Zakir Naik – Hinduism Started in Indus Valley, Christianity with Birth of Jesus (p) where is Start of Islam

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The man named Naveen discusses his research on Islam and its importance in achieving peace and being born as a Muslim. He emphasizes the importance of achieving peace and being a Muslim, and the title of Islam when an individual becomes aware of peace and when they achieve it, considered a way of life. The definition of "right," refers to the beginning of Islam, when peace enters one's life, and is defined as the starting point of Islam in your life.
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So my name is Naveen. I'm working in TCS, I'm actually a factor in the, you know, I was born in a Hindu family and I was brought up from a Brahmin family, but I never had happiness in saying that I'm a Hindu. The reason behind this is serve with great respect, I would like to, you know, request you to advise me whether I have, you know, whether I have taken a right path or not, it's just because it was a lame and research from my end. When you compare about Hinduism, it is all about Indus Valley Civilization. That's the start point of Hinduism. And when I compared about Christianity, it was from, you know, birth of Jesus Christ. That's the starting point of

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Christianity. And when considering Islamism, as you said, you know, there is no start point of Allah and till now, even this minute, I was searching for a start point of Islamism, where I got hundreds of questions in my brain, which there is a rat inside my brain going to and fro without an answer. And still, I didn't get an answer whether there is a starting point of Islamism, sir. And I also wanted to say that I don't believe in converting because Islam says that you can't convert and you can revert. And me being a Brahmin coming from a Brahmin family. I don't deny wholeheartedly saying Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Oda Bella Herman shaytani, r rajim, La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah

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But before that, I just wanted to know sir, whether I have taken a right research and whether I have got a right with salsa, Mashallah brother theory, the Fact Finder, he's searching for the truth, born in a Brahmin Hindu family, bought up as a Brahmin. But when he read about Hinduism, he says that Hinduism or something, when does Valley Civilization didn't agree with it? Then he studied Christianity. He said, Christianity starts with the birth of Jesus Christ, please be appointed walls around that. And when you studied Islam, you could not find the starting point of Islam, and the hundreds of questions in his brain. He's saying the rat was hunting in his brain he could not find.

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So he wants to know where does Islam is. He doesn't mind agreeing that there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger. He doesn't believe in convert, and even I don't believe in convert, convert afterwards. Where is the start point of Islam start point of Islam as a way of life or in our life, as a way of life. Islam is destined for time immemorial, since man set foot on this earth. Since man, set foot on the earth, it's there. And the first messenger was Adam, peace be upon him. Islam, by definition means it comes from the root what Salam means peace.

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It's also derived from the Arabic word, which means to submit a will to God. So the moment you achieve peace, by submitting a will to God, a call to the Muslim, but the starting point in every individual of Islam is when he acquires peace, by submitting his will to God, that is the starting point of Islam in his life.

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Islam as a way of life is since man set foot on the earth, and will be till the end of the world. It is if all human beings, but an individual life it is when you acquire peace, by submitting a will to God all these people that are giving Shahada the acquired peace by submitting the will to God. regarding a question, you don't believe in converting, but reverting agree with our beloved partner masala son said, Every child is born Indian will fit. He is born in the innate religion he is born as a Muslim Muslim means a person who submits the will to God. So every human being man is born as a child, he submits his will to God. Later on is influenced by his parents, by his teacher by elders,

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he starts worshipping fire idols etc, then he deviates to the wrong track. So that is the reason when a non Muslim accepts Islam. Convert is the wrong word. The correct word is revert. He wasn't the original faith. He goes to the wrong faith, wrong way of life comes back to the correct faith to the right terminology is revert it's not convert. Having questions in the human mind is common. that the reason Quran is more of a type of question answer book also.

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Besides being a book of guidance, there are no less than 323 times the Quran says kalu. They asked and the Quran replies cool. Tell them so there are 323 time mentioned the Quran they asked and ally replies tell them so there are hundreds of questions. There are 323 times mentioned in the Quran. They asked and the reply him they asked about mine and gambling

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Allah says in it is Profit and Loss loss in more than profits for a Buck Rogers, who was number 219. They asked about the moon. Again their play comes. So having questions come in this book, I do agree is not a story book type. In most of the books written by human being, you have a beginning in the beginning was so and so Hansel and Gretel Fox and Wolf, same thing read the Bible, In the beginning was the world there was light and God said light, everything has a story format. Quran is not story format, it is a human mind how it keeps on jumping from year to year. It has many queries. So Quran is not a sequence order, like any other story book, it is unique. It is revealed by Allah subhanaw

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taala so when you read the book, many of your questions answered many of your questions of day to day life is answered. People look for these answers throughout the life and they find in the Quran. So it's unlike the other religious scriptures which have been written by human beings. Quran is the word of Allah subhanaw taala. So having question is common whether

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as long as your basic question when Islam started, it is for all the human beings. So when you mean me whether Islam is when you made me villain in this world Islamic sin, but next one, this one is a test for the next one and an individual's life. Islam comes when peace enters your life by submitting a will to God.

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So I would like to ask a question whether Would you like to revert to Islam?

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You said you're a Fact Finder.

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Yes, sir. You'd like to revert? Yes. Go back to your original faith. Yes. Because being a Brahmin, even my mom reverted herself before 10 years time. Marsha she became Muslim. Yeah, now she is called wahida Mashallah, Mashallah, mela tomato and sobre la today the shadow brother? Yes. And I would like to proclaim myself as a man Mashallah, do you believe there is one God? Absolutely. So we believe no one else is worthy of worship besides Allah? Absolutely. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the messenger? Yes. Is anyone forcing you to accept Islam? No. Is there any pressure? No any economic force? No, it's not a free will. Yes, Masha Allah say the southern Arabic repeated, Sure

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sir, I shall do a shadow Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah illallah wa Salatu was shadow Allah and Mohammed bin Mohammed Abu Abu Zulu Zulu, I bear witness hi by witness that, that there is no God but Allah, that there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad and Muhammad is, is the messenger and servant of Allah is the messenger and servant of Allah Mashallah Muslim. You said you like to keep your name as a man, a man, a man. A man in Arabic means faith, faith belief, through as I said, When peace enters your life, that is the starting point of Islam in your life. So inshallah Eman has entered. And that is the charging port of Islam in your life. I pray to Allah subhana wa Taala to

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give you the best of this world, as well as our Cara and you also pray for us.

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