What Toddlers Can Teach You About Yourself and The Desire To Be Seen #shorts

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The speaker describes their experience with their younger child and how they enjoy seeing them in real life TV. They also mention their love for YouTube content and value it as a way to show off and differentiate themselves from others.

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I was very young when I got hers and, and when she sees me, she tries to show off. She tries to show off meaning that she'll put on bracelets and she'll come up to me and she'll be like jingling and she's like bottle Look at me, or she'll put on some sunglasses walk up to me Look at me sometimes even just handstands and does the splits. And she's looking at me because she's like, Look at me. So we understand. This isn't my daughter. This is all of us. As a human being, we love to be seen. We'd love to be seen. And we also love to look at other people. So not only do we love to see we'd love to do reality TV shows and value stuff. That's why YouTube is all about you know, like when they do

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proper content. People want to watch it. People want to watch real human beings