subhanallah the food and drink of the Ceman was intact as is it did not undergo any change

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whatsoever for that entire time. And you know that would be a proof that okay, the man has not been dead for 100 years. Okay, he was there for just a day or part of a day. But then the man is told one load ILA he Merdeka look at your donkey Wehlener gerada Iota leanness and this is so that we make you a sign for the people meaning also look at yourself his own body and he it was not such that you know he had grown a long beard or anything like that no because he had been made to die so his body was exactly the same exactly as it was 100 years ago. You know your body undergoes change your nails grow you know things happen to your skin your develop wrinkles, etc. But nothing had happened to his

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body but the donkey what happened to it? We don't know right now. In the next part of the I O we're told one Lord Elomi cave unknown Shizuka look at the bones how we raised them. So this means that something had turned into bones. All right, what is it that had turned into bones? It was the donkey. Okay, so Subhanallah on the one hand, the food and drink completely intact, and the donkey bones. All right. And this is amazing. Because typically any food and drink would brought faster than a donkey would decompose and turn into bones and just the skeleton remains. But Allah subhanaw taala is able to make something decompose quickly. And other things Allah subhanaw taala can

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preserve completely. And I see that somebody is asking that what is the wisdom behind leaving food and drink intact? Well think about it, the passage of time, all right, it causes things to decay and decompose. Right? But if Allah subhanaw taala intends to preserve something, then it will remain preserved. Now can you think of bodies that the Earth does not consume? whose bodies is it that the Earth does not consume?

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Exactly the prophets of Allah, even the martyrs right their bodies

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are such that the Earth does not consume them. So, one two electronically Shalabi Columbia to send food and drink did not write and look at your donkey. It is a skeleton and somewhat rhythm I say that the bones over here. He doesn't say the bones of the donkey, right? So some are in a mess say that this is actually the bones of the man himself because Allah subhanaw taala said, we will make you a sign for the people look at your donkey, and we will make you a sign for the people. So it was actually the man's own body, alright that he saw coming back to life, the man saw his own body coming back to life. All right, and some were at the mercy that alarm over here can actually refer

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to both the donkey and the men because first the donkey has mentioned and the man has mentioned and then it has said look at the bones, how we resurrect them how we raised them. So the man literally saw the donkey coming back to life and he also saw his own body coming back to life Subhan Allah and because there is nothing specified in the Quran, any of these interpretations, all of them in fact are valid. So look at the bones under alarm is a plural of LM our them is bone or in la meme is the root and Kayfun on Shizuo ha look at how we resurrect them we raise them now known chizu is from the root letters known Chien ze and Nisha is to rise. So known she's a we raise them. Okay. In another

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recitation. We have the word non Chiluba, non Chien rot to revive. So literally the bones, they were lifted up from the earth. And what is meant is that they were put to one on top of the other. Okay? So for example, the backbone, how is it there's one small bone and another bone on top and other bone on top of another monitor, that is how the spine is right. And then each bone of the body is like connected with another bone. So look at how we put them together, how we raise them, as in we put them one on top of the other connecting them and then someone acts sue her Lahemaa then we clothed them with flesh next to her is from calf seen well, he swapped clothing, all right? How we

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clothed them with flesh. So literally, the man saw the donkey and His own body also coming back to life. Allahu Akbar. And Allah subhanaw taala says over here that we make you assign. Okay, what do you measure? I look at the Lynas. How exactly was this man made a sign for people? It's possible that some people saw him being resurrected Allahu Arlin. But also, any consider that anyone that men was brought back to life, and he went back home, okay, because he was passing by this town, right? So he was going somewhere. And when he went back home, and he saw the people back home, they were completely different things had changed. Imagine if 100 years have passed, things have changed. And

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he did not recognize anybody. And nobody recognized him. But then when they spoke, he found out that the people who were alive now where the children or the grandchildren of the people who were alive 100 years ago. So now his community, they were meeting a man from their past, you know, so he became an evidence for them also a proof of resurrection for them also Solina jelica ita Linnaeus, he was an idea for people of that time, and also for us today. And then Allah subhanaw taala says Villa Mata Bayona, who then when it became clear to him by noon as the root, what became clear to him how Allah subhanaw taala is able to resurrect the dead. Allah He said, The man said Arlindo I know that

