Hasan Ali – More Money More Problems

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of having money, including the ability to show off one's life and avoid suicide. They also mention that young people think they can sell drugs and cars, causing problems for those who have too much money.
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doesn't matter how much money you have? Don't think it's gonna last forever doesn't matter how much money again some people think you know what, if I had the money, that's a my life so it

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would have been so it

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is your life so in when you got the money law how level equity level actually one thing yet

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there are more problems with people who have money than people who don't have money

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whether you want to take that from you or not, you want to look at the lives of those people who've got a lot of money because you know, when you got a lot of money, you got a lot more to buy, you got a lot more to spend, you got a lot more to show off with. When you do that, or your wife does that or your husband does that or you shouldn't do that you could probably do inviting problems, you're inviting problems.

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And that's that's going to be a test for you. The money itself is a test for you. Your problems cannot disappear because of money. People think quick time you know, young guys, they think you know what, if I was to be able to make quick money, quick time, while I'm still young, I got all my problems sorted out. It's wrong. There's no young man to show me one young man who's been a lot of money and he's got no problems from the greatest of people you can say you don't even know half their lives. There's more suicide rates out there with people who are rich, then who are poor. There's more people who commit suicide

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who are rich

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than people who commit suicide because they're poor. And it's a known fact. Why because you run into a lot of problems that money starts to get you in the wrong place at the wrong time. And those young people who think that they can just sell drugs and sell something else and make quick money. What's on their heads. When they get the money they will get the girls they'll get the get the cars that's the first thing on most young men's minds, girls and cars they'll be mine all eyes on me. Like they say I mean that phrase has been taken from two packs. two packs song right. All eyes always raps rap song. Yeah, all eyes on me. Hey,

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