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an Allah Allah, Felicia encoded that indeed Allah is over all things competent, he is able to do all things, nothing is difficult for Allah. And Allah can resurrect in all forms of life. Right? Allah can resurrect the dead, no matter who and what they are food, donkey human being, right. And Allah subhanaw taala can preserve whatever he wants, and he can cause to die whoever he wants, and then he can bring back to life, whatever he wants. So now look at the three evidences that he was given right his food and drink, his donkey, his own body, and then how it was presented. It made him see the resurrection taking place. So we see that actual resurrection will occur on the Day of Judgment.

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This is the main lesson we learned over here. Actual resurrection will take place on the Day of Judgment physical resurrection will take

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placed, and Allah subhanaw taala will bring back to life, all forms of life. Because you see here, the donkey was brought back to life. And we learned in the Quran where either were who should who she runs, that even the wild animals, the beasts, all right, they will be gathered together. And we learned that even the goats you know, for example, if there's a goat with horns and another goat does not have horns, justice will be established between the two SubhanAllah. So this idea is proof of what the fact that Allah is Able to do all things, Allah is Able to preserve the bodies of the prophets. So the Earth does not consume them with the passage of time, and the bodies that are

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consumed by the earth over the passage of time. Allah subhanaw taala is able to bring them back to life also. So the man said tharla Mo, and Allahu Allah cliche in Cadiz. And Allah subhanaw taala brought this man out of darkness into light, because Allah is Wali of those who believe. So we should take Allah as our friend. Now, you see, in the previous IO, we saw how Nimrod was not guided that King was not guided, even though he was given clear evidences. Why? Because that King had already made up his mind about what he wanted to believe. So he was just arguing with Ibrahim Rolison, for the sake of arguing, which is why when he said an hour he will meet that was not a

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strong argument, I give life and I give that, of course, Nimrod knew that he did not give life. He was just arguing for the sake of arguing. I can spare life I can kill people at my will. Nimrod was not seeking answers. He was just arguing with Ibrahim Ernestina, this man, he was guided why, because he had questions he wanted to know. And Allah subhanaw taala guided him. So what is the difference? One person came from a place of arrogance. And when he came from a place of arrogance, he was not guided. Even though he was given strong arguments. The other person came from a place of genuine humble curiosity. So Allah subhanaw taala gave him the answers that he was seeking. So this

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shows us that it is not wrong to ask. It is not wrong to wonder it is not wrong to be curious, that we have to be Allah's Panthera has made us like that we will use our mind we will wonder we will ask what is wrong is that a person rejects the truth because of little knowledge and understanding or to think that I know it all. Arrogance is wrong. So we need to look into ourselves that when I ask questions, what is the objective? Is it really that I am seeking guidance? If I'm seeking guidance, Allah will grant me certainty. He will dispel my doubts. He will bring me clarity because Allahu Allah Allah Dena Amanu. Now, ultimately, think about it. This man when he wondered, uh, now you he

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had the lobar the motiva Allah subhanaw taala gave him such clear proofs. Any Allah's parents only did not just cause something to be resurrected in front of him. Allah is Python causes men to die for 100 years. And then Allah's Python showed him the condition of his food and drink. Allah's Parthenon showed him the condition of his own body, the condition of the donkey, and not just that Allah subhanaw taala even brought the donkey back to life in front of this man, he Wow. This is so amazing proof after proof after proof such strong proofs Allah's parents gave him and these proofs were not given to Nimrod, that king who argued with the pro human center,

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right. And he this man was given stronger proofs, bigger proofs, clear proofs. Why? Because he had Iman. And this is the blessing of iman that Allah subhanaw taala increases those who believe who believe in guidance, Wei Zhi the logwood Lavina Daddo, who that write that Allah subhanaw taala increases them in guidance. So this is the blessing of Eman and when a person seeks clarity from a place of Eman, then Allah subhanaw taala will guide them

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